Stainless Steel 4.5 in and 27 in.Military Dog tag Ball Chain, 2.4mm #3

  • Great for replacing cheap rusted chains.
  • One long 27" stainless steel chains
  • One stainless steeel 4.5" chain
  • High quality! Will not rust.

How To Choose The Best Dog Tag Necklace

Dog Tags are a great way to personalize your jewelry collection. They come in various shapes and sizes, but they always have two things in common: they are made of metal and they are worn around the neck. This makes them ideal as a gift for anyone who loves dogs, whether they own one themselves or not. If you're thinking about getting a dog tag necklace for yourself, then read our guide below to help you make the right choice.

What Is A Dog Tag Necklace?

Dog Tags are small metal pieces of jewelry worn around the neck. They were originally made for military personnel who needed identification while wearing uniforms. Today dog tags are commonly given to soldiers as a token of remembrance after they die. The name "dog tag" comes from the shape of these items, which resemble a collar with a loop at the end. These tags come in many different shapes and sizes, but most are about an inch wide and half an inch thick. They may be engraved with names, dates, unit numbers, or any other information desired.

Where Did Dog Tags Originate?

The first dog tags were created during World War I. Soldiers wore them because they could be attached to their uniform without having to carry a separate item. After the war, people began using dog tags as a form of identification. In the United States, dog tags became popular among law enforcement officers, especially police departments. Police officers would wear them to identify themselves if they had been shot or injured. This was done to help medical staff know who the officer was and what kind of injuries he/she had sustained. It also helped to prevent false reports of crimes committed by someone impersonating an officer.

Who Needs A Dog Tag Necklace?

Dog Tags are useful tools for keeping track of your belongings. But did you know that dog tag necklaces are becoming increasingly popular among dog owners? These necklaces look similar to traditional dog tags but feature a variety of other features. Here's how they differ from traditional dog tags.

Traditional dog tags are made of metal and usually feature a nameplate. They're designed to fit around the collar of your dog. However, these days, most dog tags are plastic and feature a number of additional functions. Some dog tag necklaces allow you to attach keys, credit cards, and cell phones to your dog. Others offer tracking capabilities. Still others let you program certain items to alert you if your dog wanders off.

The best thing about dog tag necklaces is that they're affordable. Of course, this depends on which model you purchase. Most dog tag necklaces feature a standard design. However, some models feature special designs such as diamonds, gemstones, and Swarovski crystals.

In addition to being inexpensive, dog tag necklaces are versatile. You can use them to mark your dog's identification tags or attach them to his leash. You can also use them to identify your dog's belongings. After all, they're perfect for attaching keys, wallets, and cell phones.

One final advantage of dog tag necklaces over traditional dog tags is that they're reusable. Unlike traditional dog tags, which must be replaced every time your dog changes collars, dog tag necklaces can be reused indefinitely. This makes them ideal for traveling dogs. You can simply remove one dog tag necklace and replace it with another whenever you travel.

So, if you have a dog, a dog tag necklace could be a great way to keep track of your belongings while providing your dog with a unique fashion accessory.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Dog Tag Necklace

Dog Tags are one of those items that most people take for granted. They go everywhere they go - work, school, home, etc. And yet, many people do not realize how valuable they really are. A dog tag is a small metal disc that contains vital information about you. This includes your name, address, birth date, social security number, emergency contact numbers, and other pertinent information. These discs are usually attached to a chain so that they may easily be carried by the owner.

A dog tag is a great way to keep track of your personal information. You never have to worry about losing them because they are very easy to find if lost. When you purchase a quality dog tag necklace, you'll be able to wear it proudly every single day. You can even use it as a fashion accessory. There are many different styles available, including chains, pendants, and medallions. Whatever style you prefer, just make sure it's something that you like and that suits your personality.

If you want to add a touch of class to any outfit, then a quality dog tag necklace is perfect for you. Whether you're going to church, hanging out with friends, or attending a special event, wearing a quality dog tag necklace will definitely set you apart from everyone else. So, whether you're looking for a gift for a friend, family member, co-worker, or boss, a quality dog tag necklace is a wonderful addition to any wardrobe.

Features To Consider When Buying A Dog Tag Necklace

Quality materials. The quality of the material used to create your dog tag necklace plays a big role in how well it will hold up over time. Choose a durable metal such as stainless steel or titanium. These metals are strong and will stand up to everyday wear and tear.

Size matters. Don't forget about the length of your dog tag necklace. Make sure it fits comfortably around your neck. Too short or too long could cause discomfort.

Design. Your dog tag necklace needs to match your style. Do you prefer something simple? Then opt for a basic design. Are you more into bold colors? Go for a colorful design instead.

Durability. How long do you plan on wearing your dog tag necklace? Will it survive being worn daily? Consider purchasing a longer necklace if you think it will be worn often. This way, you'll always have a spare.

Safety. Before you head out shopping for your new dog tag necklace, make sure it meets safety standards. Check the UPC code on the bottom of the necklace to ensure it complies with CPSC regulations. You may also want to check the CE mark on the top of the necklace to confirm its compliance with EU regulations.

