The Original Kabbalah Red String Bracelet from Israel - Red String Bracelet Pack 60 Inch Red String for up to 7 Evil Eye Protection Bracelets - Prayer, Blessing & Instructions Included!

  • ★ The ORIGINAL KABBALAH RED STRING PACK from ISRAEL - This is the official Kabbalah Red String bracelets package you get in Israel. The Red String is wrapped around Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem, then packaged with prayer and instructions. This is one long 60 Inch Red Thread (not individual pieces). Other red strings are just pieces of red wool string - so beware!
  • ★ SIXTY (60) INCHES of PROTECTION! GET UP TO SEVEN (7) PERSONAL KABBALAH BRACELETS - This is a long Red wool string 60 Inches in length and will easily fit up to Seven (7) individual Kabbalah bracelets so you can cut it to fit Men, Women and Kids' wrists. The Red String will be tied on the left wrist while its providing positive energy and protection, but will eventually fray and fall off - it's okay, it's supposed to do that. These Red String bracelets are suitable for Women, Men and Kids.
  • ★ RED STRING BRACELET WEARING INSTRUCTIONS, PROTECTION BLESSING & BEN PORAT PRAYER Included! - Each package includes the 60" Red thread, wearing instructions, the "Aleph Lamed Daled" protection sequence of letters and the Ben Porat Yosef prayer you say when wearing your red string bracelet. Wear the string on the left wrist and have it tied on by someone who loves you, while reading the prayer on the package.
  • ★ RED STRING BRACELET POWER & YOUR EVIL EYE PROTECTION BRACELET - In Kabbalah the Red String protects from any influence of negative energy called "Evil Eye". Tie the Red String on the left wrist, the receiving side of the body and soul, sealing protective energy within and stopping negative influences. The Red String connects us to Rachel The Matriarch, who represents protection in the physical realm.
  • ★ 100% NO QUESTIONS MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! - We stand behind our brand and provide a 100% full money back guarantee. Unhappy with your Kabbalah Red String bracelets pack, for any reason, we refund your purchase! When you complete your order you will also receive our Kabbalah guide that explains the concept of wearing the Red String and Kabbalah protection technology.

How To Choose The Best Kabbalah Red String

Kabbalah is a spiritual practice based around Jewish mysticism. The word itself means 'to receive' or 'receive'. Today, it is still practiced by millions of people worldwide.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what exactly Kabbalah is, and why it is such a powerful tool for personal growth. We will also show you how to get started with this amazing practice, and how to use it to help yourself become more positive, happy, healthy and successful.

What Is A Kabbalah Red String?

Kabbalah red strings are made from 100% cotton yarns dyed using natural dyes. The colors vary between shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, white, grey, pink, brown, and cream. Each color has its own unique properties; some are more calming than others. They are all beautiful and make wonderful gifts for yourself or someone else!

Who Needs A Kabbalah Red String?

Kabbalah red strings are one of the most popular gifts among Jewish women. But do these special bracelets really offer any real benefits?

The answer is yes! These unique jewelry items actually contain powerful spiritual properties. They were created specifically to enhance the wearer's spirituality and self-confidence. And they can help you achieve success in every area of your life.

Many people think that wearing a kabbalah red string makes them look religious. However, this isn't true. Religious symbols aren't necessary to wear a kabbalah red string. All you need is a belief in God and a desire to improve your spirituality. Then, simply wear the necklace around your neck whenever you feel inspired.

Wearing a kabbalah red string doesn't mean you must stop being secular. On the contrary, it gives you permission to express your faith through fashion. After all, religion shouldn't be limited to church services and prayer meetings. Fashion should be included as well.

There are two main reasons why you should start wearing a kabbalah red string today. First, it can help you develop greater confidence. When you wear a kabbalah red string, you send a message to the universe that you believe in yourself. Second, it can help you attract positive opportunities into your life.

When you wear a kabbalah red string, you create a connection with the divine source of all creation. As a result, you become more open to new ideas and opportunities. You begin to see things differently. Your perspective changes. You gain a sense of peace and calmness. And you begin to manifest the things you truly desire.

In addition to helping you feel better, a kabbalah red string can also help you succeed in all areas of your life. Wearing a kabbalah red string can increase your ability to focus. It can help you overcome obstacles and challenges. And it can help you build strong relationships.

As long as you wear a kabbalah red string, you'll experience amazing results. Whether you're interested in improving your career, your love life, or your finances, wearing a kabbalah red string can help you achieve anything you set your mind to.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Kabbalah Red String

Kabbalah red strings have become increasingly popular among people who practice Kabbalah. They are believed to bring about positive changes in one's life by connecting them with their higher self. These special strings are usually used to connect two points together. For example, they may be used to connect the hands of a person sitting in meditation. Or they may be used to connect the palms of the hands of a person praying.

