H&W 24 Colors 5mm Fuse Bead Set for Kids, Add 4200 Crafting Melting Beads, Color Number & Supply Refill Bag, 2 Tweezers, 2 Big Peg Boards, 5 Ironing Paper, Parts(WA1-Z1)

  • 【Colors】:24 colors fuse beads, Satisfying needs for creative work without having to pick the colors one-by-one
  • 【Bead Size】: Diameter 5mm
  • 【Assistant Tool】: 1)Pegboards x 2 2)Ironing paper x 5 3)Tweezers x 2 4)Parts button x 25 5)Mini hoop x 10 6)Gluewater x 1 7)Pin x 5
  • 【Gift Parts】:1)Key ring x5 2)Chain x5 3)Mini hoop x10 4)Plastic button x5 5)Pin x5
  • 【HOW TO SUPPLEMENT THE FUSE BEADS?】:Type ''fuse beads'' and the color number of the beads you want in Amazon's Search Tool then you would get the matched beads!!!!!

How To Choose The Best Melted Perler Bead Bracelet

Perler beads have become increasingly popular over recent years, but they aren't always easy to work with. This tutorial shows you how to melt your own beads using a heat gun, making them easier to use than traditional ones.

What Is A Melted Perler Bead Bracelet?

The process involves melting the perler beads together into a solid shape, and then stringing them onto a cord or chain. This gives the bracelet its unique look. You can make many different designs using this technique!

Where Can I Buy A Melted Perler Bead Bracelet?

You can find these beautiful bracelets at any craft store. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, and are perfect for both boys and girls.

Who Needs A Melted Perler Bead Bracelet?

Perler beads are wonderful things. They're made of plastic coated glass rods which are heated until soft enough to bend easily. Then, they're dipped in colored resin before being shaped into whatever design you'd like. Once cool, they harden into beautiful shapes.

But sometimes, you just can't wait for them to dry. Sometimes, you just want to wear them right away. And sometimes, you want to melt them down and turn them into jewelry.

The problem with melting down perlers is that the heat causes the colors to run. But, luckily, there's a solution. All you need is a pair of pliers and a bit of patience.

Start by holding one end of the bead in each hand. Now, gently squeeze the ends together while pulling apart. This will cause the bead to break off from its original shape. Next, place the broken piece back on the table. Repeat this process until you've removed every last drop of color.

Now, grab another bead. Hold it in your hands again. Squeeze the two sides together. Pull apart slowly. When you do, you'll notice that the bead breaks off cleanly. Place it back on the table. Continue doing this until you've removed every last drop of color. Finally, use your fingers to smooth out any rough spots.

Once you're done, take a look at your finished product. Does it look like anything special? No? Good. Because now it's time to add some color!

Grab a new batch of beads. Dip them in the same color as the previous batch. Let them sit for a minute or two. Then, carefully remove them from the water. Use your fingers to smooth out any rough spots. Set aside.

Repeat these steps until you've created a rainbow of colors. Once you're done, simply string them onto a length of chain. Add a clasp if desired. Your bracelet is ready to wear!

This technique works best with clear beads. However, if you prefer opaque colors, you can still create a similar effect using black acrylic paint. Simply dip the beads in the paint. Allow them to dry completely before removing them from the paint.

As long as you follow the above instructions, you'll have a unique bracelet that looks nothing like anyone else's. And that makes it perfect for showing off your individuality!

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Melted Perler Bead Bracelet

Bead bracelets have become very popular lately. They come in many different shapes and sizes. From simple round ones to intricate designs, they are available in every color imaginable. You can even find them in various materials such as plastic, wood, metal, glass, etc. There are so many choices that it can sometimes seem overwhelming. So how do you decide which one to buy? Let's take a closer look at some things to keep in mind when buying a bead bracelet.

Look for a reputable company. A reputable company should offer their products through a brick and mortar location. This means that you can visit the company's website and see if they ship internationally. If they do, then you'll know that they are legitimate. Shipping times vary depending on where you live. For example, I live in California, so my shipments usually arrive within 2 weeks. However, if you live somewhere like New York City, it could take up to 6 weeks.

Check the reviews. If you read lots of negative reviews, then you might want to think twice about buying the product. On the other hand, if you read lots of positive reviews, then you know that the product is probably safe to purchase.

Ask questions. Ask the seller any questions that you may have regarding the product. Make sure that you understand exactly what you are getting. Do they provide free samples? Are they willing to send you pictures of the finished product? How long does it take to receive the order? These are just a few examples of questions that you should ask.

If you follow these steps, then you won't end up regretting your decision to purchase a bead bracelet. After all, you should never go into debt to pay for something that isn't worth it!

