The Beadsmith Mini Bead Board, Grey Flocked, 4 Straight Channels, 5 Recessed Compartments, 7.75 x 11.25 inches, Design Boards for Creating Bracelets, Necklaces and Other Jewelry

  • CUSTOM DESIGNS: 4 9" V-shaped straight channels allow you to create multi-strand bracelets and necklaces, ideal for one-of-a-kind, unique designs.
  • EASY TO USE: For convenience, measurements are printed on the board in both inches and centimeters.
  • FLOCKED: The flocked surface helps keep beads from rolling around. Aids in keeping designs in place during the planning process.
  • COMPARTMENTS: There are 5 recessed sections for holding beads, components, findings, needles and more.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Perfect for both beginners and longtime designers. Lay out your designs before committing. Change your mind? Just switch out the pieces. It's that simple!

How To Choose The Best Glass Beads Bracelet Designs

The art of making beads was perfected by the Egyptians, who used glass as their main material. Today, glass beads have become more affordable than ever before, and they are now available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and designs. This article will help you decide what kind of bracelet you would like to make, and then give you tips on where to get the best quality beads.

What Are Glass Beads Bracelet Designs?

Glass beads bracelets are made using glass beads, which are strung together into a bracelet shape. The beads may be clear, colored, or even opaque. They come in many different shapes and sizes, including round, oval, square, heart shaped, and more. Most people like wearing glass beads because they look good, feel comfortable, and are easy to wear. You can choose between buying readymade glass beads bracelets, or making your own. If you want to make your own, there are several ways to go about doing this. One method involves stringing the beads onto wire, while another uses thread. Either way, once you've chosen how you'd like to create your own glass beads bracelet designs, you'll need to decide what type of clasp you would like to use. There are two main types of clasps available for glass beads bracelets: spring rings and lobster claw clasps. Spring rings are easier to work with than lobster claws, but they require some practice before you get the hang of working with them.

Who Needs Glass Beads Bracelet Designs?

Glass beads are one of the most versatile jewelry materials around. Not only do they look beautiful, but they're also extremely durable. But did you know that glass beads aren't just for necklaces and earrings? They can add style to any type of bracelet design.

There are several types of glass beads. Some are clear, while others are colored. Clear glass beads are perfect for creating designs that are subtle and elegant. Colored glass beads are great for bolder looks. Both types of glass beads are equally useful. However, each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Clear glass beads are ideal for delicate designs. Their light color makes them suitable for use with other colors. On the other hand, they can easily scratch and break. These issues can be avoided by using colored glass beads. They're usually sold in sets of various colors. Each set includes a variety of sizes and shapes. When choosing a set, think about how large you'd like your finished piece to be. Then, select a size that fits within your desired dimensions.

Once you've selected a set, you can start designing your bracelet. Start by stringing the beads onto a thread. Use a needle to secure the ends. Once the beads are strung, you can begin decorating. Choose which pattern you'd like to create. Add additional beads to complete your design. To avoid tangles, cut off excess thread before starting a new strand.

Glass beads are a wonderful addition to any outfit. Whether you're wearing a dress, skirt, shirt, or sweater, these beads can transform your ensemble. They're also a great accessory for casual outfits. Simply pair them with jeans, shorts, capris, or tights and you'll instantly upgrade your wardrobe.

While glass beads are best known for their versatility, they're also incredibly affordable. Most stores sell them in bulk. This allows you to purchase a wide range of styles and colors. Plus, you can customize your order according to your budget. No matter how you decide to incorporate glass beads into your wardrobe, you'll love the results!

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Glass Beads Bracelet Designs

There are many different types of beads available. Each type of bead offers something unique. For example, glass beads have a smooth surface that allows light to pass through them easily. On the other hand, crystal beads are shiny and sparkle. And pearl beads are soft and lusterous. No matter what kind of beads you prefer, they all offer their own special qualities. When buying beads, keep in mind that size matters. Smaller beads tend to be easier to work with and create smaller designs. Larger beads are great for creating larger designs. You'll find that most beads come in sizes ranging from 1/4 inch up to 2 inches.

Beaded jewelry is fun and fashionable. Whether you want to wear your beads alone or mix them with other materials like pearls, gemstones, crystals, etc., you can create beautiful pieces of jewelry. There are so many ways to combine beads with other materials. For instance, you could string together several strands of beads and then add a stone to one end. Or you could start by adding stones to a strand of beads. Then, once you've decided how you'd like to finish off your design, simply attach the finished product to a chain or cord.

These sites provide access to thousands of handmade items including jewelry. You may even discover a designer who specializes in making custom jewelry. Customized jewelry is perfect if you're looking for a specific style or color combination. Plus, you won't find mass-produced jewelry at these places. Instead, you'll find unique creations designed specifically for you.

