FIBO STEEL 18-20G Stainless Steel Body Jewelry Piercing Nose Ring Hoop 5PCS

  • Healthy Safe Stainless Steel Made,Safe Material; Durable Surgical Steel, Long Service Time.
  • One Order Comes With 5 Pcs in 5 Different Colors Nose Hoop Rings, Affordable Price, Economical Set.
  • High Polish Smooth Surface, Comfortable to Wear; Strict Electroplated Process, Insure Well-distributed Color Plated and Lasting Color Retention.
  • All in 20 Gauge(0.8mm) 9.5 mm Outer Diameter, 5 Pcs Includes 1 Pcs in Rose Gold-tone, 1 Pcs in Gold-tone, 1 Pcs in Black, 1 Pcs in Silver-tone, 1 Pcs in Rainbow-tone.
  • Promise 90-day Products Exchange or Money Back Guarantee.

How To Choose The Best Nose Ring Hoop

They were originally used as a form of protection against evil spirits, and later became part of jewellery. Today, they are still worn by both men and women, and come in various shapes and sizes. This article will help you understand what makes a good nose ring, and give you tips on where to get the best ones available.

What Is A Nose Ring Hoop?

Nose rings are small hoops made of metal that fit around the nostril area. They come in many different sizes and colors, but all of them serve the same purpose - to hold up the skin around the nostrils while allowing for breathing.

Why Would I Wear A Nose Ring?

Many people choose to wear a nose ring because they like how it looks. It gives off an exotic look and makes some people feel more confident about themselves. Others may wear a nose ring because they want to express something through their appearance. For example, if someone wants to show support for a cause, they might wear a nose ring to raise money for that cause. Or maybe they just want to make a statement about who they are.

Who Needs A Nose Ring Hoop?

Nose rings are one of the most common types of earrings worn today. But did you know that there are other styles of earrings besides traditional hoops?

There are several reasons why someone would wear a nose ring. Some women prefer this style over a traditional hoop because it doesn't cover any part of the face. Others simply love how unique it looks. Whatever the reason, nose rings are a great alternative to traditional hoops.

But before you decide whether or not you'd like to add a nose ring to your collection, here are three things to think about.

Traditional hoops look best when worn alone. However, if you wear a nose ring with another type of earring, it could create a strange appearance. Make sure you select a pair that complements each other.

The size of a nose ring depends on the material used. Metal rings are usually smaller than plastic rings. Plastic rings are generally larger. When selecting a nose ring, measure the circumference around your nostril. Then compare that measurement to the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer.

When choosing a nose ring, comfort is key. After wearing it for awhile, check to see if it causes discomfort. If it does, then you may want to switch brands.

Once you've decided which type of nose ring you'd like to purchase, read our guide to buying nose rings online.

We hope these tips help you determine whether or not a nose ring is right for you.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Nose Ring Hoop

Nose rings have become very popular among women who want to express their individuality through fashion accessories. Women love wearing nose rings because they add beauty and style to any outfit. However, many people do not realize how important it is to purchase a quality nose ring.

Look for a nose ring that feels comfortable. When you wear a nose ring, you'll likely experience soreness and swelling. You may even develop a bump where the nose ring sits. A poorly designed nose ring can leave you uncomfortable and unhappy. Make sure that the nose ring you buy is comfortable and won't hurt after extended use.

Consider the size of the nose ring. Do not buy a nose ring that is too small. Smaller nose rings tend to slip off easily. They can also irritate the skin and cause infections. On the other hand, larger nose rings can pinch the nostrils and cause breathing difficulties.

Make sure that the nose ring is securely fastened. Poorly secured nose rings can come undone if the wearer sneezes or laughs. Unsecured nose rings can fall off unexpectedly.

Do not buy cheap nose rings. Cheap nose rings are often made of plastic. Plastic nose rings are prone to breaking. They are also difficult to clean. Invest in a quality nose ring instead.

Features To Consider When Buying A Nose Ring Hoop

Size matters. The first step when shopping for a nose ring is to determine how big you'd like your nose ring to be. This is important because if you order a larger size than you actually wear, you may end up having to return it. On the other hand, if you order a smaller size than you really need, you could end up with a nose ring that doesn't fit properly.

Quality. When you're buying a nose ring, you want something that looks nice and feels comfortable. Look for nose rings made of quality materials such as sterling silver, gold plated brass, stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic.

Design. There are many types of nose rings available. Some are simple and elegant while others are more ornate and flashy. Consider your personal style when deciding which type of nose ring would work best for you.

