How To Choose The Best Bio Shampoo

Shampoos have come a long way since their humble beginnings as a simple soap substitute. Today they contain everything from moisturizers to anti-bacterial agents, making them more than just a cleansing agent. However, not all shampoos are created equal. Some are better than others, but what makes one better than another? This article will help you decide which type of shampoo is best for your hair type and lifestyle.

What Is A Bio Shampoo?

Bio shampoos are made using all natural ingredients and are gentle enough for even sensitive skin. They contain no harsh chemicals like parabens, sulfates, artificial colors, fragrances, preservatives, synthetic dyes, mineral oil, petroleum based oils, phthalates, or alcohols. These products are free of these harmful ingredients because they don't need to be tested on animals before going into production. The only ingredient found in bio shampoos is water!

Why Should I Choose A Bio Shampoo?

The main reason why people switch to bio shampoos is because they want to avoid the bad effects of regular shampoos. Regular shampoos strip hair of its natural oils and leave it feeling dry and brittle. This makes it easier for dirt and bacteria to enter the scalp and cause infections. Bio shampoos help prevent this problem by replenishing the hair follicles with essential nutrients and moisture. It also prevents build up of dead cells on the surface of the scalp, making it look healthier and shinier.

Who Needs A Bio Shampoo?

Shampoos aren't just for washing hair anymore. Today, shampoos are designed to cleanse, condition, protect, and moisturize. But did you know that most shampoos contain ingredients that could potentially damage your skin?

That's right -- most shampoos contain chemicals that can strip away moisture from your scalp and dry out your hair. These harsh chemicals can cause irritation and break down your hair follicles over time. Not only does this lead to dullness and frizziness, but it can also increase your risk of developing dandruff and other problems.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. Natural shampoos are made using plant extracts and essential oils. These products are gentle enough to use every day without causing any harm to your hair or scalp. Plus, these shampoos are free of parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, and preservatives.

These shampoos are perfect for anyone who wants to avoid harmful chemicals while still getting rid of unwanted buildup on their scalps. Plus, they smell amazing!

Natural shampoos are available in a variety of scents including lavender, orange, rosemary, lemon, grapefruit, mint, and tea tree. Some brands offer additional benefits such as anti-fungal properties and UV protection.

The best part is that these shampoos are completely chemical-free. No one has ever died from using a natural shampoo. So, if you want to start caring for your hair again, check out our selection of natural shampoos today.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Bio Shampoo

Bio shampoos have become increasingly popular because they offer many health benefits. They are gentle on sensitive skin, yet effective against dandruff, dry scalp, and other common hair conditions. There are two main types of bio shampoos available: sulfate free and non-sulfate free. Both types work by cleansing the scalp and removing excess oil. However, one type may be better suited for certain individuals based on their personal preferences.

Sulfates are harsh detergents that strip away oils from the scalp. This makes them great for people who suffer from oily scalps, but they can irritate those with sensitive skin. Sulfates are often found in conventional shampoos, so if you prefer a gentler approach, try a non-sulfate shampoo instead.

Non-sulfate shampoos are milder than sulfate shampoos. They do not remove oils like sulfate shampoos do, but they do cleanse the scalp and prevent buildup of dead cells. Non-sulfate shampoos tend to be less expensive than sulfate shampoos, making them a cost-effective option for anyone looking for a gentle alternative.

While both types of bio shampoos are suitable for most people, some people find that one type works best for them. For example, some people experience itching after applying a sulfate-free shampoo. Others notice that their scalp feels cleaner after using a non-sulfate shampoo. Try different types until you find the one that works best for you.

Features To Consider When Buying A Bio Shampoo

Bio Shampoos are made using plant extracts instead of synthetic chemicals. They're gentle enough for even sensitive skin types. And they're free of sulfates, parabens, artificial colors, fragrances, and other harsh ingredients found in most shampoos.

Natural fragrance. Most Bio Shampoos are scented naturally, so there's no need to worry about smelling like soap. In fact, many Bio Shampoos smell great!

No drying effect. Many shampoos dry out hair, leaving it brittle and damaged. But Bio Shampoos leave hair soft and manageable. Plus, they won't strip away essential oils, which protect hair against damage.

Easy to rinse off. Because Bio Shampoos are made with plant extracts, they're easier to remove than traditional shampoos. Simply wash them off with warm water and conditioner.

Great for color treated hair. The natural pH balance of Bio Shampoos makes them ideal for color treated hair. This means they won't cause fading or discoloration.

Made in America. All Bio Shampoos are manufactured in the United States. That way, consumers know where their products are coming from.

Pricing. Like any product, pricing varies depending on the brand and type of shampoo. However, Bio Shampoos tend to cost less than regular shampoos.