Features To Consider When Buying Glass Beads Bracelet Designs

Designer style. The design of a bracelet is just as important as its quality. Consider how you plan to wear this bracelet. Will you wear it alone? With another piece of jewelry? How do you plan to accessorize it? These questions will help you determine the type of bracelet that's right for you.

Material. There are many types of materials used to create glass beads bracelets. Some are made of metal, while others are made of plastic or resin. Each material has advantages and disadvantages. Metal bracelets tend to be more durable than other materials. However, they may scratch easily if dropped or bumped against something hard. Plastic and resin bracelets are less expensive than metal bracelets. They're also lightweight and comfortable to wear.

Size. Most bracelets are adjustable. This means you can adjust them to fit your wrist comfortably. Choose a size that fits well and doesn't leave gaps between your fingers.

Color. Color plays an important role in creating a stylish accessory. Think about the colors you already own. Do you have enough options to coordinate with everything else you own? Are there certain colors that complement each other? What colors work best together?

Budget. Don't forget to factor in your budget when shopping for a new bracelet. Remember, you don't always have to spend a lot of money to get great results. Many inexpensive items can add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe.

Different Types Of Glass Beads Bracelet Designs

Beaded jewelry is becoming increasingly popular among women. Women love wearing beads because they add a touch of elegance to any outfit. They also look good on everyone regardless of age or gender. When choosing what kind of bracelet to wear, you should consider how you plan to use it. For example, if you are going to wear it everyday, choose something simple and elegant. On the other hand, if you are planning to wear it occasionally, go for something bolder.

Glass Beads. Glass beads are the simplest type of beads to create. All you need is a pair of scissors and a few glass beads. Simply cut the desired shape out of paper and glue it down to the base of the bead. Then string the beads on a piece of thread. Repeat until you reach the desired length.

Metal Beads. Metal beads are a bit trickier to make. To start, you will need wire cutters, pliers, and a hammer. Cut the wire into small pieces. Use the pliers to bend each piece into the desired shape. Hammer the ends flat to prevent sharp edges. String the metal beads onto the thread.

Wooden Beads. Wooden beads are similar to metal beads except they are made from wood instead of metal. Wood is softer than metal and therefore makes it easier to carve shapes into. Make sure you sand the wooden beads smooth before gluing them to the base. Otherwise, the glue might seep through the holes.

Chain Beads. Chain beads are similar to wooden beads except they are strung together rather than glued. Choose chain beads that match your style. For example, if you like bright colors, choose brightly colored chains. If you prefer subtlety, choose black or white chains.


TOAOB 50pcs Assorted Glass European Large Holes Beads Spacer Lampwork Craft Beads Rhinestone Metal Beads for DIY Charms Bracelet Necklace Jewelry Making

  • Material: Glass+Metal+Sliver Plated Brass Core, durable to use. And the large hole beads size about 0.4-0.6inch/10-15mm in diameter; 0.25-0.4 inch/6.5-10mm thick; Hole: 0.16-0.19inch/4-5mm
  • Gifts making supplies: These handcrafted assortment of large hole beads are exquisite in appearance and beautiful in color, You can gift your friends, or make jewelry crafts for them
  • Best Design: Each of glass craft beads is designed with a large hole, they can be perfectly matched with snake chains, wide leather laces and hemp twines, braided fabric strips, fiber cords and other stringing materials with a wide diameter to increase your design possibilities
  • Wide application: These DIY charm beads are suitable for all kinds of jewelry crafting projects like handmade bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, dress decorations, key chains, sweater chains, garden stakes, and create stunning gifts for friends and family
  • Package include: 50 pieces European glass beads are randomly packed. Different styles to meet your DIY jewelry making needs

PH PandaHall 200pcs 10 Color Crackle Lampwork Glass Beads 8mm Round Handcrafted Crackle Beads Crystal Beads for Summer Beading Friendship Bracelet Mother's Day Jewelry Making Christmas Tree Ornament

  • 10 Color Crack Beads: 10 style crackle beads, two colors takes on a cracked look, cracks increase light reflection inside the beads deepening the beauty of colors, shiny and beautiful, make different visual effects.
  • Package Includes: 20pcs each color, about 200pcs crackle glass beads, enough quantity offer you more choices. Good beads for friendship bracelets bracelet.
  • Size: about 8mm in diameter, hole: 1.3mm; Good beads for own design bracelet, making fun, jewelry making supplies, beads for jewelry making.
  • Plastic Storage Container Included: Sorted out by each color are stored in a high-quality organizer storage container. Convenient for you to carry and store; Great gift to your family and friends for Christmas, Birthday, Valentin’s day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving Day and etc.
  • Wide Application: Perfect to DIY unique delicate necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings or other jewelry making. Suitable for fishing lures, wind chimes, decorations, ornaments, clothing accessories, wedding drafts, jewelry, restringing bead garlands, dream catchers, bead curtains making, hair crafts and so on.

