Green Lantern Honor Guard Ring Prop Replica

  • Recreates the Power Ring worn by the exclusive Honor Guard of DC Comics' Green Lantern Corps
  • Cast in silver metal with a green enamel inlay
  • Decorative ridges around the band
  • Available in a men's ring size 11 (not designed to be worn)
  • Packaged in a two-part box foil-stamped with the Green Lantern logo and with protective foam inside

How To Choose The Best Green Lantern Ring

Green Lanterns have been around since 1940, but they didn't become household names until DC Comics introduced their first superhero in 1961. Since then, the character has gone on to become one of the most iconic superheroes ever created, appearing in more than 2, 500 comic books and movies over the years. Nowadays, fans can even dress up as their favorite Green Lantern, thanks to the popularity of cosplay.

But what exactly makes a good Green Lantern costume? And what does it take to make a great one? We've got answers to those questions and more in our buyers' guide to Green Lantern costumes.

What Is A Green Lantern Ring?

The Green Lantern Corps is an intergalactic police force made up of superpowered individuals who protect Earth from evil aliens known as Parallaxes. The Green Lanterns wear special rings that allow them to create energy constructs called "lanterns" that serve as weapons and vehicles for them to fight off the Parallaxes. Each Lantern has his own unique personality and powers, but all of them share some common traits. They are brave, honorable, and dedicated to protecting others. Their rings are powered by willpower and each Lantern chooses their ring color based on what type of person they want to become. For example, Hal Jordan chose green because he wanted to help people and was inspired by nature. He became a hero and served as the first Green Lantern. John Stewart chose red because he wanted to be strong like Superman and fought crime as Red Lantern.

How Does A Green Lantern Work?

Each Green Lantern wears a ring that allows him to control the elements of space and time. To activate this ability, the Lantern must focus his will into the ring and concentrate on using its power. This causes the ring to glow brightly before transforming into a glowing yellow circle.

Who Needs A Green Lantern Ring?

Green Lanterns are heroes of the DC Comics universe. Their powers allow them to fly, shoot light beams, and manipulate gravity. But one thing they lack is a cool costume. Luckily, we can fix that problem with these awesome Green Lantern Rings.

These rings feature a green glow that comes from the wearer's willpower. When activated, the ring glows brightly enough to illuminate the area around its user. These rings are perfect for any superhero fan.

The best part is that these rings are super cheap. All you need is a pair of scissors and a piece of cardboard. Then, cut out two circles using the template below. Next, glue the pieces together to create your very own Green Lantern Ring.

Once you're done, place the ring over your finger and activate it. Now, whenever you think of willpower, you'll see a bright green glow coming from your hand.

This ring is perfect for anyone who wants to be a hero but doesn't have access to fancy costumes. With this simple DIY project, you can become a real-life Green Lantern.

Want to learn how to make other superheroes' costumes? Check out our guide to creating Captain America's shield here.

What do you think of these rings? Let us know in the comments section below.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Green Lantern Ring

If you've ever seen a superhero movie, then you probably have heard about the Green Lantern Corps. These superpowered individuals use their incredible powers to protect Earth against evil forces such as Parallax. He uses his amazing abilities to fight crime and save people. You may even recognize him from the recent blockbuster film Green Lantern.

In addition to fighting bad guys, Green Lanterns also serve as mentors for other superheroes. They teach them how to harness their inner strength and become better heroes. This allows him to channel his anger into powerful blasts of light.

However, just because you see a superhero on TV doesn't mean you should rush out and buy one of those fancy costumes. There are many different types of Green Lantern Rings available. Each type serves a specific purpose. So if you want to learn more about the various kinds of Green Lantern Rings, keep reading.

A Power Ring is used to recharge your batteries. When you wear a Power Ring, you'll receive a constant supply of energy. A Power Ring is usually powered by the yellow sun known as the Central Battery. It provides the energy needed to create the blue force field that protects the wearer from harm.

These rings are great for anyone who needs to stay energized throughout the day. They're especially helpful for athletes who need to perform at their best. Athletes often carry Power Rings to provide them with additional energy.

An Energy Ring is similar to a Power Ring. However, instead of being able to charge up, an Energy Ring recharges your battery. An Energy Ring is typically powered by the red sun known as the Heart of Space. It gives off a steady flow of energy that keeps you going throughout the day.

Features To Consider When Buying A Green Lantern Ring

Powerful battery. The Green Lantern Ring is powered by a powerful battery called the Power Battery. This battery stores enough energy to light up the entire city of Metropolis for months!

Green Lantern Corps membership. The Green Lantern Ring has been given special powers by the Guardians of Oa. These powers allow the wearer to fly, create force fields, shoot blasts of green energy, and more.