Features To Consider When Buying A Melted Perler Bead Bracelet

Budget friendly. When you're shopping for a bracelet, you'll want to make sure you pick something affordable. Check the price tag and compare prices on different styles and materials.

Easy to wear. When you're trying to decide between two bracelets, think about how comfortable each style is to wear. Does one fit well? Is there enough room for your wrist? Do both bracelets slip off easily?

Quality. When you're buying a bracelet, you'll want to make sure it's made of quality material. Look for bracelets that are durable and won't break over time. And, make sure the bracelet has been heat sealed, which means it was heated to melt the plastic together.

Fun. When you're picking out a new bracelet, you'll want to make sure it's fun to wear. Think about colors, patterns, and designs. What do you love most about the design? How does it feel against your skin?

Safety. Before you start wearing your new bracelet, make sure it's safe for you to wear. This includes checking the label to make sure no chemicals were used during manufacturing. Then, read the instructions carefully to make sure you know how to care for your bracelet.

Wear comfortably. When you're deciding between two bracelets, think about how you plan to wear them. Will you wear them while exercising? While working out? At school? In bed?

Try on several options. When you're considering purchasing a bracelet, take the time to try on several options. Make sure they fit properly and that they're comfortable to wear. Don't forget to test out the clasp!

Different Types Of Melted Perler Bead Bracelet

Beads are small pieces of glass that are heated up and then molded into shapes. They are commonly used by artists to create jewelry designs. Melted Perler Bead Bracelets are also used by crafters to decorate items such as bracelets and necklaces. They are inexpensive and versatile making them perfect for crafting projects.

Perler Beads are a newer version of traditional beads. They are created by heating plastic coated paper until it melts. Then it is rolled into balls and allowed to cool. When cooled down, the resulting shape resembles tiny beads. They are sometimes referred to as "melted" perlers due to the fact that they melt when heated. Melted Perler Bead Bracelets are very soft and malleable allowing them to easily mold into any design imaginable.

Melting Perler Beads are a fun craft project. They are simple to use and can be done with children. Melted Perler Bead Bracelets are also fairly cheap. You can purchase them at most craft stores or online. These are perfect for creating custom jewelry.

Bracelet Beads. Similar to melting perler beads, bracelet beads are simply round beads that have been heated up and shaped. These are usually made from polymer clay. Polymer Clay is a material that is formed into various shapes and colors. It is often used to create jewelry.

The main difference between melting perler beads and bracelet beads is that melting perler beads are harder than bracelet beads. These are also less flexible. That means that they cannot be bent or twisted. On the flip side, bracelet beads are softer and bendable. These are also cheaper than melting perler beads. They are also more durable since they are made from materials that are stronger than those used to make melting perler beads.

If you are looking to add some color to your life, consider adding some melted perler beads to your next craft project. Melted Perler Bead Bracelets are incredibly versatile and can be used to create anything from jewelry to home décor.


LITTLE VISIONARY 30,000 Fuse Beads - Deluxe Hama Bead Kit Includes 6 Pegboards, Tweezers, Ironing Paper, Travel Case (30,000)

  • FUSED BEADS GALORE - Everything you and your child need to enjoy hours and hours of crafting fun. The supplies in our set include 30,000 beads (including 5 different glow in the dark colors and 3 glitter colors), 6 different pegboards, 2 sets of tweezers, 30 pieces of iron paper, and a carrying case with stacking trays. Works great with Perler beads.
  • EASY ORGANIZATION AND STORAGE - This fuse bead kit comes organized and ready for fun with an easy to carry, stack-able storage case. Stop fussing with other beading kits on Amazon that have removable dividers; our container keeps the beads in their proper tray.
  • IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES - If you can think it than you can create it with this art and craft set. Let your imagination run wild by creating animals, vehicles, buildings, or your favorite TV or movie characters; the possibilities are almost endless. This is the perfect addition to your Perler bead kit.
  • BEADING HAS MANY DEVELOPMENTAL BENEFITS - Young children can benefit in so many ways from arts and crafts like beading. From increasing creativity and fine motor skills to visual perception skills all the way to cognitive and math skills. This kit is not only tons of fun, but very rewarding and educational.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason at all, please contact us directly and we will offer a full refund with no questions asked. What do you have to lose?