Bracelet Design Board Flocked Bead Board Bracelet Beading Jewelry Organizer Tray Design DIY Craft Tool (Bracelet Beading Board)

  • This bead board makes it so much easier to plan out a necklace or bracelet design before stringing. Perfect for laying out intricate beading without fear of the beads rolling away.Besides, this board is such a time saver and Makes beading so much easier.
  • Great for beading,holds lots of beads.The flocked interior allows beads to move but not too fast and holds them in place.Makes it easier to pick up beads without everything sliding away. It is also practically flat so it fits in a drawer without taking up much space at all.
  • Definitely keeps the beads in one place. Great for planning designs at the bead class,speed up the time as you can get the pattern laid out for approval before you start stringing it together and it does not have to have the tape-measure every second anymore.
  • You can lay out and measure everything before starting your piece of jewelry, can separate beads and findings easily. It's coated with felt and has contours that all help to hold your beads in place. Really convenient item to have!

Shapenty 24 Colors 6mm Decorative Hand Briolette Faceted Rondelle Crystal Glass Beads with Hole for DIY Craft Bracelet Necklace Jewelry Making, 1200 Pieces/Box

  • Material: crystal glass; Shape: Faceted rondelle beads.
  • Size: 6mm x 4mm (Diameter * Height); Hole diameter: about 1.2mm;
  • Color: 24 colors (as picture showed), 50pieces for each color.
  • Great for bracelet, necklace, jewelry making and craft accessory, etc.
  • Package includes: 1200pcs * Crystal glass beads. Note: Small size, please note the size before purchase.

Fun-Weevz Assorted Glass Beads for Jewelry Making Adults, Bulk Glass Beads for Crafts, Lampwork Murano Bead Mix for Bracelets and Necklaces,Crafting Beads Supplies Kit, Large & Small Beads

  • Beautiful glass bead mix of lampwork murano and other unique glass beads.
  • Assorted small and large jewelry making beads for crafts, necklace beads, bracelet beads, and other jewelry making projects.
  • DIY jewelry making is a fun way to express your inner fashonista
  • 100-120 PCS bulk glass beads mix - various bead and hole sizes for a variety of unique beading projects
  • Crafting beads with colorful designs and shapes. Perfect for Instagram or Etsy small shop owners!

PH PandaHall 450pcs Crackle Beads 10 Color 6mm Handcrafted Lampwork Glass Round Beads Crystal Beads for Summer Beading Friendship Bracelet Mother's Day Jewelry Making Christmas Tree

  • Size: about 6mm in diameter, hole: 1.3~1.6mm.
  • 10 Color: 10 style crackle beads, two colors takes on a cracked look, cracks increase light reflection inside the beads deepening the beauty of colors, make different visual effects, Shiny colors are especially suitable for summer seaside crafts decoration, Shiny colors are especially suitable for summer seaside crafts decoration.
  • Package Includes: 45pcs each color, about 450pcs crackle glass beads, enough quantity offer you more choices. Good beads for friendship bracelets bracelet.
  • Plastic Storage Container Included: Sorted out by each color are stored in a high-quality organizer storage container. Convenient for you to carry and store.
  • Wide Application: Perfect to DIY unique delicate necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings or other jewelry making. Suitable for decorations, ornaments, clothing accessories, wedding drafts, jewelry, bead curtains making, hair crafts and so on.

TOAOB 200pcs 8mm Multi Color Crackle Glass Lampwork Beads Round Loose Spacer Beads Craft Supplies for Bracelets Necklaces Jewelry Making

  • 10 Color Crack Beads: 10 style crackle beads, two colors takes on a cracked look, cracks increase light reflection inside the beads deepening the beauty of colors, make different visual effects
  • Size: about 8mm in diameter, hole: 1.3mm; Good beads for you design your own bracelet or other jewelry making ornaments
  • Package Includes: 20pcs each color, about 200pcs crackle glass beads, enough quantity offer you more choices for your DIY craft needs
  • Easy to Store: including plastic storage container,beads are sorted by each color and stored in a high-quality organizer storage container. Convenient for you to carry and store
  • Wide Application: Perfect to DIY unique delicate necklaces, bracelets, anklets or other jewelry making. Suitable for decorations, ornaments, clothing accessories, wedding drafts, jewelry, bead curtains making and so on

PH PandaHall 24 Color 8mm Round Glass Beads, 720pcs Black White Bracelet Beads Bulk Marble Loose Beads Spacers for Halloween Eid Mubarak Ramadan Decoration Earring Necklace Bracelet Jewelry Making

  • Package Includes: about 720 pieces beads, about 30 pieces for each color; perfect beads to DIY Halloween style, Ramadan jewelry making and costume decoration and other DIY projects.
  • Black White Series Beads: Total 24 colors in black and white series, perfect for punk style jewelry making, use them as spacers or main attraction with other beads to DIY customized jewelry.
  • Size: about 8mm in diameter, hole: 1.3~1.6mm; The beads which are sorted out by each color are stored in a high-quality organizer storage container. Convenient for you to collect, carry and store!
  • DIY Craft Gift: You can make bracelets of different styles beads with the beads and beads to express love to dear ones. Great for making gift for Mother's Day, Teacher's Day, Valentines Day and Christmas.
  • Wide Usage: Perfect to DIY unique delicate necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings or other jewelry making. Suitable for decorations, ornaments, clothing accessories, wedding drafts, jewelry, bead curtains making and so on.

