240 Sets Leather Rivets, Alritz Double Cap Rivet Tubular 4 Colors 2 Sizes Metal Studs with Fixing Tools for DIY Leather Craft/Clothes/Shoes/Bags/Belts Repair Decoration

  • Double Cap Rivets - 4 commonly used colors (gold, silver, bronze, gunmetal) that will add retro and exquisite style to your leather crafts, total 240 sets
  • 2 Assorted Sizes - Large size that the cap, post and base are all 8mm (5/16 inch); Small size that cap, post and base are all 6mm (1/4 inch). Please make sure that your fabric is not thicker than the rivet size
  • Practical Setting Tools - the included punching tools and anvil ensure quick and easy installation even you're a new hand, you will quickly figure out how to use it by watching our guide video
  • Wide Application - These leather rivets are useful accessories which can be applied for DIY leather crafts, repairing and decorating wristbands, hats, jeans, windbreakers, belts, shoes, sandals, down jackets, bags and so on
  • Compact Storage Box - All rivets and tools are neatly placed in a clear storage box, so you can easily find the size and color you need

How To Choose The Best Belt Hardware

Belts were originally used to keep clothing tight, but now they serve a variety of purposes, such as holding up pants, keeping things secure, and even serving as jewelry. We've rounded up our favorite options for belt hardware, so you can make sure you get the best ones for your needs.

What Are Belt Hardware?

Belt buckles and belt hardware are two different types of items that go along with belts. Belt buckles are small metal pieces that attach to the ends of a belt and allow for easy fastening and unfastening of the belt. Belt hardware includes all of the parts needed to make a complete belt including the belt itself, the buckles, and any additional accessories like lanyards, key chains, etc. The most common type of belt hardware is the snap button belt buckle. This style of belt buckle has a spring loaded mechanism inside that allows it to open and close quickly without having to push down on the button. Snap buttons are very popular because they are quick and easy to operate. They are also durable since they don't require much force to operate. Another type of belt hardware is the slide button belt buckle. These types of buckles work just like the snap button buckles but instead of pressing down on a button, you move the slider up and down to release the latch.

Who Needs Belt Hardware?

Belts are one of the most common accessories we use every day. But did you know that belts aren't just for fashion anymore? Belts can actually do a lot of things besides hold our pants up. Here are four reasons why you should add a belt to your wardrobe.

Belts are useful for holding up pants. Whether you wear jeans or slacks, a belt keeps everything nice and neat. When you tie your pants around your waist, you avoid any wrinkles. And since belts are usually made of leather, they last longer than elastic bands.

When you wear a belt, you prevent dirt from getting stuck under your clothes. Dirt gets trapped in the creases of your clothing. But when you wear a belt, it stays where it belongs - on your pants. This makes it easier to clean your clothes.

Belts protect your clothing from damage. When you wear a belt, it holds your pants in place. This prevents your pants from slipping down while you walk. Not only does this save time, but it saves money as well. Since belts cost less than other types of fasteners, buying new ones isn't necessary.

Belts look great with almost anything. They match perfectly with suits, casual shirts, dresses, skirts, and shorts. Add a belt to your outfit and you instantly become more stylish. No matter how old you are, wearing a belt adds class to your appearance.

Do you think you'd ever wear a belt? What would you pair yours with? Share your answers below!

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Belt Hardware

Belts are one of those things that we wear every single day. They hold up our pants, keep us secure, and even add style to our outfits. Belts have become so popular that they've even started to find their way onto other items such as purses, wallets, and accessories. So if belts are so important, then it makes sense that buying them should be just as important. After all, how would you like to purchase something that doesn't work? You'd probably be pretty upset about that wouldn't you? Well, luckily, you won't ever have to worry about that happening because here are some tips to ensure that you buy the best belt hardware possible:

Look for quality. Quality belt hardware is sturdy and durable. When looking for quality, it's important to pay attention to the materials used to manufacture the product. For example, leather belts tend to be very expensive, but they are also extremely durable. On the other hand, plastic belts may seem cheap, but they aren't nearly as durable as leather ones. Leather belts are typically sturdier and stronger than plastic ones. This means that leather belts will last longer than plastic ones.

Buy a wide variety. A wide selection of belt hardware gives you the opportunity to try different styles. There are many different types of belts available, including metal, leather, nylon, and elastic. Each type of material offers its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Metal belts are usually the most affordable option, but they can scratch easily. Nylon belts are lightweight and flexible, making them great for everyday use. Elastic belts are ideal for people who want to lose weight. Leather belts are incredibly stylish and come in a variety of colors. They are also very durable and strong.

