Forum Novelties Queen of the Nile Child Wig

  • Cleopatra wig
  • Dozens of black braids with gold clips
  • For best results remove from package and style before wearing
  • One size fits most children
  • Forum Novelties offers a wide variety of complete costume kits perfect for your next school or church play

How To Choose The Best Cleopatra Wig

In modern times, Cleopatra has become synonymous with glamour and beauty. She is often portrayed wearing elaborate wigs, and her name has become a synonym for luxury and extravagance.

This article will help you decide whether a Cleopatra wig would be suitable for you, and what features you might want to look for in a good quality wig.

What Is A Cleopatra Wig?

They were known for wearing elaborate wigs made up of hundreds of braids. The most famous was Queen Cleopatra VII, who wore her hair in an elaborately curled style called a "peplos". She was said to have worn this hairstyle for over 20 years until she died at age 39. Her daughter, Berenice II, continued to wear the same hairstyle after her mother's death.

Where Did The Name Come From?

The word "Cleopatra" comes from the Greek words kleo meaning beautiful and patra meaning breast. This means that Cleopatra was named because of her beautiful breasts.

Who Needs A Cleopatra Wig?

But they weren't always famous for being beautiful women. Some were known for their power and influence. Others were known for their beauty. Still others were known for their intelligence.

But one thing was common among most of these women - they wore wigs. These wigs were made from human hair. Sometimes they were dyed black. Sometimes they were colored red. Sometimes they were styled in elaborate styles. Whatever the case, they were worn to add glamour to the wearer's appearance.

Today, we still see wigs worn by celebrities. We also see them worn by movie stars. And we see them worn by people who want to look glamorous. But did you know that Cleopatra herself had her own wig collection? She owned over 100 wigs. And she kept them in a special cabinet called the 'Wig Room'.

The reason Cleopatra collected so many wigs wasn't just for vanity. She actually needed them for religious reasons. As a follower of Isis, Cleopatra believed that wearing wigs helped protect her against evil spirits. She also believed that wearing wigs would prevent her from getting sick. And finally, she thought that wearing wigs would allow her to live longer.

In reality, Cleopatra didn't wear wigs very often. Instead, she preferred to use makeup to enhance her natural beauty. However, she did sometimes wear wigs during formal occasions. And this included funerals. When Cleopatra died, she wanted to be buried in a wig. Her final wish was fulfilled.

Today, you can visit the Museum of Egyptian Art and Archaeology in Cairo. Here you can view Cleopatra's actual wig collection. Many of them are displayed behind glass cases. But you can also touch them. They aren't real though. They're replicas. But they do offer visitors a glimpse into the world of Cleopatra.

While visiting Egypt, you might also want to take home a replica of Cleopatra's wig. You could purchase one online. Or you could visit a local costume shop. Either way, you'll be able to experience the same thrill that Cleopatra felt while wearing her wigs. And you'll be able to relive history.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Cleopatra Wig

They were used by women who wanted to enhance their beauty and attract men. Today, they continue to be popular among celebrities and everyday women alike. So if you want to look like a real life Cleopatra, then you should invest in a quality wig. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying a wig:

Look for a quality wig. Quality wigs are typically made from human hair. Human hair wigs are available in different textures such as curly, straight, kinky, etc. You can find wigs that come pre-styled or you can style them yourself. When looking for a quality wig, try to purchase one that looks natural. Natural wigs tend to last longer because they do not shed and break easily. A quality wig will also provide you with great styling versatility. For example, you can curl your hair, use gel to add volume, or even apply makeup to create a glamorous appearance.

Purchase a wig that suits your lifestyle. There are many factors that go into selecting a wig. These include your budget, how often you plan on wearing the wig, and whether you prefer synthetic or natural hair. For instance, if you plan on wearing your wig every day, then you may want to opt for a synthetic wig. On the other hand, if you plan on wearing your wig occasionally, then you may want to purchase a natural wig. Another factor to take into consideration is your personal preference. Do you prefer a short or long wig? How about a thin or thick wig? All of these factors play a role in determining the type of wig that best suits your needs.