BroFable 40000pcs 2mm Glass Seed Beads with 48 Colors for Jewelry Making Kit, Bracelets and Necklace Ring Kits, DIY Art Craft 250 Letter Elastic String Cord, Charms Rings, Silver

  • 💖{GLASS SEED BEADS STARTER KIT }-40000 pieces 2mm glass seed beads, bracelet making kit in a total of 48 colors, 250 alphabet beads, 2 rolls of 0.6mm bracelet string cord10 charms pendants, 10 silver jump rings, 2 Plastic tweezers with 2 storage boxes can be use as art and craft kit.
  • 💖{CREATIVE CRAFT }- BroFable micro glass beads for craft comes with colored beads, beads with letter that add more fun and creativity to your design and multi-types of jewelry. You can weave personalized bracelet letter bead and necklace.
  • 💖{ FUN, PLAY & CREATIVITY }- Glass beads for jewelry making is an interactive activity for kids, Group art activities with friends and families by using this bead kit for necklace beads and bracelets beads also decrease the children's interaction with electronic gadgets.it will enhance the aesthetics and creativity among them.
  • 💖{GIFT FOR EVERYONE }- Bracelet beads making kit can be a gift for family and friends. On occasions of Christmas Thanksgiving, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Friendship holiday parties and many more.
  • 💖{HIGH-QUALITY AND PACKAGING}- Glass seed beads will not be mixed with each other. As we have packed mini beads, alphabets, jump rings, charm pendants in individual sealed bags & plastic boxes are especially designed with high grid separators that will not allow the colors to mix.

QUEFE 400pcs 8mm Glass Beads for Jewelry Making Bracelets Including 200pcs Faceted Crystal Glass Beads and 200pcs Crackle Lampwork Glass Round Beads Assorted Colors(2 Box)

  • Package include: About 200pcs 8 x 6mm faceted crystal glass beads, 10 colors, 20pcs per color, and 200pcs 8mm crackle lampwork glass round beads, 10 colors, 20pcs per color.
  • Size: crystal glass beads are 8*6mm, hole diameter is 1.5mm, crackle lampwork glass round beads are 8mm, hole diameter is 1.5mm.
  • Quality: These glass beads are shiny in color, high in quality and unique in style. They are stored neatly in two plastic boxes, which are easy to store.
  • Appearance: Cracks in the bead gives it a different beauty in different directions. The irregular shape of faceted crystal glass beads makes it sparkle under the light.
  • Wide Usage: These glass beads are beautiful and vivid in color and high in quality, making them the perfect jewelry making supplies. Suitable for making necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other crafts.

EuTengHao 488Pcs Cat Eye Glass Beads Set Natural Gemstone Round Loose Stone Beads with Pendant Accessories Open Jump Ring Spacer Beads Bracelet String for Bracelet Necklaces Crafting Earrings Jewelry

  • EuTengHao DIY jewelry making kit including 488 pieces cat eye beads jewelry accessories for bracelet and necklace making. Good quality cat eye crystal glass beads pendant for jewelry making, like women’s chokers necklaces, earrings, anklets, rings, brooches, pendants and so on.
  • Totally 488 pieces beads include 240 pieces colored cat eye glass beads (8mm), 40 pcs silver cute pendant, 100pcs silver bracelet spacer bead, 50pcs open jump rings ,50pcs head pins, 3 leading wies(0.3mm), 1 needle device,1 scissor and two rolls 0.8mm clear bracelet string for DIY jewelry and bracelet making.
  • The colored cats’ eyes glass beads come with 10 colors and each color has 24 pieces (white, pink, baby blue, brown, red, light blue, navy blue, emerald, teal, pool blue). The pendant come with 6 different shape. Then the bracelet spacer beads come with 2 types and each type has 50 pieces.
  • These beautifully shape glass beads like a cat’s eyes which are heated and polished to make them durable. And the variety of colors would make a beautiful visual impression to your handmade jewelry.
  • These jewelry making kits are suitable for jewelry making, gifts, home decoration, collection and beads associated with good luck, balance and confidence, can help you ease your stress, smooth out your anxiety and cat eye stone is a rare magic stone and are considered a symbol of good luck, Ideal gift (Birthday gift and Christmas gift) for your friends, family members and for yourself.

