Nadula Highlight 3 Tone Ombre Body Wave Human Hair 3 Bundles Brazilian 10A Remy Hair Ombre Blonde Human Hair Wavy Weaves Sew in Extension T1B427 Color (16 18 20inch)

  • Hair Material: Top Grade 10A Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair Bundles. 100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair is Cut from Young Girls, Select High Quality Human Hair Material, clean and healthy to make sew in or wigs.
  • Hair Quality: Blonde Highlight Body Wave Bundles Full and Thick, Tangle Free, No Shedding, No Bad Smell. Human Hair Bundles are 3 Tone Ombre Blonde Color, Can be Dyed, Bleached and Styled As You Like
  • Hair Advantage: Body Wave Hair Bundles with Machine Double Weft, Strong and Durable, High Elasticity and Bouncy. Body Wave Bundles Very Soft and Smooth, Health Nature, Neat and Tight
  • Hair Size: 16-26 Inches Hair Bundles in Stock, 95-100g/bundle (3.3oz-3.5oz/bundle), True to Length and Weight, about 3~4 Body Wave Hair Bundles Can Make a Full Head.
  • Box Package: Ombre Highlight body wave human hair weave 3 bundles come with beautiful box package and multiple gifts. Professional Hair Factory Supplier and Trustworthy Brand, Verified Quality and Quick Responsible Service, Always Offer quality Hair Products and Give You a Safe and Happy Shopping Experience.

How To Choose The Best Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair extensions have become increasingly popular over recent years, but they aren't always easy to get hold of. If you're thinking about trying them out yourself, then read our guide to help you make sure you end up with the best quality products possible.

What Are Ombre Hair Extensions?

Ombre hair extensions are pieces of human hair that are dyed to create an ombre effect. This means that there will be two different colors of hair at each part of the extension. The first color will fade into the second color as the length of the hair increases. There are many types of ombre hair extensions available for purchase online today. These include clip-in hair extensions, wefted hair extensions, and bonded hair extensions. Clip-ins are the most popular type of ombre hair extensions because they are easy to apply and remove. Wefts are more permanent than clip-ins but take longer to install. Bonded hair extensions are the least expensive option, but they require professional installation. They look like real hair and last much longer than clip-ins and wefts.

Where Can I Buy Ombre Hair Extensions?

You can buy ombre hair extensions from any reputable retailer. However, if you want the best quality hair extensions, you should consider purchasing them directly from a manufacturer.

Who Needs Ombre Hair Extensions?

Ombre hair extensions are one of the hottest trends right now. But did you know that you can create this look naturally? All you need is a pair of scissors and some patience.

To start, cut off a section of your hair. Then, use scissors to trim away any stray hairs. Next, take a strand of hair and wrap it around your finger. Pull gently until it looks like a braid. Repeat this process until you have enough strands to cover your entire head. When you're done, brush through your hair and style as usual.

This method works best for medium length hair. Longer hair requires more time and effort. However, it does produce beautiful results.

The only drawback to using this technique is that it takes longer than other methods. Also, it doesn't last very long. Once you wash your hair, the color disappears.

But, if you love the look of ombre hair but don't want to spend hours creating it, then you might want to check out these products.

Hair extension companies offer several types of clips. Some clips are designed specifically for ombre hair. Others allow you to apply multiple colors. Still others let you change the color of each individual clip.

Simply place the clip over your natural hair and secure it with a rubber band. To add another shade, simply remove the old clip and replace it with a new one. This type of clip lasts anywhere from two weeks to three months.

Place two clips side by side on top of your natural hair. Secure with a rubber band. Use the same method to switch colors.

Each clip has its own unique color. Simply slide the desired color underneath the previous color. Add more colors as needed.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair extensions are one of the hottest trends in fashion right now. They've become so popular because they are easy to style, versatile, and affordable. When shopping for ombre hair extensions, here are three things to keep in mind:

You want to purchase hair extensions that have been professionally applied by a professional stylist. This ensures that your hair extensions stay soft and healthy. Professional application techniques ensure that the color stays vibrant and natural looking.

Make sure that you select a shade that matches your skin tone. For example, if you have dark brown skin, then you should select a darker shade of brown. On the other hand, if you have fair skin, then you may prefer lighter shades such as blonde, pink, or even silver.