Consider the color of your skin tone. Before purchasing a wig, you should determine what shade of skin tone you have. This way, you'll be able to find a wig that matches your complexion perfectly. If you have dark skin tones, then you might want to select a light brown wig. Conversely, if you have fair skin, then you might want to select a blonde wig.

Features To Consider When Buying A Cleopatra Wig

Quality materials. When you're shopping for a Cleopatra wig, you want to make sure the material used is durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear. Look for wigs made from 100% human hair, which is more durable than synthetic fibers.

Style options. The style of your Cleopatra wig plays a big role in how well it fits. Choose styles that fit comfortably and flatter your face shape. For example, if you have a rounder head, look for styles with longer lengths.

Color options. Don't forget about color! Your Cleopatra wig shouldn't just match your skin tone; it should complement it, too. Consider colors such as black, brown, blonde, red, and even pink.

Size. When you're purchasing a Cleopatra wig, you'll want to make sure it fits properly. Check the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to ensure it matches your measurements. If it doesn't, return it for a refund.

Washable. When you're shopping for a Cleopatra wig, you'll want to make sure it's washable. Some manufacturers recommend washing them only once a week. Others suggest washing them twice a month.

Cost. Buying a Cleopatra wig isn't cheap. But, you'll want to make sure you're getting a quality product that's worth the cost.

Different Types Of Cleopatra Wig

Cleopatras were known for wearing elaborate wigs. Today, women continue to wear wigs for special occasions. A lot of times, women choose to wear wigs simply because they look good. Others use them for medical reasons. Regardless of why you decide to wear a wig, it is important to know what kind of wig you should wear. Below we will discuss some of the top choices available on the market today.

Wigs. Wigs are by far the most popular choice among women. Cleopatra Wigs are inexpensive and versatile. They can be worn alone or underneath hair extensions. Cleopatra Wigs are also easily styled. Wigs are available in various styles including curly, straight, and wavy. Cleopatra Wigs are also available in colors ranging from blonde to black.

Hair Extensions. Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular. They are essentially strands of human hair glued to your own hair. They are attached to your natural hair using glue. These are then styled according to your preference. These are affordable and convenient. Cleopatra Wigs are also long lasting. They can last up to two years without any damage.

Clip Ons. Clip ons are small pieces of synthetic hair that clip onto your existing hair. These are designed to mimic real hair. They are inexpensive and durable. These are also lightweight and comfortable. They can be removed quickly and easily.

Bridal Wigs. Bridal wigs are designed specifically for brides. These are usually made from lace and silk. Cleopatra Wigs are very light and soft. They are also very cheap. They are also removable and reusable.

Faux Lace Wigs. Faux lace wigs are similar to bridal wigs. These are also made from lace and silk. They are cheaper than bridal wigs. These are also lighter and softer. Cleopatra Wigs are also less likely to snag on things.

Tapered Wigs. Tapered wigs are short and tapered. Cleopatra Wigs are usually made from nylon and polyester. Cleopatra Wigs are very flexible and durable. They are also very affordable.


MapofBeauty 12 Inch/30cm Fashion Lady Short Straight Flat Bangs Bob Wig (Black)

  • 100% Brand New & 100% High temperature fiber
  • Please Note: Due to extrusion during packaging or during transport, the wig might be out of shape when you received. Don't worry, please take one or two minutes to comb it, or use an electric hair rod to straighten it, it will be the same as in the picture.
  • Length: Approx 12 Inch/30cm
  • Cap Size: The maximum circumference is approx 20~21inch / 51~53 cm (the error between 1~2cm is normal), the size is adjustable.
  • Package included: 1 Wig