100 Pieces Assorted European Craft Beads Large Hole Glass Craft Beads Mixed Color Rhinestone Charms Beads Crystal Charm Beads for DIY Bracelet Necklace Jewelry Making

  • Large quantity of beads supplies: you will get a total of 100 pieces large hole craft beads, 4 styles altogether, 25 pieces for each style, assorted colors and different styles meet your DIY jewelry making need, large quantity also supports your daily use and sharing demand
  • Chic and practical design: each of our mixed color glass craft beads is designed with a large hole, make the European craft beads look chic and charming if applied, the design also provides a convenient way to thread with strings, save you much time and effort during jewelry making process
  • Delicate gifts making supplies: these assorted handmade large hole beads are delicate in appearance with beautiful colors, you can send them directly to your friends, or just make lovable jewelry crafts for them, and these adorable beads will be icing on the cake of your outfits
  • Material and size: our rhinestone charms beads for bracelets are mainly made of glass, durable to use, and the large hole beads are approx. 15 mm in diameter each, 10 mm in thickness, the hole is approx. 7 mm, beads with rhinestones are about 12 mm in diameter, with the hole of 5 mm, proper size to use
  • Jewelry making projects: these DIY charms beads are suitable for a wide range of jewelry craft making projects, such as handmade bracelets, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, dress decorations, key chains, sweater chains, or you can mix them with other pendants to form various crafts

35000pcs 2mm 12/0 Glass Seed Beads for Jewelry Making Supplies Kit Small Bead Craft Set Bracelets Necklace Ring Making Kits Glass Seed Letter Alphabet Beads Charms Pendants DIY Art Craft Kit for Girls

  • 🎀【 GLASS SEED BEADS STARTER KIT 】 - 35000pcs 2mm 12/0 glass seed beads, 50pcs jump rings, 10pcs charms pendants, 1pc beading needle, 1pc tweezer, 2 rolls 0.5mm elastic strings.
  • 🎀【 COLORFUL GLASS BEADS SET 】 - Selected with the most unique color that can easily meet your jewelry craft ideas, and help create different stunning color scheme jewelry, includes opaque dyed rainbow color, cream color, AB colors, metallic color.
  • 🎀【 CREATIVE CRAFT 】 - Seed beads for jewelry making comes with charm pendants and alphabet letter beads that adding more fun and creativity to design multi-types of jewelry. Our letter beads set completely contains 26 letters, not random, you can weave a personalized letter bead bracelet.
  • 🎀【 WIDE APPLICATIONS 】 - Seed beads jewelry making kit is amazing for all kinds of fancy jewelry making, such as bracelet, friendship bracelet, necklace, anklets, waist chain, eyeglass chains, key chain, rings or any other handicraft.
  • 🎀【 DIY BEADS FOR GIFT 】 - Bracelet beads making kit can be a gift for girls, women, kids, family and friends, it is a big surprise for occasions or special day like birthday, craft project party, family gathering, Christmas day, it is a funny bead crafting kit set.

Weebee Murano Glass Beads Large Hole Beads European Lampwork Spacer Beads Silver Plated Cores Bracelet Charms for Jewelry Making 50 Pcs Mix

  • Package & Size: 50pcs large hole loose glass beads size (approx.): 10 x 14mm hole size (approx.): 5mm mixed color
  • Material: glass & copper silver plated and durable to use,Shape:Rondelle
  • You will get a total 50pcs of glass large hole craft beads, each bead is made by experienced Murano Glass Lampwork Workshop Beads- we choose randomly from Mult styles
  • Used for: The Murano glass big hole beads fit european crystal charm bracelet beads,which is very bright, you can DIY your projects with snake chain,leather rope,jewelry making, art, craft. perfect addition to your charm bracelet and necklace,these DIY charms beads are suitable for wide range of jewelry craft making projects,it can be matched with pins and jump rings beads for jewelry making adults
  • Compatible with all major brands:Pandora, Troll,Chamilia,Biagi & more for DIY jewelry such as handmade earrings,dress decorations,key chains,sweater chains,bracelet,anklet or you can mix them with other pendants to form various crafts

Bead Bracelet Making Kit,3800pcs 4mm Glass Seed Beads and 1200 pcs Letter Beads for DIY Friendship Bracelets Jewelry Making with 3 Rolls of 10m Rope and Pendant 11 (A Upgrade kit)