Different Types Of Bio Shampoo

Bio shampoos are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that they are free from harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. These are also known to be gentle enough to use on sensitive skin. Here we look at three of the most popular brands of bio shampoos currently available on the market.

Organic Shampoo. Organic shampoos are made from natural ingredients. These are often derived from plants and herbs. They are also free from synthetic fragrances and dyes. These are also hypoallergenic meaning they won't irritate your scalp. Bio Shampoos are also suitable for those suffering from eczema and psoriasis.

Natural Shampoo. Natural shampoos are made from natural oils and extracts. They are often formulated with aloe vera and tea tree oil. They are also free from parabens and sulfates. They are also suitable for those suffering from dry hair and dandruff.

Shampoo Shampoo. Shampoo shampoos are made from synthetic ingredients. They are often scented with essential oils and fragrance. Bio Shampoos are also suitable for those suffering from oily scalps and dandruff.


BIOLAGEHydra SourceShampoo | Hydrates & Moisturizes Hair | For Dry Hair | Paraben &Silicone-Free|Vegan | 33.8 Fl. Oz.

  • Hydrating Shampoo: Infused with Aloe, gently cleanses as it quenches dry hair and attracts moisture. Provides 6x more moisturized hair with one use* and helps optimize moisture balance for a weightless finish.
  • Benefits: Helps optimize moisture balance and protect against future damage for healthy looking hair. This salon professional hair treatment gives you up to 15X more moisturized hair after just one application
  • Additional Benefits: Suitable for all hair textures and types, this professional shampoo leaves hair soft and shiny. Formulated with Aloe. Paraben-free, Silicone-free, Mineral-oil free and colorant free
  • Suggested Use: Apply to wet hair and lather. Rinse thoroughly. We recommend that you pair the Hydrasource Shampoo with Hydrasource Conditioner or Detangling Solution to complete the routine.
  • Hydra Source Collection: Shampoo and Conditioning Balm quench dry hair to provide radiant locks after just one application. Experience hydration levels through absorption and retention of moissture

BIOLAGEColor LastShampoo | Helps Protect Hair & Maintain Vibrant Color | For Color-Treated Hair |Paraben & Silicone-Free |Vegan | 33.8 Fl. Oz.

  • Color Safe Shampoo: Low pH shampoo for color-treated hair helps prolong color vibrancy. Gently cleanses to prevent unnecessary stripping of color. Suitable for color-treated or natural hair. Paraben free
  • Benefits: Inspired by nature's orchid, Color Last helps maintain the color, depth, tone and shine for vivid color-treated hair. Gives hair salon-vibrant color for up to 9 weeks when using the system
  • Additional Benefits: A professional inspired hair treatment to help protect hair balance moisture and even out the hairs surface for saturated shiny vibrant color that stays radiant for weeks
  • Suggested Use: Apply to wet hair and lather with a massaging motion. We recommend that you pair Color Last Shampoo with Color Last Conditioner to help maintain your color-treated hair.
  • Color Last Collection: Color Last system of Shampoo and Conditioner, nourishes and protects to help maintain the shine of color-treated hair. Color last Shampoo with low pH prolongs color vibrancy.

BIOLAGESmooth ProofShampoo | Cleanses, Smooths & Controls Frizz | For Frizzy Hair |Paraben & Silicone-Free |Vegan | 33.8 Fl. Oz.

  • Anti-Frizz Shampoo: Works to control frizzy and unmanageable hair that is difficult to style and control by locking out unwanted additional moisture that causes excess volume for smooth, healthy hair
  • Benefits: This paraben and silicone free formula protects hair in up to 97% humidity by preventing excess moisture and giving hair smoothness and hydration leaving frizz-free and static-free results
  • Additional Benefits: Inspired by the water resistant Camellia Flower, this shampoo de-frizzes while polishing the hair and aligning the cuticle for perfectly conditioned, smooth and shiny hair
  • Suggested Use: Apply to wet hair and work into a lather using a massaging motion. Rinse and repeat if desired. For best results, follow with Smooth Proof Conditioner. Leave in for 1-3 minutes. Rinse
  • Smooth Proof Collection: Professional salon system formulated to provide up to 72 hours of smoothness against high levels of humidity. Gently cleanses and deeply conditions for frizz and static-free hair

BIOLAGEVolume BloomShampoo | Lightweight Volume & Shine | For Fine Hair |Paraben & Silicone-Free |Vegan | 33.8 Fl. Oz.