AGPtek black Fashion Long straight women's Girl full Hair Wig cosplay

  • ♦ Superior Quality Material – AGPtEK wig is made from 100% generation of high temperature fiber & professional wig product. The appearance and feeling of this wig is most close to human hair.
  • ♦ Hair Color-Length -- Color of this cosplay wig is Black. With length of 60cm(+/- 3cm)(1inch=2.54cm), this cleopatra wig is straight texture.
  • ♦ Create Your New Look -- You can cut or trim the hair extensions into any style you like. You can also use styling products to achieve vibrant texture or use your curling iron or flat iron to style this long wig to achieve a different look!
  • ♦ Lace Cap -- The cap construction of this mannequin wig is lace front. Top quality lace to ensure good breathability. All you need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head.
  • ♦ Suitable for Occasion -- This cosplay wig is perfect for any Cosplay or costume party, daily use, gift sending for mothers or friends and some certain themed performance, adding more charm to you!

AGPTEK 13 Inches Straight Heat Resistant Short Bob Hair Wigs with Flat Bangs for Women Cosplay Daily Party - Black

  • ♦ Superior Quality Material – This Short Bob Hair Wigs is made from 100% generation of high-quality high temperature Japanese fiber & professional wig product. The appearance and feeling of this edna mode costume wig is most close to human hair.
  • ♦ Find Your New Look -- You can cut or trim the black bang wig into any style you like or use your curling iron or flat iron to style this cleopatra costume wig for women and achieve a different look!
  • ♦ Suitable for Women -- Hair is sewn on an adjustable light-netting cap, which should fit an average size head (Male or Female). AGPtEK mia wallace costume wig is perfect for women.
  • ♦ Easy to Wear – It is simply to wear this mavis costume wigs with bangs for women. All you need to do is adjust the hooks inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head. No Pins or Tape should be required.
  • ♦ 6 Colors Optional: Black,Light Brown,Dark Brown,Beige White,Red,Purple -- Perfectly fit for Cosplay or Daily Wear!

eNilecor Short Black Bob Wigs, 12" Straight with Flat Bangs Synthetic Colorful Cosplay Daily Party Wig for Women Natural As Real Hair+ Free Wig Cap (Black)

  • eNilecor is a register trademark brand in US, we provide the natural, good texture and colorful high quality wigs for the fashion women ,the colored short black bob wigs just look just like real hair
  • 100% breathable rose net within the network make you feel comfortable when you wear it.There are two adjustment straps at two side of the wig, which can be intertwined to a fix position to suit different head sizes
  • eNilecor bob wig adopt high temperature resistant synthetic fiber production.It’s so lightweight and Super soft.Your can restyle the wigs below 130 Degrees Centigrade (266 Degrees Fahrenheit).
  • Length-12 inch Approx,Weight-200g Approx.(Tips:Slightly color difference between different monitors,put the wigs on the wig stand for storage when you not wear it)
  • Fashionable and stylish short hair wigs looks natural, real, very pretty and feminine, soft touch.You can wear it for parties,halloween,cosplay, daily use

WELLKAGE 14 inches Halloween Party Short Straight Black Bob Hair Wigs

  • The package includes a free wig cap that gives you the perfect look for Halloween, concerts, theme parties, weddings, dating, and any other occasion
  • The size fit most people, you can adjust the hook inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head (Adjustment range: Min 54cm - Max 58cm)
  • 100% breathable rose net makes you comfortable to wear daily
  • The wig is easy to wash and care for by using a little mild shampoo in cold water
  • 100% Japanese high-temperature resistance synthetic fiber

Kalyss Women's Short Black Bob Wigs with Hair Bangs Yaki Synthetic Full Hair Wig Heat Resistant Short Straight Black Wig for Women

