Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Purple Shampoo, Cools Brassiness, Eliminates Warmth, For Color-Treated Hair + Naturally Light Hair Colors 10.14 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

  • Paul michell super skinny daily shampoo and conditioner smoothens and softens hair
  • It penetrates deep into the hair shaft where it displaces water and constricts the hair
  • Its mild surfactants thoroughly cleanse without stripping or plumping the hair

How To Choose The Best Moroccan Oil Purple Shampoo

If you have curly hair, then you probably already know what Moroccan oil does for your locks. The secret ingredient in Moroccan oil is Argan oil, which has been used by women around the globe for centuries as a natural treatment for their hair. This oil helps to strengthen strands while also adding shine and softness. If you haven't tried Moroccan oil yet, now is the time to give it a try!

What Is A Moroccan Oil Purple Shampoo?

Moroccan oil has been around for centuries, but only recently did we start using it in our products. It was originally created by an Arab chemist who wanted to create a product that would help his people grow healthy skin. He mixed olive oil with various herbs and spices, including saffron, rosemary, cumin, and turmeric. The result was a rich moisturizing formula that helped protect against sun damage and gave skin a beautiful glow. Today, Moroccan oil continues to be a popular ingredient in many beauty products because of its amazing benefits.

Why Should I Use Moroccan Oil?

The first thing you'll notice about Moroccan oil is how much it smells like fresh flowers! This scent will make you feel happy and relaxed immediately. In addition to smelling good, Moroccan oil contains antioxidants that fight free radicals and prevent premature aging. It also protects against UV rays, making it ideal for those who spend time outdoors. Finally, Moroccan oil is made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, or artificial colors. All these ingredients are common in most commercial cosmetics, but they may cause irritation or allergic reactions in some people.

Who Needs A Moroccan Oil Purple Shampoo?

The world has changed since we were teenagers. We now live in a fast paced society where time seems to fly by faster every year. With this busy lifestyle comes stress. Stress leads to bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, and overeating. These bad habits lead to unhealthy skin. However, there is one thing that can help us combat these bad habits - our hair. Our hair is the most visible part of our bodies. Therefore, it makes sense that our hair would suffer if we let ourselves become stressed. But how do we prevent our hair from becoming damaged?

One of the best things we can do for our hair is use products that contain natural ingredients. Natural ingredients are free of harsh chemicals which can damage our hair. One product that contains natural ingredients is Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil is made from olive oil and other oils that are extracted from plants. These oils are then mixed with essential oils to create a rich moisturizing formula.

Moroccan oil is known for its ability to protect against dryness. When applied directly to the scalp, Moroccan oil penetrates deep down into the follicles. This allows the oil to penetrate the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. Once inside the follicle, the oil softens the outermost layers of the hair shaft. This prevents moisture loss and protects the hair from further damage.

Another reason Moroccan oil works so well is because it doesn't clog pores. Many commercial shampoos contain sulfates which cause pore blockage. Sulfate blocks the pores causing excess buildup. Because Moroccan oil does not contain any sulfates, it does not clog pores. Instead, it nourishes the hair while keeping it clean and shiny.

In addition to preventing pore blockage, Moroccan oil also keeps the hair strong. Commercial shampoos usually contain synthetic detergents which strip away the natural oils from the hair. As a result, the hair becomes weak and brittle. By using Moroccan oil, however, the hair remains hydrated and protected.

Finally, Moroccan oil is gentle enough to use daily. Most commercial shampoos contain harsh surfactants which irritate the scalp. Using Moroccan oil, however, reduces irritation. It is also suitable for color treated hair.

Because Moroccan oil is gentle, it is also safe for sensitive scalps. Even though the oil itself is very mild, it still contains certain fragrances. To avoid allergic reactions, it is recommended that you test a small amount before applying to your entire head. If you experience itching, redness, or swelling, discontinue use immediately.

With all of these benefits, it is clear that Moroccan oil is a must-have for anyone suffering from dry, dull, or damaged hair. Use Moroccan oil once a week to see results.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Moroccan Oil Purple Shampoo

If you've ever used a cheap shampoo, then you already know how frustrating it can be to wash your hair. You may have even tried buying expensive products just so you could save a couple dollars. Unfortunately, most people end up wasting their money because they buy something that doesn't work. And if you're like me, you probably ended up throwing away those bottles after trying them once.