However, many people do not understand how to properly use these special strings. This results in frustration and disappointment because they think that the strings were meant for something different. When buying a Kabbalah red string, it's very important to purchase a quality product. A quality Kabbalah red string should be soft and flexible. It shouldn't break easily. It should also be able to withstand repeated washing.

If you want to learn more about Kabbalah red strings, visit . You'll find everything you need to know about Kabbalah red strings here.

Features To Consider When Buying A Kabbalah Red String

Kabbalah red string. The Kabbalah Red String is a special type of Kabbalah jewelry that has been blessed by a rabbi. This blessing makes this piece unique and powerful. Each piece of Kabbalah Red String is made using only natural materials such as wood, silk, cotton, leather, and silver. These pieces are handmade in Israel and are available in various lengths.

Blessing. Before each piece of Kabbalah Red String is created, it must first be blessed by a rabbi. During this process, the rabbi prays over the item and blesses it. Afterward, he writes his signature on the bottom of the piece. This ensures that the piece is protected and keeps evil spirits away.

Powerful protection. Because the Kabbalah Red String is blessed, it protects its wearer from negative energies. In addition, wearing this necklace provides spiritual strength and peace of mind.

Unique design. Unlike other types of Kabbalah jewelry, the Kabbalah Red String doesn't have any religious symbols. Instead, it features beautiful designs inspired by nature. The Kabbalah Red String is perfect for anyone who wants something simple and elegant.

Easy care. Since the Kabbalah Red String isn't covered in religious symbols, it's easier to clean than most other types of Kabbalah jewelry. Simply wipe off dirt with a damp cloth.

Versatile. While the Kabbalah Red String is ideal for women, men can wear it as well. Just remember to remove the chain if you plan on wearing it while working out.

Different Types Of Kabbalah Red String

Kabbalah red strings are a special kind of string that was created by Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi. He believed that each letter of the Hebrew alphabet represents a specific energy. When combined together, they create a powerful healing force. Each color represents a different element and each color corresponds to a different chakra. For example, blue represents the throat chakra, green represents the heart chakra, yellow represents the solar plexus chakra, orange represents the sacral chakra, purple represents the root chakra, and white represents the crown chakra.

The idea behind creating these strings was to use them to heal yourself. By placing them on various parts of your body, you can balance your chakras and bring about positive changes in your life. Here are some examples of how you could use them.

This string helps to clear negative energies from your throat chakra. It can also help you speak up for what you believe in. It can also help you overcome fears and phobias.

This string helps to open your heart chakra. It can help you feel love and compassion towards others. It can also help you forgive those who have hurt you in the past.

This string helps to open your solar plexus chakra. It can help you release anger and frustration. It can also help you stay focused and motivated.

This string helps to open your sacral chakra. It can help you connect with your intuition and spirituality. It can also help you let go of old habits and patterns.

This string helps to open your root chakra. It can help you ground yourself and become aware of your emotions. It can also help you accept change and grow spiritually.


Protection Evil Eye Bracelet - Lucky Hamsa Hand Charm - 7 Inch Sterling Silver Jewelry - Best Kabbalah Red String Bracelets for Women

  • ★ AUTHENTIC RED STRING WEAVED INTO STERLING SILVER BRACELET - This is a real Red Kabbalah String from Rachel Tomb in Israel, that is weaved into a 925 Sterling Silver link chain bracelet.
  • ★ SILVER HAMSA HAND CHARM ON 7" BRACELET - The 7" bracelet includes an elegant 925 Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand charm 0.5" in length.
  • ★ EVIL EYE PROTECTION BRACELET - The Red String protects from the influence of negative energy, called "Evil Eye".
  • ★ HANDMADE KABBALAH JEWELRY in COTTON POUCH - Handmade by MIZZE Made for Luck and packaged in a natural cotton pouch.
  • ★ 100% FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: MIZZE Made for Luck Jewelry stands behind our brand and provides 100% full money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your Kabbalah String Bracelet, for any reason, please contact us!

Gifts From Jerusalem Red String Kabbalah Bracelet With Hamsa and Eye

  • Gifting: perfect for Christmas gift, Chanukah Hanukkah Hanukah gift, great for party favor and goodie bag or seating card
  • Hamsa with eye charm to ward off the Evil Eye and bring Luck and Success
  • Adjustable size Sliding Knot closure, Macrame style in bright traditional RED color
  • Comes with traditional prayer card (Hebrew and English transliteration)

Coolrunner Lot - 12 Kabbalah Red String Bracelets Evil Eye Jewelry Kabala Charm Fashion Bangle (Red 12)

  • Wearing a thin red string as a type of talisman is a way to ward off misfortune.
  • Size Informatin: Mini girth of red string - 17cm, max girth of red string - 33cm. Can be adjusted between 17cm-33cm. Fit for hand size between 17cm-33cm(Please measure your wrist size before purchasing).
  • Best Gift: this is best gift for your family, give your family bring the wealth health and good luck.
  • Easy to Use: Pull the knot on both sides to adjust the red string size as your desire(As the picture shows).
  • 100% Satisfied: If you have any issues, please contact us; we will solve it for you within 24 hours.

