Sustainable Tourism & The Best Places to Travel for the Modern Global Citizen

Are you a free-spirit and always dreaming of your next destination? Are you also looking for eco-friendly, sustainable accommodations, green travel, responsible travel but not really sure where to start? If so, you are a lot like us and want to travel smart and reduce our carbon footprint while still exploring different parts of the world. That's why we are very excited to team up with Travara, a purpose-driven travel site with the first of its kind membership for exclusive perks and great discounts!

The founder is Michelle Martin, a writer for Forbes, who specializes in travel, women in business and small businesses with a social impact. Travara, is an amazing site if you are looking for more creative ways to travel, off the beaten path destinations and of course ecotourism recommendations! We are thrilled that we are one of the many amazing companies that teamed up with Travara's membership program. The membership offers exclusive deals with over 40 partners. From eco-friendly luxurious hotels in South Africa on a Rhino Reserve to a cultural experience at a homestay in Nepal, to social impact makers like us! 

By supporting local communities where you travel, staying in eco-friendly hotels and exploring hidden gems, you can do your part to #TravelWellTomorrow

Check out this awesome site before planning your next adventure, so when it is safe to travel again, we can travel BETTER together! I'm super excited to be planning my future adventures using Travara as my guide, including tips on how to travel safely and answer questions like, what makes a hotel sustainable?

Hope you enjoy!


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