Longer hair looks better than shorter hair. So, if you plan to wear your hair in a ponytail, then you'll want to go for longer lengths. Otherwise, if you plan to wear them down, then you'll want to opt for short styles.

Features To Consider When Buying Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair extensions. The color trend has been sweeping through the beauty industry lately, and we've seen more and more women embracing this trendy style. But if you haven't tried them yet, there's no time like now!

If you're thinking about trying ombre hair extensions, here are some features to consider when shopping for these gorgeous pieces.

Quality. Quality matters. Don't settle for low quality hair extensions. Make sure they're made from 100% human hair and that they're soft and silky smooth. This way, you know you're getting the most luxurious hair extensions available.

Length. Length is key. Your hair extension shouldn't be shorter than shoulder length. That means you'll have enough length to create beautiful layers and styles. And longer lengths mean less maintenance.

Style. Style is important. Choose extensions that match your natural hair texture and style. For instance, if you have curly hair, then curl enhancing extensions would work well. If you have straight hair, then flat ironing may be necessary.

Texture. Texture is another feature to consider when purchasing ombre hair extensions. Some textures are softer and silkier while others are coarser and stronger. Find ones that suit your needs.

Color. Color is another factor to consider when selecting ombre hair extensions. There are many shades to choose from, including blonde, brunette, red, black, brown, etc. Pick colors that complement your skin tone and lifestyle.

Wash & Care. Wash your hair regularly. Use shampoo and conditioner formulated specifically for your hair type. Then apply heat protectant to prevent damage and frizz.

Styling. Once you've applied your hair extensions, let them dry naturally. Then gently brush them into place using a wide tooth comb. Gently pull sections of hair away from scalp and secure with clips or bobby pins. Let them sit overnight to set.

Different Types Of Ombre Hair Extensions

Ombre hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among women everywhere. Ombre Hair Extensions are especially popular amongst celebrities and models due to their ability to change up hairstyles quickly. These are also incredibly versatile and can be worn in any style without having to worry about damaging your natural hair. Here we will look at three main types of ombre hair extensions.

Clip Hair Extensions. Clip hair extensions are the cheapest type of extension. They consist of small clips attached to your own hair. These are quick and easy to apply and remove. They are also inexpensive. They are suitable for short styles and medium length hair. Ombre Hair Extensions are not recommended for long hair.

Bonded Hair Extensions. Bonded hair extensions are the next step up from clip hair extensions. These are longer and stronger than clip hair extensions. These are also less likely to fall off. They are suitable for medium to long lengths of hair. They are also more durable than clip hair extensions.

Wig Hair Extensions. Wigs are the ultimate in versatility. These are suitable for almost every occasion. They can be styled in any number of ways and can last for weeks. Ombre Hair Extensions are also extremely comfortable. Ombre Hair Extensions are also the most expensive type of hair extension. They are suitable for medium to long lengths of hair.


haibis 16''-26''Straight Micro Loop Remy Human Hair Extensions with Silicone Ring Bead Ombre Mixed Colors 100s(16''0.4g/s,#1B Off Black)

  • Materials: Selected 100% Human Hair Extensions.
  • Type:Grade 5A micro loop hair extensions with micro ring beads,micro loop hair,straight human hair.
  • Size:16inch-26inch,0.4~0.7g/s,100g/pack,150s-200s for a full head.34 Colors Mixed Ombre Colors Available.
  • Usage:Can Be Curled, Straightened, Tongued & Washed, But Do Not Use High Tempreture.
  • Note:All the extensions have been dyed the different color in the processing, if you want to re-stain, light color can be dyed to darker, but the darker can not be dye to light.

20" 3/4 Full Head Wavy Curly Clip in Hair Extensions Ombre One Piece 2 Tones(Natural black to purple)

  • Adding length -Easy and quickest way to add length in any colour, without waiting ages for your own hair to grow.
  • More Volume- Add thickness and body to your natural hair.
  • Glamorous new look without damaging your own hair.
  • Best Cure for an awkward moment- Quick repair if you had a bad hair-cut.
  • Special occasions- dress your hair with new look on special occasions like birthday party, wedding etc.