  • 🌸【JEWELRY MAKING KIT】:3800pcs Glass Seed Beads 24 colors,1200 pcs Letter Beads ,100pcs expression beads (different expression beads such as happy, angry, smiling, etc.)100pcs Number beads,3 rolls of 10m elastic rope, 10pcs open jump rings, 10pcs cute pendants of different shapes Used in bracelets and jewelry making, very suitable for various handicraft applications
  • 🌸【LETTER PERSONALIZED DESIGN】Abundant 24 colors of rainbow beads, we also have different colors of alphabet beads, you can use the alphabet beads to create personalized messages and phrases, use your imagination to make unique DIY friendship bracelets, necklaces, earrings Or other jewelry
  • 🌸【Material Safety】: These beads are well-made, with smooth surface, bright color, and good shape. They are very suitable for making beads, DIY handicrafts, name bracelets, keychains, etc.
  • 🌸【Storage box 】 placed in the 24 compartments of the gift box, each compartment corresponds to a color, easy to distinguish and maintain, Note that in order to make you have a better experience, we will send small bells, smiling face beads or expression beads at random
  • 🌸【DIY BEADS FOR GIFT】Bracelet beads making kits can be given as gifts to women, family and friends. This is a big surprise for birthdays, craft project parties, family gatherings, Christmas and other occasions or special days. This is An interesting bead making kit

8mm Crackle Beads 9 Color 200 Pcs Round Imitation Jade Crackle Glass Beads for Summer Beading Bracelet Bracelet Necklace Earrings Jewelry Making

  • Package Included: 200pcs 9 Color+Mixed Colors Round Crackle Crystal Beads. Enough quantity offer you more choices for your DIY craft needs.
  • Size: about 8mm in diameter, hole: 1.3~1.6mm; Color: Mixed Colors
  • Multicolor Crack Beads: 9 color crackle beads mixed, assortment variety color, colors are vibrant and gorgeous. Color is embedded in the glass,not easy to chip off
  • Stone Beads are making beading beaded necklaces, but can be used to Nake Earrings, Bracelets, Yoga Bracelets ,Rings ,Anklets, Ear Cuffs, Brooches, Hair Accessories and other Jewelry Making too.
  • Wide Application: Perfect to DIY unique delicate necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings or other jewelry making. Suitable for decorations, ornaments, clothing accessories, wedding drafts, jewelry, bead curtains making Hat making hair crafts kids craft,Macrame

25000pcs 3mm Glass Beads for Jewelry Making 720pcs Alphabet Letter Beads, Bracelet Making Kit, Beads Craft Set for DIY, Art and Craft with Elastic String Cord, Charms and Rings

  • 🌸【25000 pcs Beads Kit】25000 pcs colorful glass beads allow you to design many kinds of bracelet and necklace. 3 mm beads make your handicraft more beautiful.
  • 🌸【36 Color Beads Set】More than 36 kind of color and combining the letter alphabet beads, your design must be a masterpiece with individuation.
  • 🌈【Maximum DIY】Wearing a bracelet or necklace made by yourself, you will be the most outstanding in your life. Make the people around you admire you!!!
  • 🌈【Cultivate Creativity】When making DIY art, your creativity will be promoted. So it is good kids or teenager to cultivate their creativity. And it also help the adults release the stress of work.
  • 🌈【Full Accessories Kit】To meet your need in doing DIY art, we offer you a full accessories kit including a safety scissors, 2 roll of elastic string, 20 lobster clip and 100 rings.

8400pcs Clay Beads and Glass Seed Beads, 24 Colors Flat Beads 6mm for Bracelet Making Kit, AYJIWSER Heishi Beads Kit 3mm DIY Art and Craft with 600 pcs Letter Beads, DIY Accessories

  • 【Clay Beads Dimension】 - Clay beads are about 6mm in diameter, 1mm thick with 2mm inch hole. About 200psc/color, 24 colors to meet your need, total 4800pcs. Glass beads are 3mm, 300pcs/color, 12 selected colors, total 3600pcs. Square letter beads, round letter beads, the holes of the alphabet letter beads are about 1-3mm. Each color in a certain compartment, won’t mixed.
  • 【Eco-friendly Material】 - Made of eco-friendly clay, no harm to human health. Smooth to touch, Bright in color, Safe and comfortable to wear, won’t drop easily. Every product you get from us with strictly control quality. You can wear flat beads as DIY art and craft for a pretty long time.
  • 【No More Tools Needed】- Comes with 4 Roll of color elastic strings(transparent, red, blue, black), each roll is 6 meters/19.7 feet in length, 0.8mm/1mm in diameter(by random). One scissors, contains pendants, jump rings, random letter beads, lobster clasp, etc. Comes with everything you need for bracelets making.
  • 【Multifunctional Beads Kit】- AYJIWSER bracelet beads kit is perfectly for making any DIY jewelry, like necklace, bracelets, earrings, pendants, keychians, key rings, cellphone hanging accessories, holiday decorations. With so many design and colors, you can create lots of unique DIY Craft and send as a gift for family and friends.
  • 【Well-Packed Beads】- All color heishi beads are packed intact. Each color is in its storage box, so won’t be mixed with other beads. Each design of letter is individually in its own compartment, The box is in good quality, so never need worry about damaged or mixed on delivery.