Consider your budget. While it might sound obvious, it's important to think about your budget when purchasing belt hardware. Whether you're planning on wearing your belt regularly or simply adding it to a special outfit, you'll want to make sure that you're able to afford the belt. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to save money when it comes to belt hardware.

Features To Consider When Buying Belt Hardware

Belt buckles. Belt buckles are important accessories that add style and function to belts. They're usually made of metal, plastic or leather and feature decorative designs. Buckle styles range from simple round buckles to elaborate clasps. Some buckles even incorporate additional features such as a snap button closure.

Metal buckles. Metal buckles are durable and strong. However, they tend to rust over time if left exposed to moisture. Leather buckles are more expensive than their counterparts, but they hold up well against wear and tear. Plastic buckles are inexpensive and lightweight, but they may break easily.

Clasp buckles. Clasp buckles are similar to traditional buckles except they're shaped differently. The most common type is a spring-loaded clasp that snaps shut when released. This design makes them easier to operate and less prone to breaking.

Button buckles. Button buckles are popular among men who prefer simplicity. These buckles typically consist of two buttons that click together when pressed down. Button buckles are often used on casual clothing items such as jeans and T-shirts.

Latch buckles. Latch buckles are commonly found on heavy duty workwear. They're sturdy and secure, but they're difficult to operate. Most latch buckles are operated by pulling a lever that releases the catch.

Plastic clips. Clip buckles are available in many shapes and sizes. They're ideal for attaching items to clothing and other materials. Many clip buckles attach to fabric using Velcro. Others attach to material using magnets.

Chain links. Chain link buckles are perfect for jewelry and costume pieces. They're very versatile and can be attached to virtually anything. Chain link buckles are usually made of metal.

Spring rings. Spring ring buckles are great for attaching items to clothes. They're especially useful for attaching laces to shoes and boots.

Different Types Of Belt Hardware

Belts are essential accessories for every man’s wardrobe. Belts serve multiple purposes including holding up pants, keeping things organized, and providing a place to keep keys, wallets, etc. Belt buckles are the small metal pieces that attach to belts. They hold everything together and give the appearance of a finished look. When choosing a belt buckle, you should consider how you plan to use it. For example, if you wear a dress shirt everyday, you might choose a simple design. On the other hand, if you wear jeans daily, you might go for something flashy.

Belt Buckle Types. There are two main types of belt buckles – plastic and metal. Plastic belt buckles are cheap and durable. They are inexpensive and easy to replace. Metal belt buckles are more expensive and last longer. They are also harder to replace. Both styles are suitable for casual outfits. Metal buckles are better suited for formal occasions. They are also more secure.

Metal Buckle Options. There are three basic designs for metal buckles. One style is called a “snap” buckle. A snap buckle looks like a traditional button. Another style is called a “hook” buckle. Hook buckles are shaped like hooks and are meant to be worn on shirts. Finally, there is a style called a “bar” buckle. Bars are rectangular and are meant to be worn on pants. Each of these styles has its own advantages and disadvantages. We will now examine each of them in detail.

Snap Buckle. Snap buckles are the cheapest and easiest to install. They are also the easiest to remove. Snap buckles are also the most likely to fall off. They are also the easiest to damage. Snap buckles are also the most affordable. They are also the quickest to change. Snap buckles are made from plastic and are therefore easily damaged by heat and moisture. They are also prone to rusting.

Hook Buckle. Hook buckles are the second most popular style. They are slightly less common than snap buckles. They are also slightly more expensive. Hook buckles are also more durable than snap buckles. They are also somewhat more complicated to install.


Womens True Religion Jeans Leather Belt White Chain Hardware Logo Horseshoe Buckle (24)

  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Horseshoe Belt Buckle
  • Chain Detail
  • Order Belt Two Sizes Larger Than Pants Size

Bluemoona 100 Pcs - 1.5" 38mm Belt Buckle End Tip Nickel for Webbing Tag Bag Polypropylene

  • Material: Metal
  • Color:Nickel
  • Size: 1.5"(38mm)
  • Quantity: 100 Pcs
  • Use for: key fob key chains, cotton webbing, Tag, Military Belt, Belt, bag belt

MELORDY 8pcs 1'' Rainbow Strap Buckle Tri-Glide Slide Buckle Purse Strap Adjuster Handbag Hardware for Webbing

  • 🌈Material: Alloy,Inner diameter:2.50cm/1"inch
  • 🌈Package comes with 8 pieces tri-glide buckles.That enough for your craft projects and daily needs.
  • 🌈 Made of metal materials, fine workmanship, durable and not easy to fade.
  • 🌈Suitable for making belts, harnesses and clothes, luggage belts and backpacks
  • 🌈Purchase with confidence! We stand by our products and offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!

