Mane 'n Tail Herbal Gro NATURAL CONDITIONER FOR HAIR & SCALP Pomade 5.5 Ounce

  • PROMOTES stronger, healthier, and shinier. Product is a Pomade style item, medium to soft hold
  • HELPS STOP BREAKAGE as well as prevent breakage and split ends
  • REVITALIZES, strengthens and moisturizes dry, damaged and relaxed or colored hair
  • GET MORE Nourishment and conditioning for your scalpe
  • DIRECTIONS: After shampooing and Conditioning, apply and massage into hair and scalp. Use as often as desired or needed. Style as usual.

How To Choose The Best Mane N Tail Conditioner

Mane n' tails have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They are great for keeping your horse's coat shiny and healthy, but they also make grooming easier than ever before. However, finding the right products to use can be tricky. This article will help you understand what makes a good conditioner, as well as give you tips on choosing the best one for your horse.

What Is A Mane N Tail Conditioner?

Mane n tails are long strands of hair that grow at the base of horses' tails. They are made up of two parts - the mane and the tail. The mane is the top part of the horse's tail, while the tail is the bottom half of the tail. There are many different types of manes and tails, but all of them need to be cared for properly. This includes keeping the mane and tail healthy and shiny.

The best way to care for your horse's mane and tail is through regular grooming. Grooming will help remove dirt and debris from the coat, making it easier to see any problems that may occur. It will also make the coat look cleaner and shinier. You should groom your horse every day, whether he needs it or not. If you don't groom him regularly, his mane and tail will become dirty and dull looking.

There are several products available to help maintain the health of your horse's mane and tail. One product that is especially helpful is a conditioner. Manicure and pedicure kits come with everything needed to give your horse a thorough cleaning.

Who Needs A Mane N Tail Conditioner?

Mane n tails are one of the most common grooming problems for horses. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. With the right products, you can easily prevent these issues before they start. Here’s how to do it.

Before you begin conditioning, make sure your horse has been groomed properly. Use a shampoo formulated specifically for horses. Then use a comb to remove any mats and debris from his hair. Make sure he gets a thorough brushing to ensure that all dirt and dust is removed. Finally, apply a water based conditioner to his coat. Be careful not to overdo it though. Too much product could cause dandruff.

Once you’ve applied the conditioner, wait until it dries completely before applying another layer. Don’t add extra product to areas where you already have enough. Doing so can lead to buildup and clumping which makes it harder to brush out.

After applying the conditioner, brush him thoroughly. Using a soft bristle brush, gently brush through his entire coat. Pay special attention to his face and neck area. These are two places where matted hairs are likely to form.

When you’re finished brushing, rinse your horse off using warm water. Gently pat dry with a towel. Avoid getting water directly on his skin. Instead, wipe down his legs and belly. This prevents moisture build up which leads to matting.

Horses naturally shed hair. As long as you’re ridding your horse of excess oil and dirt, he shouldn’t require additional drying time after washing. However, if you notice excessive shedding, you can speed up the process by blowing dry. Blow dryers aren’t recommended for horses due to the risk of overheating. Instead, blow dry with a fan.

To avoid matting, repeat the above steps once per month. Remember to follow the instructions carefully. Otherwise, you could end up causing damage to your horse’s coat.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Mane N Tail Conditioner

Mane n tails have become increasingly popular among horses of all ages. They provide many health benefits such as improving coat shine, softening hair, and protecting against fly strike. However, they can also cause damage if used improperly. This is why it's so important to purchase a quality product from a reputable company. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

Look for products that are labeled "mane n tail" or "mnt." These terms indicate that the product contains natural oils derived from plants. Natural oils are gentler on the skin and scalp than petroleum based products. Petroleum based products can dry out the skin and scalp, leading to itchiness and flaking. Products containing natural oils are gentle and safe for sensitive skin.

Avoid products that contain parabens. Parabens are synthetic preservatives that may cause allergic reactions in people who are prone to allergies. Parabens are found in most commercial shampoos and conditioners. Look for products that do not contain parabens.

Avoid products that contain sulfates. Sulfates are harsh detergents that strip away essential oils and moisture from the hair. Sulfate free products leave the hair soft and shiny.

Avoid products that contain alcohols. Alcohols are drying agents that can strip away essential oils and moisture from the hair. Look for products that do not contain alcohols.

Avoid products that contain silicones. Silicone based products tend to clog pores and create buildup. Look for products that do not contain silicone.

Avoid products that contain artificial colors or fragrances. Artificial colors and fragrances can irritate the eyes and nose. Look for products that do not contain any artificial colors or fragrances.

Always read the ingredient list on the bottle of shampoo or conditioner. You should never use anything other than the recommended amount. Too much of a good thing can be just as bad as too little. A little goes a long way.

