Neitsi Fusion Bond Crusher Tool for Keratin Hair Extensions (Thread Shape)

  • Weight: 120g/pc. Aids in removal of fusion glue-in hair installations.
  • Crushes bonds from pre-bonded hair extensions.
  • Specially made to bust keratin open.
  • Plastic coated handles and smooth, easy grip.
  • There is a layer of anti-rust oil on the surface to avoid rust, it will be a little smell, please kindly know it.

How To Choose The Best Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions have become increasingly popular over recent years. They offer a great alternative to clip-on hair extensions because they are more natural than traditional ones. However, not everyone knows what to look for when choosing a brand. This article aims to help you make the right choice by explaining exactly what to look for when shopping for fusion hair extensions.

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are made up of two different types of human hair; virgin hair and Remy hair. Virgin hair is typically found in cheaper products while Remy hair is more expensive but has better quality than its counterpart. The reason why these two types of hair are combined together is because they complement each other. For example, if you want to create volume, you would need to combine both types of hair. If you only had virgin hair, you wouldn't get much volume since it doesn't hold any weight. On the other hand, if you only had Remy hair, it would look too stiff and unnatural. By combining the two types of hair, you will end up getting the best of both worlds. This means that you will get volume without looking like you have fake hair glued onto your head!

Where Can I Buy Fusion Hair Extensions?

You can find Fusion hair extensions at most beauty supply stores, including Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Sally Beauty Supply, etc. They are also sold online through various websites. You can search for "fusion hair" or "Remy hair" to see what type of product you're interested in.

Who Needs Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among women everywhere. They're a great alternative to clip-in hair extensions. But how do they compare to traditional clip-on hair extensions? Let's take a look at the differences.

Clip-in hair extensions require glue to attach to your natural hair. Once attached, they usually last anywhere from 3 months to 6 months. After that, you'll need to reattach them every time you wash your hair. Not only does this mean extra effort, but it can also cause damage to your natural hair. On top of that, you'll likely end up spending money on multiple sets of clips.

In contrast, fusion hair extensions are made using real human hair. They're sewn directly into your existing hair. As a result, they're permanent. No glue required. No clips needed. No worries about damaging your hair. And best of all, they're completely undetectable.

That said, fusion hair extensions aren't perfect either. While they're permanently attached, they still fall out over time. Also, they can sometimes snag on clothing and other objects. Still, these problems are far outweighed by the benefits. So, if you're tired of wearing clip-in hair extensions, then maybe fusion hair extensions are right for you.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Fusion Hair Extensions

If you've ever tried to style your hair with synthetic hair extensions, then you already know how difficult it can be to achieve great results. Synthetic hair extensions tend to fall out easily, they don't hold up well to heat styling tools, and they often come with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, there is another option available to those who want to add volume and length to their natural hair - human hair extensions. Human hair extensions have many advantages over synthetic hair extensions, including durability, versatility, affordability, and ease of care. Here are just a few reasons why you should invest in quality human hair extensions:

Durability. When it comes to hair extensions, nothing beats real hair. Real hair is stronger than synthetics because it contains keratin proteins that strengthen the strands. This means that your hair extensions won't break off like synthetic hair extensions do. You'll also find that your hair extensions will last much longer than synthetic hair extensions. They won't start falling out after one use, and they won't fade or lose color like synthetic hair extensions can.

Versatility. Synthetic hair extensions are limited by their design. For example, if you want to curl your hair, you may end up having to buy multiple products to achieve different styles. On the other hand, human hair extensions can be styled in so many ways. You can wear them straight, curly, wavy, or even braid them. No matter how you decide to style your hair, you'll be able to create beautiful looks with human hair extensions.

Affordability. While synthetic hair extensions can cost hundreds of dollars, human hair extensions are usually less expensive. This makes human hair extensions perfect for people who are looking to save money.

Ease of Care. The best thing about human hair extensions is that they can be washed and blow dried just like your own hair. Unlike synthetic hair extensions, you don't have to worry about damaging your hair when washing and drying your hair.

