Johnny B Street Cream 3 Ounces

  • Hold 8/10; Shine 1/10
  • Shape any hair style to a perfect matte finish
  • Pliable cream that adds volume and thickness to style
  • Great for fine hair, can be applied wet or dry
  • Manufacturer warranty included

How To Choose The Best Johnny B Hair Gel

Hair gel has been around since the dawn of time, but not everyone knows what they're doing when it comes to using it. This article will teach you everything you need to know about hair gels, including their benefits, ingredients, and more.

What Is A Johnny B Hair Gel?

Johnny B Hair Gel is a product line created by John Frieda. It was first introduced in 1972 and has been around ever since. The original formula consisted of two parts water and one part alcohol. Today, there are many different types of products available for men and women including shampoos, conditioners, gels, mousses, sprays, and more. All of these products contain some form of alcohol, but what exactly does this mean?


Ethanol is an organic compound made up of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen. Alcohols are very effective at breaking down protein bonds within the hair shaft, making it easier for the chemicals to penetrate into the cuticle and cortex layers of the hair. This makes the hair softer and smoother than before. However, because alcohol is drying, it will make the hair feel dry after using it. To combat this, you should always apply a moisturizing oil over the top of the gel to help seal in moisture.

Who Needs A Johnny B Hair Gel?

But, most modern hair gels contain ingredients that aren't exactly natural. These chemicals strip away moisture and cause dryness. As a result, your hair feels brittle and frizzy. Not only does this look bad, but it makes your hair prone to breakage.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. One of these products is called "Johnny B." It contains natural oils and extracts that moisturize your hair while leaving it soft and shiny. Best of all, it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.

The best part is that it works quickly. Once applied, your hair will start to absorb the oil within minutes. Then, it will begin to shine. After 10 minutes, your hair will actually feel softer than before you started using it. And after 30 minutes, your hair will be completely smooth and silky.

This product isn't meant to replace shampoo. Instead, it's designed to add extra hydration to your hair during the time you wash it. So, use it once every two weeks or so.

It's also worth noting that this product is alcohol free. So, it won't clog pores or damage your scalp. Also, it won't irritate your skin either.

In addition to being effective, this product is affordable. So, you really can afford to treat your hair right.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Johnny B Hair Gel

If you've ever tried to style your hair with a product called "Johnny B, " then you probably noticed how difficult it was to achieve any type of hairstyle. This is because the gel doesn't hold up very well to heat styling tools like curling irons and flat irons. Plus, the gel tends to leave your hair sticky and greasy after use.

Fortunately, there is now a better option available. A company named "Johnny B" recently launched their first line of products called "Hair Gels." These gels have become so popular that they were featured on the cover of Vogue magazine. They even won the title of best hair care product by Cosmopolitan Magazine.

So, if you want to experience the same sleek, shiny locks that celebrities sported on the red carpet, then you should definitely try one of these amazing hair gels. Here are five reasons why you should purchase a quality Johnny B Hair Gel:

Unfortunately, these additives aren't healthy for your hair. Instead, look for products that use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, and aloe vera. These ingredients provide moisture, shine, and conditioning properties to your hair.

You'll find that applying a quality Johnny B Hair Gel takes less than 30 seconds. Plus, the gel dries quickly, making it easy to style your hair.

This makes them incredibly messy to work with. Fortunately, the Johnny B Hair Gel formula contains silicone, which prevents the gel from sticking to your fingers. So, you can easily apply the gel without worrying about getting fingerprints everywhere.

Features To Consider When Buying A Johnny B Hair Gel

Styling options. When you're shopping for a new hair gel, you'll want to make sure you know how many ounces you need. This way, you can pick the right size container for your needs.

Easy application. When you're trying to style your hair quickly, you don't want to spend time searching through multiple containers until you find the right amount of gel. Look for a gel that has a pump dispenser so you can apply just the right amount of gel each time.

Versatile. When you're looking for a versatile hair gel, you'll want to make sure it doesn't dry out your hair. Look for a gel that contains moisturizing agents to prevent damage to your strands.

Smell. When you're using a hair gel, you'll want to make sure it smells nice. Look for a scent that appeals to you.

Storage. When you're storing your hair gel, you'll want to make sure it stays fresh. Look for a gel that keeps its fragrance strong even if stored in warm temperatures.

Value. When you're buying a hair gel, you'll want to make sure you're getting a good deal. Shop around online to compare prices on different brands and sizes.

How do you store your hair gel? Share your tips in the comments section below!