That's why I'm here to tell you about Moroccan oil. Moroccan oil is one of my favorite things to use on my hair. It makes my hair shiny, soft, and manageable. Plus, it smells amazing!

I first discovered Moroccan oil when I was living in Morocco. My mom had bought me a bottle of Moroccan oil as a gift, and I loved it. So, when I moved back home to California, I started looking for a similar product. They offer many different types of Moroccan oils including purple shampoo, blonde perfection, and purple shampoo.

These nutrients are great for healthy skin and hair. They also protect against free radicals, which can damage your hair and scalp.

I love using it every single morning. After washing my hair with Moroccan oil, I immediately notice a difference. My hair feels softer and shinier. I also find that my hair stays moisturized throughout the entire day.

So, if you want to experience the same results that I do, then start using Moroccan oil today. You won't regret it!

Features To Consider When Buying A Moroccan Oil Purple Shampoo

Purple shampoo. When you're trying to achieve a beautiful, shiny head of hair, you'll want to look for a shampoo that has been formulated specifically for your hair type. That way, you'll know exactly how to care for your hair and scalp to give them the shine they deserve.

Moisturizing shampoo. Moisture is key to keeping your hair soft and manageable. Look for a shampoo that contains moisturizers like Shea Butter and Vitamin E to nourish your hair and scalp while giving them moisture.

Deep cleansing shampoo. When you're using a deep conditioning shampoo, you'll want to look for a shampoo that cleanses deeply without stripping away natural oils and leaving your hair dry and damaged. This means you'll need to apply more than once to really cleanse your hair thoroughly.

Conditioner. Conditioners work well with deep conditioners to add volume and texture to your hair. They also protect against damage caused by heat styling tools and chemical treatments. Look for a conditioner that's made especially for curly hair types.

Volume booster. Volume boosters are great for those who suffer from thinning hair. These products can help restore lost volume and promote growth throughout your hair strands.

Hair color. Color-treated hair requires special attention. Look for a shampoo that protects your hair color during washing and rinsing. After coloring your hair, you'll want to wash it again to remove excess dye residue.

Wash less often. Washing your hair less frequently can actually improve its appearance over time. Wash only about twice a week instead of daily. Doing this will allow your hair to absorb more nutrients and leave your hair healthier and shinier.

Look for a salon quality product. The difference between a salon quality product and the average brand is noticeable. Salon quality products are specially formulated to deliver superior results. They're also available in a wide variety of colors and scents to match your personal style.

Different Types Of Moroccan Oil Purple Shampoo

There are two main types of Moroccan oil shampoo. One is formulated specifically for curly hair and the other is formulated for straight hair. Both offer amazing benefits to your hair. We will now look at each type individually.

This shampoo was created by Moroccanoil themselves. It is designed to give curls extra shine and manageability. It works well for any type of curl pattern. It is suitable for all hair types including fine, medium, coarse and wavy hair. It does not weigh down hair and leaves it feeling soft and manageable.

It is recommended that you use this shampoo every day for best results. Use it on wet hair and massage it through until lather appears. Rinse thoroughly and follow up with conditioner.

This shampoo was developed by Moroccanoil. It is designed to add body and volume to thinning hair. It is suitable for men and women alike. It does not weigh down hair and leaves it feeling silky smooth and shiny.


Kristin Ess Hair The One Purple Shampoo, Toning for Blonde Hair, Neutralizes Brass + Yellow Tones, Sulfate, Silicone and Paraben Free, 10 fl. oz.