  • Volumizing Shampoo: Inspired by nature's expanding cotton flower, Volume Bloom Shampoo gently cleanses with minimal stripping while adding volume, shine and root lift for thin and fine hair types
  • Benefits: Lightweight cleansing formula that adds volume to thin and fine hair types without weighing down hair. Limp and lifeless hair is lifted with voluminous body and shine. For men and women
  • Additional Benefits: Vegan, Silicone and Paraben-Free, this professional salon shampoo has gentle cleansing properties that reduce stripping, leaving hair clean with a boost of long-lasting volume
  • Suggested Use: Apply to wet hair and lather using a massaging motion. Rinse. Repeat if desired. For best volume boosting results, follow with Volume Bloom Conditioner and Full Lift Volumizing Spray
  • Volume Bloom Collection: Professional haircare system to achieve up to 70% more volume after just one application*. *When using the system of Shampoo, Conditioner and Full Lift vs. unwashed hair

Pure Blends Violet Hydrating Color Depositing Shampoo - Infused with Keratin & Collagen to Repair Dry & Damaged Hair - Eliminates Color Fade - Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Paraben & Gluten-Free - 8.5 Oz

  • VIOLET COLOR BASED SHAMPOO: It is designed to deposit a pure violet base pigment to brighten and tones white, gray, and pale blonde hair preventing warm tones and brassiness.
  • INFUSED WITH COCONUT OIL, KERATIN & COLLAGEN: Our hydrating color depositing shampoo is enriched with nourishing ingredients like Coconut Oil, Violet, Eggplant, Marigold, Cherry Bark, Collagen, and Keratin. This botanical mixture blend helps to smooth down the cells and keeps your hair healthy.
  • FREE FROM HARSH CHEMICALS: Our keratin shampoo is sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben, & gluten-free which allows the moisture to penetrate deep into the hair so that the natural oils produced by the hair can help to moisturize and nourish hair and restore a healthy balance.
  • BENEFITS ALL HAIR TYPES: Pure Blends products are created by professional hairdressers and are used in the top hair and beauty salons across the country. This product is safe for all hair types, including hair that has been treated with relaxers and straighteners, perms and waves, and any hair color brand or Keratin Smoothing System.
  • SALON-QUALITY HAIR CARE: Need a hydrating color depositing shampoo that works? This professional, affordable salon-quality shampoo eliminates color fade and color washout, while luxuriously hydrating, repairing, and revitalizing dry, damaged hair without the salon price tag.

BIOLAGE Ultra Hydra Source Conditioning Balm | Anti-Frizz Deep Conditioner Renews Hair's Moisture | For Very Dry Hair | Silicone-Free | Vegan | 33.8 Fl. Oz.

  • Hydrating Conditioner: Professional salon solution to repair very dry, damaged hair. Anti-frizz, deep conditioner intensely moisturizes for healthy looking hair strengthened against future hair breakage
  • Benefits: Anti-frizz hair conditioner that instantly renews moisture for healthy looking hair Formulated with aloe leaf juice, cupuacu butter and apricot kernel to help envelop and smooth dry, coarse and damaged hair
  • Additional Benefits: Paraben-free formula is formulated specifically for color treated hair. Quench dry, thirsty hair with state-of-the-art formulas inspired by nature that mimic the moistureof the aloe plant.
  • Suggested Use: Apply to wet hair and leave in 1-3 minutes. Pair ULTRA HYDRASOURCE Conditioner with ULTRA HYDRASOURCE Shampoo for extra moisture and hydration. Recommended for fine to medium hair.
  • Ultra Hydra Source Collection: Ultra Hydra Ssource system of Shampoo and Conditioner provides deep moisture for a fresh hair renewal leaving hair hydrated after one usse

MATRIX Total Results Mega Sleek Conditioner with Shea Butter, 33.8 Ounce

  • Anti Frizz Conditioner: With shea butter helps control rebellious, unruly hair and manages frizz against humidity for smoothness, leaving hair hydrated, shiny and defrizzed, with up to 5x smoother hair
  • Description: Targets humidity for deep hydrating and moisturizing benefits. A smoothing conditioner that nourishes and manipulates unmanagable hair leaving locks bright and defrizzed between washes
  • Benefits: Professional smoothing haircare for frizz-prone hair. Provides humidity protection for coarse, unruly hair types leaving hair shiny and defrizzed creating managable locks sealing the cuticle
  • Suggested Use: After shampoo, apply to wet hair. Massage. Rinse. Suitable for dry, damaged, color treated, natural, curly or bleached hair looking to deep condition. Safe for all hair types and textures
  • Mega Sleek Collection: Includes Smoothing Shampoo for cleansing, Smoothing Conditioner to nourish, Blow Down Smoothing Cream to tame, and Iron Smoother Heat-Protectant Spray to protect against heat
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