Features To Consider When Buying Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are made from real human hair, so they're hypoallergenic. They're also less expensive than other types of synthetic hair extensions. But if you're looking for something more natural, then fusion hair extensions may not be right for you.

Length. The length of your hair determines how many strands of hair you'll receive. Most fusion hair extensions come in lengths ranging from 16 inches to 24 inches. However, you can also opt for longer lengths, such as 32 inches or 36 inches.

Colors. Fusion hair extensions come in a variety of colors, including blonde, black, brown, red, and gray. Some companies even offer custom color options.

Texture. Fusion hair extensions tend to be softer than other types of hair extensions. This means they're easier to style and maintain. Plus, they're often available in a wide range of textures, including straight, curly, wavy, and kinky.

Washability. Fusion hair extensions are usually washable. That said, you shouldn't use shampoo and conditioner on them. Instead, you should gently brush them through your hair using a soft bristle brush.

Style. Fusion hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair. In fact, they're sometimes referred to as "faux" hair extensions. Just remember to apply heat styling tools sparingly to prevent damage.

Care. Fusion hair extensions are typically treated with special conditioning treatments. These treatments protect the hair and add shine. And since they're made from real human hair, they're hypoallergenic.

Different Types Of Fusion Hair Extensions

Fusion hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among women across the globe. They are especially popular amongst those who want long lasting hair without having to go through the hassle of cutting off their own hair. They are also great for those who don’t have enough natural hair growth to cover up bald spots.

There are two main types of Fusion Hair Extensions – Microfiber and Human Hair. Both types are created by weaving human hair into synthetic fibers. Microfibers are less durable than human hair and therefore should only be worn for short periods of time. On the other hand, human hair extensions last longer and look better than microfibers. These are also cheaper than human hair extensions.

Microfibers are usually attached to each other using glue. These are then sewn into place using thread. When sewing is done correctly, the end result looks seamless. Unfortunately, this process leaves behind small gaps between the individual strands of fiber. These gaps can easily become visible under low light conditions. To avoid this problem, manufacturers use heat to fuse the ends of the fibers together. This prevents any gaps from appearing.

Human hair extensions are attached to each other using clips. Clips are strong yet flexible and can hold the hair in place for extended periods of time. They are also cheap and easy to apply. The downside to clips is that they can damage the hair. Over time, the clips can cut off the ends of the hair causing split ends. To prevent this, clip free hair extensions are now widely available. Clip free hair extensions are glued to the scalp instead of clipped. They are then covered with tape to protect the hair from getting damaged.

The next step in creating Fusion Hair Extensions is adding color. Color is added to the hair using chemicals. This makes the hair appear darker and shinier. Depending on the brand, colors can range from subtle tones to vibrant hues. Colors can also be blended together to create custom shades.

Once the desired length and style is achieved, the hair is styled. Styles include straightening, curling, and wavy styles. Curly hair is curled using hot rollers. Straightened hair is given a flat iron treatment. Wavy hair is left alone.


Sunny Utip Hair Extensions Human Hair Ombre Blonde Fusion U Tips Hair Extensions Medium Brown Fading to Platinum Blonde Balayage Brown #6/60/6 U Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Straight 20inch 50g/50s