  • 【Classic and Stylish Hairstyle】Have you ever had a bob hairstyle, will you be tired of it? will you think it is very common? But you always see someone with a bob hairstyle on the street, even on many occasions, yes, because it's a classic, no one will reject it, and black bob wigs is the most classic, you can wear it on any occasion.
  • 【High Quality Material】High quality Japanese made synthetic fiber, natural luster, natural texture and volume, no tangle, easy to wear and selfie-friendly style, super soft and very lightweight. Our bob wigs for women can also be heated up to 180°C (350°F), feel like human hair, and style with bangs so you don't have to worry about your beauty secrets being discovered, and enjoy the unique beauty that wigs bring to you.
  • 【Suitable Size】Our synthetic wigs size is about 14inches, you don't think it is very long. Because it can be cut to the length you want, I believe this will be the classic and changeable short bob wig you want. The wig cap has two adjustment straps and two combs, you can adjust the tightness for the most comfortable fit on your head, so you don't have to worry about the wig falling out. The new elastic mesh cap will be more breathable and comfortable, even in summer will not feel hot.
  • 【Multiple Colour】Our natural short bob wigs with bangs come in many colors, no matter what color your skin is, the beautiful colors of the wigs here will match your skin tone. Straight bob wig make you more beautiful and sexy, just like healthy natural hair. The bangs are designed to look super cute and realistic, fit your face perfectly and look like your own hair and you will get a lot of compliments.
  • 【Notes】All short straight wigs will shed slightly especially when you wear for the first time, which is normal. Colors may vary slightly depending on your personal computer or cellphone monitor settings. We do try our best to accurately represent colors on all of our products.

Morvally Short Straight Black Wig with Bangs Natural Looking Heat Resistant Hair Cosplay Costume Wigs (14 inches Natural Black)

  • Material: 100% high-quality heat resistant synthetic fiber of Japanese, which is very soft, the color and texture looks as natural as human hair, it's also not easy to tangle and just minimal shedding. With 150% hair density, the wig is thick enough but lightweight at the same time, remain you comfortable day and night. Furthermore, the hair can be Permed, Straightened, Dyed and Cut, easily satisfy any idea you have. (Heat resistant temperature up to 150 ℃ / 320 ℉)
  • Wig Type: Full Machine Made Short Straight Bob Wig with Bangs, the Color is Natural Black, the wig Length: 14 inches, the bangs: 4.5 inches, bangs can be trimmed according to your face. (Kind Reminder: Slightly Color Difference between Different Monitors)
  • Wig Cap Structure: Equipped with a breathable rose net cap that is a one-size-fits-all inner cap, average cap size circumference 22.5 inches with 2 adjustable straps, which can be intertwined to a fixed position to suitable different head sizes.
  • Occasion: This short black bob wig is a perfect choice for all manner of parties. You can rock it on Halloween, Themed Parties, Comic-con, Anime Costume, Cosplay events, Carnival or just for Daily wear.
  • Package Included: 1 wig + 1 FREE wig cap

Kalyss 14" Synthetic Wig with Hair Bangs Short Wavy Curly Wig for Women -Natural Looking and Heat Resistant Full Head Hair Replacement Wig for Daily Wear or Costume Wig

  • Material: High Quality Color Heat Resistant Synthetic Fibers Look Natural and Touch Soft.100% Brand New.
  • Texture: Short Curly Design,Natural and Soft Like Real Human Hair , Bangs Design,Most Natural to Look and Feel,Realistic Color .
  • Occasions:It can be Used for Daily Use ,for Fun ,Theme party, Costume ,Cosplay,or any other Occasion.
  • Cap and Cap Construction:Basic caps & Open weft for better air ventilation ,you won’t feel hot while wearing it. Cap Circumference 21.5-22” , Ear to Ear 13.5”-13.75”, Front to Back 14”-14.5” which fit Most Head Sizes, and It Can be Adjusted for Smaller or Bigger Size.
  • Warm Tip:Elastic Cap and Elasticated Strap Size Fit Any Average-sized Female Comfortably and Securely.Note that the color Sometimes may be a little different from the photos because of your computer monitor's color setting or other reasons.