Nadula 10A Brown Highlight Body Wave Human Hair Weave 3 Bundles with 4x4 lace closure, Brazilian Remy Hair Ombre Balayage Human Hair Extension FB30 Highlight Color (20 22 24+18inch)

  • Hair Material►Top Grade 10A Brazilian Body Wave Human Hair Bundles. 100% Unprocessed Virgin Hair is Cut from Young Girls, Select High Quality Human Hair Material, clean and healthy to make sew in or wigs.
  • Hair Feature►Blonde Balayage Body Wave Bundles Full and Thick, Tangle Free, No Shedding, No Bad Smell. 4x4 Free part closure are Ombre Highlight Color, Can be Parted As You Like.
  • Hair Advantage►Body Wave Hair Bundles with Machine Double Weft, Strong and Durable, High Elasticity and Bouncy. Body Wave Bundles with Closure Can Make Sew in or Make a Wig.
  • Hair Size►8-30 Inches Hair Bundles in Stock, 95-100g/bundle; Closure Size: 14-20 Inches Available, 25-36g/piece, True to Length and Weight
  • Box Package►Brown Highlight body wave human hair weave 3 bundles with 4x4 Free part closure come with beautiful box package and multiple gifts. Professional Hair Factory Supplier and Trustworthy Brand, Verified Quality and Quick Responsible Service, Always Offer quality Hair Products and Give You a Safe and Happy Shopping Experience.

Full Shine Weft Hair Extensions 18 Inch Sew in Blonde Hair Weft Extensions Balayage Ombre Color 8 Light Brown to 60 Platinum Blonde Real Hair Extensions Weave 100 Grams Straight Sew in Bundles

  • 【Choose the right size and weight】Full Shine Sew in Hair Extensions 100 Real Human Hair, 10 inch-50g, 12 inch-80g, 14-24 inch-100g. If you choose more than 20 inches of hair extensions, 2 packs is ideal for full head, 3 packs is suitable for thick hair.
  • 【About full shine hair】Full Shine Hair is professional and passionate about human hair extensions. Our hair wefts are made of remy hair, production process of the double weft, so our weft extensions are stronger and more compact. Double weft sew in extensions have short hair at the root,which is normal and cannot be avoided.
  • 【About Wearing Method】Full Shine Hair Weft Can Be Attached In Different Ways. Directly Sew In, With Micro Link In, With Clip In, Glue Or Tape In, And Make Wig Or Ponytails, Easily Get All Hairstyles You Like! But please be careful , one piece weft hair extensions can be cut according to your needs. The incision needs to be sewn or glued to prevent the hair from falling out.
  • 【About washing and care】If you can't take off your hair extensions while sleeping, you can tie it up or braid a loose braid, which can effectively prevent knots. When shampooing, do not rub your hair too hard, comb out the knots in the water, and comb or dry from the ends of the hair upwards. Please use conditioner and hair oil.
  • 【About Color】Pictures Are More Reliable.There Might Be Color Differences Because of Different Monitor and Light.Suitable for Dating, Daily Use, Party, Concert, Wedding, Sports, Holiday. No One Will Find Your Secret.

[CLEARANCE] 24 Inch Clip in Human Hair Extensions Ombre Hair Extensions Full Head Thick Hair Brown Remy Hair Extensions Clip in Double Weft Clip in Human Hair 7PCS 120Grams

  • 1.One of the biggest benefits of clip in extensions is that they are worn only when wanted/needed and then removed. They are quick and straightforward to use, making them ideal for those new to extensions or who don't feel comfortable styling their hair.
  • 2. Moresoo clip in hair extensions are made of 100% human hair, daily maintenance is just like maintaining your own hair, no extra care is needed.It is simple to install and can be installed or removed at home, there is no need to ask a professional hairstylist for easy operation.
  • 3.One of the main factors to consider when wearing hair extensions is whether it will affect your natural hair quality? NO! Clip-in extensions are currently one of the simplest and safest hair extension types. It does not require any adhesives, glues and other chemical products and heating tools to install.
  • 4.Clip-in hair extensions will give you full, thick hair that will give you the confidence you need to be yourself. Giving you a self-esteem boost, along with longer and thicker hair, you can confidently show everyone just how great you're looking and doing.
  • 5.All of photos are taken by Moresoo Hair,due to different light and other factors, there may be a little slight color difference.And all the extensions have been dyed the different color in the processing, if you want to re-stain, please conduct a test first.If you need any help,please feel free to contact us. Moresoo Hair is always here for you!