  • 【Hair characteristics】U tip hair extensions human hair brown ombre is a perfect choice for people who is looking for long-term extensions,can match your hair very natural,Healthy with natural hair shine, no shedding and tangle free.
  • 【Color & Specifications】Color: There are many color options for balayage brown utips hair extensions human hair.Size: 14-24inch;Weight: 1g/strand,50g/package; About color,there may be color differences because of monitors.Please refer to the color of the product instead of the model.
  • 【Hair style】U Tip Keratin Hair Extensions Brown Ombre, No mixed animal or synthetic hair. Can be straightened, curled, washed, restyled and be dyed-only to darker color. When you style your hair, the heating temperature should not exceed 180℃.Just like your own hair, you need to use styling products to style after curls, and timely washing and maintenance with essential oils will keep your hair smooth again.
  • 【Hair use】Sunny Hair use real human hair,the utip keratin hair extensions medium brown is silky smooth, and the hair life span of 6-10 weeks (depending on usage and care methods). We recommend 2-3 packs to increase the volume, and 3-4 packs to extend the length.
  • 【Craftsmanship】U Tips Human Hair Extensions Ombre Brown,use of hot fusion.Keratin glue is gentle for hair and provide a long lasting bonding which still allows the hair to move naturally.The u-tip attachment is thin and virtually undetectable. We advise professional application and removal.

DENIYA Light Pink Synthetic I Tip Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions for Children Mermaid Hair Accessories for Kids Hair Things for Girls (50 Strand for Light Pink)

  • 1.Big discount,SAVE 15% when you purchase 1 or more this hair extension.
  • 2.High Quality and Beautiful I Tip Hair Extensions , Easy to apply,Tangle Free, Shedding Free.
  • 3.Synthetic Hair Heat Resistant up to 160 Degrees Centigrade (320 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 4.Variour Color please check with the color chart to choose the color you like.
  • 5.I-Tip 17"(45cm),5g.50pcs hair extension+50 micro beads in a package

25 Pieces Heat Shield Guards for Hair Extension Bonding, Round Circular and Single Hole, Clear Fusion Glue Protector Templates

  • Keeps scalp safe- Clear flexi-plastic provides a barrier between scalp and heat wand and glue during hair extension application
  • Easy to use- Single hole application allows for the stylist to keep track of last and next placement
  • Cleaner application- Less glue and mess with the protection of the heat shield
  • Work quickly- No guessing where you left off, use the shield as a spacer
  • Never run out- Great deal on a multipack so you always have what you need for applying your hair extensions

Full Shine 18 Inch Keratin U Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Color 18 Ash Blonde Highlighted 613 Bleach Blonde Keratin Bond Hair Extensions 1g Per Strand 50 Strands Pre Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions

  • 1.[Italian Keratin]: Full Shine Pre Bonded Hair Extension is Made from Italian Keratin Which is A Protein Component Found in the Natural Hair. Keratin Glue is Not Harsh on Your Hair and Scalp.
  • 2.[Remy Hair]: The High Quality Keratin Bonded Hair Extension is Made from Remy Human Hair. The U Tip Hair Extension is Heat-Friendly and Can Be Straightened, Curled, Washed and Restyled as You Like. 3-4 Packs for A Full Head.
  • 3.[Long Duration]: U Tip Extension is One of the Most Durable Types of Hair Extensions. Its Service Life is Affected by Many Factors. Careful Maintenance, U Tip Hair Can Last up to 6-14 Weeks.
  • 4.[Add Highlights]: Our Fusion Hair Extensions Have Ability to Create Cool and Colorful Hairstyles. You Can Choose Some very Popular Colors, then Put Them in Your Favorite Position, They Will Make You Look Particularly Eye-Catching in The Crowd.
  • 5.[Natural Look]: Nail Tip Hair Extensions Can Give You A More Natural Look than Other Installation Methods. The Placement of the Bond Mimics the Hair's Natural Layered Texture, Allowing Free Movement and Giving the Hair A More Natural Feel.