Unlimited power. Unlike other superhero rings, the Green Lantern Ring doesn't run out of juice over time. In fact, the ring never needs recharging.

Costume. The Green Lantern Ring looks just like the costume worn by Hal Jordan, who was chosen to become the first Green Lantern. The costume consists of a blue shirt, red pants, boots, and a belt with a large green symbol on it.

Size. The ring fits snugly on the finger. However, if you wear gloves, you may need to cut off part of the glove to fit the ring onto your finger.

Accessories. There are several accessories available for the Green Lantern Ring. Some of these accessories include a helmet, a staff, a pair of goggles, a shield, and a sword.

Battery type. The Green Lantern Ring uses a rechargeable battery. Once this battery runs down, you'll need to replace it.

Replacement cost. The replacement cost for the Green Lantern Ring depends on how many times you've used the ring.

Durability. The Green Lantern Ring is made of durable plastic. However, it does scratch easily. Make sure you clean the ring regularly to prevent scratches.

Warranty. All Green Lantern Rings come with a warranty of 90 days. After this period, the company will repair or replace the ring free of charge.

Different Types Of Green Lantern Ring

Green Lanterns are fictional characters created by DC Comics. Their powers include flight, super strength, energy blasts, and the ability to create constructs. Each character has his own special abilities and weaknesses. One of the main differences between each Green Lantern is their ring. Rings are what give the Green Lanterns their powers. They are worn on the finger and can be charged up through various means. When fully charged, the ring allows its wearer to use their powers.

There are three basic types of Green Lantern rings. Power Rings are the original version of the ring. He was told that he could choose any color he wanted. He chose green because it symbolized hope. His ring had the power to absorb light and convert it into energy. A yellow ring was later added to the collection. It was given to Kyle Rayner by Kilowog. It allowed him to generate heat and fire. Finally, a red ring was added to the collection. It was given to Guy Gardner by Sinestro.

Power Rings. The second type of ring is called a Power Ring. These are essentially identical to the standard Green Lantern ring except that they are powered by willpower rather than light. All Green Lanterns start off with a Power Ring. They can upgrade to a Power Ring by choosing to become a Green Lantern. They can also change their ring colors by charging it up again. The third type of ring is called a Guardian Ring. It is the strongest of the three rings. It gives its user the ability to fly and shoot powerful beams of energy. Only two Guardians ever existed.

Lantern Rings. Lantern rings are the newest type of ring. Green Lantern Rings are made from kryptonite. Kryptonite is a radioactive mineral that weakens Superman's powers. It does the same thing to Green Lanterns. Green Lantern Rings are also known as "power rings." Green Lantern Rings are the weakest of the three types of rings. These are also the easiest to destroy. Any Green Lantern can destroy a Lantern ring simply by touching it.


DC Comics Blackest Night Green Lantern Ring Authentic

  • Green Plastic Adjustable Ring
  • One Size Fits Most
  • Authentic classic comic book styling

Green Lantern Ring Blast Jet

  • Inspired by the new hit superhero film, Green Lantern
  • Hurtling into action at lightning speed is Hal Jordan’s Ring Blast Jet
  • 2-in-1 vehicle instantly transforms from a Turbo Tank to a Jumbo Jet
  • Action and excitement continues with lights, sounds and firing projectiles
  • Includes transforming Green Lantern vehicle and Hal Jordan action figure

Green Lantern Adult Light Up Ring, Green, One Size

  • Join the corps with this officially licensed green lantern costume accessory
  • Light up ring is the perfect finishing touch to your green lantern costume
  • One size fits most adults
  • Look for all the green lantern costumes and accessories to create a fun group or family costume
  • Rubie's costume company is a family-owned business based in new york with more than 60 years experience bringing children and adults the costumes and accessories they want for halloween and year-round dress up

Rubie's mens Dc Comics Men's Green Lantern T-shirt With Eye Mask and Ring Costume Top, Green, Extra Large US

  • Costume t-shirt is a fun and easy choice all year long; parties, dress-up, hanging out and feeling like a super hero, as well as halloween
  • Men's style t-shirt with green lantern print, green eye mask and ring
  • Easy care polyester is machine washable
  • Officially licensed dc comics costume
  • Rubie's has the licensed costumes and accessories that make dress-up fun for children and adults

The Noble Collection DC Green Lantern Prop Ring & Display - Die Cast Metal Ring with 4in (10cm) Display Case - Officially Licensed Film Set Movie Props Gifts Jewellery

  • POWER RING - Created by the Guardians for their Green Lantern Corps, the power ring is often referred to as the most powerful weapon in the universe. This die-cast metal replica of Hal Jordan's ring comes with a cylindrical plastic Green Lantern display stand.
  • DISPLAY SIZE - The ring can be removed from the display, which measures approx 4in (10cm) in height, and is one size only (approx. US 11). A light-up, pliant non-metal version of this ring is also offered by The Noble Collection.
  • FULLY LICENSED COLLECTIBLES, GIFTS & REPLICAS - The Noble Collection has gained an international reputation for products with exquisite design and fine craftsmanship; every DC Comics product we produce is officially licensed and is based on the props and designs used in the DC Universe films and comics.
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DC Green Lantern PVC Figural Key Ring,Multi-colored,1"

  • Made of durable PVC plastic
  • Green Lantern fans will want one
  • One of ten DC characters, collect them all!