Full Shine Tape in Extensions Human Hair 20 Inch Ombre Tape in Hair Extensions 20 pcs Color 8 Ash Brown Fading to 60 Platinum Blonde and 18 Ash Blonde Hair Extensions 50g Invisible Tape

  • 【Reminder】Any Issues with orders or products, find us fisrt instead of other way.
  • 【Quantity selection】:Under the same gram weight,the Longer The Hair Length Is,The Thinner It Will Be.Suggested quantity:2-3 Packs For Thin Hair,3-5 Packs For Thicker.If you have very long hair, you may need more.
  • 【About tape】:tape hair is made with anti-shedding technology. However, if the storage time is too long or the weather is too hot, or the use method is improper, the adhesiveness of the film will be lost. If you encounter it, please let us know and we will send you a replacement film immediately.
  • 【Material】:real human hair,But there may be some impurities in the raw material. The processing methods are manual rejection and thermal processing. In case of uncleaned impurities, contact us to replace it for you.
  • 【clean and care】:Please wash your hair with a mild shampoo. Do not use a hairdryer after washing. Protect your hair with a wide-toothed comb and conditioner.

SOCAP Hair Extensions Straight 20" - Human Remy Hair - Adhexive Tape-ins - 6/1001 Ombre

  • 20" Long Hair
  • Tape-in
  • Pack of 6 tapes = 3 sandwiches
  • 6/1001 Light Chestnut/Platinum Blonde

IUPin Hair 1B/Blue Bundles Ombre Blue Body Wave Human Hair 3 Bundles 18 20 22 Inch 100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Weave Extensions 2 Tone Human Hair Bundles

  • 1: Hair Material: 100% virgin brazilian hair, remy human hair, machine made double weft, soft, healthy, tangle-free, no shedding.
  • 2: Hair Weight & Length : 95-105g Per Ombre Blue Bundle, 3 Bundles/Lot,Very soft, healthy and thick.
  • 3: Hair color :T1B/Blue,2 Tone Hair Color
  • 4: Fast Shipment: Orders will be Fulfilled by IUPin Hair. Delivered By FedEx/DHL
  • 5:Can be Curled, Straightened, Bleached and Styled or Sew it to Wigs as your own hair. it will last longer under the correct condition of caring .

Full Shine Wire Human Hair Extensions Balayage Ombre Wire Hair Extensions 16 Inches 3/8/22 Dark Root Secret Invisible Hair Wire Extensions for Women 80 Grams

  • 1.Full Shine Hairpiece Works for Those who Want to Add Volume, Length, Layers and Styles --Easy to Wear--Full Shine One Piece Hair Extension can be Applied in Seconds and Style in Moments
  • 2.Safe--the Invisible Fish Wire Hair Applied with Fish Line, Avoiding the Beads/Glue --Comfortable and Undetectable--Transparent Fish Wire and Flat Weft Making the Lightweight and Comfortable Experience
  • 3.Innovative Products--Fish Wire Hair is the most Innovative Products You'll Love to Wear --Human Hair--Wire Hair Piece Human Hair Extensions Made By 100 Percent Real Hair, No Tangling/Shedding
  • 4.Covert and Natural after Using, which can be Easily Curled, Colored to Suit Your Mood --Wash the Hair if You Want to Dye it by Yourself --Please Always Pick up a Tress Before Conducting the Whole
  • 5.Multi-Choice--This Type of Hair Piece Comes in 6 Length and Over 25 Colors; Suits for Different Roots Color

Full Shine Balayage Weft Hair Extensions 20 Inch Brown Human Hair Bundles 100 Gram Sew in Hair Extensions Color 4 Medium Brown Ombre 24 Blonde Highlighted 4 Sew in Weave Extensions