Safety. Before ordering a nose ring online, make sure you know where you plan to wear it. Certain areas of the body shouldn't be exposed to extreme temperatures. For instance, if you live in a cold climate, you might want to avoid wearing a nose ring outdoors during winter months. And if you're planning to wear your nose ring while swimming, make sure it has been tested for chlorine resistance.

Cost. Buying a nose ring isn't cheap. But, there are ways to cut costs. First, compare prices on different designs. Then, check for deals and discounts. Finally, ask friends and family members about their experiences with nose rings. They may be able to point you toward a great deal.

Different Types Of Nose Ring Hoop

Nose Rings are a fun accessory that adds a bit of flair to any outfit. They are worn by men and women alike. They come in many shapes and sizes. From simple hoops to elaborate designs, there is something for everyone. Here we will look at some of the most popular styles and how they differ.

Simple Hoops. Simple hoops are the simplest style of nose ring. They consist of two pieces of metal that connect at the top of the bridge of the nose. Nose Ring Hoops are usually made of gold or silver. They are inexpensive and easy to wear. They are also fairly durable.

Rings. Rows of small circles are what makes up a row of nose rings. Nose Ring Hoops are usually connected by thin wires. Nose Ring Hoops are less expensive than simple hoops and are therefore more affordable. They are also more delicate and break easily.

Bangles. Bangle nose rings are large circular pieces of metal that hang down from the sides of the nose. These are sometimes referred to as “nose bangles”. They are usually made of precious metals and are quite heavy. These are also very expensive.

Hoop Nose Rings. Hoop nose rings are larger versions of bangle nose rings. They are usually made of precious metals and are attached to the sides of the nose. They are usually wider than regular nose rings and are meant to accentuate the shape of the face.

Nose Hoops. A nose hoop is simply a piece of wire that goes through the nostril. These are usually made of stainless steel and are cheap. These are meant to give the appearance of having a nose ring without actually wearing anything on the nose.


ORAZIO 5-12Pcs 20G Stainless Steel Nose Ring Hoop CZ Body Ear Piercing 5 Mixed Colors (A:5Pcs (20G,Inner Diameter:8mm))

  • 5 Pcs Body Piercing with 5 Different Colors, Match with Sparkling Cubic Zirconia,Great Price, Economical Purchase
  • High Quality Durable 316L Stainless Steel, Free of Lead Nickel, Hypoallergenic and No Fading
  • Bar Thickness:20 Gauge=0.8mm; Inner Diameter Options: 8mm,10mm,12mm, It is Convenient to Put on, Perfect as Nose Ring and Tragus Piercing
  • Great High Polished Surface, 4 Different Colors Can be Flled with Your Different Needs,Select the Most Appropriate Color for Yourself
  • Promise 90-day Exchange or Money Back Guarantee

LOYALLOOK 18Pcs 20G 316L Stainless Steel Nose Ring Hoop Cartilage Hoop Septum Piercing 6mm,8mm,10mm

  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL -Made with 316 stainless steel which is allergy free and does not readily corrode, rust, or stain with water.Nickel-free.Low maintance.
  • CLASSIC DESIGN:Gauge Size: 20G =0.8mm, inner diameter 6mm, 8mm,10mm.Each size 6pcs in different color.simple polished hoop design.
  • COMFORTABLE TO WEAR: Special polished on both of the ends,smooth and comfortable to use,not like the other jewelry with sharp piercing.
  • Multiple using:Can be use as Nose ring, Lip ring ,Helix earrings ,Cartilage earrings, Tragus Ear piercing,earrings and septum ring.
  • 90 DAY GUARANTEE POLICY:If you are not satisfied with the products,We give you Money Back or Exchange Guarantee.

cnomg 2 Sets 120 pcs Stainless Steel Nose Ring Body Piercing Jewelry Nose Bone Stud Nose Hoop Crystal Hypoallergenic White+Multicolor 1.5 MM

  • PERFECT MATERIAL: 361L Stainless Steel + Cubic Zirconia Stone is durable and has 100% new brand and high quality without rust and toxic material.
  • COMBINATED COLOR: Many colors stand different style, besides silver white color, It has perfect multicolor for you to choose. It looks beautiful and has superb making procedures.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDED : 2 Packs (120pcs), Bar Length Approx 9.5 MM, Cubic Zirconia Stone Size 1.5 mm. Easy to Put on, Will Not Come Loose Easily, Comfortable Wearing.
  • SPECIAL DESIGN: Designs are Included as Shown in the Pictures, Sparkle Round Cubic Crystal Inlaid, Add a Nice Bling to Your Nose, Ears, Body, and make you fashionable and attractive. It is made of high quality 316L Surgical Steel, Solid and Durable, excellent for Your Daily Dress up.
  • NICE GIFT: It is a ideal gift and a little surprise for your friends, boy-friend or girl- friend, and your dear families on festival day, Chrismas day, Valentine's Day.

