Sustainable, Eco-Friendly & Inclusive Women Fashion Brands + Urban Gardeners

If you are anything like us, we are always on the hunt for sustainable, inclusive, eco-friendly brands when we carefully choose where we want to spend our disposable income. There are many brands out there and now more than ever we have the choice to make intentional purchases. We wanted to share a few companies that stood out to us and we think you’ll like too!
Inclusive nude lingerie line based in LA! All ethically made from recycled water bottles and founded on the principal that fashion should represent ALL women and also made in a way that is good for the planet! We love this. Check out their Instagram @wearproclaim
Christy Dawn
Dresses made from upcycled fabric based in LA! The dresses are timeless, flowy & versatile. During COVID-19 they developed masks from their deadstock fabric where you buy 5 and they donate 5! Check out their Instagram @christydawn
Girlfriend Collective
Ethically made activewear made from recycled water bottles. They offer a recycling program so when you have worn your girlfriend leggings to pieces you can donate and “regirlfriend” them so they can make new pieces! We love the fit and simplicity of these bras and leggings. They really suck you in for a flattering fit. Check out their Instagram @girlfriend
Online boutique dedicated to sustainable, eco-friendly, fair trade and ethically made clothing and accessories. Currently 20% of their sales are being donated to Color of Change and Black Visions Collective. Their commitment inspires us to lead an eco-friendly social conscious life one step at a time. They carry brands we love like Mate-the-Label, Whimsy & Row and Girlfriend. Head over to to shop!
She’s an urban gardener and wordsmith and we just think she’s a badass woman who is an advocate for food justice. Her words are captivating and images inspire us to eat clean organic food and practice mindfulness. Check out her Instagram @indyofficinalis

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