  • [Real Human Hair]Full Shine Balayage Brown And Blonde Hair Weft Made of Real Human Hair Which Is Durable, Thick, Soft and Blends Well with Many Hair Textures.It Will Cause Less Frizz with Proper Care after Long Time Use.
  • [Double Weft]Weft Hair Bundle is Thicker and More Durable Than Traditional Hair Curtains. Two Wefts Sewing Together to Hold More Hair Stably.You Can Make different Styles According to Your Needs.
  • [Four Wearing Method]Full Shine Hair Weft Can Be Attached In Different Ways. Directly Sew In, With Micro Link In, With Clip In, Glue Or Tape In, And Make Wig Or Ponytails, Easily Get All Hairstyles You Like!
  • [Sew in Hair Extensions]Human Hair Extensions Can Be Dyed ,Curled and Styled As Your Own Hair,Please Note That The Hair Can be Dyed To The Darker Color But Can Not Be Bleached.
  • [Pictures Are More Reliable]There Might Be Color Differences Because of Different Monitor.Suitable for Dating, Daily Use, Party, Concert, Wedding, Sports, Holiday. No One Will Find Your Secret.

Full Shine Hair Clip in Ombre Grey Human Hair Extensions Full Head 18 Inch Color 19A Ash Blonde Fading to Color 60 Platinum Blonde Highlighted 19A Double Weft Clip in Human Hair Extensions 120 Gram for Women

  • [10 Pieces Clip in Hair Extensions Design]Four Small Clip Hair Pieces, More Flexible To Use With Big Pieces, Can Be Placed In Any Position According To Your Needs! You Can Also Cut The Hair Piece Into Smaller One By Yourself.Soft Like Your Own Natural Hair.
  • [Mutil-Shades Are Available]Blonde Highlight, Lowlight, Ombre And Balayage Colors Blend Naturally With Your Hair Color. Clip in Hair Extensions Real Human Hair Are Suitable For Different Occasions, Creating Enviable Length And Volume All Day!
  • [Double Weft Clip in Hair Extensions]Made With An Anti-Shedding Technology Which Feature An Unique Sew Line On The Hand-Made Double Weft To Prevent Shedding And Tangling. 12Inch 80Gram, 14-18Inch 120Gram,20-22Inch 140Gram.Usually Enough For Full Head. If You Have Thicker Hair, Two Packs Are Recommended.
  • [Real Human Hair]Blonde Clip in Extensions is Made Of Real Remy Human Hair, No Synthetic Or Animal Hair Mixed. Full And Thick End, Silky Softness And Durable. Can Be Restyled And Dyed. With Correct Care, The Clip in Hair Extensions Can Last About 2-3 Months.
  • [Easy To Use]Stainless Steel Clips Sewed Stably, Our Clip in Human Hair Can Be Easily Applied And Removed By Yourself To Change Hairstyle In Several Minutes! No Damage To Your Hair Or Scalp, Which Allows Them To Stay Securely In Place Without Needing For Teasing Of Your Natural Hair.
  • [The Number of Packs You Need]If You Have Thick Hair,We Recommend 1-2 Packs to Add Weight,2-3 Packs to Add Length.If You Have Thin Hair, We Recommend 1-2 Packs to Add Length,2-3 Packs to Add Weight.
  • [Hair Care]Clip in Hair Extensions Can be Dyed to Matched And Curled to Gorgeous Hairstyle.Need a Little Mild Shampoo And Hair Conditioner, Then Wash With Warm Water, And Then Let Them Dry Naturally, We Do Not Propose to Wear It When Sleeping.

Moresoo Clip Hair Extensions Real Human Hair 18inch Burgundy Hair Extensions Black Ombre Clip Hair Extensions Full Head Double Weft Clip in Hair Extensions 7Pieces/120Grams

  • 【Easy for Beginners】Clip in hair extensions are so easy to apply that almost anyone can put them in without external help. Even if you’ve never worn extensions, you will be able to add length and color to your hair in a few, simple steps. All you need to do is part and separate your hair, push in the extension, attach the weft with a small comb, and snap the clip down. That’s it!
  • 【All-Natural】Moresoo clip in extensions are made with real human hair to look completely natural, and they come in a variety of different colors so that you can match your hair color perfectly! Once applied and blended in with your natural hair, no one will be able to tell that you have extensions in.
  • 【No Tools or Tape】Did we mention spending a lot of time at the salon? To apply for clip in extensions, you don’t need any fancy tools, goopy glues, heat, or sticky tape! Everything you need is at your disposal, built in to the extension itself.When you’re ready for another change, these extensions are also very easy to remove. Simply locate the weft, separate the hair into sections, press, and unclip them.
  • 【Instantly Add Hair Length】Here is the best thing about clip in hair extensions: you can achieve a wide range of popular, amazing hairstyles without having to visit an expensive salon. If you’ve ever wanted your hair to grow long and luscious overnight only to wake up with your hair still short, then clip in extensions can help you achieve a longer look. These extensions add inches of length to your hair in mere minutes.
  • 【Goodbye Damage】Another great thing about clip in extensions is that they should never damage your hair when applied properly.By caring for your extensions, you can also make them last for a long time. Gently brushing and washing them will ensure that they always look fresh, clean, and healthy. A good set of clip in extensions can last over six months.