Jstyle Stainless Steel Nose Rings Hoop Nose Stud CZ Piercing for Women Men Hoop Cartilage Tragus Ear Piercing Set

  • SO MANY PIERCINGS SET--72Pcs Body Piercings A Set,One Order Including 12Pcs Septum Nose Rings and 60pcs Stud Piercing,Mix-colors Give You Mutiply Wearring Outfit;Reasonable Price For Body Jewelry,Deserve To Purchase.
  • PIERCING GAUGE SIZE--Stud Nose Ring:22G(0.6mm),Colorful CZ Stud Dia:1.5mm/2mm/3mm,20Pcs Per Size;Bar Length 9mm;Hoop Nose Ring:20G(0.8mm),Inner Diameter Option:8mm;Perfect Size As Nose Piercings,Also As Tragus Piercing,Cartilage Piercing,Daith Piercing,Septum Piercing,Helix Piercing,Lip Piercing And More Body Jewelry.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL--Healthy 316L Stainless Steel Built,Never Harm You Skin;High Polished And Good Plate Make It Color Keeping,Absolutely Smooth and Shiny Apperence,Give You Better Wear Experience.
  • STYLISH NOSE PIERCING--Trendy And Classic Hoop Stud Nose Ring Design,Changeful Color Piercings Suit For Women And Mens;You Could Wear it As You like,Catch On Eyes At Every Moment,Bring Your Vibrant Life.Good Ideal Gift To Yourself Or Lover.
  • AFTER-SALE SERVICE--90-Day Money Back Guarantee or Exchange;We Are Engaged in Providing Best Shopping Experience.

Jstyle 32Pcs Stainless Steel Nose Ring CZ Stud Ring Hoop Body Piercing for Women Girl Silver-tone

  • ECONOMICAL PRICE GREAT CHOICE: 32Pcs come as a set. 8 different styles, including 4 distinct L nose ring set and 4 fashionable hoop nose ring set,
  • SURGICAL STEEL NOSE RING&DIAMETER: Made of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel,High Polished Smooth Surface,Comfortable to Wear; The gauge size of all set is 20G=0.8MM, and stud ring bar length is 7MM, with 1.5-3MM shiny AAA+ clear or colorful cubic zirconia, inner diameter of hoop ring is 6/8/10/12MM, fit for mose people to wear.
  • MULTI USING: Surgical steel nose ring can be used as earring hoops, nose rings, lip rings, cartilage earrings, septum rings, nose pin studs etc; Match it as you like, Make Yourself more eye-catching and be the focus Everyday!
  • SUITABLE AT ANY OCCASION:Well Matching Any Clothes,Perfect Choice for Daily Outfit Or Other Special Occasion,Like Wedding,Graduation,Party,Also As A Gift For Your Loved One,They Must Be Happy When Receive It.
  • AFTER-SALE SERVICE--90-Day Money Back Guarantee or Exchange;We Are Engaged in Providing Best Shopping Experience.

FINREZIO 15PCS 22G Surgical Steel Nose Rings Hoop Studs Cartilage Earrings Body Piercing Jewelry 1.5mm 2mm 2.5mm CZ Silver Tone

  • 15 PCS NOSE RINGS - One order you will get 15 Pcs 22G Piercing,they have different styles,you will have so many varieties to choose from,good quality with lots of great options to customize the look you want.
  • SIZE - 22G=0.6mm;straight post length 7mm,stud size:1.5mm,2mm and 2.5mm,hoop nose ring inner diameter 8mm.
  • MATERIAL - These nose tragus piercing made with stainless steel,hypoallergenic,our jewelry will set your mind at rest.
  • MULTIPLE USING - Hoops and curved nose piercings, many different styles, can be used as nose rings, lip rings, cartilage earrings,tragus piercing,septum rings, nose pin studs,varieties option for you to choose.
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEED - When You Receive The Product Within 365 Days, If You Are Not Satisfied With Our Products, Contact Us Any Time, We Will Get You Back Within 24 Hours Try Our Best To Make Things Right. We Just Hope You Have A Pleasant Shopping!

