BlueRica Elephant Pendant on Adjustable Black Rope Cord Necklace (Old Silver)

  • Length: 18 Inches to 34 Inches (Adjustable)
  • Material: Black Rope Slip Knot Cord Necklace
  • Pendant: 1.26 Inches x .42 Inches Elephant (Antique Silver Color)
  • Buy with Confidence 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Display Not Included

How To Choose The Best Elephant Necklace

If you love elephants but have never owned one before, then now might be the time to start thinking about getting yourself an elephant pendant. These beautiful necklaces come in a variety of styles and sizes, and they make great gifts for anyone who loves animals. They also make wonderful keepsakes for children as well as adults.

What Is A Elephant Necklace?

An elephant necklace is an ornamental pendant made up of two pieces of jewelry joined together. The first part of the necklace is called the base, while the second part is called the headpiece. An elephant necklace is sometimes referred to as a "necklace" because it looks like a chain of beads connected at the top. However, unlike a traditional necklace, an elephant necklace has no clasp or fastener. Instead, the two parts of the necklace are held together by a looped cord.

Where Did Elephants Come From?

Elephants were originally native to Africa. They migrated into India around 2 million years ago. Today, there are about 1, 000 wild African elephants left in the world. There are also about 100 Asian elephants living in captivity.

Why Would Someone Want An Elephant Necklace?

There are many reasons why people choose to wear an elephant necklace. For example, some people may wear an elephant necklace for luck. Others might wear an elephant necklace to honor a loved one who passed away. Still others may wear an elephant necklace to show off their love of animals.

Who Needs A Elephant Necklace?

He's one of the most recognizable symbols of Africa. But did you know he was originally based in India?

In Hindu mythology, the elephant is associated with wisdom and strength. These qualities were thought to be useful when dealing with difficult situations. Because of this, elephants became a symbol of courage and power.

Today, the elephant remains a powerful symbol. People use him as a reminder of these characteristics. Some wear necklaces made of ivory. Others prefer metal versions. Still others opt for pendants made of wood or stone.

Whatever type of elephant necklace you decide to purchase, it's likely to become a treasured possession. After all, elephants are known for being loyal friends. So, if you're thinking about buying an elephant necklace, here are a few things to think about before you do.

Do you really need an elephant necklace? Is it appropriate for your lifestyle? Does it match your style? Are you sure you want to spend money on such a large piece of jewelry?

These questions are important. If you answer "yes" to any of them, then you probably shouldn't buy an elephant necklace. On the other hand, if you answered "no" to every question, then you're ready to shop for the perfect elephant necklace.

1. To celebrate a special occasion. Whether it's a wedding anniversary, graduation, or another significant event, you might want to commemorate the occasion with a special piece of jewelry. An elephant necklace would be a wonderful way to mark the occasion.

2. As a fashion statement. Many women love wearing jewelry that reflects their personal style. If you're interested in wearing a unique piece of jewelry, then you might want to look for an elephant necklace. It could add a touch of elegance to your outfit.

3. To honor someone else. Perhaps you want to honor someone who deserves recognition. Maybe it's a friend, family member, or colleague. Whatever the reason, you might want to buy an elephant necklace as a token of appreciation.

4. To express gratitude. Sometimes we forget to say thank you. When you receive a present, whether it's a simple card or a thoughtful gift, it's nice to acknowledge the person who gave it to you. An elephant necklace makes a great gift for anyone.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Elephant Necklace

When it comes to buying gifts for others, sometimes it's easy to go overboard. After all, we want to show them how special they are to us. We want to let them know just how much we care about them. Sometimes, however, we forget to think about ourselves first. So, here are some things to keep in mind when you're looking for something nice to buy for yourself:

Look for quality. Quality items tend to last longer. They'll hold up better and won't break down as quickly as cheap items do. You may have to pay a bit more initially, but you'll save money in the end by investing in quality products.

Shop around. There are many different places where you can find great deals on gift ideas. These websites offer unique opportunities to purchase quality items at bargain prices. You might even be able to find some amazing deals on designer handbags, watches, and other accessories.

