How each piece of jewelry Saves Girls

At Dylan Rose, we are passionate about ending violence against girls and women due to gendercide in India. We stand behind this cause because as women business owners, we want to see all girls have the same opportunities. Our jewelry is all handmade in India and we want to support the future women of this country. The Invisible Girl Project is a non-profit passionate about ending gendercide in India. Here’s more about the cause and how you can join us in the movement to #savegirls.


The Issue

50 Million girls are missing from India’s population due to gendercide. 27% of girls marry before the age of 18. We are helping by shedding light on the cause and donating 5% of the profits to the Invisible Girl Project.



IVP partners with organizations in India to rescue infants and girls who were abandoned and vulnerable to trafficking. They provide care, support, education and give them a better life of stability and promise. Currently, they support over 560 girls.



The organization partners with social workers who oversee villages to monitor pregnancies, educate mothers on the value of girls and also take action in court if needed.


Empowerment and Awareness

We are joining the movement to spread awareness of this issue in hopes to improve the lives of little girls. The IVP employs teachers who not only educate the girls but their families. Each girl receives an education or training on a specific trade so they can financially support themselves and feel empowered to support other women.


Please join us in spreading the word and know that every purchase you make with us is giving a girl in India a better life. If you would like to find out more or support in a bigger way, please visit their website. Thank you for taking the time to read about the issue and what we are all about! As our little shop grows, we hope to increase our contribution and outreach!

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