Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo, 8.5 Fl Oz

  • hard ward deposits, and chlorine
  • It's great for color-treated hair and helps to eliminate coarseness, restore manageability and shine
  • I blended Grapefruit and Orange Flower Extracts with botanicals and vitamins to create a shampoo that would gently remove build-up without stripping hair
  • Item Package Dimension: 15.6cm L x 5.0cm W x 4.8cm H

How To Choose The Best Ouidad Shampoo

Ouidad has been around since the early 2000s, but their products have only recently started making waves in the beauty industry. Their shampoo line is now available in over 30 countries worldwide, and they have even won awards for their innovative formulas. We've got the scoop on what makes their shampoos special, and why you should try them out.

What Is A Ouidad Shampoo?

Ouidad shampoos are made for all types of hair including dry, damaged, frizzy, fine, and coarse hair. They contain natural ingredients like aloe vera, avocado oil, argan oil, rosemary extract, and vitamin E. These ingredients help nourish and strengthen hair while leaving it soft and manageable. The result is beautiful, shiny, healthy looking hair!

Who Needs A Ouidad Shampoo?

Ouidad has been around since the early 1990s. Today, it's one of the most trusted names in natural haircare products. But did you know that Ouidad was originally created to meet the needs of women with curly hair?

In fact, Ouidad was founded by two sisters named Maryam and Marjorie Oudin. Their goal was to create a product that would protect their clients' curls while providing maximum shine and manageability. To do this, they developed a formula containing shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Since then, Ouidad has become known for its innovative formulas and unique ingredients.

Today, Ouidad offers three main lines of shampoos. These are Curly Care, Straighten & Shine, and Color Care. Each line contains a specific type of formulation designed to address certain issues related to curly hair. Here's everything you need to know about each line.

Curly Care - This line includes shampoos that contain keratin peptides, which strengthen the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. Keratins are proteins found naturally in our skin and hair. When these proteins bond with water molecules, they form a protective barrier against moisture loss. This makes the hair stronger and more durable.

Straighten & Shine - This line includes shampoos that contain caffeine and glycerin. Caffeine works as a temporary straightener. Glycerin moisturizes the scalp and leaves hair soft and shiny. Both ingredients are gentle enough to use daily.

Color Care - This line includes shampoos that contain argan oil, avocado oil, and tea tree oil. Argan oil is rich in fatty acids that nourish the scalp and prevent dandruff. Avocado oil is packed with vitamins and minerals that promote strong, shiny hair. Tea tree oil strengthens the hair follicles and prevents breakage.

Each line of Ouidad shampoos comes in various scents including citrus, floral, and clean. All of the shampoos are paraben free, sulfate free, and gluten free. They're also vegan friendly.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Ouidad Shampoo

Ouidad products have become one of my favorite lines of hair care products. I love their natural formulations, affordable pricing, and great customer service. When it comes to shampoos, I like to use them every other day. They leave my hair soft and manageable, yet shiny and smooth. My hair feels clean and healthy after washing with Ouidad products. So, if you're looking for a quality shampoo, then you've come to the right place!

This means that they never add any synthetic fragrances, dyes, or preservatives. All of their formulas are free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, triclosan, artificial colors, and artificial flavors. These ingredients are harmful to your skin and scalp. You want to keep your skin and scalp healthy, so you should definitely steer clear of anything that contains these harmful ingredients. Ouidad products are safe for everyone!

For example, their 2 oz. Their 4 oz. And their 8 oz. There are even special promotions where you can save 50% off your entire order.

They offer free samples, product reviews, and tons of helpful articles online. So, if you ever have questions about their products, you'll find the answers here.

Features To Consider When Buying A Ouidad Shampoo

Ouidad has been creating haircare since the 1980s, and its shampoos are now sold in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company was founded by two women who wanted to create a line of natural, effective products that would leave their clients' hair soft, shiny, and manageable. Today, Ouidad continues to produce quality products that work well for most types of hair.

Quality ingredients. Ouidad uses only pure botanical extracts in its formulas. This means they're free of synthetics and chemicals. In addition, the company tests each ingredient to ensure it doesn't cause irritation or dryness.

Natural oils. Ouidad's shampoos feature natural oils such as avocado, olive, jojoba, argan, and coconut. These oils moisturize while protecting against frizz and split ends.