Think outside the box. When you're searching for a gift idea, try going beyond traditional categories such as jewelry, electronics, and home goods. Consider giving a personalized gift instead. Personalized gifts are often very meaningful, and they're usually less expensive than most other types of gifts.

Consider the occasion. What type of person would really appreciate a particular gift? For example, if you're planning on getting married, then you should probably stick to wedding presents. On the other hand, if you're having a baby shower, then you'd probably enjoy receiving a baby blanket or crib sheets. Think about who you're trying to impress and what their interests are. Then, select a present that matches those interests.

Don't forget about the budget. While quality is important, so is cost. Try to stay within your price range. This way, you'll be able to afford to buy whatever you decide to purchase.

Features To Consider When Buying A Elephant Necklace

Necklaces are great accessories for women who love fashion. They add sparkle and shine to outfits, and they can even double as jewelry! But did you know that necklaces can also serve another purpose? They can actually help improve your moods and boost your self esteem! Read on to learn more about how necklaces can help you feel happier and healthier.

Enhance your style. Necklaces are perfect for enhancing your wardrobe. They can match almost anything, including jeans, skirts, dresses, and tops. And if you wear them often enough, they can become part of your everyday outfit.

Keep track of time. Necklaces are a great way to keep track of time. Whether you're wearing a watch or just using your phone, you can easily check the time while you're wearing a necklace. This makes it easier to remember important events throughout the day.

Boost your confidence. Necklaces can give you a sense of accomplishment. Even if you've never owned a piece of jewelry before, you can still create beautiful designs. Just think about the first necklace you ever made. Did you do it yourself? If so, then you already know how fun it is to customize something special. Now imagine creating a design that reflects your personality and interests. The possibilities are endless!

Make a statement. Necklaces are a great way to show off your unique style. From simple chains to elaborate earrings, there are many ways to express yourself through jewelry. Choose a design that fits your lifestyle and personality. Then, let your creativity run wild!

Get creative. There are tons of different types of necklaces available. Some are meant to complement your favorite clothing styles, while others are meant to stand alone. Browse our selection of necklaces today. We carry everything from delicate pearl necklaces to bold statement pieces.

Shop online. Shop online for the best deals on necklaces. Many stores sell their items at discounted rates during holiday seasons.

Different Types Of Elephant Necklace

The elephant is a symbol of good luck in Asian culture. People wear elephants necklaces to bring good fortune. A variety of styles exist including traditional ones, modern designs, and even those inspired by nature. Here are some of our favorites.

Traditional Style. Traditional style necklaces feature a simple design consisting of two pieces of metal connected by a chain. Elephant Necklaces are often worn by men and women alike. These are inexpensive and look great with casual outfits.

Modern Designs. Modern designs are characterized by intricate patterns and bright colors. They are often worn by celebrities and trendsetters. Elephant Necklaces are also quite trendy and fashionable.

Nature Inspired. Nature inspired necklaces are inspired by natural elements. Elephant Necklaces are sometimes called "eco" necklaces. They are often made from recycled materials and are environmentally friendly.

Sterling Silver. Sterling silver is a precious metal that looks beautiful and lasts forever. It is commonly used for jewelry. It is also known as 24 karat gold.


BONSNY Signature Africa Wildlife Collection "SUNRISE" Jungle Safari Wild Elephant Large Statement Enamel Pendant Necklace (Blue)

  • BONSNY jewellery is an amazing collection of over 2000 pieces of wearable art made and designed with love by husband and wife Hunter WU and Linda Long. Start wearing and collecting these truly amazing and detailed show stopping Statement pieces of jewellery brought to the US for the first time.
  • Meet "SUNRISE ". Designed by chief designer Linda Long with love and affection, stunning in design, this beautifully crafted statement piece is lightweight to wear. He displays our unique signature patterned enamel. This piece is perfect for elephant and wildlife lovers everywhere.
  • Measuring 51 mm x 42 mm and weighing 19.7 g this adorable cutie is extremely comfortable and light weight to wear. He comes attached to an 18 in link chain with a 3 inch extender and a logo tag.
  • Every piece of BONSNY jewellery makes an ideal present. A great treat for yourself or a beautiful gift for someone special.
  • Comes with a 60 day manufactures warranty.

