Rubie's Bright Color Hairspray, Green

  • Hairspray temporarily adds bright green color to your hair
  • Sprays in and shampoos out
  • 3.5-Ounce aerosol can
  • Fun for dress-up play, costume events, Halloween, and more
  • Add a splash to everyday clothes or a finishing touch to your costume

How To Choose The Best Green Hair Spray

Green hair sprays have been around since the early 1900s, but they didn't become widely used until the 1970s. They were originally created as a means of protecting hair from damage caused by harsh chemicals, but today, they are also used to add colour to hair. This article will take you through the various types of green hair sprays available, and help you decide which ones are best for you.

What Is A Green Hair Spray?

Green hair sprays contain ingredients like aloe vera, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil. These natural oils help to give your hair a fresh scent while protecting it from damage caused by heat styling tools and harsh chemicals. They also protect against dandruff and frizziness. The best green hair sprays for curly hair will leave your curls soft and shiny without weighing down your hair.

Where Can I Find A Good Green Hair Spray?

You can buy green hair sprays at most beauty supply stores, but if you want something more eco-friendly, try making your own! You can make your own green hair spray using essential oils and water. Simply mix equal parts of olive oil and distilled water together until it becomes thick and creamy. Pour into an airtight container and let sit overnight before using. This homemade version of a green hair spray is just as effective as any commercial product, and it smells amazing!

Who Needs A Green Hair Spray?

Hair sprays aren't just for men anymore. Women are using them to add volume to their locks while protecting them against frizz and split ends. But did you know that most hair sprays contain chemicals that could potentially damage your hair?

That's right - most hair sprays contain ingredients such as alcohols, silicones, and fragrances. These chemicals can dry out your strands and cause breakage. Not only does this lead to damaged hair, but it can also result in dull, lifeless hair.

Fortunately, there are green alternatives that are just as effective. Here are three natural products that are perfect for keeping your hair shiny and strong.

Coconut oil has been around forever. It's one of nature's best moisturizers. When applied directly to your scalp, coconut oil penetrates deep into the follicles where it provides moisture and nourishment. It also protects your hair from heat styling tools and UV rays.

Aloe vera gel contains antioxidants that protect your hair from environmental stressors. It also promotes cell renewal and growth. Use aloe vera gel as a conditioner after shampooing to restore shine and softness to your hair.

Rosemary essential oil is another powerful antioxidant. It works wonders on oily hair and adds a fresh scent to your hair. Simply rub rosemary oil over damp hair before blow drying or flat ironing. Then rinse off with warm water.

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The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Green Hair Spray

Hair sprays have become increasingly popular among women. They provide protection against heat styling tools, windy conditions, humidity, and other elements that could damage your hair. Unfortunately, many hair sprays contain harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, phthalates, and parabens. These chemicals may irritate your skin and potentially harm your health. Fortunately, there are natural alternatives available that are just as effective as their synthetic counterparts.

Look for products that do not contain any harsh chemicals. Natural hair sprays tend to be less irritating than their synthetic counterparts. You should also look for products that use plant extracts instead of petroleum based solvents. This ensures that the product won't dry out your hair and scalp.

Consider how often you want to use the product. Do you plan on wearing wigs? Or would you rather wear your hair straight most of the time? If so, you'll probably want to purchase a product that contains a UV filter. This protects your hair from fading and discoloration caused by exposure to sunlight.

If you prefer to style your hair curly, then you'll want to select a product that contains a curl enhancer. Curl enhancers work by making curls appear thicker and stronger. They also prevent frizziness.

Features To Consider When Buying A Green Hair Spray

Green beauty. When you're trying to do something green, there's no better way than using eco-friendly products. That's why we love this new line of hair sprays made with natural botanical extracts instead of petroleum-based chemicals. These sprays smell great and work just as well as traditional hair sprays, but they're kinder to our environment.

Natural fragrance. The scent of these sprays isn't overpowering, so you won't notice them while wearing them. And since they're free of harsh chemicals, they won't leave behind residue either.

Easy application. Since these sprays are alcohol based, they're super easy to apply. Just spritz onto damp hair and style as usual. They won't weigh down your hair or cause frizziness.

No mess. Unlike other hair sprays, these ones don't leave behind sticky residue. Plus, they're biodegradable, so they won't harm the planet.

Versatile. Whether you prefer a light mist or full coverage, these sprays give you plenty of options. Use them on wet or dry hair, straighten or curl, and even add volume to fine hair.

Value. We've found that these sprays cost less than most conventional hair sprays. In fact, they're often cheaper than regular hair sprays! But if you want more bang for your buck, check out our favorite picks below.

Different Types Of Green Hair Spray

Green hair sprays are becoming increasingly popular among women. They offer a natural alternative to traditional blonde highlights. They are also known to give hair a healthy shine. Here we look at some of the top green hair sprays currently on the market.

Hair Spray. This is by far the cheapest option. It is simply a mixture of water and alcohol. It does not smell good and leaves a sticky residue behind. It is also highly flammable. Do not use this unless you really know what you are doing.

Spray Color. This is a clear solution that is sprayed through the roots of your hair. It gives off a nice glow without any added chemicals. It is also safe to use on colored hair. It works well on dark browns and blacks. It is also suitable for redheads.

Color Spray. This is a clear solution that is applied to dry hair. It is meant to be used on lighter colors. It provides a subtle sheen and adds volume to fine hair. It is also safe to use on dyed hair.