Water Sticky Beads,Uspacific Fuse Beads 21 Colors 4200 Beads Magic Spray Water Fuse Beads with Whole Set Accessories Art Crafts (4200)

  • The water sticky beads are made of non-glue and PVA materials.The water beads are super viscous and sticky, the finished work after adhesion can be kneaded and bent without breaking.
  • The package includes 4200 water beads in 21 colors.That is to say you are getting an all-in-one bundle, you don’t need to buy anything extra, just enjoy it as soon as it is arrived.
  • The water bead become sticky when it meets water, no need ironing, no need heating. Colorful, beautiful, fun and easy to apply. Due to its DIY characteristic, the water beads are deeply loved by children as it allows creation of different cute patterns. The colorful water beads support a variety of styling designs, 2D or 3D models.
  • Water fuse beads are a must-have educational toys that develop children’s abilities in terms of Logical and mathematical thinking, creativity, eye-hand coordination, collaboration, color perception, and concentration while playing. It encourages kids to bulid the world in their minds, to express their understanding of the world through various patterns and colors. Most importly, it is also a great toys to keep kids eyes away from the screen.
  • The water beads are a great choice for kids to make gifts for parents, family members, friends or classmates on birthdays, christmas or any other festivals. In this material society, preventing children from looking at the people and things around them with materialized vision, encouraging children to express their respect, friendship and love through their labor and heart is also an indispensable educational method.

24000 Fuse Beads, 24 Color 2.6mm Tiny Mini Fuse Beading Kit with Pegboards Ironing Paper for Party Craft

  • Non-Regular Tiny Beads. It’s a great crafts for family fun
  • Perfect for making cartoon figures and christmas ornaments
  • The pegboard allows children to easily create intricate designs
  • Simply place melty beads on a peg board in any pattern, place ironing paper over the beads and fuse the beads together with an iron
  • Package Includes 24000 Beads in 24 Colors and 2 Tweezers 3 pegboards 5 ironing papers 10 key rings 10 straps

Fashion Angels DIY Tell Your Story Alphabet Bead Case (12355). 800+ Colorful Charms and Beads. Screen-Free Arts and Crafts and Jewelry Making. Great Gift or Reward. Inspiration Guide and Instructions

  • PROMOTES SELF-EXPRESSION - Show your personality, express what you feel, or wear your story on your wrist with the Fashion Angels bracelet letter beads set. With black, white and metallic color letter beads, you can design bracelets that are unique and personalized.
  • MAKE 15+ BRACELETS- With this 800+ Bead Set. Wear your story on your wrist when you design a message or name bracelet using the many different styles of alphabet and colorful roller beads included in this bead kit.
  • BRING IT EVERYWHERE YOU GO - The letter bracelet beads set includes a storage box with compartments to keep everything organized and handy. Bring this to camp or sleepovers and your friends will surely be delighted.
  • HOURS OF FUN ACTIVITY - This large bead collection includes 800+ alphabet and solid color beads that are enough to make 15 bracelets or more. Invite girlfriends over and create fun friendship bracelets that are unique to your friend group!
  • WHAT'S INCLUDED - A variety of beads, cording, a plastic storage case, and an instructional sheet. Recommended for boys and girls ages 8 and up.

Fuse Beads, 25,000 pcs Fuse Beads Kit 26 Colors 5MM, Including 127 Patterns, 4 Big Square Pegboards, 1 Heart Pegboards, 1 Flower Pegboards, Ironing Paper, Tweezers, Beads Compatible by INSCRAFT

  • 25,000 Fuse Beads 26 Colors: 25,000 fuse beads in 26 different colors, including 2 fluorescence color. The colorful beads will help your little one spend time in a creative way and develop its artistic expression and coordination.
  • 127 Full Size Patterns, All The Accessories You Need: Comes in 4 big square pegboards, 1 Heart Pegboards, 1 Flower Pegboards, 10 Ironing paper, 127 full size patterns, 5 tweezers, 10 cute eyes, 5 colorful hooks, 6 jingle bells, 5 tassels, ropes and key rings.
  • Best Gift for Your Kids: This fuse bead kit has a convenient and beautiful box package. This is a best toy for boys girls kids grandson students; perfect for birthdays, christmas, festivals, indoor/outdoor activity and any holiday.
  • Safe and Reliable: The fuse beads are completely non-toxic and kid friendly. It ensures safety and health.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: Confidence comes from high quality and our continuous pursuit for perfectness. If you feel dissatisfied, we promise you a replacement or an immediate refund.

FunzBo Fuse Beads for Kids Craft Art - 106 Patterns Fusebead Melty Fusion Colored Arts and Crafts Set for Boys Girls Age 4 5 6 7 8 Year Old Classroom (Mega)

  • 🌈【 Hours of Fun 】 Have a blast with arts and craft with melt fuse pop beads! Have the parent child bonding moments that you need!
  • 🌈【 Vividly Colored Beads 】 Each set containing 23000 beads with 22 different color variations to ensure that you got all the colors you need!
  • 🌈【 Discover Creativity 】 With lots of possible combinations and design, witness your child's creativity flourish and imagination fly!
  • 🌈【 Amazingly Easy to Play 】 Simply create your desired design or follow the free design that comes with the fuse bead set then Iron and viola!
  • 🌈【 Premium Quality 】 Each Fuse Bead is made with materials that comply with international standards because your child's safety is our priority!