FANSING 8mm Septum Ring Septum Jewelry Seamless Septum Clicker Nose Rings 18 Gauge Nose Ring Hoop 18g Cartilage Earring Lip Rings Silver Nose Hoop Surgical Steel Helix Earrings Nose Piercing Jewelry

  • 8mm Septum Ring / 18g 8mm nose hoop: 18 gauge (thickness: 1.0mm), inner diameter 8mm ( 5/16 inches ). Please check the inside diameter carefully.
  • Hinged Nose Rings Hoop: 316L surgical steel, polished very well, comfortable to wear without sharp edge.
  • Sold individually. It can be used as nose rings hoop, septum jewelry - septum ring / septum clicker, lip rings, helix earrings, cartilage earring, rook earrings, cartilage earring ear lobe earrings hoop.
  • Saves time - These nose rings 18 gauge are easy to open and close the click closure by hand, Not require a tool.And it's still tight after long-term use, needn't to worry about lost when bathing, walking or exercising.
  • If you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us.

Chinco 32 Pieces C-Shaped Nose Ring L-Shaped Hoop Tragus Nose Studs Bone Curved Hoop Tragus Cartilage Hoop Piercing (C Shape, Bone Stud, Black)

  • Elegant and exquisite: each set of nose rings has 2 different styles, you can wear nose ring match with suitable apparel for different occasion, which can make you more attractive and charming, suitable for women and men
  • Comfortable to wear: on account of nose hoops are made of 316L stainless steel, which can resist rust and corrode, with polished surface, ensure you to use for a long time
  • Where to use it: you can wear this nose ring to attend some important occasions, such as birthday party, graduation ceremony, masquerade and any other occasions, nice gifts for all girls, ladies, women, lover and wife
  • Amount of package: it comes with 32 pieces of nose ring totally in the packaging, with 2 styles, each style has 16 pieces, good accessory for you to wear in daily life
  • Warm notice: wrapped your jewelry in a clean or dry place separately to prevent scratches; Small and inedible items, please keep away from kids under 3 years old

8mm Septum Ring Septum Jewelry Seamless Septum Clicker Nose Rings 18 Gauge Nose Ring Hoop 18g Cartilage Earring Lip Rings Silver Nose Hoop Surgical Steel Helix Earrings Nose Piercing Jewelry

  • Sold individually Nose Hoop Ring/Earring Hoop Size: 18 gauge (thickness: 1.0mm), inner diameter 5/16 inches(8mm),Please choose your gauge and diameter hoop for your nose piercing needs.It has a smooth closure that doesn't slipped or opened. It's still tight after long-term use.
  • Perfect for Nose, Cartilage, Septum, Tragus Piercings,Helix Earring, Daith,Conch,Rook Ear Piercing, Lip Rings, Belly Ring,Nipple Piercing and more. Very easy to open/close a click closure by hand. Not require a tool.Smooth surface, comfortable to wear without sharp edge. Match with suitable apparel for different occasion. Smooth Surface and easy to use.
  • Hypoallergenic: This nose hoop/earring hoop made of 316L surgical steel,Surgical Stainless Steel The most popular type of nose hoop/earring hoop metal is surgical stainless steel. because it’s hypoallergenic, affordable and is a safe metal for healing from a fresh nose piercing.
  • Product colors available: Silver/Black/Gold/Rainbow/Blue/Rose Gold,We have 20g 18g 16g 14g 12g 10g and 8g,We can offer inner diameter 5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm, 9mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,13mm,14mm,16mm
  • We offer free return or exchange.if you have any question, Our service team will respond and offer you a satisfactory solution within 24 hours.Or you can post your questions in Q&A. The perfect gift for you or your loved ones. Great gift for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, or any occasion!