Flat Tip Human Hair Extensions, Ugeat 18 Inch Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions Human Hair #1B Off Black Flat Tip Extensions Real Human Hair 50 Grams Pre Bonded Hair Extensions

  • Ugeat Flat tip hair extensions no tangles, no shedding, no split ends. Flat tip remy hair extensions are popular among professional stylist and salons because of its more invisible feature.
  • 「About Color」Flat tip extensions include 14 colors. All pictures are taken with two packs of hair in order to show it better. Please be attention that there might be some color differences under different screens and lights. Also we are always ready to match the color if you have any confusion with the keratin hair extensions.
  • 「Specification」Length: 14-24 inch. Weight: 50G/50S 1G/Strand. We recommend 2 packs for thickness, but 3-4 packs Flat tip human hair extensions for full head and add length.
  • 「Hair Styling」 Flat tip keratin extensions can be straightened, curled, and restyled as you like under the 180℃. Only can be dyed to darker color and before dyeing, please take a small portion of the hair for testing first.
  • 「Hair Care」Please use silicone-free shampoo and conditioner to care about the pre bonded hair extensions,also allow your hair to air dry naturally.Please comb it from bottom to top but avoid combing when wetting.

Full Shine Fusion I Tip Hair Extensions 20 Inch Pre Bonded Hair Extensions Human Hair Darkest Brown Pre Bonded I Tips 50s 40g Ombre Tip Keratin Extensions Stick Tips Hair Extensions

  • 1.Specifications: The i-tip size is 1.3cm long×0.2 cm diameter (about 0.05cm deviation). We Recommend using beads with a diameter of 0.4-0.5cm.
  • 2.I tip human hair extensions: 100% real human hair, smooth and natural. 2-3 packs for adding volume, 3-5 packs for full head.
  • 3.Warm Tips: After a period of time, keratin will become loose and soft due to use, so we suggest flattening the beads every 2-3 weeks to make the hair more lasting.
  • 4.I tips can also blend in seamlessly with your own hair so they are hard to detect.
  • 5.I tip hair extension requires no heat for application and is also no glue used because you apply I-Tip sticks with micro beads or rings, blends with your own hair naturally. No harmless to your hair and scalp. Easy to apply and remove.

Vlasy Flat Shape Fusion Connector Iron Wand Heat Tools For Keratin Bonded Hair Extensions USA Plug (Black)

  • 1Pcs Professional Fusion Hair Extensions Connector Iron.
  • Orignal Loof Machine,High Quality.
  • Available Color:Black/Pink
  • Weighht:305g/pc Power:25W
  • Use for Keratin Fusion Hair Extensions,Pre bonded Hair Extensions etc.

Hicarer 150 Pieces Heat Shield Guards, 6 Pieces Hair Clips, Single Hole, Clear Fusion Glue Protector for Hair Extension Using

  • Material: clear PVC, which provides a good barrier between scalp and heat wand and glue in the process of hair extension
  • Application: single hole allows stylist to keep the track of the last and the next placement, hair clips fix extra hair for stylist
  • Occasions:the heat shield spacers mainly applies in hair extension and cross hair seamless hair extension in hair salon
  • Heat shield: spacers protect the scalp by forming a barrier between scalp and heater, this barrier can also prevent glue mess
  • Package include: 150 pieces single hole templates, 6 pieces hair clips

YoungSee U Tip Keratin Hair Extensions Human Hair 16 Inch Blonde Utip Hair Extensions Human Hair Ash Blonde with Bleach Blonde Highlight Fusion Hair Extensions Human Hair 1g/s 50g

  • 【U Tip Keratin Hair Extensions】Nail tip is made from high quality italian keratin glue, use of hot fusion, which is both soft and sticky to the hair, durable to install. Keratin glue is not harsh on your scalp.
  • 【Hair Specification】YoungSee hot fusion hair extensions human hair are 14-24inch, 1g/strand, 50g/pack. 1-2 packs to add volume and highlights, 3-4 packs to get more thicker hair.
  • 【Keratin Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair】Made of 100% human hair extensions, soft with natural shine, bouncy and full end, no split. All pictures are taken with two packs of hair in order to show it better
  • 【Hair Styling】Can be straightened, curled, and restyled as you like under the 356℉. Can only be dyed to darker color, cannot bleach to a lighter color. Before dyeing, please take a small portion of the hair for testing first.
  • 【Hair Color】All of the pictures of keratin human hair extensions are taken by actual product, there may be slightly different due to light and screen. If you're not sure what color you need, we're glad to provide you with a color match. And color and length can be customized.