FunzBo Fuse Beads Craft Kit - 111 Patterns Melty Fusion Colored Beads Arts and Crafts Pearler Set for Kids - 5500 5mm Bead 9 pegboards for Boys Girls Age 5 6 7 Classroom Activity Gift (Large)

  • 🌈【 Hours of Fun 】 Have a blast with arts and craft kits with melt fuse pop beads! Have the parent child bonding moments that you need! This fuse beads also suitable of jewelry making kit for adults or as a games for family game night.
  • 🌈【 Vividly Colored Beads 】 Each set containing 5500 beads with 21 different color variations and bead organizer to ensure that you got all the colors you need in this crafts, perfect supplies for kids!
  • 🌈【 Discover Creativity 】 With lots of possible combinations and design, witness your child's creativity flourish and imagination fly!
  • 🌈【 Amazingly Easy to Play 】 Simply create your desired design or follow the free design that comes with the fuse bead set then Iron and viola!
  • 🌈【 Premium Quality 】 Each Fuse Bead is made with materials that comply with international standards because your child's safety is our priority!

20 Pieces 5mm Fuse Beads Pegboards Clear Plastic Pegboards Craft Tray with 20 Pieces Colorful Cards, 4 Pieces White Beads Tweezers, 10 Keychains, 10 Hang Ropes, 20 Hang Circle for Kids DIY Craft Beads

  • Quantity: Package includes 20 pieces of fuse beads pegboards with 20 pieces colorful cards, 10 keychains, 10 hang ropes, 20 hang circles,4 pieces white beads tweezers.
  • Material: Fuse beads pegboards are made of premium plastic, light but durable, not easy to break, you can play with your kids to enjoy a happy time together.
  • Multi Shapes: The package includes boy, girl, star, cat, elephant, heart shape and more shapes as pictures shown, enough quantity and shapes of plastic pegboards for your kids to make their own craft works.
  • Creativity: Kids use these clear plastic pegboards to create craft project according to their ideas, which can develop their hands-on ability, color recognition ability, thinking ability, imaginative ability.
  • Widely Used: Wonderful gifts for your kids on birthday, holiday or party, easy to use, you can play with children to have fun, which will add affection between you.

Meland Fuse Beads Kit - 11,000 pcs 36 Colors Fuse Beads Craft Set for Kids Including 5 Pegboards, Ironing Paper & Chain Accessories Iron Beads Christmas Birthday Gift

  • 11,000 pcs 5MM Fuse Beads Kit with 36 Different Colors, Comes Everything You Need for A Creative and Fun Play. Meland multicolor fuse beads craft includes 5 pegboards, 2 white tweezers, 1 large ironing paper, pattern design booklet, 5 colorful plastic hooks and keyrings, 5 chains and ropes. Lots of accessory pieces and various colors means more creative artwork possibilities.
  • Making Your Own Unique 3D Artwork Creations as Decorations and Adorable Accessories. Making a 3D pattern is conductive to cultivate children's spatial stereoscopic awareness, which also better exercises the children`s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Make a bunch of adorable creations for unique artistic expression and uses it as bag accessories, cute chain or keyrings, pendant, party favor or house decorations.
  • An Interactive Game for Kids Group Activity & the Whole Family Nights. Turn the children's attention away from the electronics and develop their own concentration on the crafts work. A great way to witness your kids creativity flourish and imagination fly. Suitable for many kids play together and experience the fun of sharing and exchange ideas with each other. Have a great time on her/his own favorite design and enjoy the outcome.
  • Kid-safe & Premium Plastic Material without Chemical Coating. Meland Fuse beads Kit (known as other melty beads iron beads) are designed to be melt, which won’t cause a strong melting plastic smell as well as make your masterpieces color last longer.
  • Amazing Gift Idea for Boys & Girls Who Love Arts and Crafts Work Aged 5,6,7,8,9,10 Years Old. Meland craft beading kit comes with a beautiful gift box. Perfect as a Christmas, New Year, birthday or other prize gift for your little artists

MotBach 7pcs 5mm Large Fuse Beads BoardsClear Plastic Pegboards for Kids Craft Beadswith 4 Large Square Fuse Beads Boards3 Circular Pegboardswith 2 Bead Tools1000pcs Mixed Color Fuse Beads