Different Types Of Johnny B Hair Gel

Johnny B Hair Gel is a brand name hair care line created by the company Johnny B. Goode. It was originally released in 2003 and quickly became a huge success. Since its release, the brand has expanded to include a wide variety of products including shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, and even deodorant. All of the products are formulated to give you healthy hair without weighing it down.

The original formula consisted of three main ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, and Jojoba Oil. Today, the formula includes four main ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. Each ingredient plays a specific role in keeping your hair soft and shiny. For example, coconut oil helps moisturize your scalp and keep it hydrated. Shea butter provides shine and conditioning properties. And jojoba oil keeps your hair smooth and frizz free.

There are two main types of Johnny B Hair Gel. One is the Original Formula and the other is the Advanced Formula. Both formulas are suitable for every day use. The difference between the two is how much moisture each formula adds to your hair. The Advanced Formula gives you added volume and texture while the Original Formula does not add any extra volume.

Below we will go through each of the different types of Johnny B Hair Gels and explain what makes them special. We will also tell you which ones are best suited for everyday use and which ones should be reserved for special occasions.

This is the original formula that came out with the launch of the brand. It consists of three main ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea butter, and Jojoba oil. The combination of these three oils creates a rich lather that leaves your hair feeling silky soft. It also protects your hair against heat styling tools and UV rays. The Original Formula works well for everyday use.

This is the advanced formula that was introduced later on. It uses four main ingredients instead of three. The four main ingredients are Coconut oil, Shea butter, Jojoba oil, and Vitamin E. The Advanced Formula is better suited for those who want to style their hair frequently.


Johnny B All Day Hold Fuddy Matte Gel 12 Ounces

  • 8/10 hold to keep hair in place all day
  • Create a stylish modern look quick and easy
  • Incredibly thick, fast-drying gel for ready-to-go application
  • Alcohol-free gel to preserve moisture in your hair
  • Unique matte finish with strong hold

Johnny B Trick Styling Glue 16 Ounces

  • Hold 10/10; Shine 10/10
  • Water and sweat resistant to keep your hair styled under all conditions
  • Perfect for spiking or slicked-back styles
  • Johnny B.'s strongest hold styling product for maximum hold
  • Manufacturer warranty included

Johnny B Dope Texture Gel 3 Ounces

  • Hold 8/10; Shine 8/10
  • Half-gel, half-pomade for a gel's hold with none of the "crunch"
  • Mold difficult hair, straight or curly, to a precise yet effortless finish
  • Water-soluble to be washed out easily
  • Strong hold and texture

Johnny B Mode Lucky Boy Styling Gel 12 Ounces

  • Hold 5/10 ; Shine 8/10
  • Same intensely thick formula as our Mode gel, ideal for medium to thick hair
  • Alcohol-free formula creates the appearance of thicker hair
  • Reactivate or restyle by adding water to hair once product has dried
  • Medium hold for volume with nice scent

Johnny B King Mode Styling Gel 12 Ounces

  • Hold 5/10; Shine 8/10 King Mode Gel is Johnny B’s best-selling product!
  • King Mode is our classic Mode with a new scent and non-staining purple tint
  • Intensely thick, no-flake formula perfect for medium to thick hair
  • Alcohol-free formula creates appearance of thicker hair

Johnny B Mode Styling Gel 32 Ounces

  • Hold 5/10; Shine 8/10 Mode Gel is Johnny B’s best-selling product!
  • Intensely thick, no-flake formula perfect for medium to thick hair
  • Alcohol-free formula creates the appearance of thicker hair
  • Reactivate or restyle by adding water to hair once product has dried

Johnny B Control Styling Gel 3.3 Ounces

  • Hold 6/10; Shine 8/10
  • A versatile gel that is ideal for all hair types
  • Alcohol-free formula hydrates and resists flaking
  • Perfect as a cutting agent for haircuts

Johnny B Clash Hair Fixative 3 Ounces

  • Hold: 9/10 Shine: 5/10
  • Part pomade, wax, and clay for supporting extreme hold styles, like mohawks
  • Maximum hold with lower shine than gels for sleek but textured hair
  • Oil-based heavy duty hair fixative

Johnny B Smooth Cream Gel 16 Ounces

  • Hold 4/10; Shine 4/10
  • Half gel, half mousse formula adds volume weightlessly
  • Perfect for lighter styles where you want natural waves or curls to show through
  • Best for defining and boosting the volume of fine hair
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