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Miabella 925 Sterling Silver Italian Oval Hinged Bangle Bracelet for Women Girls, 6.75 to 8 Inch, Made in Italy (Large - 8 Inches)

How To Choose The Best Jamaican Sterling Silver Bangles

What is the Purpose Of Jamaican Sterling Silver Bangles?

Jamaica has been known for its beautiful jewelry since the early 1900s. In fact, many believe that Jamaica was the birthplace of modern-day fashion. Today, there are several types of jewelry available in Jamaica including gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, pearls, coral, gemstones, and precious stones. One type of jewelry that is popular among women today is the sterling silver bangle bracelet.

How Do Bangles Help Women Look Their Best?

Bangles are a simple way to dress up plain outfits. They give a woman a sense of style and elegance. Not only does wearing bangles help women look their best, but they also serve as a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Wearing bangles gives a woman confidence because she knows that her outfit looks good. She feels confident knowing that she has chosen a piece of jewelry that reflects who she is and what she stands for.

Are Bangles Easy To Wear?

Yes! Most women love wearing bangles because they are easy to wear. All you have to do is slip them on and go. No fuss, no muss. Just put them on and forget about them. There are two main styles of bangles - bracelets and anklet. Bracelets are worn around the wrist while anklets hang from the ankle. Both styles are very versatile and can be worn with almost anything.

Can You Get Them At Any Store?

No matter where you shop, you can get sterling silver bangles. However, most stores sell different designs and colors. Some stores specialize in selling certain kinds of jewelry, whereas others carry a wide variety of products. For example, you can find sterling silver bangles at department stores, specialty shops, online retailers, and discount stores.

Where Can You Find Cheap Sterling Silver Bangles?

Cheap sterling silver bangles are everywhere. You can find them at flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, and yard sales. You can also find cheap sterling silver bangles online. Online shopping offers convenience and ease of access. You can browse through hundreds of options and compare prices.

Is It Worth Buying Quality Sterling Silver Bangles?

Quality sterling silver bangles are worth the money. They last forever and are durable. They are also hypoallergenic which means they are safe for sensitive skin. Many women say that quality bangles are worth the price tag.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Jamaican Sterling Silver Bangles?

Jamaica has been producing high-quality jewellery since the early 19th century. In fact, many believe Jamaica was the birthplace of modern jewellery making. Today, there are several companies manufacturing fine jewellery in Jamaica. However, most of these companies are located outside Kingston. There are only two companies that manufacture fine jewellery within Kingston itself. One company is called West Bangle Company (WBC) which produces both sterling silver and gold bangle bracelets. Another company is called Sterling Silver West (SSW). Both WBC and SSW produce beautiful pieces of jewellery. Let’s take a closer look at each company and see why they are different.

West Bangle Company (WBC)

This company was established in 1892 by Mr. William West. He started his business selling handcrafted silverware and jewellery. His products became very popular among the local community. Soon he began to sell his jewellery to tourists visiting Jamaica. Over the years, Mr. West expanded his business into the production of sterling silver and gold bangle bracelets. Today, WBC is still owned and operated by the family members of Mr. West. Their main goal is to create affordable yet elegant jewellery. They strive to maintain the highest standards of craftsmanship while providing customers with excellent customer service.

Sterling Silver West (SSW)

Established in 1998, SSW is another reputable manufacturer of sterling silver and gold bangle bracelets. Unlike WBC, SSW does not own its own factory. Instead, they contract with factories around the world to produce their jewellery. As a result, SSW is able to offer lower prices compared to WBC. While WBC strives to be environmentally friendly, SSW uses recycled materials whenever possible. For example, SSW uses recycled glass beads rather than plastic ones. Additionally, SSW employs fair trade practices throughout the entire process of creating their jewellery. All employees receive a living wage and benefits. Furthermore, SSW ensures that workers are treated fairly during the production of their jewellery. Finally, SSW believes strongly in supporting small businesses and charities. Therefore, they donate 10% of their profits to charitable causes.

Which Company Will Provide You With Better Value For Money?

Both WBC and SSW are reputable manufacturers of sterling silver and gold bangle bracelets. Each company has its pros and

Features To Look For When Buying Jamaican Sterling Silver Bangle

Jamaica has been known for its beautiful jewelry since the early days of colonization. In fact, many of Jamaica’s most famous pieces of art are actually bangle bracelets. Today, there are still plenty of places where you can get these unique pieces of jewelry. However, finding the right piece of jewelry can be difficult because there are so many different styles available. Here are some features to look for when shopping for Jamaican sterling silver bangles.

Size Matters!

The first thing to think about when choosing a bangle bracelet is the length. Most women wear wristbands between 7-8 inches long. Anything shorter than that tends to look too small. Wrist bands that are too big can look awkward and uncomfortable. If you plan on wearing your bangle everyday, you may want to go with a smaller size. Otherwise, you could end up regretting the decision later.

Material Matters Too!

Another important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a bangle bracelet is the material. There are two main types of materials used in making bangles – solid metal and hollow beads. Solid metal bangles are typically heavier and thicker than hollow ones. Hollow bangles are lighter and thinner which makes them ideal for summertime wear. Both options are very popular among women who enjoy wearing bangles. But, if you are planning on wearing your bangle daily, you may want to opt for a solid metal option. This way, you can rest assured knowing that your bangle will last forever.

Colors Matter!

There are several colors that you can choose from when selecting a bangle bracelet. Black, white, gold, silver, copper, and bronze are common choices. Each color offers a slightly different style and design. Some women love wearing black while others prefer bright colors. Whatever your preference, you can always find a bangle bracelet that suits your taste. Just remember to match your outfit accordingly.

Design Matters!

Bangles come in a variety of designs. From simple geometric patterns to intricate floral motifs, there are endless possibilities. Whether you are looking for a traditional pattern or something modern, you can find a bangle that fits your personality perfectly. Many designers create custom designs based on customers requests. So, if you see a particular design that you really like, ask the jeweler if he/she can customize it for you.

Different Types of Jamaican Sterling Silver Bangles

Jamaica has been known for its beautiful jewelry since the early days of colonization. Today, Jamaica continues to be a source of inspiration for many designers around the globe. In fact, there are several different styles of Jamaican sterling silver bangles available today. Here are three popular ones:

The West Bangle - This style was created by the famous designer, Mr. West. He began his career designing for the Royal family of England. His designs became very popular among the royal families of Europe. After he retired, he moved to Jamaica where he continued to design fine jewellery. His most famous creation is the West Bangle which features a unique pattern of diamonds set into a band of gold. Each bangle comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Mr. West himself.

The East Bangle - Another popular type of Jamaican sterling silver bangles is the east bangle. This style was designed by another renowned jeweler named Mr. Rastafari. He started making these bangles in the 1950’s. The main reason why he chose to create this particular style was because he wanted to pay homage to the culture of Africa. The patterns on each bracelet represent African symbols including the sun, moon, stars, and animals. Some of the bracelets also include beads representing the colors of the rainbow.

How To Care For Jamaican Sterling Silver Bangles

Store your bangles in a cool dry location away from direct sunlight. Keep them stored in a velvet pouch or box lined with tissue paper. Do not store them in plastic bags or boxes.

Do not wear your bangles while swimming or showering. Take them off immediately after bathing.

Wash your bangles gently in warm water with mild soap. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.

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