Style. What kind of personality does your dog tag necklace project? Is it casual or formal? Does it fit right under your shirt collar or hang down below your waistline? Think about these factors when selecting your next dog tag necklace.

Different Types Of Dog Tag Necklace

Dog Tags are small metal pieces that are attached to dog collars. They serve two main purposes. First, they identify your pet by name and address. Second, they let owners know what kind of collar their dogs wear. For example, a tag might say “Champion” or “Retriever”. A lot of people use them as fashion accessories. They can be worn alone or paired with other jewelry items.

Necklace Necklaces. Necklace necklaces are pretty simple. They consist of a piece of string or wire wrapped around a pendant. These are inexpensive and versatile. They can be worn alone or combined with other jewelry items. These are especially useful if you own multiple pets. You can easily change the look of your outfit without having to spend a ton of money.

Chain Necklaces. Chain necklaces are similar to necklace necklaces except that they are connected to each other instead of being strung up. Dog Tag Necklaces are often made from leather or plastic. They are less flexible than regular necklaces and therefore harder to style. Dog Tag Necklaces are also more durable and long lasting.

Tags Necklaces. Tags necklaces are made from chains. Dog Tag Necklaces are usually longer than standard necklaces and are meant to hang down below your shirt collar. Dog Tag Necklaces are usually made from leather or plastic. Dog Tag Necklaces are more durable than chain necklaces and last longer. These are also cheaper than traditional necklaces.


Paialco Stainless Steel Dog ID Tags Set Complete with Chains & Black Silencers

  • 304 Stainless steel dog ID tags set, including 2pcs tags, 2pcs chains, 2pcs silencers
  • Real stainless steel tag: size 28*50mm / rolled edge / not heavy / both sides polished smoothly
  • Two stainless steel bead chains necklace for wearing, short: 10cm(4.2"); Long: 68cm(27")
  • 38mm(1.5") round shape black color rubber silencers can be wrapped on the dog tags, jingle is gone
  • It's a combination of dog tags, bead chains & silencers, free to match for multi purpose, fitting both for human & animals like dog and cat

MOWOM Silver Tone 2PCS Alloy Pendant Necklace Army Double Dog Tag

  • ❤ METAL: Made of quality alloy, does not readily corroded, rust or stain with water, solid and durable and doesn't tarnish easily.
  • ❤ PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: 3 styles to choose, including 3 colors-white, black, silver-tone, and tag size is 1.18 x 1.97 inches.
  • ❤ ECONOMICAL MATCHING: Come with a 4 & 27 inches bead chain. You can wear 2 tags together or share one with your lover or friend.
  • ❤ BEST GIFT: Including a black velvet bag with MOWOM on it. Good ideal gifts to yourself or share with your family, friends or lover.
  • ❤ 90 DAYS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If for any reason our product doesn't meet your standards, just contact us for a free replacement or a full refund! The choice will be yours!

HZMAN Mens High Polishing Stainless Steel Dog Tag Pendant Necklace 22+2 Inch Link Chain (Silver)

  • STEEL MADE: Natural Metal Luster; Resist Breakage or Tarnish; Long-time Color Retention Ability; Heavy Duty Quality; Comfotable to Wear.
  • Pendant size:5.0 x 3.0 cm / 2.0 x 1.18 inch.
  • Chain: 22" + 2 inches chain extender. 3MM Wide cuban curb chain.
  • 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE-100% satisfaction guaranteed. That is our promise. So, if you're not completely happy with your purchase within the first 90 days, just let us know. We will do whatever it takes to make it right

Stainless Steel Military Dog Tag Chain Set - 27 inch and 4.5 inch Ball Chains - 2.4mm #3 Size Chain

  • Our chains are made in the USA and made from US made T304 Stainless Steel!
  • This comes with 2 chains - one 27 inch chain and one 4.5 inch chain
  • These are the same chains that are issued to the US military.
  • Our T304 stainless steel chains will not rust. These are MilSpec #3 size chains. The ball diameter is 2.4mm.
  • To connect the chains, put one ball in the connector and pull the chains away from the connector until the chain 'snaps' into place. These are real stainless steel and are a bit harder to get connected.

VNOX Dog Tags Personalized for Men Free Custom Engraving Stainless Steel Plain Dog Tag Pendant Necklace,Courage Inpsirational Birthday Graduation Christmas Gift to Son Dad Husaband Fmily Friend

  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel,Durability,Highly Resistant to Scratching,Rusting and Tarnishing,High Quality.Pendant Size:23mm*39.5mm(width*length),Free Chain 24".
  • We offer engraving service for free,engraved a personalized message on it,it is a very personal reflection of a very special promise to your loved one.
  • Popular engraving ideas:1.Special dates (wedding day, engagement day, etc.),2.Special dates using Roman Number. Example: 2/14/2012 is II XIV MMXII,3.You and Your Spouse's First names. Example: Michael & Emma,4.Personal messages,5.Phrase from your wedding vows. Engrave a few short words from your wedding vows that signify love, respect, trust, etc.
  • Please click"Customize Now"select engraving font and fill in your engrave information then "add to cart",we will get your engrave info from your order,if you want change the engrave info after finish the payment,please contact us with your correct engrave info immediately,we will do our best to help you.
  • If you have any further question, please post into "Customer Questions & Answers" at the bottom of this page or contact us in e-mail,we will reply you in 12 hours.