  • “I wanted to create a purple shampoo that is great for toning blondes + brunettes and is also sulfate-free...I've always had a hard time finding that combo. If you like ashy tones or even pastel lavender tones, you can use this every time you shampoo. If you like neutral tones, use it only when needed to cut brass. Use this with or without The One Purple Conditioner on natural or color-treated hair.” - Kristin Ess
  • Cleanse + Condition: A clean, well-conditioned canvas is essential. These universal, sulfate-free products cleanse + deeply condition to leave hair feeling moisturized, full and looking shiny from root to tip.
  • Ultra-violet pigment, Brass reducing, Intense toning , Shine restoring, Sulfate-free
  • How To: Depending on the thickness of your hair, apply a quarter size or more of shampoo into your palm. Apply to wet hair, massage into your scalp to create a rich lather. With purple shampoo you want to make sure you apply more product where you see more brass. Let it sit a little bit longer toward the root where hair tends to be less porous and more warm. Then let it run through the ends as you shampoo. Rinse well and follow with conditioner or a hydrating mask.
  • Cruelty free, keratin safe, free of sulfates, parabens + phthalates

Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair by GBG Blonde Shampoo Instantly Eliminate Brassiness & Yellows - Brighten Blonde, Silver & Grey w/Celebrity Stylist Created Purple Toning Shampoo 8oz

  • Celebrity stylist approved – rinse away brassiness & yellow: You invest significant time and money choosing pure hair color that’s “just right” for you. Now keep it bright, fresh and beautiful between salon visits with Get Back Gorgeous purple shampoo for brassy hair – the only high performance, celebrity stylist-preferred hair toner formulation for continued home use as shampoo for blonde hair, shampoo for grey hair, blue shampoo or silver shampoo.
  • Look fabulous & extend salon color: Get Back Gorgeous Violet Shampoo delivers noticeably brighter, healthier looking, gorgeous hair that makes you radiate confidence - guaranteed. Photostabilizer UV protection extends time between salon coloring. Collagen defends against damage, breakage and split-ends. One look in the mirror and you’ll notice a difference!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee, cutting-edge formulation: When you click add to cart now, know you’re buying a tested and proven product – the preferred choice of celebrity stylists across the world. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed – no trickery and no gimmicks – just gorgeous, light reflecting hair without the brassiness or yellow tones
  • Fresh organic compounds, proven science: Rich, indulgent Blonde Shampoo lather and coconut oil-derived organic compounds gently cleanse away dirt, oil and grime – leaving hair feeling soft, silky, manageable and most importantly, gorgeous. Get this blonde toner color shampoo – your hair will thank you!
  • Maintain full control – how light will you go? Simply wet hair, apply toning shampoo for blonde hair from roots to tips, and leave blonde toner on hair for 2 to 5 minutes (depending on how light you wish to go), then rinse. (Not for daily use)

Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo, Color Care Shampoo, For Blonde Hair Keratin Protein 8.5 oz

  • PURPLE SHAMPOO TO BALANCE BRASSY TONES: Nexxus Blonde Assure Purple Shampoo for blonde, silver, or platinum hair helps neutralize brassy tones and provide long-lasting color care & color vibrancy
  • BRIGHTEN YOUR BLONDE HAIR: This hair shampoo for blonde and platinum hair develops cooler, brighter, smoother blonde after just one use. This color toning purple shampoo will leave hair shiny
  • SALON-CRAFTED COLOR CARE HAIR CARE: Nexxus Purple Shampoo for blonde hair helps replenish & repair hair, leaving it revitalized without weighing it down, giving it flexibility and suppleness
  • KERATIN SHAMPOO FOR YOUR COLORED HAIR: Nexxus Blonde Assure Shampoo combines Keratin Protein with Violet Pigments that can help balance brassy tones
  • COLOR CARE SHAMPOO: Born in salons and perfected by science, this color safe shampoo is crafted with exclusive protein mixes and this shampoo for colored hair has proven results
  • NEXXUS HAIR COLOR CARE PRODUCTS: Custom crafted for bleached, platinum, or silver hair, Nexxus Blonde Assure Treatment Shampoo can be used as a system with Nexxus Color Assure Conditioner

Luseta Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair 16.9oz, Women Hair Shampoo for Grey Hair and Color Treated Hair, Best Purple Shampoo for Curly and Damaged Hair, Sulfate & Paraben Free