Coolrunner Good Luck Kabbalah Red String of Faith Rope Bracelet

  • Good Luck Kabbalah Red String of Faith Rope Bracelet.
  • Wearing a thin red string as a type of talisman is a way to ward off misfortune.
  • As per Kabbalistic tradition, it supposedly receives side of the spiritual body. Also believed to bring about fertility for women.
  • Mini girth of red string - 17cm, max girth of red string - 33cm. Can be adjusted between 17cm-33cm. Fit for hand size between 17cm-33cm(Please measure your wrist size before purchasing).
  • Easy to use: Pull the knot on both sides to adjust the red string size as your desire(As the picture shows).

Naz Collection Red String Bracelet Heart Bracelet Gold Plated Kabbalah Protection Love Friendship Bracelets For Women Men Girls Boys Best Friend Pinky Promise Mother Daughter Sister Matching Couples Bff

  • Red String Bracelet - Gold Plated Heart Charm - Gold Plated Stoppers - Adjustable String with 11" max length 5.5" min length
  • MADE IN USA: High Quality and Handmade - Made In USA
  • STYLISH: Minimalist Fashion Style - The video tutorial is available on the detail page
  • HEART STRING BRACELET: A Beautiful Gift For Women Men Girls Boys Baby Kids Best Friend Couples Pinky Promise Mother Daughter Sister Matching Couple Bff Bracelets
  • OUR PROMISE: 30 days Products Refund and Exchange Guarantee. We treat our Customers like Family and our Customer Service comes from Heart.

Rimobul Handmade Kabbalah Lucky Red String Bracelet (7)

  • Bring the wealth,health,love and good luck
  • Gently wear it on your wrist to avoid destroy(please refer to the picture)
  • Dimention:7"(Length) * 1/8"(Dia)
  • Come with a Rimobul coaster

Treasure4U-store 5 Mixed Kabbalah Red String Bracelets Evil Eye Protection with Hamsa Hand and Star of David

  • Set of 5 Mixed Kabbalah Red String Bracelets Evil Eye Protection with Hamsa Hand and Star of David
  • Powerful amulet against the Evil Eye
  • Red string bracelet on the wrist it's a wonderful way to draw positive energies, success, health and good luck into your life
  • Length: approx. 20 cm - Clasp type: Lobster - Material: Nylon string
  • Comes in a fancy gift bag

Original Kabbalah 12 Red String Bracelet - Pack of 5 - Protection against Evil Eye and Misfortune, 100% Authentic Woven Cotton from Rachels Tomb, Israel. Includes Ben Porat Blessing and Instructions

  • ✡ ORIGINAL RED STRING PROTECTION BRACELET - This Original Red String Bracelet is a powerful amulet for protection against Evil Eye and negative energy. According to the Kabbalah, envy from others and evil eye prevents us from reaching our full potential. The Red String talisman helps restrict negative energy that we send out and helps shield against negative energy toward us.
  • ✡ EACH PACKAGE CONTAINS: 5 Original Kabbalah Red String Bracelets and the Ben Porat Blessing in English and Hebrew. Each Red String Bracelet is 12 inches in length, long enough to adjust to the wearer. This powerful Red String Amulet and blessing is suitable for adults and children. The Red String is 100% Stirdy Woven Cotton.
  • ✡ MEANINGFUL GIFT FOR ANY OCCASION – The Traditional Red Kabbalah String Bracelet is a fun, inexpensive and a profoundly meaningful gift for you or your loved ones, a symbol of purity and protection. Suitable for any occasion; Christmas, New Year's, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day, children's birthdays, graduation or just because. Each package includes 5- 12” Red String Bracelets.
  • ✡ INSTRUCTIONS AND EXPLANATION: The package includes detailed instructions for wearing the Red String and a comprehensive explanation of the philosophy behind it. The Red String was blessed at Rachel's Tomb between the Holy Cities of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in Israel.
  • ✡ 100% RISK FREE, SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - The Red String Amulet Bracelets are made of natural pure cotton and are comfortable wearing. They do not cause allergic reactions. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can simply return your Kabbalah Bracelets and get a full money refund. Order now to get your powerful Talisman Evil Eye protection.