Features To Consider When Buying A Mane N Tail Conditioner

Moisturize. The first step toward keeping your hair soft and shiny is to moisturize it properly. That means using a quality shampoo and conditioner. But if you've got dry, brittle hair, you may want to add a conditioning treatment to your routine.

Deep moisture. Deeply moisturized hair feels smooth and silky. And it looks great! Look for a conditioner that contains oils and emollients to deeply hydrate your hair while protecting against damage caused by heat styling tools.

Conditioning. After applying a deep moisturizer, you'll want to apply a conditioning treatment to seal in the moisture. This will prevent split ends and frizziness.

Hair type. There are two types of hair: fine and thick. Fine hair tends to be more prone to breakage than thicker hair. That's why it's important to know how to care for each kind of hair. Fine hair needs special attention during the summer months, when humidity makes it even drier. Thick hair doesn't need as much maintenance, since it already has plenty of natural oils.

Length. Long hair requires less maintenance than short hair. However, there are still ways to give your hair the right amount of TLC. Short hair gets tangled easily, so you'll need to brush it regularly to remove tangles.

Age. As you age, your hair becomes thinner and weaker. That's why it's important to take proper care of your hair as you grow older. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to protect your hair from environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution.

Color. Darker colors tend to absorb more sunlight than lighter shades. That's why it's important to use a lightening shampoo and conditioner to maintain color vibrancy.

Texture. Hair texture varies depending on where it grows on your head. Wavy hair is usually softer than straight hair. Curly hair is often coarser than straight hair. Ask your stylist about the best way to style curly hair.

Different Types Of Mane N Tail Conditioner

Mane N Tail Conditioner is a grooming product specifically designed to keep your horse’s hair healthy and shiny. It helps prevent tangles and flyaways by adding moisture to the coat. It also protects against damage caused by environmental factors like sunburn and windburn. It is important to use a quality product when caring for your horse’s coat. A good quality product will last longer and look better than cheap alternatives.

Conditioning Products. Conditioning products are designed to add shine and luster to your horse’s coat. They are especially useful for horses with long coats. Long coats can easily become dry and dull due to the environment. Conditioning products help protect against this problem by keeping the coat soft and supple.

Moisturizers. Moisturizers are designed to hydrate the skin and coat. Mane N Tail Conditioners are particularly helpful for horses suffering from winter weather conditions. Winter weather can lead to dryness and chapping of the skin. Moisturizers help alleviate this problem by providing extra protection.

Tail Deep. Tail Deep is a conditioning product designed to give your horse’s tail a smooth finish. It works well for horses with short tails. It provides added protection against flies and dirt getting stuck under the tail.

Deep Moisturizer. Deep Moisturizer is a conditioning product designed to soften the coat and reduce shedding. It does this by increasing blood flow to the skin. It is especially effective for horses with sensitive skin.


Mane 'n Tail Moisturizer Texturizer Conditioner for Thicker healthier Looking Hair & Coats 12 oz (543226)

  • A GENTLE pH balanced formula provides optimum body, shine and manageability
  • MICRO-ENRICHED protein formula fortified with moisturizers and emollients that condition leaving coat, mane and tail soft and shiny
  • USE REGULARLY to enhance coat, and hair health and appearance
  • EXCLUSIVE formula for a renewed, lustrous healthy look that helps prevent hair breakage and split ends.

Mane 'n Tail Moisturizer Texturizer Conditioner for Thicker Healthier Looking Hair and Coats Gallon

  • Nourishes and conditions hair and skin to aid healthy hair growth leaving a lustrous, silky look
  • Exclusive protein enriched amino acid formula with unique properties that condition and strengthens, preventing hair breakageMoisturizes to help eliminate itching and scaling caused by common external irritants.

Mane 'n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner for Dry, Damaged Hair 12 oz (TOMAN004)

  • For healthy, shiny, manageable hair
  • The actual product may be different than product image
  • Increases elassticity and form
  • No buildup
  • Fortifies with natural proteins and vitamins

Mane N Tail Herbal Gro Conditioner, 12 Ounce

  • MOISTURIZES and conditions, leaves hair shiny, silky, and healthy looking
  • FORMULATED WITH NATURAL HERBS and olive oil complex; nourishes, strengthens and fortifies from root to tip
  • MICRO-ENRICHED PROTEINS help prevent breakage, frizz and split ends
  • SAFE for Colored, permed, relaxed and chemically treated hair
  • Proudly Made in the USA by Straight Arrow Products Inc

Mane N Tail Conditioner, 16 Ounce

  • For dry and damaged hair.
  • Suitable for most hair types.
  • Helps promote full bodied, strong and flowing hair.