Moresoo U Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Brown Fusion Hair Extensions Body Wave Color #4 Dark Brown Hair Extensions U Tip Remy Hair Extensions 18 Inch Unprocessed Hair 50G/50S

  • 1.Moresoo U tip keratin hair extensions human hair is a perfect choice for people who is looking for long-term extensions.No tangles, no shedding, no split ends in our hair.Utips Hair Extensions are popular among professional stylist and salons, because it is more invisible.
  • 2.Specification: Length: 16-24 inch. Weight: 50G/50S 1g/ strand. We recommend 2 packs for adding some fullness, but for a full head, we usually suggest 3-4 packs U tip hair extensions to get more thicker hair.
  • 3.Italian Kertain: Utip human hair extensions pre-bonded hair are made of high quality Italian Keratin Glue, which is both soft and sticky to the hair, and is hot-melt and durable to install and easy to remove as well.
  • 4.All of the Utip hair pictures are taken by ourselves.If you are not satisfied with the products you have received, we're glad to provide you with a color match or exchange and return service, and we will try our best to help you to solve it. For the best color match and so there is no confusion with color, we gladly offer a free color matching service.
  • 5.Our U tip human hair extensions can be Treated & Styled (Washing,Curling, Etc.) like your own hair.Please note: body wave hair we do not recommend straightening.If you want to dye the hair, light color can be dyed to darker, but the darker can't be dyed to light.

I Tip Human Hair Extensions,20 inch Fusion Human Hair Extensions 100Strands/Pack Remy I Tip Hair Extensions 1g/Strand 20''/50cm #1B Natural Black I Tip Extensions

  • I-tip Hair Extensions Quality:100% remy human hair without mix,no shedding, no Tangles,with regular care the hair can last 5-6 months.
  • Stick Tip Hair Extensions:Silky straight human hair extensions.can be curled to be wavy.can be dyed or Straightened as your own hair.
  • High Quality Keratin:the bonded ends are made of high quality Keratin Glue, which is Hot-melt and Durable to Install.We advise professional application and removal.
  • Cold Fusion Hair Method: the extensions can be applied with micro beads, rings and links if you do not want to use any heat. Definitely harmless to your hair and scalp.
  • Product Detail:20inch length,1g/strand,100g Per set,normally 2-3 sets for full head,Please refer to the color of product picture to purchase,Jiameisi also can offer you professional color matching or customize service.

Remy Pre Bonded Fusion Utip Hair Extensions 100% Human Hair Glue Stick U-tip Invisible Tipped Hair Piece Nail Tipped 100 Strands Keratin Stick U Tip Hair 100 Strands 16" 50g #613 Light Blonde

  • ★ Hairro U tip hair extensions, 100% real human hair, soft and silky, no shedding, no tangling. Restylable real hair extensions, you can perm, dye, straighten(under 180℃)

  • ★ Healthy nail tip remy hair extensions, 100 strands/pack, 0.5g/strand, total 50g, 16"-22" are avaliable.Usually 2 packs are enough for a full head, if you need a long and thick hair style, 3-4 packs are recommended

  • ★ Undetectable keratin u tip hair extensions, adding length and volume secretly,you can barely feel them on your head! Move freely and comfortable! As natural as if they were grown from your scalp. No one can tell you are wearing extensions

  • ★ Pre bonded cold fusion hair extensions, excellent italian glue, holding the hair individually, making it convenient to intall without easily shedding, perfect for long term attachment

  • ★ Easy to care and long lasting hair extensions, it is washable and can last for 3-6 months depending on use and care.We highly suggest a professional installation and removal


Moresoo I Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair 20 Inch Wavy Dark Brown Human Hair I Tip Solid Color #4 Dark Brown Hair Extensions Hot Fusion Hair Extensions Keratin Glue Hair 50g 100s

  • 3.Product Details: New version :100s 50g.Old Version:50s 40g. New and old version mixed delivery, If you have received a 40g package, please contact our customer service immediately! We recommend 2-3 packs for the full head, 3-4 packs for adding both length and volume.

