Color Oops Extra Conditioning Hair Color Remover, Pac

  • Removes oxidative dye/color (will not remove color that has lightened your hair)
  • Works in 20 Minutes
  • Re-Dye The Same Day
  • Safest and most effective way to reverse an undesirable hair color application

How To Choose The Best Oops Color Remover

You accidentally dyed your hair pink, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, red, brown, black, white, grey, silver, gold, etc. , but now you have no idea what to do next. Don't worry - we've got you covered! This article will teach you everything you need to know about Oops Colors, including how to remove them safely and effectively.

What Is A Oops Color Remover?

Oops! You accidentally colored something. It happens to all of us at some point. Whether you're coloring outside of the lines or just trying to get rid of an errant mark left behind by a marker, there is always going to be a little bit of mess involved. Luckily for those who don't want to deal with cleaning up after themselves, there is now a product available that will help remove the stain before it sets into the fabric permanently. The Oops Color Remover is a non-toxic, water based formula that works to lift stains right off of fabrics without leaving any residue behind. Simply apply the Oops Color Remover directly onto the area where the stain was applied and let sit for 5 minutes. Then gently rub the stained area until the stain has been removed. To make sure that the Oops Color Remover does its job properly, test a small patch of fabric first. If the Oops Color Remover doesn't work well for removing the stain, try using a different brand of Oops Color Remover. For best results, follow the directions on the label carefully and allow the Oops Color Remover to dry completely before washing the item if needed.

Who Needs A Oops Color Remover?

Oops! Hair dye stains are one of the most common problems faced by women today. Whether it's a new shade of blonde or a streak of red across your forehead, these unwanted blemishes are hard to hide. But luckily, there are products designed specifically to remove hair dyes and other types of stains.

The best stain removal product for removing hair dye is called "Color Oop!" It works quickly and effectively. Simply apply the solution directly to the area where the stain occurred. Then wait 30 minutes before rinsing away any remaining residue. Afterward, use shampoo and conditioner to wash away the rest of the dye.

Another effective method is to use a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. Rubbing alcohol has been known to dissolve hair dye. However, this technique takes longer to dry than using Color Oop! Also, it doesn't remove permanent hair colors.

Finally, another alternative is to soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover. Use the swab to gently rub the stain until it disappears. Be careful not to touch your skin while doing this.

When choosing which method to use, think about how long you plan to wear the hair color. If you only plan to wear it for a short period of time, then you may prefer the quicker drying methods. On the other hand, if you plan to wear the hair color for several weeks, then you may want to opt for the slower drying techniques.

Regardless of which method you decide to use, remember to test each product on a hidden spot first. Don't use the product on your face or anywhere else where it could cause damage.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Oops Color Remover

If you've ever accidentally dyed your hair a different color than you intended, then you know how frustrating it can be to try to fix the problem. Fortunately, there are many ways to remove unwanted colors from your hair. Unfortunately, most people aren't aware of them. So here are three ways to remove unwanted colors from your hair:

Use shampoo. Shampoo works great for removing temporary dyes. Simply apply shampoo to wet hair, lather up, rinse thoroughly, and repeat until the color disappears. You may have to do this several times if the color isn't coming off easily.

Use conditioner. Conditioners work best for permanent dyes. Apply conditioner to damp hair, comb through, and let sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and style as usual.

Use bleach. Bleach is another option for removing permanent dyes. Use 1/4 cup of bleach mixed with 2 cups of warm water. Mix well, add a small amount of conditioner, and use as normal. Be careful when bleaching your hair because it can damage your scalp and leave your hair dry and brittle.

Features To Consider When Buying A Oops Color Remover

What type of hair? Before you start using a Oops Color Remover, you'll want to know if your hair is dry, normal, oily, or combination. This will determine how well the Oops Color Remover will work for you.

Amount needed. The amount of Oops Color Remover you'll need depends on the length of your hair. For short hair, you may only need a few drops. However, for longer hair, you may need more than 10 drops.

How often. How often do you wash your hair? Some people recommend washing their hair once a week while others say they only need to shampoo twice a month. Whatever method you decide to follow, just remember to wash your hair thoroughly. That way, you'll remove as much residue as possible.

Hair type. What kind of hair do you have? Do you have fine hair, thick hair, curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair? Knowing this information will help you pick the right Oops Color Remover for your hair type.

Length. How long is your hair? Longer hair needs more Oops Color Remover than shorter hair. And, the longer your hair, the less Oops Color Remover you'll need.

Volume. Volume refers to the thickness of your hair. Thicker hair requires more Oops Color Remover than thinner hair.

Conditioning. Conditioning your hair prior to coloring can help prevent damage. But, conditioning doesn't always guarantee success. If your hair feels soft and silky, then you probably didn't condition properly. Make sure you condition your hair first, then apply Oops Color Remover.

Color. What shade of hair color do you have? Brown, blonde, red, black, silver, ash, etc. Hair colors range from light browns to dark blacks. Knowing what color your hair is will help you select the correct Oops Color Remover for your hair.

Different Types Of Oops Color Remover

Oops! Color is something that everyone experiences at some point in their lives. Whether it’s due to accidently spilling food coloring on yourself or accidentally getting makeup on your shirt, it happens. Luckily, there are ways to remove the stains without having to throw away your clothes. We will go through each of the methods below and explain how they work.

Wash Out Stains. Wash out stains is the easiest way to remove any kind of stain. Simply wash the area with soap and warm water until the stain disappears. Make sure to use a gentle detergent and rinse well. Do not rub the area as this could damage the fabric.

Dry Cleaning. Dry cleaning is a good alternative to washing out stains. It requires special equipment and chemicals. A professional dry cleaner should be hired to clean your clothing. Dry cleaning is recommended for larger items like blouses and dresses.

Use Bleach. Bleach is a chemical that works well for removing stains. Use 1/4 cup of bleach to 2 cups of water. Mix thoroughly and soak the stained area for 10 minutes. Then rinse off with cold water. Repeat this process 3 times.

Use Vinegar. Vinegar is a natural acid that works well for removing stains. Pour vinegar on the affected area and let sit for 5 minutes. Rinse with cool water and repeat twice. For stubborn stains, add baking soda to the mixture.

Use Baking Soda. Baking soda is a natural abrasive that helps loosen up dirt and grime. To use, pour baking soda on the affected area and scrub gently. Let sit for 15 minutes and then rinse with lukewarm water. Repeat this process two times.

Use Salt. Put salt on the stain and rub vigorously. Wait 30 seconds and then rinse with cold water. Repeat this process three times.

Use Alkaline Soap. Alkaline soap is a milder version of regular soap. It does not strip colors from fabrics. To use, simply apply alkaline soap to the affected area and rub vigorously.


Color Oops Developlus Color Oops Color Remover (extra Strength)

  • Removes Permanent Hair Color
  • Ammonia and Bleach Free
  • Most Effective Way to Reverse an Undesirable Hair Color Application
  • Takes Your Hair Back to Your Last Chemical Process
  • Recolor the Same Day

Color Oops Hair Color Remover Extra Conditioning 1 Each

  • Conditions during process to protect fragile hair
  • Safely removes permanent and semi-permanent hair color
  • Takes only 20 minutes
  • Ammonia Free/Bleach Free
  • Re-color the same day

Color Oops Hair Color Prep System (4oz.)

  • Removes Build-Up from Old Hair Color
  • Neutralizes Color Pigment
  • Helps Prepare Hair for New Color
  • Safe to Use Each Time You Color
  • Bleach and Ammonia Free
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