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Use code Winter30 for 30% off select styles!
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3 Ways to Preserve Brass Jewelry

We love our brass jewelry because it really shines! It is also flexible, delicate and looks very chic without breaking the bank! As we move away from the “fast fashion” era, we turn to brass jewelry for its demi-fine quality that is affordable, yet chic. All metals eventually tarnish however, we want to share with you the best tips and tricks to make your jewelry last!

First off, it’s important to note that brass jewelry mixed with the oils of your skin and oxygen in the air over time will cause your jewelry to tarnish. That is why, when you aren’t wearing your jewels it is best to store them in an air tight bag or pouch for safe keeping. We need to take care of our jewelry and not leave them in the bottom of our purse or on bathroom counter… just speaking from experience :) I know we’ve all been guilty of that and as we grow up, I’m finding the better I take care of the things I love, the more they will last over time!

So here are some easy tips that I hope you find useful!


  1. Soap and warm water is a natural way that works great to clean the layer of grime off your jewelry every once in a while. It helps to use a soft toothbrush for scrubbing. Then use a soft cotton cloth to dry and voila!

  2. Lemon juice and water is also a natural and gentle way to clean your brass jewelry. Just fill a glass of water and add some citrus lemon and soak your jewelry until you see the shine return the life back into your jewels!

  3. Invest in some polishing clothes. Gently buff to clean and revive! These are very handy and what I’d most recommend.


All in all, it is best to keep your jewelry safe and away from moisture to get the longest life out of your jewels! There are also great tarnish preventers you can buy on Etsy as well!


Hope these suggestions help you keep your Dylan Rose Jewels happy!


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