  • Package includes 7 pcs 5mm fuse beads board, including 4 pcs square fuse bead boards(size:5.5*5.5inch/14*14cm) and 3 pcs circular pegboards(5.5inch/14cm in diameter), with 2 bead tools and 1000pcs fuse beads
  • The interlocking design built to create a larger surface, and they have tabs to be able to lock together to make huge project
  • Great for girls and boys of all ages to improve manual deterity, creativity and imagination, coordiantion, color recognizing, ability of practice and thought, etc.
  • Provides a cozy playing time, help promote mutual feelings between parents and your little girls and boys during the process of
  • Clear and feature interlocking teeth for easy use, mixed vibrant colored fuse beads to create unique patterns as you like, great gift for DIY lovers and little boys and girls

Longruner 10000, 36 Colors Fuse Beads Kit 5mm DIY Art Craft Toys for Kids with 4 Pegboards, 60 30 Pattern Paper| B, 10000pcs

  • ❤All fuse beads kits in One Set❤ 10000pcs fuse beads with 36 colors,including Pattern booklet (60 different 1:1 full sized patterns+30 patterns paper), ruseable iron paper, shape pegboards and tweezers. Colorful fuse beads kits comes with all accessories to develop kids’imagination and handcraft ability. Make learning more interesting.We also provide extra patterns for you, just let us know if you need it.
  • ❤Have Endless Fun paying Iron beads❤ your kids will have fun paying fuse beads in endless time and happiness. From playing, iron beads for kid increases kids’ understanding of 2D & 3D world, enrichs children's imagination and creativity. Develop kids’ handcraft ability and colors cognition.It is especialy for kids aged 6,7,8.
  • ❤Safe and friendly Fuse Beads for our kids❤ 5mm fuse beads, larger than common one and can easier to pick up. Smooth edge of beadsgive more care to hands.Not fade colors make fuse beads kts as new as ever. Flexible raw materials can shape all patterns like animals, flowers and persons you want.
  • ❤Best DIY gift for kids❤ This incredible arts and crafts melting beads toy set with 9000 Perler bead in36 Colors and all accessories you need will be the best toy gift for your kids. Get this art craft toy for kids for birthday, Christmas and any holiday, and rest assured that they will absolutely love it!
  • ❤All ABOUT satisfaction❤ We are certain that both you and your kid will love this amazing Perler beads kit, but if there is any reason for your incompletely satisfaction, We will try our best to solve your problem first and if not, full refund with no question! Just let us know if you have any question, we are always happy to help you out!

Fuse Beads - 24,000pcs Fuse Beads Kit for Kids - 24 Color Iron Beads Set with 4 Fluorescence Color, 6 Pegboards, 2 Ironing Paper, Tweezers, Chain Accessories - Craft Kits Gifts for Birthday Christmas

  • 24,000pcs 5MM Fuse Beads Kit with 4 Surprising Fluorescence Color Beads for An Imaginary & Creative Craft Play Time. This complete beading kits including 24 colors with 4 fluorescence color, 6 pegboards, 2 large ironing paper, 3 tweezers, 20pcs keychain accessories. You little ones would be surprised by the fluorescence color beads once all around is dark. Such a huge quantity of beads set allows your children to express their imagination well and create lots of unique artworks.
  • Designing Your Own Unique 3D Craft Creations as Decorations and Adorable Accessories. Making a 3D pattern is conductive to cultivate children's spatial stereoscopic awareness, which also better exercises the children`s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. A bunch of adorable creations could be used as bag decoration accessories, cute chain or keyrings, pendant, party favor or house decorations.
  • Hours of Fun & Entertainment for Kids Group Activity. Suitable for the playdates, family activity, kinds of parties and school craft project. Enhanced the kids expressions and communication skills, develop the concentration on the task at hand. Keep them occupied and entertained for hours.
  • Premium Plastic Material & No Terrible Odor - The pegboards are made of strong plastic material which will not deformed easily and can be used for many times. This iron beads are designed to be melt but won’t cause a strong melting plastic smell as well as make your masterpieces color last longer. Recommend that the ironing procedure should be under adults supervision.
  • Birthday, Christmas Gift for the Craft Lovers. A hit for your little artist who enjoys the craft activities and creations. Suitable for the girls age 6,7,8,9,10,11,12 years old. Any problems please feel free to contact us, a satisfactory solution is always standing by.