Cross Jewelry Mens Womens Necklaces Pendants Military Dog Tag Dogtag Inspirational Necklace Gifts for Men Stainless Steel Chain

  • Metal:100% Solid stainless steel with black plated, nickel free, hypoallergenic, high quality and environmentally friendly;
  • One side of the pendant is a cross, and the other side is Words: Be strong and courageous.Do not be terrified;do not be discouraged,for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.
  • This necklace includes 1 pendant + 1 chain;Height of pendant:1.93inches;Width of pendant:0.95inch;Length of chain:22 inches+2 inches extending chain,the chain is finished with a matching 316L stainless steel lobster clasp;
  • ♦ The necklace will arrive in a gift box, ready for gifting or to treat yourself!
  • 90-Day Money Back Guarantee or Exchange

Fanery sue Personalized Photo Necklace Custom Picture Military Dog Tag Customize Text Engrave Name Necklace(Full Color Picture-Black Dog tag)

  • Personalized Full Color Picture Necklace for Men- You'll receive a picture necklace personalized as the one you submit. You can customize the dog tag with image and text. We believe you will be satisfied with this personalized dog tag necklace when you wear it in daily life.
  • Engraved Necklace with Picture - This customized photo dog tag necklace is made of high quality stainless steel, and we add a resin-sealed material on its surface. It can prevent it from scratching. This will be the best gift for your loved one on birthday, anniversary, mother's day, etc.
  • Size and Dimension - Dog tag pendant customized: 2*1 inch, Silver Chain: 24 inch. Double side polishing finish makes the engraved text easy to read.
  • Package Include - Engraved dog tag necklace*1, 24inch Silver Chain*1, Fanery Sue Gift Box*1
  • How To Customize - Click "Customize Now" button --> Upload the photo and type the custom text --> Choose gift box --> Done.

Zillaly Stainless Steel Dog Tag Necklace for Men - Two-Tone Black & Silver Real Carbon Fibre Unisex Pendant

  • High Quality-Our necklaces are made of durable high-quality 316L surgical stainless steel. This eye-catching white chrome decoration makes the pendant more layered and stylish.
  • This is a solid pendant measuring 24.7mm width x 56mm length x 3mm thickness. Back of the dog tag engraved with Zillaly to make it a really cool gift to your loved one.
  • This pendant comes with a nice size 23.6 inches long surgical stainless steel necklace with lobster clasp. Included with your order is a luxury gift box to store or gift your Necklace.
  • The idea is simple: Beautiful and unique jewelry using vibrant colors at a great value. Our mission is to provide a timeless and beautiful piece of jewelry with vibrant pop colors and unique materials.
  • If you're not satisfied with any product you've purchased from us, we'll give you a full product refund if the item is returned within 30 days. We want to make sure that every customer is treaded like royalty.

MeMeDIY Personalized Heart Paw Print Ashes Urn Pendant Necklace Custom Name/Photo/Date for Women Men Stainless Steel Memorial Dog Cat Pet Keepsake with Keyring Funnel Fill Kit Angel Wing

  • 🐾 【PACKAGE】 - ① Black Color Heart-Shaped Urn Pendant ② One Angel Wing Pendant. ③ One"With Love" Round Pendant. ④ One Keyring ⑤ One Set Of Funnel Kit, it helps you fill the ashes in cremation urn. ⑥ One 2-Inche Extension Chain, It helps you adjust the length of your necklace between 18 and 20 inches.
  • 🐾 【COLOR PICTURE ENGRAVING】 - For this item, we offer custom color image engraving, engrave a photo of your beloved pet on the pendant and remember the good times you and your pet had in the past! Clicking the 'Customize Now' button, upload a memorial picture. Please provide clear and high-definition pictures,the clearer picture the better effect.The pixels must be more than 1000*1000,otherwise, it will affect the customized pendant effect.
  • 🐾 【MEMORIAL PENDANT】 - You can open the urn pendant through unscrewing the lid on the top of the pandentand, hold little ash, hair, nail, dried flowers, special messages or perfume. It is perfect to memorialize the passing of a beloved pet forever, hold the memories and take along everyday. The unique custom pendant reminds us that they did not leave us, they just went to another invisible space to guard us.
  • 🐾 【ALLERGY-SAFE HYPOALLERGENIC JEWELRY 】 - This pendant is made of 316L stainless steel, 100% nickel-free and allergy safety which is friendly for sensitive skin and allergy-prone skin. The necklace surface is polished, shiny and not easy to fade, the smooth edge will not scratch your skin.
  • 🐾 【PET LOSS COMFORT GIFT】 - Pets are our family and friends and it's always painful to lose our beloved furry friend. This pendant is a great gift to comfort family and friends who have lost a pet, give them love and help them get over the pain of losing a pet!
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