Elephant Gift for Women S925 Sterling Silver Lucky Elephant Love Heart Necklace, 18 inches Rolo Chain

  • Lucky Jewelry Elephant Pendant Necklace--Unique and Special Designed in Heart Shaped. A Best Gift to Bring Lucky and Happiness to Your Loved One. Suitable for any Occassion Like Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine's day, Mothers Day, etc..
  • Pendant Size: 0.79*0.84 inches, with 18" Rolo Chain, 1.2 mm Chain Width.
  • Nickel-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free, Long Time Wearing Keeps You a Good Health.
  • Arrive in a Gift Box, You Can Directly Send it to Your Special Her.
  • Made by 925 Sterling Silver, High Polish finishing

AEONSLOVE Elephant Necklace Sterling Silver Elephant Jewelry Pendant Elephant Gifts for Women Mom Daughter

  • 🐘🐘【Mom and Baby Elephant】Elephant necklaces are always popular because it symbolizes good luck, strength, stability and wisdom. Just like mother's love, the most powerful force on earth. Mom's accompanying is the best gift for us, so this mom and baby.
  • 🐘🐘【A Suitable Size】The elephant pendant size is about 0.83*1.1 inch with the cable chain coming in 46cm (18 inch). The pendant necklace is so beautiful, it really fits anyone. This mother daughter necklace will come with a fine jewelry box.
  • 🐘🐘【925 Sterling Silve】Fine 925 Sterling Silver elephant necklace, the surface is high quality rhodium plated, makes the silver elephant necklace more bright and will not easily blacken or change color, it would look new even after wearing for a long time. This elephant pendant necklace is nickel-free, lead-free, no harm to health and comfortable to wear.
  • 🐘🐘【Wonderful Gifts for Women/Girls】This mother daughter elephant jewelry can make a wonderful gift for lover, Mother, Mom, Mama, Wife, Aunt, Grandma, Daughter, Granddaughter, Girlfriend, Sister on Mother's Day, Engagement, Wedding and Anniversaries, Valentine, Birthday, Christmas and Personal Daily Wearing.
  • 🐘🐘【After-sale Customer Service】AEONSLOVE aim is to be original, inspiring and meaningful. We only use high quality material, we stand behind our products. If you have any problem with this unicorn necklace for girls, just contact us at any time, we will assist you to find a solution promptly.

Ross-Simons 0.33 ct. t.w. Pave Diamond Baby Elephant Pendant Necklace in Sterling Silver. 18 inches

  • DIAMONDS AND STERLING SILVER — .33 ct. t.w. pave diamond baby elephant pendant necklace in sterling silver. Polished finish. Single bale pendant measures 7/8 in. long by 7/8 in. wide. Box chain measures 18 in. long by .5mm wide. Springring clasp.
  • IDEAL FOR EVERYDAY WEAR — With its essential design, this adorable baby elephant necklace wears well whether you’re running errands, in the office or out with the girls.
  • ROSS-SIMONS QUALITY — Treat yourself to the luxury of Ross-Simons fine jewelry. Whether your selection is made of 14kt gold, 18kt gold or gorgeous sterling silver, our jewelry always makes a lasting statement.
  • THE PERFECT GIFT FOR HER — This is the ideal gift for your sister, daughter, mom, wife, niece, aunt, best friend, girlfriend — or yourself! Whether she prefers modern or traditional jewelry, Ross-Simons has a wide selection of bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings to choose from.
  • GIFT BOX INCLUDED — Ross-Simons jewelry arrives beautifully packaged in a gift box, ready to delight for any occasion, including birthdays, Christmas, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, weddings, graduations and much more! Due to the naturally occurring characteristics of diamonds, each is unique and may exhibit imperfections such as inclusions, blemishes and cloudiness, as well as color variations.