Fuse Beads Kit 26,000 pcs, 2.6mm Mini 48 Colors Fuse Beading Kit, WEYCHEN Tiny Iron Beads Craft Set, Including 4 Pegboards 4 Ironing Paper & 1 Metal Tweezers for Birthday Gift Colored Arts for Kids

  • 【Develop Creativity 48 Colors Divided Mini Beads】26,000 pcs 48 different Colors 2.6mm(0.1inch) Tiny Fuse Beads Craft Set, Equip with Everything You required for A Creative and Fun Play. Multicolor fuse beads craft includes 4 pegboards, 4 sheets of ironing paper, 1 metal tweezers. 10 key rings. 10 ropes. Perfect for beginners and as a gift for your family. The good way to turn your children's attention away from the phone or electronics and develop their concentration and creative thinking.
  • 【Premium Quality & Safe and Reliable】 Fuse beads Kit are designed to be melt, which won’t cause a strong melting plastic smell. The fuse beads are made with safe & Premium Plastic Material without Chemical Coating, completely non-toxic and kid friendly. smooth beads to care your hands. The colorful beads is Ideal for art activities, Helps kids with color recognition, increasing your child's imagination and creativity, and develop its artistic expression and coordination.
  • 【Simple Operation】First, place the beads an the pegboard according to the pattern.Second,Put the ironing paper on the beads and heated evenly till the beads melt together. Finally, Iron the other side on the same way and put the artwork under pressure till cool. Finished. Enjoy your moments of parent child bonding. Remove the children's attention from the electronics and develop the manipulative ability on the crafts work.
  • 【Best Gift Idea】The best gift for kids, suitable for birthday, Christmas, holiday, any holiday and indoor and outdoor activities. Have a great time on her/his own favorite design and enjoy the outcome.Warning:Choking Hazard--Small parts. For ages 6+, adult help and supervision required when ironing.
  • 【Smaller Size for Better Creativity】 Actual bead size is 2.99mm high x 2.60mm wide. THESE ARE NOT STANDARD BEADS. THESE ARE MINI BEADS (EXTRA SMALL). MINI BEADS ARE VERY TINY. But the smaller size beads can create the more precise and clearer handicraft.

Fuse Beads Bulk - Complete Craft Package for Beading, 3D Art Projects, Comes with 9600 Assorted Beads, 10 Pegboards, 4 beadsezers, 4 Iron Beads Papers, 30 Rings, and 4 Ropes

  • CREATE EYE-CATCHING ART - Get imaginative and creative with our complete color beads set . It comes with 9600 bulk beads, 10 pegboards, and other essentials for a fun-filled craft time.
  • CRAFTING MADE EASY - Don't know what to create or where to start? No worries-we included a pattern booklet to get your creative juices flowing. We also arranged the perler beads bulk by color for convenience.
  • LONG-LASTING Little BEADS - Enjoy your colorful 3D art projects for years to come by using our craft set. Each component is made from durable parts, making sure they’re strong against wear and tear.
  • FUN & EXCITING GIFT IDEA - Searching for an awesome present for someone who’s fond of arts and crafts? Get them this perler beads kit package. It’s a terrific choice for birthdays and holidays.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - This beads for kids crafts was thoughtfully put together for your crafting pleasure, so we’re certain you’ll love it. But in case you’re not happy with it, contact us.

BeadsPack Fuse Beads Kit for Kids with 4200 Beads 5mm - 2 Pegboards, Tweezer, Pattern & Iron Paper 24 Assorted Color Iron-On Melty Beads for Kids Crafts & Gift Ideal for All Occasions

  • Presorted Spectacular Colors: The kit comes with 4200 iron beads in 24 bright colors, including red, yellow, blue, black, green, & more, in a storage tray with a lid to keep the colors sorted, giving your kids the freedom to go wild with their creativity.
  • High-Quality Pegboards: The pack features 2 fuse beads pegboards to create unique designs; available in 15cm X 15cm size, and made of premium plastic material to retain its shape during ironing, keeping your kid’s artwork intact.
  • Includes Essential Tools: Equipped with all the crafting essentials your kid needs to get their project off the ground, our iron beads for kids kit includes 2 pegboards, Christmas idea paper, 2 double-sided pattern papers, a tweezer, and 2 ironing papers.
  • Comprehensive Set of Instructions: Each pack of melting beads for kid’s crafts comes with a step-by-step guide written at the back of the box to make it easier for you to fuse the beads, and help children create unique and exciting fuse beads patterns.
  • Gift idea at its best: Beadspack Fuse beads for kid’s crafts is a Great Gift Idea for 5-10 Year Old Boys & Girls Who Love Arts & Crafts. The Meland craft fusion beads kit comes in a very attractive gift box. Suitable as Christmas, New Year, birthdays, or other prize gifts for your aspiring artists.