5 Pcs 18G Nose Rings Hoop Set 316L Surgical Steel Earrings Tragus Septum Piercing Cartilage Hoop For Women Men 8mm

  • Body Piercing Hoops: Can Be Used As Nose Rings Hoop, Cartilage Earring Hoop, Tragus Earrings, Helix Earring, Daith Earrings, Conch Piercing Jewelry, Rook Piercing Jewelry.
  • Septum Ring Size: Size 20g-16g (Hoop Thickness 0.8mm-1.2mm), 6mm-16mm Szie For Choose. Choose the Proper Size According to Your Piercing Hole. Check Our Size Pictures and Product Description for More Detail About How to Choose the Right Size.
  • Surgical Steel Hoop Earrings: Made Of 316L Surgical Steel, Hypoallergenic. Good Polished, Smooth Surface.
  • 5 Colors Per Set: Each Set Has Five Colors, Wear Different Color of Earrings Matching Your Clothes or According to the Status of Your Mind.
  • Hinged Clicker Sleek Seamless Hoops, Basic Circle Style Nose Rings Septum Jewelry, Match Earrings And Ear Studs Are Beautiful, Women Men Unisex.

Jstyle 50Pcs 20G L Shape Nose Studs Nose Ring Hoop Stainless Steel Nose Piercings for Men Women CZ Clear Nose Stud Set L

  • [TOTAL 50PCS NOSE PIERCINGS[]--50Pcs Nose Studs Set Comes In One Order,With So Many Kinds of Different Colors CZ Stone Inlaid.Tiny Stud Design,So Flush To Your Nose That You Will Forget That You Have It In.Meet Your Daily Needs&Decorate Your Life.
  • [SAFE MATERIAL]--Our Nose Piercings Are Made Of Safe Stainless Steel Material,Inlaid With Shiny AAA+ Different Color CZ.Great Electroplated & High Polished Surface.No Rust,No Corrosion.Easy To Put On Or Take off.Comfortable To Wear.
  • [SIZE REFERENCE]--Nose Studs:20G(0.8mm),Wearable Bar Length Is 7mm,Colorful CZ Size Is 2mm,Other Studs Ranges From 2mm To 4mm.L-shape Studs,Easy To Use.Mixed Tone Nose Piercings Set,Be Unique Everyday.
  • [MULTI-FUNCTIONAL USE]:Our Piercings Can Be Used As Lip rings,Nose ring,Eyebrow ring,Septum ring,Helix earrings,Cartilage earrings,Tragus earrings Or Other Piercings.Unisex Design,Perfect For Women Or Men,Also A Good Option To Send As Gifts For Anyone You Care About.Sharing These Nose Piercings With Your Friends,Entertain Everyone Rather Than Yourself.
  • [AFTER-SALE SERVICE]--Packed In A Black Velvet Pouch,Great To Be Send And Store.90 Days Money Back Guarantee or Exchange;We Are Engaged in Providing Best Shopping Experience.

ONESING 40 PCS 20G Nose Rings for Women Nose Piercings Jewelry Nose Rings Hoops Nose Studs Screw 316L L Shaped Stainless Steel for Women Men

  • HYPOALLERGENIC MATERIAL - These silver nose rings are made of high quality 316L stainless steel. Nickel-free and lead-free, resist rust and resist corrode, ensure to use for a long time.
  • PACKAGE AND SIZE - Package includes 40 pcs nose rings hoops with a box. All nose rings in 20G gauge (0.8mm), and the inner size of hoop-shape is 8mm. All nose studs in 20G gauge (0.8mm), length is 7mm, top size is 2mm. CZ stone nose studs in 20G gauge (0.8mm), length is 7mm, top size is 2.5mm.
  • FASHION JEWELRY - These nose piercings jewelry are elegant and exquisite for daily life and party. Wearing these nose jewelry will make you more attractive and charming. These safe and comfortable nose rings hoops are suitable for women and men.
  • MULTI USAGES - These 20G nose piercings for women can be as earring hoops, lip rings, cartilage earrings, septum rings, nose pin studs and other more body jewelry. You can wear these nose rings to attend different occasions, such as birthday party, graduation ceremony, masquerade and any other occasions.
  • GIFT - Our nose rings are exquisite, good quality and low price, you can give them as gifts to your family or friends. It's the perfect gift for Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day and more.

Jstyle 10Pcs 18G Stainless Steel Hinged Clicker Segment Nose Rings Hoop Helix Cartilage Daith Tragus Sleeper Earrings 8-12MM Improved