DC Colored Green Lantern Pewter Key Ring

  • Colored pewter
  • Sharply packaged
  • Sturdy pewter material

DC Comics Men's Stainless Steel Green Lantern Ring with a Classic Green Enamel Inlay (14)

  • Offically Licensed DC Comics
  • Quality 316L Stainless Steel and Green Resin Enamel
  • Comes with Gift Box Shown.
  • Available in size 8-14

CakeDrake JUSTICE LEAGUE Superman BATMAN Flash GREEN LANTERN Cyborg 24 Cupcake Party RINGS

  • CakeDrake JUSTICE LEAGUE Superman BATMAN Flash GREEN LANTERN Cyborg 24 Cupcake Party RINGS

DC Comics Justice League Green Lantern Logo Ring, Stainless Steel, s. 10

  • Officially Licensed DC Comics Green Lantern Jewelry: With cool, captivating style, this sleek superhero-inspired ring adds a sensational look to any day
  • Standout Style: The gleaming men's ring with a rich green enameled lantern motif makes a bold and unique fashion statement
  • Superb in Stainless Steel: The handsome superhero ring is exquisitely crafted in stainless steel for a classic look; size 10
  • Ready to Gift: Delivered in an authentic DC Comics gift box, the bold green lantern men's ring makes the perfect present for Valentine's Day, anniversaries, groomsmen, ushers, birthdays, graduations, Christmas, Father's Day, or any occasion
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Panwa Jewelry Shop Green Lantern Ring Austrian Crystal Ring Justice League Size 7-14 (7)

  • High Quality and 100% Brand New
  • Ring Weight: Approx 20g
  • Metal : Metal
  • Ring Size(Approx):US 7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14
  • Package includes: 1 pcs

Brass Flat Green Lantern Ring Brass Ring Flat Green Lantern Ring SZ 6-15 US (11)

  • Best original design BRASS new flat green lantern ring gift for friend and yourself
  • Must have beautiful New Flat Green Lantern Ring
  • Special Sale New Flat Green Enamel Lantern Ring 28 x 16 x 25 mm (H x Y x D)
  • Metal: Brass Weight 10 g. (weight may be changed as per the ring size)
  • Size: Available 6-15 US made to the custom order. Size with 1/2, 1/4, 3/4 is possible. **Please leave your ring size**

Green Lantern Ring First T-Shirt

  • Green Lantern Ring First T Shirt is available in adult unisex, kids, or women's sizes. This is a 100% authentic, officially licensed Green Lantern Tee Shirt!
  • Green Lantern is a test pilot-turned-space cop with an emerald power ring appearing in DC Comics. Fighting against foes such as Sinestro, Black Hand, and Atrocitus, Hal Jordan fights for galactic peace alongside the Green Lantern Corps.
  • Lightweight, Classic fit, Double-needle sleeve and bottom hem

JENNIE SHOP New Men's Ring Green Lantern Power Jewelry Gifts (14)

  • Condition : 100% new and high quality
  • Material: 925 Silver
  • Color: Silver Available size: 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
  • JENNIE SHOP values each customer and endeavors to offer an excellent service during the purchase.
  • IMPORTANT NOTES : Any problem please contact JENNIE SHOP to fix problem first

Green Lantern White Logo Silver Plated Adjustable Novelty Ring

  • This charming ring will be the highlight of any outfit and add a touch of whimsy to your costume jewelry collection!
  • The ring is silver plated with the resin-topped design shown. It can be adjusted to fit any finger size.
  • The round design is approximately 0.63" (16mm) in diameter.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Green Lantern products sold by Graphics and More are guaranteed authentic, high quality and officially licensed by Warner Bros. Proudly printed in the USA. GREEN LANTERN and all related characters and elements & DC Comics. (s19)
  • A Graphics and More product.

GRAPHICS & MORE Green Lantern Logo Silver Plated Adjustable Novelty Ring

  • This charming ring will be the highlight of any outfit and add a touch of whimsy to your costume jewelry collection!
  • The ring is silver plated with the resin-topped design shown. It can be adjusted to fit any finger size.
  • The round design is approximately 0.63" (16mm) in diameter.
  • OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Green Lantern products sold by Graphics and More are guaranteed authentic, high quality and officially licensed by Warner Bros. Proudly printed in the USA. GREEN LANTERN and all related characters and elements & DC Comics. (s19)
  • A Graphics and More product.