BLSWANER Bob Wigs with Bangs Synthetic Short Straight Hair Black Wigs for Women

  • 【 Material】100% Imported Premium Japanese Kanekalon soft and silky synthetic hair, realistic natural looking
  • 【Comfortable】Soft breathable rose net, will not hurt the scalp, you'll feel comfortable and forget you're even wearing it
  • 【Highlight】The lovely wig can be straightened and curled as you like (below 360 degree Celsius). The wig can also be customized to suit your own individual look by cutting them or using a curling iron/hair straightener.
  • 【Cap size】About 21.5"~22" circumference, The size fit most People; you can adjust the hook inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head .
  • 【Occasions Used】This Wigs Will Make You More Confidence and More Charm ,Perfect for Daily Use, Concerts, Cosplay party costume, Theme parties, Weddings, Dating, and also Halloween,Perfect for GIFT Sending for Mothers or Friends

Rosa Star Short Bob Wig with Bangs Straight Synthetic Hair Wigs for Women (Black)

  • ♥ WIG MATERIAL : Rosastar Nature Black Bob Wig Use High-quality Synthetic Hair. Soft, Light Weight. Healthy and Natural Looking.
  • ♥ WIG SPECIFICATIONS:12inch Short Straight Bob Wig with Bangs, Weight: about 200 G, Density:130%.adjustable Strap More Comfortable. Natural Hairline Make Middle Part Wig Will Be More Up Scale.
  • ♥NATURE STRAIGHT & BREATHABLE NET:The Breathable Rose Net More Comfortable. Average Cap Size 22.5 Inch Adjust Different Head Size
  • ♥ EASY HAIR STYLE : Dark Black Wig Made of a Variety of Mixed Materials, Very Soft and Real.put Wig in 80℃ Hot Water for 10 Seconds, and then Take It out to Dry,will Become Straight Wig or Curly Wig. Absolutely You Can Also Use Hair Iron(90-100℃) Make Style.
  • ♥ WARM NOTES:You Need Any Help,welcome Contact Us,we Provide Professional Service in 24 Hours. Return of Goods Without Reasons within 30 Days.

Qaccf 14 inches Women's Straight Blunt Bob Cut Wig Black silky Wigs with Full Hair Bangs

  • ❤ 14 inches long and 200 gram in weight, straight and blunt cut style.
  • ❤ 100% brand new long bob wig, heat resistant fiber, can use heat on this style.
  • ❤ matted natural black color synthetic fiber,soft touch and silky, close to human hair wig.
  • ❤ Wig Cap Circumference is 22.5 Inches with Adjustable Straps to Fit the Majority.
  • ❤ Black synthetic wig perfect for every day wear, gifts, theme Parties, Dating, Cosplay, Costume party and also Halloween Party etc.

Ebingoo 14 Inches Short Bob SyntheticWigs with Bangs for Black Women Black Silky Straight Shoulder Length Heat Resistant Wig for Daily Wear

  • ♥TOP QUALITY :No tangel wig with natural hairline and length and color same with these pictures
  • ♥COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE: The Bob Wigs for Black Women Is Easy to Rinse, Keeping The Scalp Fresh without Drying It Out. Wig Caps Are Made of Breathable Materials. It Can Bring You a Nice Experience;
  • ♥COLOR & LENGTH: The Cleopatra Cosplay Wig Is 14 inches long, with Black Straight Bob Design. The Design Are Simple and Generous;
  • ♥ SUITABLE FOR ALL OCCASIONS: Bob Straight Hair Wig is not Only Suitable for Your Daily Wear or Office Life, but also for Some Special Occasions, such as Costume Party, Birthday Party, Cosplay, Etc;
  • ♥ CUSTOMER SERVICE: We are Committed to Providing You with the Best After-Sales Service. If You Have Any Complaints or Suggestions, Feel Free to Contact Ebingoo Customer Service Team. We Will Give You a Satisfactory Solution within 24 Hours.