Ombre Kanekalon Braiding Hair 5 Pack Ombre Jumbo Braiding Hair Extensions 24 Inch Jumbo Braid Synthetic Hair for Braiding (5 pack, Black)

  • Hair Material: 100% Kanekalon Braiding Hair Extensions, High Temperature Synthetic Fiber Jumbo Braid Hair
  • Hair Quality: Ombre Braiding Hair, Colorful and Durable, Soft and Smooth, Beautiful and Comfortable To Wear
  • Hair Advantage: Heat Resistant, No Fade, No Shedding, No Smell, Easy to Crochet, Braid and Twist, Hold Texture Well
  • Hair Details: 24 inch Length and 100g Weight, Black-Brown-Blonde Color, 5 Pack/lot, Usually is Enough for A Full Head
  • Service:Fast Delivery Time By Amazon, 24 Hours Customer Service Always Waiting For You And Make You Satisfied.

Neuvikter Wave Halo Hair Extensions Invisible Ombre Bayalage Synthetic Natural Flip Hidden Secret Wire Crown Hair Piece (12inches,12#)

  • Material-- High quality heat resistant synthetic hair and you can change the look using your favorite styling tools.
  • Design-- Our this hairpiece unlike the traditional clip in hair extensions,it is no clips, no glue, no tape,and this new secret extension is lighter and more comfortable.
  • Occasion-- Suit for any occasion ,such as friend party, Birthday party, shopping, wedding, daily Life, Christmas gift, Black Friday gift, back to school,and so on, this wig will bring you more beautiful and many compliments.
  • Easy to wash and care-- Just need a little mild shampoo and hair conditioner then washing in lukewarm water, then set on a flat towel and let them naturally dry.
  • Multi-color for choosing-- which are guaranteed to blend with your own natural or color treated hair color. Our colors are multi-faceted and will work with various shades, ash, golden or beige. Go a shade darker for a highlighted effect or a shade lighter for an ombre look. Either way, you can't go wrong!

UNice Ombre Brown Highlight Body Wave Human Hair Weave 1 bundle 26 inch, Brazilian Remy Hair Dark Root Blonde Human Hair Weaves Extension Piano Color TFB30

  • 1. Hair Material:🌺10A Brazilian Body Wave Hair weave Bundles.Top Grade 10A 100% Human remy hair bundles was cut from young girls, clean and healthy to make sew in or wigs
  • 2. Hair Quality: 🌺Ombre Body wave Human Hair bundles strong double weft, No Shedding. No tangle. Soft and Silky. Thick and no split end. Hold curls well.
  • 3.Hair Color:🌺Human Hair Bundles Brown with Highlight TFB30 color. Very beautiful and fashion.Can be Bleached, Dyed, Heat, Style the Hair Weave as You Want.
  • 4.Hair Weight:🌺remy hair weave bundle sew in 100g/pc. 3 bundles is enough for a full head. Over 24 26 28 30 inch please purchase 4 bundles.
  • 5.🌺Professional and Trustworthy: Ombre Body Wave Hair Bundles dark root with ombre brown blonde highlighted color can make saw in or make ponytail and wigs.Professional Hair Factory Supplier. Verified Quality and Quick Responsible Service, Always Offer quality Hair Products and Give You a Safe and Happy Shopping Experience.