HANRESHE Green Lantern Power Ring DC Comics Movie

  • Complete your costume or just wear it every day. This ring is perfect for any Green Lantern fan.
  • High quality zinc alloy Green Lantern power ring
  • Ring size: 10

DC Comics Green Lantern Power Rings Emotional Spectrum Power Rings | Includes 9 Adjustable Rings Featuring Each Power Ring Emotion

  • LET YOUR POWER RING SHINE: DC Comics Green Lantern series introduces fans to the Power Rings and the power that they can contain. Each ring represents a color and an associated emotional power. This collection of the Emotional Spectrum Power Rings gives you access to each of these powers!
  • A COLLECTION OF TRUE POWER: This nine piece Power Ring set includes Green (Willpower also used by the Green Lantern), Red (Rage), Orange (Avarice), Yellow (Fear), Blue (Hope), Indigo (Compassion), Violet (Love), White (Life), and Black (Death).
  • CRAFTED FOR WORTHY RING BEARERS: Crafted from durable base metal and finished with a beautiful colored enamel inlay, these rings are suited for any collector of the DC Comics Green Lantern universe.
  • BECOME THE HERO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE: Each ring is designed to be adjustable and fit finger sizes 9-12. Wield the ring that is destined for you and become the Hero (or villain) you're meant to be!
  • OFFICIAL DC COMICS COLLECTIBLE SET: Packaged in a Green Lantern branded clamshell display box, this set of Lantern Corps rings is designed for the DC Comics or Green Lantern fan in your life. Take home this set of officially licensed rings for your collection today!

Body Vibe Green Lantern Green and Black Power Ring (11)

  • Get one giant step closer to harnessing the power to create that adult sized Hot Wheels race track you've always dreamed of when you slip on this officially licensed Green Lantern Green and Black Power Ring
  • You have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps." It's totally normal.

SalesOne LLC DC Comics Green Lantern Power Rings | Lantern Corps Power Rings | 9-Ring Set

  • Let your power shine: The DC Comics Green Lantern series introduces fans to the Power Rings and the awesome powers they contain. Harness your inner strength and imagination with our collection of Emotional Spectrum Power Rings.
  • A collection of true power: This 9-piece Power Ring set includes Green (Willpower, as used by the Green Lantern), Red (Rage), Orange (Avarice), Yellow (Fear), Blue (Hope), Indigo (Compassion), Violet (Love), White (Life), and Black (Death).
  • Crafted for worthy ring wielders: Forged from durable base metal and finished with a beautiful colored enamel inlay, these authentically designed Power Rings are suited for any DC Comics collector and Green Lantern fan.
  • Fulfill your destiny: Each specially crafted Lantern Corps ring is designed to be adjustable and fit finger sizes 9-12. Wield the Power Ring that is destined for you and become the hero (or villain) you were meant to be.
  • Official DC Comics collectible set: Packaged in a branded Green Lantern clamshell display box, this set of Lantern Corps Power Rings is designed with fans in mind. Take home this set of officially licensed DC Comics rings for your collection today.

Kiaka Green Lantern Glow in The Dark Ring. Jessica Cruz Hal Jordan Justice League (8)

  • PERFECT GIFT - any Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, Jessica Cruz or Justice League fan will love this ring
  • GLOWS IN THE DARK - special edition ring glows in the dark!
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  • GIFT IDEAS - for birthday, graduation, Christmas, boys and girls, unisex teen, stocking stuffers easter baskets etc!!!

DC Comics Icon Edge Green Lantern Silicone Ring by Groove Life - Breathable Rubber Wedding Rings for Men, Lifetime Coverage, Unique Retro Design, Comfort Fit Ring - Size 15

  • SIZING - Have a question about what size silicone ring you wear? Check out the sizing guide posted in the images. Inbetween sizes? We suggest you size up. You can also call our customer service department for more assistance! We would love for you to say hi!
  • NO BS LIFETIME WARRANTY - No BS Warranty means you're backed for LIFE. Cut it? Stretch it? Break it? Lose it? We will replace it, no questions asked! Reach out to us for more information.
  • BREATHABILITY - Our rounded interior lessens skin contact while our patented design allows air to flow in an moisture to flow out. Simple as that. No more sweaty finger.
  • COMFORT FIT - Rounded interior lessens skin contact. You won't even know you're wearing it!
  • MEDICAL GRADE - High quality, injection molded, elastomer blend used in hospitals and is safe to wear.
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