Hair Mist. This is a mist that is sprayed directly onto wet hair. It is meant to be used on bleached hair. It helps to restore the original color of the hair.


Amscan Lime Green Hair Spray, 3 oz

  • Package includes: 1 Green Hair Spray - 3oz.
  • Features a temporary green color that will give you a brilliant and vibrant hair
  • Perfect addition to your party costume or outfit
  • Made of non-toxic and hypo-allergenic materials that are safe to use without damaging your hair

JKS Touch Up Spray GREEN, temporary hair color spray powder for Highlights, Ombres

  • Voted multiple years of #1 Best Hair Color Spray Powder by Beauty Salons and Prof. Hair Stylist in USA. Natural ingredients absorb excess oils from hair & scalp, pollutants and odors, leaving hair fresh
  • Easy and Quick to apply and remove the unwanted areas with toilet tissue. Gentle spray powder (not a paint) to create vibrant, temporary Green color
  • Washes out easily, unleash your alter ego. It is NOT a dangerous PAINT Spray like other brands, it is a spray powder.
  • More than double the size of the can and shade selection than other brands. Conforms to VOC regulations of CARB (California air resources board)
  • The perfect shades are created by Famous Hair Stylist. Sulfate free, never tested on animals

Zoner Green Temporary Hair Color Spray

  • Specially formulated temporary hair color in multiple shades
  • No need for use of tints, bleaches or peroxide
  • Will not damage hair

Jerome Russell Halloween Temporary Hair Color Spray - GREEN - Two Pack - Sprays In -Washes Out 2 x 3.5 fl oz

  • Sprays on, washes out of hair
  • Safety tested on children's hair
  • Fun for all ages
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Two 3.5 fl oz cans per order

Temporary Hair Color Green 3 oz. Spray on - Wash Out!

  • Temporary Hair Color Spray 3 oz.
  • Color: GREEN
  • Spray On -- Shampoo Out!
  • Add a Fun New Look!
  • Wash Out & Try Another Color!

Punky Temporary Hair Color Spray, Jaguar Green, Non-Sticky, Non-Damaging Hair Dye Instant Vivid Hair Color, 3.5 oz, 2 Pack

  • Vibrant Spray-On Temporary Hair Color: Rock the hottest hair color trends with no commitment! Amp up your style with a jaguar green hue that easily washes out in one shampoo. Can be used for all-over color or to create accent streaks.
  • Non-damaging & Gentle on Hair: Because it simply coats your hair strands, you can still get a major color playoff safely without having to worry about any damage! You can also choose from a variety of colors, from theatrical to natural.
  • Spray In & Wash Out Easily: Simply spray sparingly for a subtle look or generously for a more vibrant aura. Fuss-free, mess-free, and hassle-free. Long-lasting yet easily rinses out with a single shampoo.
  • Value Pack of 2 Handy Hair Color Spray: This comes in a value pack of two making it great for travel. Suitable to carry around for costume parties, festival seasons, holiday events and more! Perfect complement to any outfit.
  • Trusted By Pros For Ultimate Hair Care: A world leader in the hair color industry with over 30 years of experience. It continues to offer great value products using the highest premium quality ingredients. A go-to for color solutions.

CAI BEAUTY NYC Hair and Body Temporary Color Spray - Green

  • THE GREEN TEMPORARY COLOR HAIR SPRAY made to twinkle up your style at night.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND HIGH-QUALITY, this hair spray highlights your hair with a dazzling green hue and zero commitments!
  • EASY TO USE AND TO REMOVE: Shake before use, spray lightly for a subtle look or add more layers to bring an extravagant look. Easily removable with shampoo and water.
  • SAFE & NON-DAMAGING: This product can be applied on your hair without causing any damage. No need for the use of tints, bleaches, or peroxide.
  • PETA CERTIFIED CRUELTY FREE: Each CAI Hair Spray is Cruelty Free

Continuous Spray Bottle (300ml/10.1oz - Green) Empty Plastic Water Mist Sprayer Ultra Fine Refillable Hair Mister for Styling, Cleaning, Salons, Plants, Misting, Face, Scents & Skin Care (300ml/10.1oz Green)

  • 【Continuous Fine Mist Spray】When it comes to spray bottles, consistency is key! You will get an even, continuous spray of fine mist every single time for complete coverage (even when turned upside down). The mist is so fine that even if you miss and get it on furniture it will dry up almost instantly.
  • 【Light Trigger Pull】Spare your fingers and avoid any pain! Our spray bottles include a light trigger pull for your maximum convenience. Particularly recommended for customers suffering from arthritis.
  • 【Super Quick to Refill】The unique threading of our twist top design allows you to quickly twist the head 180° to remove it and refill it. This is unlike our competitors that will leave you unscrewing the head many times and wasting precious time just to refill the bottle when you could be cleaning your bathroom or styling hair!
  • 【Leak Proof, 360° Spray】Our unique design provides maximum versatility using the option to spray in any angle, while protecting your countertops and surfaces by eliminating any leaks. Keep the water exactly where you want it: inside the bottle and spraying according to your directions!
  • 【Dimensions】300ml/10.1oz. Height: 25cm/9.8inch. Diameter: 5.9cm/2.3inch; made of high quality, eco-friendly PET material.
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