How To Choose The Best Micro Pave Diamond Bracelet

What is the Purpose Of A Micro Pave Diamond Bracelet?

Micro pave diamonds are small round brilliant cut diamonds set into a bezel setting. The stones are mounted onto a thin band of 18k white gold which has been polished to give a mirror finish. The result is a stunning piece of jewellery that looks elegant yet modern.

Why Should You Buy a Micro Pave Diamond Bracelet?

The micro pave diamond bracelet is perfect for anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd. Whether you wear it everyday or only special occasions, these bracelets are guaranteed to turn heads. With its sleek design and delicate appearance, this style of jewellery is ideal for women who love fashion and glamour.

How Do You Wear One?

Wear yours with confidence and elegance. Simply slip it on and let everyone admire your unique style. The micro pave diamond bracelet is available in different styles and colours.

Keep Your Life Simple

With a micro pave diamond bracelet, you get a beautiful piece of jewellery that is easy to maintain. Unlike traditional jewellery where you have to polish the metal regularly, the micro pave diamond bracelet requires no maintenance. All you have to do is take care of the gemstones inside. To ensure that the gems stay bright and shiny, you must avoid wearing the bracelet while sleeping or swimming.

Enhance Your Style

This type of jewellery enhances your personal style. No matter what outfit you put together, whether it's casual or formal, you can always accessorize with a micro pave diamond bracelet. From jeans to dresses, skirts to suits, whatever you wear, you can always enhance your look with a micro pave diamond bracelet.

Add Some Sparkle

These bracelets are known for their sparkle. Not only does the shine attract attention, but it

The Importance of Purchasing a Quality Micro Pave Diamond Bracelet?

Micro pave diamonds are small diamonds which are set into a bezel setting. They are very popular because they give a unique appearance to the piece. They are available in many different colours and styles. There are several types of bracelets that contain micro pave stones. One type is called a "micro pave" bracelet. This style has been around since the 1950’s. In fact, these bracelets are still being produced today. Another type of micro pave stone is known as a “diamond pave”. This type of bracelet was introduced in the 1980’s. Both of these styles are extremely popular among women who love wearing jewellery.

How Do You Know Which Type Of Micro Pave Stone To Purchase?

There are two main types of micro pave stones. The first is called a "single-stone". This type contains only one micro pave stone. The second type is called a "double-stone". This type contains two micro pave stones. Each type comes in its own variety of designs. Some double-stones are square shaped while others are round. Most of the times, the shape of the stone determines the design of the bracelet. For example, if the stone is round, there will be no pattern on the outside of the bracelet. However, if the stone is square, there will be patterns on both sides of the bracelet.

Are Double Stones More Expensive Than Single Stones?

Double-stones are generally more expensive than single-stones. However, this depends on the designer. Some designers charge more for double-stones than single-stones. Other designers charge the same amount regardless of whether the stone is single or double.

Is There Any Difference Between Silver And Gold Plated Micro Paves?

Yes! There is a big difference between silver plating and gold plating. With silver plating, the colour of the metal does not change. Therefore, the colour of the stone remains the same. However, with gold plating, the colour changes. So, if you are going to get a gold plated micro pave, you must ensure that the colour of the stone matches the colour of the gold. Otherwise, the effect will not be appealing.

Can You Get A Custom Design Made From A Micro Pave?

Yes, you can customise your micro pave bracelet. Just ask the jeweler to create a special design for you. He/she will take care of everything else.

Features To Look For When Buying A Micro Pave Diamond Bracelet?

The most important thing to remember when purchasing a micro pave diamond bracelet is to ensure that the diamonds are genuine. There are many fake stones being sold online which are very cheap. Fake stones are cheaper because they are cut into smaller pieces and polished to give the illusion of a large stone. However, these stones are actually only small chips of glass. In order to be considered genuine, the stone must weigh between 0.2 carats and 1.5 carats. Most bracelets available today are around 0.4 carat.

Genuine Stones Are More Rare

Most of the stones found in jewellery stores are synthetic. Synthetic stones are created by heating metal powder together with chemicals. As a result, the chemical reaction creates a solid piece of rock. While synthetic stones are relatively easy to create, they lack the sparkle and brilliance of natural gems. Genuine stones are rarer than synthetics and therefore more valuable.

Diamonds Have Different Shapes

There are different types of diamonds. Round diamonds are the most common type of diamond. They are round in shape and are generally the largest and brightest. Cut diamonds are slightly irregular in shape. They are typically oval shaped and range in colour from white to yellow-brown. Fancy coloured diamonds are extremely rare and highly valued.

Brilliant Cut Diamonds Are Preferable

Cutting diamonds has become increasingly popular since the 1980’s. Brilliant cut diamonds are cut to maximise light reflection. Light reflects off the facets of the gemstone creating a brilliant effect. This results in a brighter diamond. Because of this, cutting diamonds is becoming more popular.

Gemstones With High Colour Content

Colour content refers to the amount of red, blue and green colours present within the stone. Colours vary depending on where the stone was grown. Blue sapphire comes from India while emeralds originate from South Africa. Green topaz originates from Brazil. Yellow topaz comes from Sri Lanka. White topaz comes from Australia. Pink topaz comes from Russia. Red garnet comes from Madagascar.

Natural Gemstones Are Best

Natural gemstones are mined directly from the earth. They contain no added substances and are completely free of manmade materials. Natural gemstones are known for their durability and longevity. They are also hypoallergenic meaning they are safe for those who suffer from allergies. Micro pave diamonds are small round brilliant cut diamonds set into a bezel setting. The stones are mounted onto a thin band of metal which is attached to a bracelet. There are many different styles of micro pave bracelets available including solitaire, stackable, double sided, etc. Each style has its own unique characteristics and benefits. For example, stacking two bracelets together creates a stunning effect while solitaires are perfect for everyday wear.

Solitaire Style

The most popular type of micro pave diamond bracelet is the solitaire. Solitaires are ideal for everyday wear because they are easy to put on and take off. Solitaire bracelets are typically worn alone or stacked with another solitaire or stackable bracelet. Because solitaires are smaller than stackables, they are perfect for women who want to show off their fine jewelry collection.

Stackable Style

Another popular choice among women is the stackable style. Stackables are designed to fit perfectly next to each other. Women love these bracelets because they create a beautiful display of sparkle. Some stackables include multiple rows of stones making them very eye-catching.

Double Sided Style

Women who enjoy wearing bolder designs will love double sided bracelets. Double sided bracelets are created by mounting two identical pieces of jewelry side by side. One piece is slightly larger than the other creating a striking visual effect.

Single Stone Style

Some women prefer to wear only one stone. Single stone bracelets are perfect for those who want to stand out from the crowd. Single stones are generally large and dramatic. They are perfect for special occasions such as weddings or anniversaries.

Cushion Cut

Many women prefer cushion cut diamonds because they are softer and more delicate than traditional cuts. Cushion cut diamonds are known for being extremely durable and long lasting. However, they are also quite rare. Most cushion cut diamonds are sold in pairs or sets.


Most micro pave diamond bracelets are white gold plated. White gold is a colorless alloy of gold and copper. While white gold looks good on everyone, it does tend to fade over time. To avoid fading, opt for yellow gold or rose gold. Yellow gold is a combination of 24k gold and 14k gold.

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