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How To Choose The Best Kada Bangles Silver

What is the Purpose Of A KADA BANGLE?

Kada Bangles are traditional Indian jewelry which has been worn since ancient times. In India, these bangles are known as "kadai" (meaning bangles). Kadai are traditionally worn during festivals and special occasions. Today, kadais are still popular among women who wear them daily. Women love wearing kadais because they are very versatile and easy to match with different outfits. There are many types of kadais available today. Some are plain while others are studded with stones and crystals. Each type of kadai has its own unique style and design.

How Do Kadais Look Like?

The most common form of kadais are those that are simple and plain. They are mostly made of silver metal. However, there are also kadais that are made of gold, brass, copper, etc. Most kadais are round in shape. But there are also square shaped ones too. The length of the kadais varies depending on the wearer's height. For example, shorter women generally wear short kadais while taller women wear long ones.

Where Can I Get Them Made?

There are several places where you can get kadais made. One of the best places to shop for kadais is online. Online shopping offers convenience and ease. You can browse through hundreds of designs and styles and select the one that suits you perfectly. Another good option is going to local shops. Many stores sell kadais directly to customers. You can ask the store owner to customise the kadais according to your preferences.

Are Kadais Easy To Wear?

Yes! Kadais are extremely easy to put on. All you have to do is slip them onto your wrist. Once you've done that, you can go ahead and enjoy wearing them. Unlike earrings, kadais don't require any additional accessories to be worn. So, you can wear them alone or along with other pieces of jewellery.

Can I Customize My Own Kadais?

Of course! You can customize your own kadais. Just tell the person making them what kind of kadais you'd like. He/she will create a design based on your specifications. Then, he/she will send you a picture of the finished product. After seeing the photo, you can decide whether you like the design or not.

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality KADA BANGLE

Kada Bangles are very popular among women these days. They are available in different designs and colors. There are many types of bangles which include silver bangles, gold bangles, copper bangles etc. Each type has its own unique features and benefits. Here are some important points to be considered while choosing a particular style of bangles.

First thing to check is whether the bangles are genuine or fake ones. Fake bangles are cheap and low-quality products. Genuine bangles are high-end products and are manufactured with good craftsmanship. So, always go for genuine bangles.

Check the material of the bangles. Some bangles are made of plastic whereas others are made of metal. Metal bangles are durable and last long. However, they are heavy and difficult to carry around. Plastic bangles are light weight and easy to wear. But, they are prone to breakage.

How To Select The Best KADA BANGLES

There are several factors to take into consideration while selecting the best bangles. Let us discuss each factor briefly.

Material - Check the material of the bangles. Do not opt for bangles made of plastic. They are cheaper but are prone to breaking. Instead, go for bangles made of metal. They are strong and durable.

Design - Consider the design of the bangles. Round bangles are perfect for everyday use whereas square bangles are ideal for

Features To Look For When Buying A Kada Bangles Silver!

Kadai bangles are a popular choice among women who love wearing jewelry. Kadas are available in different designs and styles. Some of these include traditional Indian style, western style, modern style, etc. There are many types of bangles which vary according to the type of material used. Most of the bangles are made of metal, glass, plastic, stone, etc. However, there are few bangles which are made of leather, cotton, silk, etc. In addition to the design, the quality of the product plays a major role while choosing a kada bracelet. Here are some features to look for when buying a kada bangles silver.

Material Used

The most important thing to check when purchasing a kada bracelet is its material. Metal bangles are very durable and long lasting. They are easy to maintain and wash. However, they are heavy and require proper care. Glass bangles are light weight and easy to carry around. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Plastic bangles are lightweight and water resistant. Leather bangles are strong and last longer than others. Cotton bangles are breathable and soft. Silk bangles are elegant and classy. So, depending upon your needs, you can select the right kind of bangles.


Another factor to be considered while selecting a kada bracelet is its design. Traditional Indian style kadas are simple yet beautiful. Western style kadas are trendy and fashionable. Modern kadas are designed with unique patterns and colors. Whatever the design, ensure that it suits your personality and lifestyle.


While shopping for a kada bracelet, always remember to measure your wrist properly. Make sure that the length of the kada fits comfortably. Too short or too long a kada could cause discomfort. Ensure that the width of the kada matches your hand perfectly. Too wide a kada could slip off your arm.


Colors play a vital role in making a kada bracelet attractive. Different shades of gold, silver, black, white, red, blue, green, yellow, pink, orange, purple, brown, grey, etc., are available in the market. Select the color based on your preference.


Select a kada bracelet which complements your outfit. Whether you wear jeans, skirts, dresses, shorts, pants, leggings, t-shirts, tops, bl

Different Types Of Kada Bangle Silver

Kadas are traditional Indian jewelry which has been worn since ancient times. Kadas are generally made of silver and gold. There are different kinds of kadas available in the market. Some of these include plain kadas, kadas with stones, kadas with beads, etc. All these kadas are very popular among women. Women love wearing kadas because of its beauty and elegance. However, there are many styles of kadas available in the market. So, choosing the right kind of kada is important. Here are some tips to help you select the best kada for yourself.

Types Of Kada

Plain kadas - Plain kadas are simple pieces of jewelry. They are mostly worn by young girls. Girls wear plain kadas during festivals and religious ceremonies. These kadas are generally made of pure silver. They are quite easy to get hold of. But, they lack style and grace.

Beaded kadas - Beaded kadas are beautiful pieces of jewelry. They are mainly worn by middle-aged women. These kadas are made of pure silver. They are decorated with small round glass beads. These beads give the piece a unique appearance. They are perfect for parties and special occasions.

Stone kadas - Stone kadas are another type of kada. They are made of pure silver. They are decorated with semi-precious gemstones. These gems enhance the overall appearance of the kada. They are suitable for both formal and informal events.

Tips To Make Your Own Kada Look Unique

Here are few tips to make your own kada look unique. First, decide upon the color of the kada. Then, think about the material of the kada.

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