[2022 New Version] MOHARY 35000pcs Glass Seed Beads with 250pcs Alphabet Letter Beads, 2mm Bracelet Beads for Jewelry Making Supplies Kit Craft Set for DIY Art with Elastic String Cord and Charms

  • 🎀【All YOU NEED INCLUDED】 A box of about 35000 pcs 12/0 2mm glass and acrylic seed beads with 48 colors in total, 48 strictly selected popular colors, 50pcs jump rings, 10pcs charms pendants, 1pc beading needle, 1pc tweezers, 2 rolls 0.8mm elastic strings, to meet all your needs for jewelry making.
  • 🎀【BEAUTIFUL COLOR】 We have selected 48 different fashion colors for you, each color is in a small compartment, so you won't mix them together. In addition, we also come with an extra pack of colorful letter beads, black letter beads and colorful smiley beads. Letter beads contain love beads. The number of letter beads exceeds 200 to ensure that each letter contains at least 3-5. Make a unique gift for yourself or your family and friends!
  • 🎀【VALUE PACKAGE】 The same price, you can have more! We intimately equipped all the accessories and tools, no need to purchase additional. The beads of each color are individually packaged to prevent mixing during transportation, so you don't have to worry about any problems. Great value for money, take it away at once!
  • 🎀【WIDE APPLICATIONS】 Suitable for all kinds of exquisite jewelry production, such as bracelets, friendship bracelets, necklaces, anklets, waist chains, glasses chains, key chains, rings or any other handicrafts. It is also good to make ornaments and decorations at home or office s Choice!
  • 🎀【ENJOY DIY】 You can use them to make unique and beautiful bracelets, earrings, necklaces, as special gifts for family, friends and loved ones, but also help to stimulate children's imagination and creativity, and cultivate their control ability and color Collocation and concentration, while keeping them away from mobile phones, computers, etc. Come and enjoy the fun of DIY with us!

10 Strands Bicone Crystal Glass Beads, 6mm Faceted Crystal Beads Charms for Jewelry Making Kit, DIY Bracelet, Rings, Art and Craft with Rolls of Elastic String Cord(900Pcs, Crystal Clear AB)

  • 🤗【SUFFICIENT QUANTITY】: The package comes with 10 stands(900 pcs in total) crystal loose beads, faceted bicone crystal galss Beads are very shiny, are beautiful in color, shape and cut, various for you to choose and match according to your actual needs.
  • 🤗【SIZE OF BEAD】: A glass bead is 6mm(0.23 inch) in diameter, the hole is 1mm(0.039 inch) in diameter.Please make sure these small beads meet your need before placing an order, thank you.
  • 🤗【QUALITY MATERIAL】: These bicone glass beads are made of quality acrylic, odorless and non-toxic, smooth to use and clean, multi-faceted cut and nice transparency, not easy to break or deform, durable for long time
  • 🤗【WIDE USES】: Add brilliant sparkle to your unique jewelry design with top quality crystal beads. Great for DIY your special & unique jewelry, excellent size for suspending small items from delicate necklaces, bracelets, anklets, keyring. You could DIY your handcrafts project for someone.
  • 🤗【NICE GIFTS】: You can prepare these bead pendants for gifts making, create your own personalized jewelry crafts and then send to your friends and family as sweet gifts, showing your love and care

700 Pieces Crystal Rondelle AB Glass Beads Gemstone Faceted Beads for Jewelry Bracelets Necklace Earrings Pendent DIY Crafts Accessories 8 Strands (4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm) (Clear AB Color)

  • ★【Package Included】You will get Approx. 700 pieces of crystal beads (usually MORE than 700 pieces) in 4 sizes.There are 8 strands of crystal beads, 2 strands for each size, strands of the same size have already tied together which make it easy for you to distinguish.The package contains 260 pieces of 4mm(2 stands of about 130 each), 176 pieces of 6mm(2 strands of about 88 each), 134 pieces of 8mm(2 strands of about 67 each) and 136 pieces of 10mm(2 strands of about 68 each).
  • ★【Exquisite Design & Appearances】These crystal faceted glass beads are multi-faceted and evenly cut, featuring glitter and colorful appearances, which are suitable for jewelry making, adding even more inspiration and beauty to your arts and crafts, and you will look more delicate and gorgeous with these shimmering beads.
  • ★【Wide Applications】These crystal AB beads can be widely applied in various jewelry crafts projects, such as bracelets, necklaces, mobile phone chains, car ornaments, curtains, various pendants, animal weaving, head buckles, clothing, shoes and hats and other decorative auxiliary materials.Adequate quantity and rich sizes can meet your various DIY needs.
  • ★【Quality Material】These crystal rondelle beads are made of quality acrylic, odorless and non-toxic,durable and smooth, easy to clean, multi-faceted cut and nice transparency, not easy to break or deform.
  • ★【Great Gift】Delicate design and good quality make them ideal present for those who like DIY. You can give them to your friends who like to DIY and your kids for their little crafts. Also you can prepare these bead pendants for gifts making, create your own personalized jewelry crafts and then send to your friends and family as sweet gifts, showing your love and care.