Hundred River Friendship Clover Necklace Unicorn Good Luck Elephant Necklace with Message Card Gift Card2&3pack (Elephant 2pack)

  • 【Necklace Meaning】An elephant is kind, loyal and never forgets.. just like a good friend! wear your necklace as a reminder of all the magical moments we' ve experienced together.
  • 【Inspirational Message Card】 Start with a good quality greeting card to show that you value your girffriend, colleagues and more. we hope everyone get the best wishes and the sincere words from time to time pull at your heart.
  • 【Selective】Two elephant necklaces are gold, silver. It's suitable for you to share with your friends, family or colleagues, and it can also be used to match your different clothes.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT IDEA】Packaged with a love heart envelope and each necklace is packed independently. as a sweet little accessory gift to get for your loved one or to a friend and more. Usually given for anniversary, for her birthday, Valentines,Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and more.VBERASLY
  • 【Service】Delivery by FBA, normal transportation time is 2-3 days. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer within 24 hours. LISM

Baydurcan Good Luck Elephant Necklace Good Luck Elephant Pendant Chain Necklace with Message Card Gift Card (gold elephant)

  • 【Necklace Meaning】An elephant is kind, loyal and never forgets.. just like a good friend! wear your necklace as a reminder of all the magical moments we' ve experienced together.
  • 【Inspirational Message Card】 Start with a good quality greeting card to show that you value your girffriend, colleagues and more. we hope everyone get the best wishes and the sincere words from time to time pull at your heart.
  • 【Size】chain length 16.5in +1.9in and fashion necklace for women jewelry.match with suitable apparel for different dccasion.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT IDEA】Packaged with a love heart envelope, a golden elephant necklace is packed independently. as a sweet little accessory gift to get for your loved one or to a friend and more. Usually given for anniversary, for her birthday, Valentines,Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and more.
  • 【Service】If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer within 24 hours.

Baydurcan Friendship Anchor Compass Necklace Good Luck Elephant Pendant Chain Necklace with Message Card Gift Card (Silver Elephant)

  • 【Necklace Meaning】An elephant is kind, loyal and never forgets.. just like a good friend! wear your necklace as a reminder of all the magical moments we' ve experienced together.
  • 【Inspirational Message Card】 Start with a good quality greeting card to show that you value your girffriend, colleagues and more. we hope everyone get the best wishes and the sincere words from time to time pull at your heart.
  • 【Size】chain length 16.5in +2in and fashion necklace for women jewelry.match with suitable apparel for different dccasion.
  • 【PERFECT GIFT IDEA】Packaged with a love heart envelope and each necklace is packed independently. as a sweet little accessory gift to get for your loved one or to a friend and more. Usually given for anniversary, for her birthday, Valentines,Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and more.
  • 【Service】Delivery by FBA, normal transportation time is 2-3 days. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will answer within 24 hours.

BEILIN Mother Daughter Jewelry - 925 Sterling Silver Lucky Elephant Love Heart Pendant Necklace Bracelet for women girls (Necklace)

  • Lucky elephant necklace brings you a good Luck and Happiness, Perfect gifts for mother daughter necklace that suitable for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Halloween, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Christmas, Graduation
  • Love heart elephant necklace engraved " Always in my heart " for women girls, wearing cute and beautiful elephant necklace with material 925 sterling silver keeps you a good health
  • PACKAGING: Lucky elephant jewelry comes in a fine gift box with silver polishing cloth and thank you card, Gift Box Perfect for giving or safe keeping
  • Lucky Jewelry elephant pendant size: 0.79 '' * 0.79 '', cute cable chain length: 18" + 2"extender, it could adjustable 18-20 inches necklace for mother daughter by yourself
  • BEILIN Jewelry provide high quality jewelry and the best customer service, if you have any question,please contact us free, we will try our best to help you

Eluckday Mom Elephant Necklace Personalized Charm Animal Pendant Gift for Women

  • 【Unique Meaning】The love between grandma and child is like elephant and baby elephant, accompany and care for each other"no matter what, I will always love you"
  • 【Best Gift】The package contains a card to express your love, so the elephant necklace is very suitable for Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas as a gift to your family.
  • 【Exquisite Pattern】The unique design style makes you look more fashionable and can match perfectly no matter what style of clothes you wear, and makes you look more noble and beautiful.
  • 【Size】Pendant Chain -- 17.7 inch + 2 inch, Pendant -- 0.98 inch x 0.8 inch.
  • 【Better Service】If you have any questions when you receive the product, you can contact us at any time, we will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours.