  • [SEAMLESS CLICKER RING]--One order comes with 10pcs seamless improved clicker ring,respectively in silver/gold/rose gold/black/colorful tone Gauge size:18G (1mm). Inner diameter:5/16" (8mm).Various size for you to match.Give you changeful body piercing demands.
  • [IMPROVED CRAFTSMANSHIP]-- Made of 316L surgical stainless steel, good silver-tone plated, high polished smooth surface, very comfortable without sharp edge and prevents irritation to your skin; provides lasting color retention and extremely easy to clean.
  • [MULTI-FUNCTIONAL]-- These hinged seamless clicker ring perfect for nose piercing ring hoops, nostril hoop ring, lip rings hoops, tragus piercings hoops, helix earring, cartilage earrings hoops,daith clicker piercing, lobe ear piercings and more other body piercing.
  • [CLASSIC CARTILAGE DESIGN]-- Hinged hoops clicker piercing earrings design, simple yet classic segment nose ring suit for women and men; we use the latest production technology to improve the quality of clasp and strictly selected, hinged section pulls open and snaps close for easy insertion into piercing.
  • [AFTER-SALE SERVICE]--Packed in a black velvet pouch.90 Days Money Back Guarantee or Exchange;We Are Engaged in Providing Best Shopping Experience.

Nose Rings Hoop Nose Ring Surgical Steel 20g Gauge 8mm 10mm 12mm Piercing Hoops Jewelry 27PCS

  • ▶Including: Total 27pcs, 3 style,3 color; Color:silver, rose gold AND black
  • ▶Materials:316L Surgical Steel.Hypoallergenic and nickel free,allergy free and anti-rust, suitable for sensitive body
  • ▶Gauge:20G(0.8mm);Size:8/10/12mm dia
  • ▶Package: 27pcs nose rings hoop in different top ball packaged with a velvet gift bag,exceptionally high quality body piercing jewelry
  • ▶Multiple Using: Used as nose rings hoop, helix earring hoop,lip rings etc

OUFER Nose Ring Hoop Nosril Piercing Hoop 20G Stainless Steel Cartilage Earrings Clear CZ Paved Tragus Helix Earrings Cartilage Earring Septum Nose Ring Hoop

  • ❤SHINY STYLE❤:1PC shiny clear CZ paved hinged segment nosril nose rings cartilage earring hoop ,more than 11 clear CZ paved,makes it more shiny and charming on your ear or nose .
  • ❤COMMON SIZE❤:Gauge:20G=0.8mm ,Inner diameter:8mm,it can be used as nose rings hoop, septum jewelry - septum ring / septum clicker, lip rings, helix earrings, cartilage earring, rook earrings, cartilage earring ear lobe earrings hoop.
  • ❤NOT ALLERGIC❤: This hinged segment hoop is totally made of 316L Stainless steel ,one of the most safe materials for all types of skin .Hypoallergenic and nickel free,suitable for daily use.0 harm to your skin ,even new piercing can use it .
  • ❤NAVER DEFORMED❤:the cartilage hoop is hinge segment design,more easier to open and close and not easily deformed .no mater how many times you open and close the item ,it looks like a new one ,the hoop will not be deformed. We have achieved strict quality control,make sure every item easy to open and close ,to make sure the buckle position will not be loose .
  • ❤PERFECT AFTER-SALES SERVICE❤: Highly Specialized Body Jewellery. Production / Designing / Creating.If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us and we'll handle it immediately thus providing you with 100% pre/post satisfatory services.

Mayhoop 20G Stainless Steel Nose Ring Hoop Nose Rings Studs Piercings Hoop Jewelry for Women Men 36Pcs

  • Package: 36Pcs(12Pcs Nose hoops,24Pcs Nose studs) in a Set,As the picture shows,Come with one free gift velvet bag.
  • Size:20G(0.8mm), Inner dia.:6mm(1/4"),8mm(5/16"),10mm(3/8"),12mm(1/2"), Bar length:7mm, Ball Size:2mm
  • Material: High Quality Surgical steel, durable and hypoallergenic, completely non-corrosive, lead and nickel free. Also resistant to acid, alkali, no fading, no distortion, suitable for sensitive body
  • These body piercing jewelry set is adorable for women and men. Easy to insert and take off. Best gift for Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day, Wedding and more
  • Offer 90 Days Money Back. Come with gift velvet package. Great Price, Economical Purchase

Drperfect 36Pcs 20G Nose Ring Hoop for Women Men 316L Stainless Steel Helix Tragus Lip Septum Ring Cartilage Earring Hoop Piercing Jewelry