UNice Hair Brown Blonde Straight Human Hair Weave 3 Bundles, Brazilian 100% Virgin Unprocessed Remy Hair Ombre Highlight Color Hair Extensions 100g/pc (14 16 18)

  • 💝Material🌺 100% Brazilian Virgin Human Hair material was cut from One Donor,Full Cuticle Aligned, Can Be Dyed ,Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Straighten or Styled As Your Own Hair. Bouncy,soft and comfortable.
  • 💝Hair Weigh🌺 : #FB30 Color Straight Hair Bundles Remy hair weave bundle sew in 100g/pc. 3 bundles is enough for a full head. Over 24 26 28 30 inch please choose 4 bundles.
  • 💝Suitable for any Occasionsl🌺 UNICE hair TFB30 Straight Hair bring you the perfect look for daily life, wedding, dating, theme parties, cosplay and any other occasion, make you more confidence and charming.
  • 💝Popular and quality🌺 Brides wear unice hair ,Models wear unice hair. Even Pregnant women wear Unice hair. safe and healthy. Tight & Neat Weft, No Shedding;Beautiful Straight Texture with High Elasticity,Hold Curls Well; Bouncy Soft & Shiny, No Tangles; Can be Dyed Bleaches Curled Straightened.
  • 💝our service🌺 If you have any problem,pls feel free to contact us,we will reply you within 24 hours and try our best to serve you.Always Offer quality Hair Products and Give You a Safe and Happy Shopping Experience.

Moresoo Seamless Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair 20inch PU Weft Clip ins Real Human Hair Extensions Full Head Thin Track Black Roots to Blonde Ombre Hair Extensions 7Pieces 120Grams

  • 💝【Latest Technology】-- Seamless clip in hair use ultra-thin poly skin material, it looks like your skin, others can't notice your hair extensions,it's a nice way to change your look.
  • 💝【High Quality Human Hair】-- Moresoo Hair are all made with 100% human hair, the unique production process makes them maintain the original toughness and smoothness, you can straighten or curl with no issues! But to ensure the service life, the temperature should not be higher than 356℉ when curling.
  • 💝【Change Hairstyle】-- No glue or tape, just several metal hairpins. Each hair strand is independent and will not be taped together, so except keep your hair shawl, you can also tie up various complicated braids, and you no longer have to worry about damaging your hair with hair dye.
  • 💝【Easy to wear】-- Even if it's your first time using hair extensions, you can easily put them on. You should divide the hair into several parts and snap them into the hair in order. We usually get headaches after wearing extensions for more than 3 hours, but these you can wear all night without a problem.
  • 💝【Match Your Hair Perfectly】-- Whether your hair is thin or thick, this set of hair extensions will blend in perfectly, you couldn’t even tell where your own hair is. Note that if you have thicker hair, I recommend using 2or3 sets.

Nadula Highlight Brown Body Wave Virgin Hair 3 Bundles 10A Brazilian Human Hair Extensions , Ombre Balayage Colored Body Wavy Human Hair Weave Bundles 8 10 12inch

  • ❤Body Wave 3 Bundles Material:100% Unprocessed Brazilian Virgin Human Hair Bundles,Grade 8A Balayage Body Color.Can Be Dyed ,Permed, Bleached, Highlighted, Straighten or Styled As Your Own Hair.
  • ❤Hair Quality:Double Machine Weft, High elasticity & Bouncy, Tight & Neat, No Shedding,No Tangle,No Lices & Shiny.Very Soft,Smooth as the Wind Blows Through Your Fingers.
  • ❤Body Wave 3 Bundles Color:3 Bundles #FB30 Highlight Ombre Color ,Can be Straightened,Curled,Bleached and Styled as your own hair.
  • ❤Package Include:Bundles ,a Hair Band(random color),a Pair of Beautiful False eyelashes.
  • ❤Service: Shipped by FBA, 1-5 Working Days Arrive. No Reason Return & Full Refund within 30 Days.If You Don't Like the 3bundles, Simply Return it and Keep the Item in Original Condition . If You Have any Questions, You can Contact us and We'll Solve for You.