Mane 'n Tail Conditioner 32 oz

  • An exclusive original, highly concentrated formula.
  • For thicker, healthier looking hair.
  • For thicker, healthier looking hair.
  • An exclusive original, highly concentrated formula with a unique action that helps to maintain and achieve a longer, healthier-looking mane, tail and hair.
  • The Original Mane 'n Tail Conditioner can be used as a leave-in or rinse-out based on hair type and desired look.Results can be seen after one application.

Mane 'N Tail Combo Deal Shampoo and Conditioner, 32 Fl Oz (Pack of 2)

  • Apple Blossom Scent, REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR: rejuvenate weak, thin, or damaged hair or dry scalp. Formulas that have been proven to improve scalp and health.
  • Mane 'n Tail Condition for Thicker, Healthier looking hair. Also can be used as a leave in conditioner for added hydration
  • 32oz Bottle sizes for a big value! Keeps hair tangle free and corrects drying caused by the elements
  • Pet or Human use approved. We do not test on Animals.

Mane N Tail Color Protect Conditioner, 12 Oz

  • Safe for all hair types, specially formulated for color treated hair.
  • Micro-enriched proteins strengthen and condition while instantly detangling.
  • Helping to repair dry, damaged hair.

Mane 'n Tail Original Shampoo & Conditioner,16 oz each

  • 1 - 16 oz bottle of Conditioner
  • 1 - 16oz bottle of Shampoo
  • A shine-enhancing shampoo for all hair types
  • Cleans hair while smoothing and adding shine
  • cleansing agents fortified with moisturizers and emollients

Mane N Tail Mane'n Tail Gentle Replenishing Conditioner, 12 Oz

  • Gentle cleaning and replenishing system.
  • Restores, revitalizes and reconditions for a naturally clean scalp.
  • Healthier, silkier feeling hair.

Herbal-Gro Shampoo 27.05oz & Conditioner 27.05oz

  • Herbal-Gro Shampoo benefits: Gently cleanses, leaves hair shiny, silky and healthy looking
  • Herbal-Gro Conditioner benefits: Moisturizes and conditions, leaves hair shiny, silky and healthy looking
  • Micro-enriched protein formula that is designed to prevent breakage, frizz, and split ends, leaving hair stronger and longer.
  • Safe for relaxed, permed, color or chemically treated hair.

Mane N Tail Mane 'n Tail Herbal Gro Conditioner 27.05 Oz

  • Moisturizes and conditions, leaves hair shiny, silky and healthy looking.
  • Formulated with natural herbs and olive Oil complex.
  • Nourishes, strengthens and fortifies from root to tip.

Mane 'n Tail Original Formula For Thicker Fuller Hair 16 oz (3 Pack Conditioner)

  • REPAIR DAMAGED HAIR: rejuvenate weak, thin, or damaged hair or dry scalp. Formulas that have been proven to improve scalp and health.
  • Helps to detangle hair, eliminate frizz and add manageability while increasing elasticity and strength
  • Floral Apple Scent, Keeps hair tangle free and corrects drying caused by the elements
  • Use Mane 'n Tail Condition for Thicker, Healthier looking hair. Also can be used as a leave in conditioner for added hydration
  • Pet or Human use approved. We do not test on Animals.

Mane 'n Tail Micellar Conditioner Biotin Infused, Creamy White, 11.2 Ounce

  • VEGAN FORMULA, created with vegan-friendly ingredients.
  • SILKY, SHINY, STRONG HAIR...creamy conditioning “milk” detangles, moisturizes, and infuses hair with MICELLAR WATER, ENRICHED PROTEINS and ESSENTIAL VITAMINS to help build and strengthen, while encouraging soft supple curls or straight smooth tresses.
  • BIOTIN (B-7), to help create healthier hair with essential vitamins proteins that revitalize and fortify strands, while encouraging hair growth by keeping hair stronger and longer.
  • BREAKAGE REDUCTION by imparting detangling properties during both the shampoo and conditioning steps, a process that will also reduce split ends.Conditioner may be used as a leave-in.

Mane 'n Tail Spirit Untamed Conditioner 11.02 Oz Caramel Apple Scent Gentle, Mild For Every Day Use as a Leave In Conditioner (1 Count)

  • SPIRIT UNTAMED: Discover the Spirit of great hair with this Mane ‘n Tail Spirit Untamed Conditioner
  • CARAMEL APPLE SCENTED: Kids will love the playful caramel apple scent of this conditioner
  • COCONUT OIL SOFTNESS: Contains coconut oil to moisturize and strengthen kid’s weak hair
  • SHINIER, HEALTHIER-LOOKING HAIR: Biotin infused into this shampoo adds strength and leaves hair with shine
  • USE AS LEAVE-IN: For extra conditioning use as a leave in treatment on kid’s hair GENTLE, MILD FOR EVERYDAY USE: Use daily to maintain the look and feel of healthy hair with added moisture
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