Fuse Beads Boards 5mm Large Clear Plastic Pegboards for Kids Craft Beads 4 PCS

  • Material: the pegboards are made of plastic, durable,not easy to break, transparent color, you can enjoy DIY time.
  • Size:the size of the fuse beads board is 14.5 x 14.5 cm/ 5.8 x 5.8 inch, and nice size for 5 mm fuse beads.
  • Feature: interlocking design built to create larger surface, they have tabs to be able to lock together to make huge project.
  • Application: kids create project according to their ideas, the craft activity cultivates kids manipulative ability, coordination ability, the ability of color recognition and three-dimensional mode of thinking, help kids creativity and imagination.
  • Quantity: the package comes with 4 pieces fuse beads boards, each board holds 841 beads, enough for you to use.

Pixel Art Fuse Beads Kit for Kids - Complete Adventure Set with Pegboard, Stickers, Patterns, Ties and Keychain Rings, 13,000 Fuse Beads in 29 Colors by EVORETRO

  • Complete Bead Art Kit - Our package contains everything you need to start designing pixel bead masterpieces; 4 pegboards, 13,000 melting beads, 2 reusable ironing sheets, 2 pliers, 5 keychain rings, 5 ties, 10 specialty patterns, and an instruction guide
  • All The Colors You Can Dream Of: The Evoretro bead kit comes with no less than 13000 beads in 29 bright and vivid colors. The set includes 6 glow in the dark colors that add a special touch to any design
  • Easy to Organize and Create- Get creative and make customized key chains or Christmas decorations using the pegboards to make your design and keep your fusible beads neatly color-coded in the included trays
  • For Your Kid and The One In You: These fuse beads boards are a great opportunity to get your kid away from screens and smartphones, allowing the two of you to have fun and bond. Discover the world of Lumi and Levi and help them rescue their pets. Don’t forget to read their letter and answer their riddles. Don’t worry if you can’t find the answers as they are hidden in a special place inside the box
  • Perfect Gift: Great idea for birthday gifts or other special occasions, unique designs are sure to impress retro game lovers with patterns of their favorite characters like Mario, megaman, and Zelda; They will also have stickers of our original exclusive characters

24000 x Fuse Beads Kit, LIHAO 48 Colors 2.6mm Mini Fuse Beading Kit, Multicolored Iron on Fused Beads Kit, Great Supplies for Fuse Beads Artist, Kid's Birthday Gift

  • 48 Colors In Total: This kit contains 48 different kinds of bright colors, which will be packed into two boxes. Large amounts of beads colors can meet all your needs during making your projects.
  • Easy to Melt: Ours beads melting point are as same as others beads. Just using iron with a few seconds, and you will get a great and unique beads artwork.
  • Great Beads Amount: It includes 24000 pieces of the fuse beads, which it is also great for using it as a supplies of your original but empty beads set.
  • Basic Tools Provided: Kit also comes with the basic making fuse beads projects tool, such as ironing paper, square beads mold and tweezers. It brings convenience for you without preparing tools.
  • Reliable Sales Services: 30 days no questions warranty promise! If you are not satisfied with our beads kit, or have any questions about our kit, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are love to help.

Aquabeads Super Mario Creation Cube, Kids Crafts, Beads, Arts and Crafts, Complete Activity Kit

  • CREATE, spray and they stay! Aquabeads is the ORIGINAL water-activated bead craft set.
  • EVERYTHING YOUR CHILD NEEDS to create their favorite Super Mario characters with beads including Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach!
  • Features over 2,500 solid, jewel and star beads in 30 colors.
  • Place the beads following the template and spray with water to complete!
  • Includes Super Mario Creation Cube with templates, beads, layout tray, sprayer, creation base and sticker sheet!
  • Unique star shaped beads add dimension and texture to designs to bring your Super Mario inspired creations to life!
  • Simply fasten your dry bead designs to the included creation base using the design pegs and sticker sheet! Display and play in the world of Super Mario and create unique, interchangeable scenes!
  • Made from the highest quality materials. Suitable for children ages 4 and up.
  • TM & 2020 Nintendo.

Fuse Beads Craft Kit, 20 Patterns Pegboards 24 Colored Beads Arts, 10 Pieces Lobster Claw Clasp, 10 Pieces Keychain, 5 Sheets Ironing Paper for Boys Girls DIY Classroom Activity (Cute Style)

  • Package include: 20 pieces patterns pegboards, 5 sheets ironing papers, 4 pieces tweezers, 1 box colorful beads, 30 pieces chain accessories in the package; Comes with everything you need for a creative and fun DIY crafts
  • Reliable material: these tools are made of safe plastic material; You can make the fuse beads with a template, place them in the desired match and color, cover them with ironing paper, and simply heat them with an iron
  • Enjoy your DIY process: an interactive game for kids group activity, turn the children's attention away from the electronics and develop their own concentration on the crafts work; These incredible arts and crafts iron beads make your kid will have endless hours of fun
  • Nice gift choice: this is a nice iron beads for boys, girls, kids, grandson, students; Ideal gift for birthdays, Christmas, festivals, indoor and outdoor activity
  • Practical to use: making your own 3D pattern is conductive to cultivate children's concentration, which also better exercises the children's fine handmade skills and hand-eye coordination