5 Kabbalah Red String Bracelets blessed in Jerusalem with King Solomon Profusion Seal Seal Amulet

  • 3 Kabbalah red strings bracelet set with King Solomon Profusion Seal Amulet. Before making purchase please check the Kabbalah red strings bracelet definition.
  • Kabbalah Red String Bracelet is usual wool red string, USUAL RED YARD, but it have been blessed at Rachel's Tomb and includes the protective power.
  • This set includes: 5 Red String Bracelets, 1 special booklet with the prayer and instructions, 1 card with King Solomon Profusion Seal
  • The King Solomon Profusion Seal includes the names of angels that help people to attract profusion and success. It increases financial profit, respect and profusion at work (recommended for business people). It also helps in maintaining focus on the course of business and protects against distractions, which may cause illusions.
  • Approximately length of each String: 12-13 inch, Size of the card: 3.3x2.1 inch, it designed in same size like credit card, so you can put it in your wallet all the time you need it.

MagiDeal Red String Kabbalah Evil Eye Charm Bracelets for Protection and Luck Adjustable Hand-Woven Red Cord Thread Friendship Bracelet Amulet Jewelry (red eye)

  • Wearing red kabbalah CySILI string bracelets brings you protection, success and good luck. It will be a great amulet for you
  • This red rope bracelet is 100% handmade CySILI and braided by experienced workers. It is made by soft string and alloy. Simple and dainty accessories are suitable for everyone.
  • The length can be adjusted from 5.5” to up to 8.66”
  • gift for your friend, family, classmates, etc.
  • 90 DAY GUARANTEE POLICY: If you are CySILI not satisfied with the products, you can get money back or return it without any reason. So please feel free to order.

Coolrunner Good Luck Kabbalah Red String of Faith Rope Bracelet (2 PCS) (Dark Red)

  • Good Luck Kabbalah Red String of Faith Rope Bracelet
  • It is worn as a bracelet or band on the left wrist
  • Wearing a thin red string as a type of talisman is a way to ward off misfortune
  • As per Kabbalistic tradition, it supposedly receives side of the spiritual body
  • Also believed to bring about fertility for women

6 Pieces Summer String Bracelets Red Bracelet Red Cord Bracelet Adjustable Kabbalah Red Knot String Bracelet Amulet for Protection, Evil Eye and Good Luck for Friendship

  • Package you can get: you will receive 6 pieces Kabbalah red string bracelets , enough quantity provide for you to wear or send to your friends and families, nice accessories for New Year, Christmas, Mother's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day
  • 7 Knots string bracelet: each bracelet designed with 7 knots, and with vibrant red color, there's string at each end that you can stretch the size, so it's very easy to wear, it will find favor with women and girls
  • Meaningful present: this red string amulet with profound implications, expressing people's desire to expel bad luck, and bring good luck and wealth to themselves, it is a wonderful gift to share with your friends or families, deliver your sincere wishes to them
  • Adjustable size: the mini girth of each red cord bracelet is 17 cm/ 7.7 inches, and its max girth is 33 cm/ 13 inches, fit for hand size between 17 - 33 cm, the length of the rope can be adjusted according to the size of your wrist, you needn't to worry about the bracelet falling off
  • Durable and lightweight: this Kabbalah red knot string bracelet is handmade, so it is very hard-wearing and delicate, and it will not exert burden on your wrist for its lightweight material

Kabbalah Red String Bracelet Protection - Red Bracelet For Protection - Red Bracelets For Women - Friendship Love Bracelets - Best Friend Charm Bracelets - Chinese Protection Bracelet For Women - Red bracelets - Pulseras Rojas De Proteccin Para Mujer

  • Meaning: kabalah red thread bracelet is a representation of protection, good luck, strength, faith and connection. A Symbol of purity, bravery and generosity. It’s believed it removes unwanted energy. Wearing red bracelet remind you that you are protected, safe, loved and there is nothing to fear.
  • History: Kabbalah Red String Bracelet is not religion, but rather a school of thought. Red Bracelets originated from Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and Asian. Throughout history the red bracelet has been worn for protection , good luck, and as a symbol to protect against the evil eye.
  • Handmade in USA: This Waterproof kabalah red strings bracelet is made of High Quality Materials - Red Adjustable Elastic String And Silver Color Metal Heart Charm. Fitted with adjustable knots on each side. Instructions how to adjust the bracelet are included.
  • Fashionable and Practical Design: This Red Bracelet for women with a beautiful silver color metal heart charm has elastic adjustable string that makes it very easy to put on and take off your wrist. Other red string bracelets can be difficult to put on and take off by yourself. It can be adjusted from 5" min length and around 8" max length. Feel comfortable all day. Wear it while exercising, traveling or to parties. This red bracelet for protection is made for daily wear.
  • Beautiful gift: This heart red string bracelet kabbalah can be presented as a gift of Friendship, Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mother's Day and for everyday wear to protect yourself and loved ones. This simple and dainty design of red string kabbalah is suitable for everyone.
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