  • An protein-enriched color-enhancing purple shampoo for blonde and gray hair.
  • Neutralize brassy tones in blondes, removes the dull yellow in gray hair, repair split ends and promotes glossy.
  • The Purple Shampoo is infused with coconut oil, coconut extract deeply hydrates brittle, fragile hair and dry scalp as Vitamin E repairs hair follicles, promotes healthy growth, and helps restore hair to glossy radiance.
  • Chemical Free & Safe Products -- This sulfate free shampoo and conditioner are organically formulated with 5.5 - 6.5pH level. It soothes your skin, and is easy to use. This shampoo is safe for color-treated and keratin-treated hair and contains no harmful chemicals. Our shampoo is NOT tested on animals.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee --If for any reason at all you are unsatisfied with your purchase of Shampoo or Conditioner, you are eligible for a full, no-questions-asked refund in its entirety

John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Shampoo, Shampoo for Brassy Blonde Hair, with Violet Pigments, 8.3 Ounce

  • KNOCKS OUT BRASSY TONES - Rid your hair of brassy tones and revive your hair with Violet Crush Shampoo.
  • SALON-FRESH BLONDE - Enhance your color and discover your best blonde.
  • CRUSHED VIOLET PIGMENTS - Deposits crushed violet pigments into blonde hair to counter-act yellow tones to make color-treated or highlighted blonde hair appear cooler and brighter in as little as one use.
  • BEST USED WITH VIOLET CRUSH PURPLE CONDITIONER - Use with John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Conditioner to achieve optimal results.
  • CLEANSE YOUR BLONDE HAIR - Wash and cleanse your blonde hair, leaving hair feeling revitalized and salon-fresh.

Purple Shampoo, Purple Shampoo for Blonde Hair, Bleached, Silver, or Brown Highlighted Hair, For Bleached & highlighted Hair, Removes Yellow & Brassy Tones, Use longer for Silver/Ash Look

  • Remove Brassy Tones: Our purple shampoo is specially formulated to protect, balance and tone bleached blonde and silver hair to reduce unwanted yellow reflections on gray, light blonde and hair strands.
  • Especially for Blonde and Silver Hair: This shampoo and conditioner is based on violet color, which can wash away unwanted orange, yellow and brass colors of the tangled hair.
  • Multifuntional: Our purple shampoo can be used to make silver gray, silver white, yellow removing pigment, and a daily care fixing color shampoo, care your hair to safe and effective purple shampoo for blonde hair that you can feel good about.
  • Repair and Protect: Our natural ingredients can help dry and brittle hair retain moisture. It also aids in repairing split ends, restoring your hair’s bounce.
  • Gentle and Effective: Purple shampoo is a color-corrective treatment for silver, gray, blonde, bleached and highlighted hair. Gentle enough for daily use and for all hair types and textures.

Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo, Fragrance Originale, 6.7 Fl Oz

  • Color-safe, sulfate-free formula helps repair and seal the cuticle with ArganID technology.

Aluram Coconut Water Based Purple Shampoo for Women (12 oz) - Sulfate & Paraben Free

  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: Banish brass and boost brightness in blonde, grey, and white hair. This highly pigmented shampoo brings out your best blonde while enhancing highlights & color. Rose Hip & Biotin replenish nutrients, adding shine and strength.
  • Brightens and enhances blondes without drying
  • Toning shampoo that can be used after any lightening services, or perfect for use at home to keep brassy tones away
  • Rose Hip and Biotin infused to add radiance and strength

OGX Blonde Enhanced + Purple Toning Shampoo, Blonde-Toning to Personalize Your Blonde, 13oz

  • De-Brass Your Hair: Use OGX Blonde Enhance plus Purple Toning Shampoo as often or little as you like to create a personalized toning treatment for silver, pre-lightened or natural blonde hair
  • Freshen Up Your Color: Can't make it to the salon. Extend the life of your color by brightening and color-correcting yellow tones to help protect from color fade with this highly pigmented shampoo formula
  • Refreshingly Nourished: Give your hair that fresh and vibrant look and feel again-and-again with this potent purple toning shampoo made with keratin, purple fig and iris. Invigorate your senses with notes of blood orange, papaya butter and coconut milk
  • Lather and Rinse: Apply a generous amount to wet hair and lather in from root to tip. Lather, rinse and follow with a conditioner—try adding a few OGX Purple Toning Drops to your conditioner or cream-based styling product for an even more personalized tone
  • Personalize Your Tone: The more often you use it, the more toning power it has. Use it as often or as little as you need to keep that fresh-from-the-salon look