  • 🛒Nose Piercing Hoop: 36 pieces affordable nose hoops in one set, classic and simple style, multiple colors, three sizes of inner diameter 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, solve your difficulty in choosing, bring you a personal appearance and affirmative praise
  • 💍High Quality: Nose rings made of 316L Stainless steel, friendly to sensitive skinspecial polishing treatment, smooth ends, comfortable to wear, will not sting the skin like other punctures
  • 📖Using: To open 20g nose ring hoop, twist to the side rather than pulling apart to preserve the shape of the ring
  • 🎁Multiple Uses: Small hoop nose ring can be use as nose jewelry, lip ring, helix earrings, cartilage earring hoops, tragus ear piercing and septum ring. Hoop nose rings for women ,hoop nose rings for men is very suitable for holiday gifts, such as anniversary, graduation, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc
  • 💻Risk Free Guaranteed: Drperfect main engage in selling all kinds of high quality fashion jewelry at affordable price. We provide 30 days replacement or refund for any reason. If you're not completely satisfied with our stainless steel nose hoop, please feel free to contact us

ORAZIO 8Pcs 20G Stainless Steel Nose Hoop Ring for Women Men Paved CZ Cross Moon Flower Crawler Cartilage Earrings Nose Piercing Hoop Body Piercing Jewelry

  • 【Cute Nose Ring Hoop Set】One Order You Can Get 8 PCS Nose Hoop Rings With Different Style, Including CZ Paved Nose Ring, Flower Nose Ring, Cross Nose Ring, Opal Nose Ring. Cute Nose Hoop Rings With Sparkling Cubic Zirconia Make You More Fashion.
  • 【Size Of Small Nose Ring Hoop】Small Hoop Nose Ring Thickness:20 Gauge=0.8mm; Inner Diameter: 8mm, They Are Easy To Adjust And Wear. Tiny Nose Rings Hoop Is Perfect as Nose Ring and Tragus Piercing, Also Suit For Most People.
  • 【Material Of Nose Rings】Nose Piercing Hoop Made Of 316L Stainless Steel.Safe Material, You Can Rest Assured That It Is Useless To The Skin. Highly Polished Smooth Surface. Sliver Nose Ring, Gold Nose Ring, Rose Gold Nose Ring, Black Nose Ring For You To Choose.
  • 【Piercing Gift】These Small But Cute Beautiful Nose Hoop Earring Set Is A Best Gift For Women, Your Loved, Daughter, Female Friends is A Perfect Gift On Graduation, Birthday, Mother's day, etc. Small Nose Ring Hoop Cartilage Hoop Earrings Ear Piercing Could Be Used In Any Other Occasion
  • 【Best Service】365-day Exchange or Money Back Guarantee and Excellent Pre-sale Consulting and After-sale Customer Service

Drperfect 20G 36PCS 316L Stainless Steel Nose Ring Hoop Nose Piercing Jewelry for Women and Men

  • HOOP NOSE RING SET: One order comes with 36 Pcs nose ring hoops in 12 different colors, affordable price, economical set. The most popular shape and styles of hoop nose ring can match your dissimilar clothes and looks.
  • NOSE HOOP RING SIZE: Gauge size: 20G(0.8mm). Inner diameter: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm. Standard size, suitable for most women and men. Nose rings are easy to put on and take off, do not worry about falling off.
  • MATERIAL: Nose hoop earrings made of 316L stainless steel. Highly polished, smooth surface, sturdy and durable, long-lasting color, nickel-free and lead-free, safe and comfortable for sensitive skin to wear.
  • MULTIPLE USING: Can be used as nose hoop, lip ring, helix earrings, cartilage earrings, tragus ear piercing. Wear it on any part of your body to make you more shiny and charming!
  • 100% Satisfaction & Free Return: We provide 90 days replacement or refund for any reason. If you’re not completely satisfied with nose piercing jewelry, please feel free to contact us, Drperfect 100% guarantees your satisfaction.

MODRSA Nose Rings for Women Men Nose Piercing Jewelry 20g Nose Ring Hoop Gold Nose Hoop Surgical Stainless Steel Hypoallergenic Diamond Nose Studs L Shape Nose Screw Heart Nostril Jewelry