Hair Extension Fusion Bonding Tool by Everlong Hair, Patented Professional Grade Ergonomic Patented Design Keratin Glue Melting Connector Wand U-tip, Keratip, Fusion 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN - Patented mold design for comfort and stability
  • TEMPERATURE 400°F - Enough to melt the strongest of fusion glues
  • VERSATILE - Used for U-Tip, Fusion, Keratin Glue, Keratip Hair Extension Bonds and Shrinkies, Plastic Tubes
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - Professional Quality for Extension Specialists and Salons
  • TRUSTED BY PROFESSIONALS - Recommended by Leading Hair Extension Professionals Worldwide

150 Pieces Heat Shield Guards for Hair Extensions with 30 Pieces Hair Clips, Round Circular and Single Hole Shield Spacers, Clear PVC Fusion Keratin Glue Protector Templates for Hair Extension

  • Transparent PVC provides good scalp protection
  • Heat shield gasket is mainly suitable for hair extension sheet and cross hair seamless hair extension salon
  • Thermal pad protects scalp from glue
  • Hair clips to fix hair

RUNATURE 20 Inch U Tip Extensions Human Hair Pre Bonded Fusion Hair Extensions Ash Blonde with Platinum Blonde U Tip Keratin Hair Extensions 50g 1g/s

  • Fashion Hair: RUNATURE u-tip hair extensions, also known as hot fusion extensions, are a popular way to enrich existing hair with added volume, length, and texture
  • Convenient: U-tip hair extensions are made of high-quality Keratin Glue, which is both soft and sticky to the hair. It is hot-melt and easy to install
  • Durable and Undetectable: Super thin u-tip attachments, which are virtually undetectable and also comfortable, RUNATURE Keratin extension is designed for long-term attachment
  • Warm Tips: U-tip hair extensions can be curled (Please keep the temperature below 320℉)and dyed into darker colors to meet different needs and occasions. Please use neutral shampoo to wash them
  • Hair details: color: #18P60 Dark Ash Blonde Highlighted Platinum Blonde hair; hairstyle: straight hair; length: 18 inch; specification: 1g/strand, 50 strands per set, totally 50g

HairMujer I Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Fusion Stick Tip 18 Inch 100% Remy Hair Extensions Cold Fusion Tipped Hair Extensions for Women(#60 Platinum Blonde)

  • [ I Tip Hair Extensions & Durable ] I Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair a cold fusion hair extension using micro rings that are not only harmless to the scalp but also It lasts for 10-12 months. I Tip Hair can natural to hide in the roots of your hair. It's specially designed for customer who don't like hot extensions or extensions with glue.
  • [ Reusable ] The top of I tip fusion hair extensions is flexible, can be reused without deformation. You can remove them with pliers and replace them with new micro rings.
  • [ High Quality Hair Extensions ] I Tips Fusion Hair Extensions is 100% Human Hair. Salon quality, No Tangle, No Shedding. It doesn't have to wait for your hair to grow, it can instantly make you have a beautiful long hair. i tip hair will be perfectly combined with your hair, making you feel as if it grew out of your scalp.
  • [ Instruction ] You can straighten, curl and sculpt like your own hair. But not recommended for dyeing or bleaching, because it will affect the hair lifetime.
  • [ Suggestions Packs ] Highlight Effect: 1-2 Packs; Thin Hair to Add Volume: 2-3 Packs; Medium Hair to Add Length & Volume: 3-4 Packs.