SWACC 14 Inches Short Straight Medium Shoulder Length Wig with Blunt Cut Bangs and Bottom End Synthetic Heat Resistant Hair Wigs for Women with Wig Cap (Off Black-1B)

  • One wig plus a wig cap. Adjustable size, no pins or tape should be required. It fits most people's heads
  • Made by 100% high quality Heat Friendly Synthetic fiber, it looks, moves and feels like real hair with affordable price and very easy to apply
  • Approx. Length: 13-15 inches (1cm=0.39inch) Approx. Weight: 200g (7OZ)
  • Very light and comfortable to wear, easy to wash and care by using a little mild shampoo in cold water
  • This cleopatra wig with blunt cut bangs and bottom end gives you an instant hair transformation, Great using for daily hair beauty, birthday party, theme party, Halloween Egyptian Queen costume cosplay

Egyptian Queen Black Wigs with Braids Fringe Costume Accessories

  • One size fits most youth and adults
  • Black color, features braids and gold clips
  • This braided wig is perfect to finish off Cleopatra outfit
  • Easy to style, simple, suitable for stage character performance / cosplay party
  • package contents: 1 x Wig

7JHH WIGS Long Straight Wig With Bangs Hair Dye Black Wig for Women Synthetic Natural Black Hair Party And Cosplay Premium Soft Wig( 23 inch Black )

  • [ABOUT MATERIAL]: This fashionable female wig is made of 100% high-quality heat-resistant synthetic fiber, 150% high density, highly imitating human hair, no reflection and no shine, support the use of curling irons to straighten or curl hair, but the temperature should be below 160℃. Suitable for daily wear.
  • [COMFORTABLE & NATURAL]: This lady's wig looks natural and is soft, skin-friendly, comfortable and breathable, not easy to tangles, not easy to fall off, which can perfect with modern clothing, making you full of charm and becoming the focus of the crowd.
  • [Breathable Inner Net]: Breathable wig cap is lightweight, soft pads on the side and the adjustable length is 20-22". It contains 1 wig cap+1 comb+1 1 bag of hairpin.
  • [APPLICABLE OCCASIONS]: Suitable for everyday wear, Halloween, concerts, theme parties, weddings, appointments, parties and fashion shows and other occasions you want to go to.
  • [OUR PROMISE]: If you are not satisfied with the cosplay wig, please feel free to contact us. Note: Due to the display and light, the color of the product picture may deviate from the actual product.

ENTRANCED STYLES Black Wigs with Bangs for Women 14 Inches Synthetic Curly Bob Wig for Girl Natural Looking Wavy Wigs

  • 【Gorgeous Fashion New Look】The Black wigs is a fresh, fun bob with full bangs , the bangs and distinctive waves bring a modern flair to the classic bob style
  • 【Premium Synthetic Wig】The short wig is made of high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber which is heat-friendly, you can flat iron, curl.
  • 【Humanized Design】The average size of this wavy wig is 21''-23”, with 2 adjustable straps. It is ergonomically designed to make it easy for you to wear a wig. A good wig allows your scalp to breathe freely.
  • 【For Many Occasions】The synthetic wigs with black color perfect for daily life, parties, concerts, cosplay, Halloween, and other occasions
  • 【Seller Warranty】We are committed to providing all customers with high quality products and 100% satisfactory shopping experience. We also offer 24-hour online customer service. If there are any questions, you will receive a full refund or free replacements within 30 days

15 Inch Short Straight Black Bob Wig with Bangs | Natural Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair for Women

  • Characteristic: Our bob wig was made by special manufacturing process flow hair, it's very soft, fluffy, silky, natural and light
  • Length: 38cm/16 inch, short straight black bob wig with bangs looks natural for women
  • Wig cap: 100% breathable rose net within the network make you feel comfortable when you wear it.There are two adjustment straps at two side of the wig, which can be intertwined to a fix position to suit different head sizes
  • Storage: Put on the wig stand when not wearing it, wash it in the cold water with some shampoo if the hair tangled.
  • Please note - All wigs will shed slightly especially when you wear for the first time, which is normal. Colors may vary slightly depending on your personal computer or cellphone monitor settings. We do try our best to accurately represent colors on all of our products.