  • [Item Contain]: 6pcs gold nose ring hoops + 4pcs l shape nose studs + 4pcs hook nose rings studs nose screw ring; You can also get a velvet pouch to hold all the nose ring hoop and nose ring stud;
  • [Size]: Stainless steel nose rings hoop 20gauge (0.8mm); gold nose hoop inner diameter: 3/8"(10mm), only the C shape nose hoop ring inner diameter : 5/16"(8mm); nose studs 20g (0.8mm) * pole length: 7mm; Nose piercing stud top jewelry and ball diameter.: 2-3mm;
  • [Using]: 20g nose piercing jewelry can be used as nose ring hoop, gold nose ring, gold nose rings hoop, hoop nose rings for women; 20g nose hoop gold; Nose screw, nose studs, l shape nose piercing studs; nose piercing jewelry pack;
  • [Material]: This gold nose rings studs and nose ring hoop are made of high quality stainless steel; Highly Polished, Hypoallergenic, Smooth Surface, Comfortable for long time wear. Made of 316L Surgical Steel, Hypoallergenic, Free of Lead and Nickel nose piercing jewelry.
  • [Feature ]: Assorted style of nose piercing jewelry gold nose rings for women men; 20gauge gold nose ring hoop and nose studs nose screw pack for different use. Enjoy your body piercing. Best gift for Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Wedding, Vacation , Fancy Ball, Halloween Party and more.

Feramox 18G 316L Stainless Steel Nose Rings Hoop Nose Piercing Body Jewelry 6PCS

  • Nose Hoops: 18 Gauge = 1mm, Inner Diameter 8mm and 10mm.
  • Material: Made of Quality 316L Surgical Stainless Steel, Allergy-free.
  • 3 Layers of Great IP Plating, Lasting Color Retention, Shine and Stylish.
  • High Polished Smooth Surface, Comfortable to Wear, High Resistance to Rust and Corrosion.
  • 6 PCS/Set, 2 Assorted Sizes and 3 Colors Nose Hoop Ring, Silver-tone, Gold-tone, Black.

D.Bella 20G Nose Rings for Women Nose Piercings Jewelry Hypoallergenic Nose Rings Hoops L Shaped Nose Studs 8mm 10mm 12mm Hoop Nose Piercing Jewelry

  • Package : 12pcs Nose Rings Hoops (Helix Cartilage Earrings Hoop, Lip Ring) + 24pcs Nose Studs L Shape Nose Piercing Jewelry With Different Top With a Black Velvet Pouch;
  • Made With Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, Durable And Hypoallergenic, Completely Non-Corrosive, Lead And Nickel Free, Also Resistant To Acid, Alkali, No Fading, No Distortion.
  • Size : Stainless Steel Nose Rings Hoop 20g (0.8mm); Nose Hoops Inner Diameter: 5/16"(8mm), 3/8"(10mm), 1/2"(12mm); Nose Rings Studs 20g (0.8mm) * Bar Length: 7mm; L Shape Nose Rings Studs Top Jewelry And Ball Dia.: 2-4mm; Color:Rose Gold/Silver/Rainbow/Black
  • Using: Nickel Free Nose Rings Hoop Can Be Used As Nose Hoops, Septum Nose Rings, Cartilage Earrings Hoop, Helix Earrings Hoop, Tragus Hoop Earrings Lip Ring; L Shape Nose Rings Studs Used Ss 20g Nose Piercing Jewelry For Women Men;
  • Warranty And Package: Promise 90-Day Stainless Steel Nose Rings Exchange Nose Hoop Rings Set Or Money Back Guarantee.These Nose Rings 20g Come With Black Velvet Pouch.A Good Choice For Your Friend Or Lover,Suitable For Valentine's Day.

Ftovosyo 20G Surgical Steel Nose Rings Hoop for Women Men Paved CZ Flower Nose Piercing Jewelry L Shaped Nose Ring Stud Set

  • 12PCS NOSE RINGS: 6pcs Nose Hoop Rings, 6pcs L-shaped Nose Rings Stud; Give You Mutiply Wearring Outfit, Reasonable Price for Body Jewelry, Deserve to Purchase.
  • TOP MATERIAL: Made of High Quality Stainless Steel and Cubic Zirconia, Safe Material, Hypoallergenic and Nickel Free, Harmless Your Skin. High Polished Surface, Very Smooth to Wear and Easy to Clean.
  • THICKNESS: Gauge Size: 20G (0.8mm); CZ Top Diameter: 3mm; Wearable Bar Length of Nose Studs: 6.5mm; Inner Diameter of Nose Hoop: 8mm (5/16"); Color: Silver-tone.
  • USING: These Nose Piercing Jewelry Kit Can Be Used as Nose Rings Hoop, Nose Rings Stud, Nose Piercing Studs, Nose Stud, Nostril Piercing Rings Hoop. Come with One Free Gift Velvet Bag. It's Good Daily Life Wearing and Also Can Serve as Gift for Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day and more.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: 180 Days Exchange or Money Back Guarantee and Excellent Pre-sale Consulting and After-sale Customer Service.
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