L'Oreal Paris EverPure Sulfate Free Brass Toning Purple Shampoo for Blonde, Bleached, Silver, or Brown Highlighted Hair, 33.8 Fl; Oz (Packaging May Vary)

  • Toning Purple Shampoo: Maintain your perfect blonde with this shampoo that hydrates and neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones in blonde, bleached, highlighted and silver hair
  • Hydrating Formula: This moisturizing shampoo is infused with Hibiscus and Purple Dye to tone brassy hair and leave it deeply moisturized; Vegan, sulfate free, paraben free with no harsh salts
  • The Ever Collection: With our shampoos, conditioners, and hair treatments you can have a sulfate free hair care routine that’s tailor made for your specific needs, even if you have color treated hair
  • Custom Hair Solutions: From treatments, masks and serums to leave-in conditioners and frizz-defying shampoos and conditioners, we've got what you need; Try our thickening, moisturizing and volumizing products
  • L'Oreal Paris Beauty: A leading total beauty care company based in Paris, we offer innovative products and unique expertise from beauty experts in makeup, skin care, hair care, styling and hair color

Redken Color Extend Blondage Color Depositing Purple Shampoo and Conditioner | Hair Toner For Blonde Hair | Neutralizes Brass & Moisturizes Hair | With Pure Violet Pigments

  • Ultra violet pigments help preserve blonde haircolor for a noticeably brighter blonde
  • Shampoo gently cleanses while toning unwanted yellow undertones and brassiness
  • Conditioner nourishes to increase smoothness and shine
  • Strengthens and increases hair elasticity for less breakage
  • Ideal for blonde and highlighted hair types that need to correct brassy, yellow tones

Redken Color Extend Graydiant Purple Shampoo | Hair Toner For Gray & Silver Hair | Tones & Strengthens Hair

  • Features purple pigments to tone, brighten and nourish gray and silver hair
  • Neutralizes unwanted yellow undertones and restores brightness
  • Improves rough, wiry texture for a smooth finish
  • Strengthens hair for more radiant gray and silver hair color
  • Best for gray and silver hair

Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo and Conditioner Bundle

  • Color-safe formula helps repair and seal the cuticle with ArganID technology.

Anthony John Haircare Purple Shampoo, with Violet Extract for Removing Brassiness and Yellowing in blonde grey or silver hair. Sulfate-free Shampoo for Color Treated Hair Prevents Discoloration & Dryness, 8.5 fl. oz

  • DEEP REPAIR PURPLE SHAMPOO: Bathe in style and revive your strands with Anthony John Haircare Purple Shampoo. This clarifying shampoo contains a mild formula that gently exfoliates and cleanses the scalp of buildup, impurities, fine dust, and dandruff while smoothing and repairing the cuticle and hair roots.
  • COLOR BRIGHTENING WITH VIOLET PIGMENTS: This hair shampoo contains violet extracts to provide color-neutralizing and nourishing benefits to lighter hair tones. It helps brighten and/or enhance blonde, gray, or white hair while neutralizing yellow tones and restores vibrancy to blonde and highlighted hair.
  • HYDRATES AND RESTORES SHINE: This purple shampoo for grey hair is enriched with texture refining and moisturizing ingredients like Rhassoul clay from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Our anti-dandruff shampoo moisturizes the scalp and strands to improve the luster, shine, and bounce of tired, dry, dull, and frizzy hairs.
  • STRONGER AND HEALTHIER STRANDS: Anthony John Haircare shampoo for color-treated hair removes brassiness caused by natural factors such as the environment and discoloration or sun exposure. It restores the nutrient levels, imparts protection, improves elasticity, and makes hair stronger and healthier while offering humidity resistance.
  • COLOR SAFE-SHAMPOO FOR ALL HAIR TYPES: This sulfate-free shampoo eliminates breakage and repairs split ends. It neutralizes unwanted brassy and yellow tones in blonde, silver, or lightened brunette hair. Our purple toning shampoo does not contain any harsh chemicals, making it perfect for all hair types, including color& chemical-treated hair.
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