Orgone Necklace, Elephant of Abundance and Prosperity Crystals and Healing Stones Orgonite Pendant Protection - SBB Coil - 7 Chakra - Reiki, Yoga, Amethyst, Woman- Handmade, Arte Orgones

  • Always Protected. Protection against negativity and that of your environment with your orgonite pendant.
  • Adjustable cord necklace allows you to place your orgone pendant over the heart chakra, plexus chakra or throat chakra for protection as you like Size 1.57 in
  • Handmade by artisan women from a mixture of stones, metals and resins.
  • Raise your vibration, healing crystals, which promote spiritual well-being
  • With Chakra Stones that give a unique meaning to each orgonite design. includes, Coral, Agate, Citrine, Malachite, Turquoise, lapislazuli, Amethyst, Quartz.

YFN Mom Baby Elephant Necklace Sterling Silver Good Luck Elephant Necklace for Mon Women (mom baby necklace)

  • ♥ Design♥ :Our mom baby elephant necklace jewelry for women symbolizes lucky, brave, relationship mom love.Even when you are far away from family or facing life's challenges you have the courage and power inside to navigate your own way with lucky and mom love. No matter where you are, the mom baby elephant jewelry to express your love to your mom even though you far away from home, the love between mom an you is forever.
  • ♥ Material♥ :925 Sterling Silver,hypoallergenic,nickel-free,lead-free,cadmium-free and does not contain any allergic material,it is comfortable to wear.
  • ♥ Size♥ Elephant Pendant Size :11 mm*20.5 mm , 1.2mm Rolo Chain 18", Weight:3 g
  • ♥ Packing♥ :Comes with the charm gift box,perfect for any gift giving occasion, great Christmas gifts,Thanksgiving gifts,graduation gift,birthday gift,congratulation gift,vocation gifts,mother day gift,wedding gifr,anniversary gift or business gift for girls,teens,women,mother,wife,girlfriend,business partner

Good Luck Elephant Pendant Friendship Chain Necklace with Meaning Card for Women Silver Gift

  • INSPIRATIONAL MESSAGE CARD - Start with a good quality greeting card to show that you value your girffriend,colleagues and more. we hope everyone get the best wishes and the sincere words from time to time pull at your heart
  • ADORABLE AND DAINTY PENDANT SILVER NECKLACE - Simple but personalized necklace.16 inches + 2 inches extensions,16" necklace to be worn alone or layered; gold plated zinc alloy. All necklaces adopt nanotechnology to keep color and color keeping period is half a year. Please don't wear on excessive sweating or put into water.The lobster clasp fastening.
  • SHOW YOUR ELEGANT TEMPERAMENT - Stylish design coordinate with suit, sportswear, workwear, fitness, daily clothing in most occasion. Try to match your different clothes and show your elegant temperament,one must always be different. We’re confident that you will love them,as it will make you stand out
  • A PERFECT GIFT IDEA - A sweet little accessory to get for your loved one or to gift to a friend. – Usually given for anniversary, for her birthday, Valentines,Christmas, Thanksgiving Day and more
  • A PRACTICAL TEMPORARY NECKLACE - These necklace would be great for when you are on holiday, you dont have to worry about your nice necklace being stolen or being robbed and you still get to wear a necklace

FANCIME Rose Gold Plated 925 Sterling Silver High Polished Cute Mini Small Lucky Elephant Dainty Pendant Necklace For Women Girls Teens Friend Friendship Little Charm Gift, 16" + 2" Extender