Moisturizing properties. Many shampoos claim to moisturize hair, but few actually do. Ouidad's shampoos contain moisture-rich oils that penetrate deep into the cuticle layer of the hair shaft. As a result, your hair feels softer, smoother, and shinier.

Conditioning. Most shampoos tend to strip away the natural oils that protect hair from damage. But Ouidad's shampoos contain conditioning agents that replenish those lost oils. They also add shine and manageability.

Fragrance-free. Because many shampoos contain fragrance, you may notice a strong scent when you first apply them. However, this fades quickly. And if you prefer no fragrance, Ouidad's shampoos are fragrance-free.

Easy to use. Ouidad shampoos are easy to use. Simply wet your hands, then run them through your hair. Then massage your scalp until the lather forms. Rinse thoroughly, then follow up with a towel-dry. Repeat once or twice daily.

Different Types Of Ouidad Shampoo

Ouidad Shampoos are known for their ability to create long lasting curls. They are formulated specifically to treat curly hair. They are also gentle enough to use every day without causing damage. Here we will look at the various types of Ouidad shampoos available.

Shampoo Curly. This is the original Ouidad shampoo. It was created by the company founder, Toni Boucher. She wanted to create a shampoo that could be used daily without damaging her clients’ hair. Her goal was to create a shampoo that would last longer than any other shampoo on the market. To accomplish this she added ingredients like coconut oil, avocado oil, and aloe vera. Coconut oil helps moisturize the scalp and avocado oil provides shine. Aloe Vera adds moisture to the hair and protects against frizz.

Coconut Oil Shampoo. This version of Ouidad shampoo uses coconut oil instead of avocado oil. It works well for those who don’t mind the smell of coconut. It does however contain less moisturizing properties than the previous version.

Sulfate Free Shampoo. This shampoo is sulfate free and therefore safe for color treated hair. It contains natural extracts like rosemary and lavender. Rosemary is known for its anti-fungal properties and lavender is known for its calming effects.

Conditioner Curl. This is the newest version of Ouidad Conditioner. It contains the same ingredients as the shampoo but in a concentrated form. It is meant to be applied to wet hair and left on for 5 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly.


OUIDAD Water Works Clarifying Shampoo 33.8oz

  • Great for color-treated hair, Water Works helps to maintain color, manageability and shine.
  • A special blend of lemon, grapefruit and orange flower extracts, and vitamins create a shampoo that gently removes build-up without stripping hair.
  • Water Works Clarifying Shampoo is formulated with gentle yet deep cleansing fruit acids to rid hair of salt water residue, chlorine and the minerals from hard water that make it coarse, dry, and unmanageable.
  • Hair type: Curly

Ouidad Water Works Clarifying Shampoo

  • Removes dulling, style-suppressing buildup but not natural moisture.
  • Creates a pristine canvas ready for styling
  • Extremely gentle, even safe for color-treated hair
  • Non-stripping citrus extracts target, break down and remove heavy residue build-up without depleting essential moisture and nutrients.

OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo, 8.5 Fl Oz

  • Gentle, sulfate-free formula respects hair's natural protective barrier
  • Helps establish curl definition, creating the perfect frizz-free foundation
  • Safe for color-treated hair

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo, 33.8 Fl oz

  • Gentle, sulfate-free formula respects hair's natural protective barrier
  • Helps establish curl definition, creating the perfect frizz-free foundation
  • Safe for color-treated hair

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner, 8.5 Fl Oz

  • Encourages curl definition, creating the perfect frizz-free foundation
  • Locks nourishing moisture in and frizz-causing humidity out
  • Hydrates, nourishes, and helps to repair

OUIDAD Vitalcurl+ Clear & Gentle Shampoo, 33.8 Fl oz

  • Item Package Length: 8.3cm
  • Item Package Width: 8.8cm
  • Item Package Height: 25.7cm
  • Item Package Weight: 1.149kg

Ouidad Curl Shaper Good As New Moisture Restoring Shampoo, 33.8 oz, (95132)

  • Curl Shaper Good As New Moisture Restoring Shampoo, 33.8 oz
  • OUIDAD Curl Shaper Good As New Moisture Restoring Shampoo, 33.8 oz.
  • Ouidad is the original curl expert with one iconic idea — let curls be curls. For over 30 years, we’ve perfected a unique customized approach for each curl type: Loose, Classic, Tight, and Kinky curls.
  • Item Package Weight: 2.11 pounds
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