1700pcs Bicone Crystal Beads 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm Crystal Glass Beads Bulk Faceted Bicone Crystal Glass Beads for Necklace Bracelet Earrings DIY Jewelry Crafts Making Supplies(Clear AB)

  • 【Package include】Each package includes 1700pcs bicone crystal beads in different sizes,which include 500pcs 2mm,500pcs 3mm,300pcs 4mm,200pcs 5mm and 200pcs 6mm bicone crystal beads,which can meet your various needs,enough for your spare and replacement,keep a long time use.
  • 【Quality material and Size】This bicone crystal beads are made of crystalized glass materials.They are sturdy and not easy break,easy to DIY.The crystal bicones beads measure about 2mm/0.078inch around,3mm/ 0.12 inch around,4 mm/ 0.16 inch around, 5 mm/ 0.2 inch around and 6mm/0.24 inch around,sufficient amount and various dimension can meet your various needs.
  • 【Design for DIY】Colors:Clear AB,each bead has AB coating on the surface,very shiny,beautiful and durable.With our crystal bicones beads, you can design your beading chains to suit your style.These bicone crystal beads has a small hole,which makes it easy to add your own chains,pendants to make it simple but elegant,great for DIY making.Great for making your own fascinating jewellery,meet your different need.It will give your DIY jewelry the ultimate touch of beauty, elegance and quality.
  • 【Application】Elegant bicones designed are perfect for your DIY jewelry making projects,you can use these bicones glass beads with other jewellery findings to make fascinating jewellery or beautiful ornament for your daughter,lover,mother or your own artwork.
  • 【Gift】Our faceted bicones beads are great for bracelet,necklace,pendants and other jewelry making - Turn your favorite bracelet,necklace,or beads into beautiful DIY jewelry craft easily with these bicone crystal beads.These DIY jewelry are ideal gifts for your loved one on Christmas,Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Anniversary Day or Birthday.

1300 Pieces Crystal Beads for Jewelry Making Crackle Lampwork Glass Beads Faceted Crystal Glass Beads Bicone Crystal Beads Loose Beads Sparkly Beads for Bracelets Necklace Pendants Making Supplies

  • Safe and Reliable Material: crystal beads for jewelry making are mainly made of quality glass, strong and sturdy, not easy to fade, wear, tear or break, and the surface is smooth and comfortable to touch, so you can use them for a long time
  • What You Are Provided: the package content contains 1300 pieces of crystal glass beads for jewelry making in different colors, styles and sizes, which can support your daily use needs, and you can share them generously with others
  • Detailed Size and Shapes: clear beads are in 3 shapes with 4 different dimensions, whose sizes are approximately 3 mm, 4 mm, 6 mm, 8 mm, various enough to cope with the different size needs when you make crafts
  • Distinctive Design: sparkly beads have different appearance, such as cracked appearance, multiple faceted appearance and so on, and the colors are eye catching and passionate, which will reflect different light in sunshine, presenting distinctive beauty
  • Multiple Applications: glass beads for jewelry making have different applications, such as making necklaces, bracelets, anklets, earrings, wind chimes, decorations, clothing accessories, beaded curtains, hair crafts, etc., to meet your DIY needs

1000 Pieces Crystal Beads for Jewelry Making Faceted Bicone Cube Crystal Glass Beads Bracelet Making Kit Loose Beads Briollete Rondelle Spacer Beads for DIY Bracelets Necklace Pendants Making Supplies

  • Adequate to Meet Your Needs: you will receive 1000 pieces of crystals beads for jewelry making in different styles, including 400 pieces of bicone beads, 400 pieces of briolette beads and 200 pieces of cube beads in different sizes and colors; The quantity and styles are sufficient for you to use and replace, and can easily meet your daily use and other requirements
  • Proper Size for You to Choose: there are 4 different sizes of these crystal jewelry beads, including 200 pieces of about 3 mm, 450 pieces of about 4 mm, 250 pieces of about 6 mm and 100 pieces of about 8 mm, appropriate for you to use
  • Elegant Multi Faceted Design: our mixed crystal beads are multi faceted, glitter under the sun or lights; In addition, there are 3 diverse styles, including bicone, briolette and cube, available with charming colors, such as blue, red, green, purple and more, attractive and beautiful
  • Extensive Applicable Occasions: these crystal glass beads for jewelry making are not only suitable for making handicrafts, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, but also practical for making creative projects, like decorating tassels, key chains, curtain ornaments and other accessories
  • Serviceable and Lasting: each faceted bead is made of quality glass, reliable and sturdy, not easy to deform or break, and can be kept for a long time; The surface of the bead is smooth and comfortable to touch, easy and convenient for you to use
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