  • [MATERIALS]: Made with yellow gold plated 925 sterling silver. Made to last a lifetime, strong and durable! All the metals we use are lead free, nickel free and hypoallergenic.
  • [STYLE]: This elephant pendant symbolizes strength, honor, and stability. Minimalist design makes this necklace match all everyday essentials.
  • [MEASUREMENTS]: Pendant Size: 17*10mm. Chain length: 40+2.5+2.5cm. Total weight: 3.05g.
  • [PERFECT GIFT]: Jewelry is always perfect for any occasion: birthday gift, valentine's day gift, engagement, promise, holiday Christmas, new year bling, costume, wedding, anniversary, gifts for women, gifts for mom, gifts for mother in law, gifts for wife, gifts for daughter, gifts for aunt, dainty fine delicate gifts for best friend, grandmother, sister, girls, teens or just about any other occasion.
  • [EASY REFUNDS]: If for any reason you are not completely happy, simply return the product for a FULL refund or exchange.

Fettero Elephant Necklace for Women Gold Open Pendant Dainty Chain 14K Gold Plated Minimalist Simple Cute Animal Jewelry Gift

  • 【WONDERFUL PACKAGE】You'll get 1 piece gold elephant necklace in a wonderful small box.Easy storage and ready to be given as a gift.
  • 【LENGTH & SIZE】16" - 18" adjustable,10mm *17mm cute open elephant pendant.
  • 【QUALITY MATERIAL】Comes in 14k-gold-plated-brass with a shiny lifetime protective finish.Tarnish-resistant then can't be faded in a long time.Nickel free,lead free and hypoallergenic,safe to wear on your neck.Dainty but strong chain,very delicate beauty.
  • 【BEST GIFT FOR HER】 This fashion everyday cute jewelry - gold elephant necklace,make a perfect gift for women.Especially for the animal lovers.
  • 【UNIQUE BRAND】Fettero Jewelry : Express your style,be a GENTLEWOMEN.Any questions about our products pls message us first,we will usually deal with in 12 hours.

Elephant Necklace Gifts for Women Mothers Day Gifts Heart Lucky Animal Never Forget That I Love You Necklace for Women Grandmother (style1)

  • ♥ELEPHANT NECKLACE FOR GIRL:cute elephant necklace with heart,a warm elephant means we never seperate,Whether we are lovers or friends,we never forget that i love you .
  • ♥CUTE ANIMAL NECKLACE FOR KIDS :Elephants are wondrous creatures that symbolize happiness,strength,wisdom and reliability.It's the god of luck,fortune,protection and a blessing upon all new projects.When see your lovely elephant,get wisdom and power to go through darkness,see the bright side of the life.And wearing the elephant pandent necklace brings the good luck.Giving happy elephant jewelry show your best wish and love to the one you care.
  • ♥ELEPHANT NECKLACE FOR WOMEN:elephant necklace is the perfect gift for lover yourself mom best friends and anyone you love etc. also fit with some occasions like Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Hannukah, Birthdays, June Birthstone, Engagemen Brides, Bridesmaids or Graduation for any women,daughters, granddaughters, girlfriend, wife, fiance or that special lady.
  • ♥ELEPHANT NECKLACE PACKAGE:Good package will make you have a good day when you get an item or gift Dcfywl731 will deliver the item with a beautiful and fantastic package for you.
  • ♥SERVICE:if you have any problem,please tell us,we will solve your problem as soon as possible

BNQL Mama Elephant Necklace Mother Daughter Jewelry for Mom(silver 3 cubs)

  • Nothing is sweeter than being with mom !mama and elephant cub link pendant necklace
  • Mama and elephant cubs necklace would make a perfect gift for yourself or your loved mother.
  • The mama elephant necklace is made from brass with cubic zircon, it is lead free and nickel free.
  • Material: High quality stainless steel, It's lead free and nickel free,hypoallergenic, it doesn’t rust, change color or tarnish.
  • Size:Mama Elephant Necklace pendant 17mm*17mm, chain length 18 inch with 2 inch extension.