Fshine Weft Hair Extensions Human Hair Brown to Blonde Sew in Ombre Hair Extensions Light Brown to Platinum Blonde Hair Weft Sew in Extensions Long Hair Bundle 14 Inch 100g

  • 【100% Human Hair】: Weft hair extensions are premium 100% remy human hair, no synthetic hair mixed.Silky and soft with no tangles,providing a more natural look. Thick and bouncy with highest elasticity and healthy end. Can be dyed, bleached, highlight, curled or straightened as your own hair.
  • 【One Bundle,100 Gram】:Regardless of hair length, 100 grams. The width of the hair weft will vary depending on the length of the hair.
  • 【Reusable Double Weft】: Double weft,thicker and more durable than traditional hair curtains. Anti-shedding strong double weft, two wefts sewing together to hold hair more stably,allowing for Long-lasting installations.
  • 【Thick end and Soft Smooth】: Silky and no shedding, no tangling, comb easily, painless to wear and install, with thick end and bouncy texture ,no knot, no split, more smooth and shiny.
  • 【Multiple Wearing Method and Styles】: Hair weft can be attached in different ways. directly sew in, with micro link in, with clip in, glue or tape in, and make wig or ponytails, easily get all hairstyles you like! and different colors such as black, brown, blonde, balayage and highlight are available.

Beauty Forever #FB30 Highlight Brazilian Body Wave 3 Bundles With 4X4 Lace Closure Human Hair Ombre Balayage Bundles With Closure Free Part Virgin Human Hair Extensions Piano Color

  • Feature: Highlight brazilian body wave bundles with closure human hair ombre balayage fashionable color; can make sew in or make ponytail and wigs.
  • Quality: 10A brazilian virgin remy human hair extensions ombre body wave human hair bundles are double weft, closure is middle brown lace, no tangle & no shedding; very soft and silky, could keep style well;
  • Hair Color:#FB30 balayage,dark root with ombre brown & blonde highlighted color.Can be bleached,dyed,heat,style the hair as you want.closure is pre-plucked with baby hair;
  • Hair Weight:bundles sew in 100g/pc. 3 bundles with closure are enough for a full head. Over 24 26 28 30 inch we suggest you purchase 4 bundles with closure.
  • Package:3bundles with closure deal includes three bundles and one closure;bundles with closure are natural looking and soft feel; could be straightened, curled,bleached or dyed, just like your own hair;

Mrscx 6 Pack/LOT 24 Inch Ombre Short Deep Curly Twist Braid Crochet Hair Water Curl Braids Hair Senegalese Twist Braiding Hair Extensions For Women Color (Black/Purple/Pink)

  • New Design, New Fashion. Passed Breathability Test and Material Safety Test.
  • Single Root Design, Simple and Beautiful, Easy to Wear.
  • S-shaped Wavy Curl Perfectly Decorates the Face, Comfortable and Sexy.
  • The Color Transition is Natural, Beautiful and Realistic, Just Like Your Own Hair.
  • The Tail is Compact, Not Easy to Scatter, Neat and Beautiful.
  • Handmade, Light Weight, Not Easy to Fall Off. Suitable for All Seasons and Durable.
  • Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber, Easy to Straighten and Curl, More Comfortable to Feel, and More Changeable in Style.
  • Daily Dress, Holiday Party. Any Occasion Can Easily Attract People's Attention.
  • Amazon Distribution, Quick Delivery and Convenient Return.
  • 24-hour Customer Service, Sincerely Treat Each Other.

Moresoo Tape in Human Hair Extensions Balayage Tape in Extensions 22 Inch Adhesive PU Tape in 20pcs #1B/3/27 Black Ombre to Brown with Blonde Double Sided Seamless Tape ins 50g

  • 【Strong White Tape】We use high-quality white tape, which is more invisible and comfortable than other types of glue. It can last for 8-12 weeks with proper care.
  • 【Remy Hair Extensions】Moresoo tape in hair extensions is 100% human hair tested by AUTHORITATIVE ORGANIZATIONS, with a certificate. No damage, no tangle, soft and silky while still feeling natural.
  • 【IMPORTANT】12inch is 30Grams/20PCS,14inch is 40Grams/20PCS,16-28inch is 50Grams/20PCS.Usually 2-3packs could make a full head. The longer the hair, the thinner. Please refer to our product page to choose.
  • 【Attentive Service】Feel free to contact us if you have problems. (difficulty in choosing colors/ damaged packages received/using problems/whatever) We will help you solve it the first time!
  • 【About Styling】Our extensions will hold any styling you do, curling, straightening, scrunching, whatever! You can refer to our product page to take care of them.
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