Mini Craft Iron Mini Heat Press Mini Iron Portable Handy Heat Press Small Iron with Charging Base Accessories for Beads Patch Clothes DIY T-Shirts Shoes Heat Transfer Vinyl Projects (Green)

  • Size reference: our mini Craft Iron comes with a mini size, measuring approx. 108 x 63 x 66 mm/ 4.25 x 2.48 x 2.6 inches, portable for you to carry with and store, mini iron is more suitable for your DIY manual needs and meets your small projects. Please check the size of the picture clearly. If you care about the size of the mini iron, please be careful to buy it
  • Characteristics: small iron has an appropriate size and useful functions, bring much convenience to sewing projects and ironing clothes with vinyl patterns, performs well in small and narrow areas, is suitable for small projects; The mini craft iron comes packaged with the power line, which is about 1 meter/ 39 inches long; Tips: If you care about the length of the power line, please buy with caution
  • Practical for: portable handy heat press mini iron is suitable for people who love crafting and DIY, with which you can make various small objects, such as patch iron, heat transfer vinyl, diamonds, etc., practical tool helps you achieve such purpose easily
  • Simple to operate: portable mini heat press comes with charging base accessories; When you want to use the iron, just plug it in, and it will be up to quite a high temperature in 2-3 seconds; It can be fully preheated in 1.5 minutes, with its temperature remaining at 180 degrees Celsius degrees; When finished using, wait until the iron cools down and put away, warm tip: the mini iron needs to be preheated for 1.5 minutes. Please wait patiently
  • Various applications: small iron machine is suitable for a variety of fabric materials including wool, polyester, plush, silk, fiber, nylon, velvet and linen; It fits for craft enthusiasts and housewives, you can also take it as a useful gift to friends; Notice:After plugging in the power, remember to turn on the wire switch, and the red indicator light will turn on, then preheat for about a minute to use, do not unplug the power when using

24 Colors Fuse Beads Kit, BetterJonny 4800 Refill Water Mist Beads Non-Toxic Water Sticky Beads A Full Set of Accessories for DIY Art Crafts Beginners

  • ★Safest Materials: The beads are made of premium and environment-friendly 100% Food Grade Plastic EVA materials. It’s completely safe and non-toxic.
  • ★Educational Toy:This water mist sticky beads which bright colors, could increase children's imagination, creativity, logical thinking, high-eye coordination.
  • ★Easy to Use:This magic water sticky beads use a new technical materials that are easier to use than ironing beads, automatically bonded together with water.The toughness is strong, and it can knead or bend at will.
  • ★Package Includes: 4800pcs water spary beads and 1set Luxury matching tools. Amazing beads kit waiting for you to unlock various creative patterns.
  • ★Best DIY gift: Craft bead set suitable for ages 3 and up, which is perfect for birthdays, and visiting. Party activity project for the children to enjoy hours of Fun Creating with this best indoor toys DIY arts and crafts kit.

Unicorn Gifts for Girls - Iron On Fuse Bead DIY Greeting Card Kit,1500 Melting Beads & Pegboards, Unicorns Arts and Crafts for Kids & Girls Ages 6-12, Birthday Gift Toys for 7 9 10 11 12

  • DESIGN IT. FUSE IT. GIFT IT! - Our Make Your Own Fuse Bead Card Kit comes with everything you need to create and share 6 bead art giftable greeting cards; including 1,500 fuse beads (10 colors), 2 transparent pegboards, 10 bead patterns, 6 ironing papers, 6 greeting cards & envelopes, 8 adhesive dots, 1 alphabet stamp set with ink pad, tweezers, design guide & step by step instructions. Easy to assemble & no experience required!
  • Encourages Creativity and Thankfulness - Design, fuse and gift one-of-a-kind cards for birthdays, special occasions or share everyday happiness - you create it, they appreciate it!
  • Perfect for Ages 8, 9, 10 & 11 - Promotes hands-on creativity and crafting, helps build motor skills and math skills through sorting, patterning and counting beads. Also makes a great group activity.
  • Easy to Customize & Personalize - Alphabet stamps and ink pad allow for ultimate personalization for each card! Kids can use our unique patterns or their own imaginations to create, making the design possibilities unlimited.
  • Get Your Money’s Worth Or Your Money Back - We want your kids to love their Make Your Own Fuse Bead Card Kit experience. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with your purchase, let us know and we’ll give you a full refund!
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