TIMANZO Long Straight Remy Hair Wigs Natural Black Heat Resistant Fiber Hair Full Machine Wig with Bangs Cosplay Party Wig For Fashion Women(24 Inches Natural Black Hair)

  • Material:100% High Quality Temperature Fiber Hair Long Straight Wig;Tangle-Free,Sheeding-Free,Silky and Soft.
  • Wig Type:Full Machine Made None Lace Wig with Bangs, the Long Straight Wig Color is Natural Black , the Straight Remy Hair Length is 24 inches(Kind Reminder: Slight Color Difference between Different Monitors).
  • Cap Size:Average Cap Size 22.5 Inch with 2 Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs.
  • Occasion:Natural Looking Suit for Daily, Party, Fancy Dress, Celebrity,Halloween,Cosplay or Any Other Occasion You Want.Stylish Design Will Make a New You.

ENTRANCED STYLES Long Black Wig with Bangs, Wavy Hair Wigs for Women Heat Resistant Synthetic Wig Natural Looking Realistic Wigs Hair Replacement Wig for Daily Party Cosplay Use

  • 【Premium Synthetic Wig】: This wavy wig with bangs use the 100% high quality heat resistant friendly fiber, It is the best synthetic wigs, soft And smoothly, which looks and feels like human hair.
  • 【Wig Description】:Full machine made long hair wigs with bangs, length:24 Inch heat resistant synthetic hair wig. Package included: 1 X long wig, 1X wig cap.
  • 【Adjustable Straps & Breathable Rose Net】This long black wig fit for most head sizes and shapes with elasticated breathable rose net and adjustable straps inside. You can loosen or tighten the wig to reach a most comfortable condition.
  • 【Wide Applications】:24 inch long wig is suitable for all kinds of fashion people and perfect for Halloween, concerts, theme parties, weddings, dating, cosplay and daily use.
  • 【Seller Warranty】We are committed to providing all customers with high quality products and 100% satisfactory shopping experience. We also offer 24-hour online customer service. If there are any questions, you will receive a full refund or free replacements within 30 days

Juziviee Short Black Wigs for Women Costume 12'' Black Bob Wig with Bangs Cute Natural Soft Hair Wigs for Daily Party AD016BK1

  • ✔ Great Quality: Juziviee wigs are made of 100% great quality synthetic fiber, very soft and natural looking, suitable for long term use
  • ✔ Realistic Bangs: The short bob hair wig with Hand-made bangs, looks very realistic, just like your own hair
  • ✔ Fit Well: Adjustable cap size ( 21.5'' - 22.5'' ), there are 2 adjustable straps within the Short wig, you can adjust its size to fit your head perfect
  • ✔ Very Comfortable: 100% Breathable rose net and light weight, make you feel very comfortable when you wear this short cute bob wig
  • ✔ Wide Occasions: Short colorful hair wig perfect for daily, cosplay, birthday party, bachelorette party, costume, wedding, concerts, or just for fun, you will be surprised by how many compliments it bring to you
  • ✔ Warm Tips: 30 day No-Reason return. Any questions, please contact us immediately, we try our best to offer you the high quality service
  • ✔ Color & Length: Black color wig, 12'' long
  • ✔ Cute Style: Short straight hair wig with cute style, make you more beautiful and charming
  • ✔ Easy to Style: Just run through the wig with your fingers or a comb, then it will become beautiful as the pictures, you can also make it into any styles according to your need, very easy
  • ✔ Package including: 1 Short cute bob wig + 1 free wig cap