Yumlas Dark Brown Pre Bonded Keratin Stick Dark Brown 18inch 100g 1g/s 100s/Pack Tip Human Hair Extension Cold Fusion I Tip Human Hair Extensions for Women Smooth Straight

  • 【I Tip Hair Extensions】104% real Hair, no knots, no Hair loss, semi-permanent Hair Extensions that do not require heat or glue. They are a new fashion extension. And still can be used according to individual be fond of, iron with curler give beautiful modelling.
  • 【Product specification】For example, 18 inches long, 1g/ stand, 100g/set, generally 2-7 sets of full head, please choose according to the picture of the product, also can provide you with professional color matching or customized services.
  • 【Tip Hair Extensions Care】After 2-7 months of wearing, the loops are re-opened and the extensions are moved up and re-clamped closed. After that wearing period, the hair extensions are replaced with new hair.
  • 【Fast Delivery】Stock on USA. You will enjoy a Amazon Prime service. Expedited delivery, 2 days arrive; ordinary delivery, 3-8 days arrive.
  • 【Color Difference Note】all pictures are taken by Yumlas, however, it may have color difference when display in different lights and monitors, please help understand.

Sunya I Tip Remy Human Hair Extensions Jet Black 50 Grams 50 Strands/Package PreBondedKeratinHairExtensions Fusion 20 inches Remy Straight Stick Tip Real Human Hair Extensions #1 Jet Black

  • 【I Tip Hair Quality】100% remy human hair,no shedding, no Tangles.100% premium salon quality real hair.Easy apply and easy remove.
  • 【Pre bonded fusion hair】Various colors,The I Tip hair extensions can perm, curl, straighten and dye, real hair extension can naturally blend with your own hair.
  • 【Cold Fusion Hair Method】The pre bonded extensions made of quality keratin glue.Can be applied with micro beads,rings and links if you do not want to use any heat. Definitely harmless to your hair and scalp.
  • 【Important Tips】Normally You need 1-2packs for highlight Voluem and 2-3packs for full head.The pre bonded hair extensions can be long-lasting up to 3-4 months with good care.
  • 【100% Satisfaction】Stock on USA,hair extensions I Tip can be delivered quickly.Feel free to contact us if you have any problems,we will try our best to help you solve problems.We accept 30 days free return.

Synthetic I Tip Keratin Fusion Colored Hair Extensions Kit Various Colors 21 Inch 90 Strands/Pack Keratin Tip Stick Hair Extensions with 100 Pcs 5mm Silicone Lined Micro Rings Links Beads, 1 Pcs Hook Needle, 1 Pcs Plier (I-Tip 55cm) (Multi-Colored)

  • Instant 'Highlight' without chemical treatment,Ideal Hair Pieces Choice for PARTY, Party, Festival, and Holiday
  • This 21 Inch(52cm) I Tip Colored Hair Extensions is Mixed Colour Hair Extensions Kit for Instant Fantasy Colors Without Commitment. Now You Can Get Salon Color Without a Costly Salon Visit to be Charming and Atrractive!
  • 100% Japan High Temperature Fiber ,Synthetic Hair Heat Resistant up to 160 Degrees Centigrade (320 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Variour Color please check with the color chart to choose the color you like
  • 90-100pcs mixed colour straight hair various colored synthetic hair extensions + 100 brown micro beads + 1 hook needle + 1 black pliers in a package

I Tip Hair Extensions Human Hair Kinky Straight I Tip Human Hair Extensions for Black Women Cold Fusion Stick Tip Extension Brazilian Virgin Hair Microlink Hair Extensions 70g 100 Strands 14 Inch

  • I tip hair extensions human hair:100% natural&healthy human hair, full ends,intact cuticle,tangle free,no shedding
  • Mcirolink Hair Extensions:More stealthy, you can't see the hair extension, no glue, easy to install. Healthier, no contact with scalp, harmless
  • Fusion Tip Extensions:High quality keratin pre bonded extension. If you don’t want to heat it, you can use a micro beads, no glue, easy to install
  • I tip human hair:suitable for all occasions, can be curl, straighten,dyed. More stealthy, After you install it you can't see the extension
  • Hair extension package:100 strands extension in each set,200 pcs micro loop beads,1x loop needle
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