Swpeet 50 Pcs Bronze Assorted Multi-purpose Metal Roller Buckles for Belts Hardware Bags Ring Hand DIY Accessories - 1/2 Inch, 5/8 Inch, 3/4 Inch, 1 Inch, 1-1/4 Inch (Rolling-Gold-50)

  • ★ Roller Pin Buckles are suitable for making belts, harnesses and clothes, luggage belts and backpacks.
  • ★ Made of metal materials, Not welded, Work Fine, very Durable. You deserve have one.
  • ★ Great assortment for your applications. Each size was individually packaged as a group. Specifications are classified in a variety of sizes to suit different individual needs.
  • ★ Exquisite craft, durable, not easy to fade.
  • ★ Package included 50pcs Roller Pin Buckles, has 5 sizes of models in one package, can meet all your needs. The package will provide a bag to solve the storage problem.

Swpeet 60Pcs Heavy Duty 5/4 Inch - 32mm Gun-Black Multi-Purpose Metal O Ring Metal Rings for Hardware Bags Ring Hand DIY Accessories Keychains Belts and Dog Leas (Gun-Black, 5/4 Inch)

  • ★ O-rings are suitable for making belts, harnesses and clothes, luggage belts and backpacks.
  • ★ Made of alloy materials, work fine, Not welded, many function O-rings.
  • ★ Specifications are classified in a variety of sizes to suit different individual needs.
  • ★ Exquisite craft double-sided plating seal oil, durable, not easy to fade.
  • ★ Package included 60pcs Metal O Rings in one package, can meet all your needs. Each Including Sliver, Bronze, Gold, Gun-Black.You can free choose you want.The package will provide a bag to solve the storage problem.

90Pcs 6 Sizes Silver Metal O Rings Multi-Purpose Heavy Duty Round Ring for Hardware Bags Belts Dog Leashes Hanging Basket DIY Craft Supplies, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 32mm, 38mm, 50mm

  • Package Includes: Come with 90 pieces of silver metal O rings in 6 sizes ( 0.59inch,0.78inch,1inch,1.26inch,1.5inch,2inch), 15 of each size. Sufficient quantity and multiple sizes can easily meet the needs of your DIY craft project.
  • Durable material: Our multi-purpose buckle loop O rings are made of durable metal, sturdy, anti-rust, not easy to bend and long time for use.
  • Multi-Purpose O Rings: Which these heavy duty O rings are wide application in all kind of hand DIY craft projects. Such as hardware bags, keychains belts, camping belt, dog leashes, luggage straps, purse, clothing decoration, ect.
  • Non-Welded O Rings: Gold O rings are non-welded , after the electroplating process, smooth, good gloss and not easy to fade. Belts buckles rings are practical accessories for handmade crafting and sewing projects.
  • Widely Used: Silver Metal O rings can be matched with most items, like paracord, leather, fabric, cotton, nylon, or webbing. Not only an accessory, but also is a beautiful decaration. Such as hanging basket, bag, clothes and other DIY sewing crafts.

Nike Men's 3 Pack Web Belt, Matte Black Hardware, Black/White/Grey, One Size

  • Swoosh cutout detail on buckle
  • 3 Straps, 1 buckle
  • Bottle opener on buckle
  • Size fit up to size 42"

PH PandaHall 120pcs 3 Colors 20x8mm Belt Buckle End Tip Ribbon Crimp Ends Crimp End Findings for Webbing Belt Student Belt Clip Repair Belt Ending

  • Package Includes: 120pcs belt buckle end tip with about 20mm long, 8mm wide, 5mm thick, hole: 2mm. Ribbon clasps is made of high quality brass, they are sturdy and durable for long time use.
  • 3 Colors: Include golden, platinum, gunmetal. Great high quality textured belt clip for all of your fabulous designs! Just insert ribbon and crimp closed for a beautiful finished look!
  • Size: about 7.5mm wide, 25mm long, 7mm thick, inner size: inner size: 7x7mm; 3 colors, 40pcs/color, 120pcs/set. these belt tips gleam a bright metal finish that adds a touch of class to your projects.
  • Easy to Work With: Use flat nose pliers to close the tip and they will hold your belt and/or cording in place with their internal teeth and hide frayed ends.
  • Wide Application: Good for webbing belts repair and easy to install it . Metal tips encase raw edges of webbing, strapping, ribbon and fabric when making your own easy-sew belts.
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