Deifor Short Straight Black Bob Wig with Bangs for Women | Natural Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Wigs

  • Material: Deifor wigs picked the high quality synthetic hair, natural color looks like human hair, soft touching even better than your own hair.
  • Feature: Fashionable black bob wigs with bangs, made by 100% heat resistant synthetic hair, you can you can flat iron, curl, and the bangs can be trim.
  • Adjustable Straps & Breathable Rose Net: This black wig bangs fit for most head sizes and shapes with elasticated breathable rose net and adjustable straps inside. It's comfortable that you can wear it whole day.
  • Occasions: Our black bob wig with bangs is a perfect choice for your daily wear, parties, Halloween and Cosplay.
  • Seller Guarantee: We are committed to providing all customers with high quality products and 100% satisfactory shopping experience. We also offer 24-hour online customer service. If there are any questions, you will receive a full refund or free replacements within 30 days

Short Bob Wig Human Hair with Bangs 8 Inch None Lace Front Wigs for Black Women Brazilian Virgin Straight Hair 150% Density Machine Made Bob Wigs Natural Color

  • 💒【Wig Advantage】: 150% Density to Make the Wigs Looks More Full,Glueless Machine Made Wigs with Bangs,None lace Human Hair Wig,More Convenient,You Can do Sports Crazily without Worries.Let You Always Keep Perfect In Anytime and Anywhere!
  • 💒【Hair Texture】: Full and Thick,Soft and More Natural,No Tangle,Can be Dyed,Permed, Bleached,Highlighted,Curled or Styled as Your Own Hair,Easy to Manage and Care for Hair.
  • 💒【Cap Size】: Average Size,Cap can be Adjusted to Different Sizes with Adjustable Strap,Suitable for most people,Breathable & Comfortable & Durable.
  • 💒【Hair Material】: 10A Brazilian Virgin Human Hair BoB Wig,100% Unprocessed Virgin Human Hair from One Donor,Very Soft and Healthy,Cuticle Aligned,Tangle Free.Clean and Shiny,Smooth and Silky.
  • 💒【Kind Notes】: The hair is squeezed by Package so it may be a little out of shape. After being shaken lightly and Use straightener to straighten hair or hair care it will come back.

TTGYTB Black Bobo Wig with Bangs Synthetic Wig Cosplay Daily Wear Party Wig Natural Hair Quality a Hair Net for Women Black

  • All TTGYTB wig workers have more than three years of wig making experience
  • As a high-end brand, TTGYTB has natural and realistic hair, soft, comfortable and breathable hair nets, and easy to wear wigs.
  • This hair is 12 inches long. When not applicable, please place it on a special wig holder to better preserve the style.
  • Can be used in any scene you need, such as parties, graduation ceremonies, weddings, daily work, etc.
  • We have sufficient confidence to make customers satisfied with our products. If there is any dissatisfaction, we are willing to pay for it. Please consult 24H after-sales service. (If there are too many people to consult, please be patient, we will reply you as soon as possible)

Black Bob Wig with Bangs Short Straight Black Wig 14 Inches Fashion Bob Wigs for Black Women Cosplay Wigs Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Fiber Hair Replacement Wig

  • 1.Great Quality: BL SWANER has a commitment to provide the high quality product. Natural and realistic, soft and tight, no shedding, no tangling, no frizzing, no split ends nothing of the sort.
  • 2.Comfortable Material: We use high quality synthetic heat resistant fiber, soft ,silky and breathable , almost fit for everyone.
  • 3.Wig Detail :Hair length is 14 inches approx.Cap size is medium size(21.5~22'')
  • 4.Easy to Use: easy to wear, easy to carry, provides more choices for your hairstyle and saves more time.
  • 5.Customer Service:If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.24 hours customer service always waiting for you.
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