Ross-Simons Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace. 18 inches

  • Sterling silver, necklace for women.
  • Chain size - 1.8 mm.
  • Springring clasp for safety and security.
  • Polished sterling silver.
  • Includes jewelry presentation box and 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

IEFSHINY Elephant Gifts Elephant Necklaces for Women, A Good Luck Elephant Love Heart Pendant Necklace Lucky Elephant Jewelry for Women Girls Friends

  • ELEPHANT NECKLACE: Elephant gifts for girls with elephant, heart initial charm suit for your name, elephant necklace is lucky gifts for women teen girls.
  • SIZE: Elephant necklace lengthis 18“+2”, you can use lobster clasp easy to adjust silver elephant bracelets length by yourself.
  • Materials: Elephant gifts for girls made of premium copper, 14K gold plated without nickle and lead, will never fade, rust, stain, corrode, or turn skin green, healthy for skin and nature.
  • PERFECT GIFTS: This special 14k gold plated love heart elephant necklace can be sent to your friend relatives in festival, valentine's day, wedding, engagement, Christmas class, dating, home, office and daily life.
  • AFTER SERVIRE: Free exchange or full money-back within 90 days if you are not satisfied with elephant necklace for girls you purchased.

ACJNA 925 Sterling Silver Mothers Day Gifts Elephant Necklace 3 Elephants Family for Mom Daughter Girls Jewelry

  • ❤️❤️Design:This lovely necklace depicts two baby elephants following close behind its elephant mama,unique and special heart shape decorated with Cubic Zirconia surrounded them,full of love and happiness.
  • ❤️❤️Meaningful:Elephant symbolizes good luck, strength,brave and wisdom,just like mother's love, the most powerful force on the earth.No matter where you are and when you are, the mom baby elephant jewelry can express your love to your mom , the love between mother an daughter is forever.
  • ❤️❤️Best Gift:Mother daughter elephant jewelry,can make a wonderful gift for mother, daughter, mom, mama, nana, wife, aunt, grandma,great gift for Christmas, Xmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving Day,Anniversary,etc.
  • ❤️❤️Material: 925 sterling silver, nickel-free, lead-free, long time wearing keep you good health.
  • ❤️❤️Elephant pendant size:22*22mm, sterling silver chain length: 18+2inch(adjustable)

Barzel 18K Gold Plated Elephant Necklace with Flat Marina Chain Made in Brazil

  • Barzel's Gold Mens Elephant Necklace, Elephant necklace for girls, Elephant necklace for boys, Is the Perfect Christmas Gift, Birthday gift, Wedding or Anniversary Gift that everyone will Love! Great Gift Idea for any occasion.
  • Flat Marina Link 060 Gauge Chain Necklace With Elephant Charm Pendant
  • Available in 18 Inches, 20 Inches & 24 Inches & Weighs Approximately 3.5 Grams
  • Removable pendant makes it easy to change to any charm you like or if you like you can add to it
  • We Offer a LIfetime No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee to ensure your 100% satisfaction. Made in Brazil.

YFN Sterling Silver Elephant Animal Moon Star Pendant Necklace Jewelry Gift for Women (Elephant Necklace)

  • ❤️The elephant symbolizes good luck, happiness, strength, reliability and wisdom. Wearing the elephant pendent necklace brings you the good luck. Giving happy elephant jewelry show your best wish and love to the one you care.
  • ❤️Material: Moon Necklace is made of the sparkling Cubic Zirconia, Nickel-free, Lead-free, Cadmium-free and Hypoallergenic 925 Sterling Silver Panda Pendant Necklace Jewellery,Occasion: Fit for any situation and seasons.Daily wear or date,party.It is eye catching,wearing sterling silver prevent allergy,long time wearing keeps you a good health.
  • ❤️Perfect Gift Idea. Great Graduation Gift, Birthday Gift, Congratulation Gift, Vocation Gift, Anniversary Gift, Wedding Gift, Business Gift, Thanksgiving Gift, Halloween Gift, Valentine's Day Gift, Mother's Day Gift, Easter Day Gift ,Christmas Gift For Teens, Girls, Women, Grandma, Mother, Daughter, Niece, Granddaughter, Wife, Girlfriend, Lover. Suitable For Any Occasion, Easy To Match Any Clothes
  • ❤️ Pendant Comes with 1.2 MM Rolo Chain with Lobster 18 inch/45 cm
  • ❤️ 100% satisfaction + Free return: Within 365 days + Quality Assurance (If the item has any quality issue within 60 days of purchase,IF you have any question about this personalized best friend necklace, or if you’re not completely satisfied, please feel free to contact us

Elephant Gifts for Women 925 Silver Elephant Necklaces with Message Card,Box Chain Elephant Necklace for Kids

  • Elephant Gift - This good luck elephant charm necklace highly recommend for who love elephants,Coming with a gift card, You can give away directly as a gift at any time.
  • Best Comfort - 1mm box chain can extend up to 20 inches,The smooth silver chain will fit your skin very well,You can also combine it with other necklaces.
  • Made with Love - Nickel free, Nontoxic and corrosion resistant. Your neck will not turn green, and there is no need to worry about any irritation or rash.
  • Ocassion - Dainty elephant necklaces can be sent to your friend relatives in festival,it's an ideal gift for women and teen girls. it also perfect for all dress up and any occassions,e.g. Valentine's Day, Wedding, Mothers day,Party, Engagement, Class, Dating, Beach, Home, Office and Daily Life.
  • Delivery by FBA, normal transportation time is 2-3 days. If you are not satisfied, Please replace or refund,You don‘t need to return the goods.Try this cute necklace.

CELESTIA Mother and Child Elephant Pendant Necklace Sterling Silver Heart Jewelry for Women Elephant Gifts 18 Inch Necklace Chain

  • 🐘 【Design Inspration】 The design of mom and baby elephant means protection and companionship and we want to pass on these good messages, good luck, strength and wisdom, to you. In some parts of the world, elephants have long been an emblem of royalty and power. Elephants are also associated with healing, stability, regeneration, and endurance.
  • 🐘 【NECKLACE SIZE & FIT】 This Elephant pendant is approx 0.87*1.1 Inch with an 18 Inch sterling silver chain length located below the clavicle to highlight the sexy beauty of the female clavicle, and the design of the pendant jewelry shows the slender neck.
  • 🐘 【 925 STERLING SILVER】 The silver necklace for women is very sophisticated, sturdy, nickel free, lead free and crafted to stand the test of time. With the rhodium plating process, it is equivalent to a layer of protective film to prevent oxidation, which can make the necklace brighter and enjoy a long lifetime.
  • 🐘 【Delicate Jewelry Box】 Best gift for lover, girlfriend, wife, best friend, mother, daughter, grandma and family or any significant one on Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving Day. Sharing happiness is so simple!
  • 🐘 【Customer Experience First】 We will be responsible for any jewelry we sell. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our product. We hope our original design can be with you for a long time to witness your every happy moment.

Elephant Necklace Elephant Mom Baby Necklace Elephants Jewelry Twin Mom Necklace Mother's Day Gift Elephant Lovers Gifts (Elephant Neck 3)

  • This lovely necklace depicts baby elephants following close behind its mama. Take the good chance to get such a brilliant accessory for your mom,Makes a beautiful gift for expecting for mom and for expecting mothers.To celebrate every wonderful moment with your mother with this beautiful mother child elephant necklace.
  • Elephant is a very smart and friendly animal that well loved by many, they symbolizes strength, wisdom, longevity and good future.This elephant necklace is perfect gift for family members to bring the wearer lucky and happiness.
  • Size: The chain length 46+5cm(18.11+1.97inch).Our necklace at the optimal size to fit over your Neck,necklace with a extra chain to fit most people.
  • Material: Stainless steel fashion jewelry is your best choice.It is lead free and nickel free, hypo allergenic, it doesn’t rust, change colour or tarnish.
  • Package: Each necklace will come beautifully packaged in a velvet bag jewelry pouches, and ready for gift giving.
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