Liberry Colored Rubber Bands Bracelet Making Kit with Loom Bands Storage Container. Great Gifts for Girls and Boys, No Loom Board Included.

  • Multifunctional Loom Kit [More Than Fun]: This rubber band bracelet making kit doesn’t only get your kids away from electronics but also requires their concentration and develops their artistic ability. They can DIY a lot of gadgets such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. While enjoying endless fun, they also improve their hands-on ability and perception of color.
  • Premium Colorful Loom Bands [Get Your Creativities]: This loom kit contains 15 solid color, excellent elastic, and resilient rubber bands; each color is about 150pcs. Children can freely use their imagination and creativity to make their own crafts. It is not easy to tear because the elasticity and resilience of the rubber band are excellent.
  • High-Quality & Safe Rubber Bands [Play Safely]: After comprehensive and independent testing by a USA-approved laboratory, our loom strap kits are certified lead-free, bisphenol-free, and phthalate-free. Keeping children safe and happy is always our pursuit.
  • Portable Storage Box [Holds All Creations]: Our rubber loom bands are equipped with a storage box to store all rubber bands. With the Portable Storage Box, the baffle of each grille can be detached and reassembled into different sizes to accommodate items and rubber bands, helping to develop a storage habit for your children.
  • 2400+ Colored Rubber Band Kit [Small but Complete]: 2200+ high-quality loom rubber bands, 90+ candy-colored beads, 100+ S clip, 5 charms, 3 crochet hooks, 2 tough Y looms, not included Loom board. Please feel free to contact us in case of any doubts.

How To Choose The Best Rubber Band Friendship Bracelet

A friendship bracelet is a great gift idea for friends who have everything. This rubber band bracelet features two cute little bears holding hands, making it a fun and unique present. You can personalise this bracelet by adding your own message to make it extra special.

What Is A Rubber Band Friendship Bracelet?

Rubber band friendship bracelets are fun for children because they can wear them around their wrist and pretend that they are friends. They can even make up stories about who their friend is based on what color rubber band they choose to use. Children love making these bracelets because they get to create something new every time they play with different colors of rubber bands.

Where Can I Buy A Rubber Band Friendship Bracelet?

You will need to look for ones that are made specifically for children. These types of bracelets come in many shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your child perfectly.

Do You Sell Any Other Products Besides Rubber Band Friendship Bracelets?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of products including rubber band bracelets, rubber band rings, and more.

Who Needs A Rubber Band Friendship Bracelet?

When I was younger, my best friend and I had a very special friendship. We were inseparable. But then we grew apart. She moved away and our lives took separate paths. Now she's married and has two adorable kids. I'm still single and living alone. Our relationship hasn't been the same since her move. We talk every now and then but it's nothing like before. I miss being able to call her whenever I needed someone to talk to. I wanted to know how she was doing and share any problems I was having.

I decided to create a rubber band bracelet that would remind me of our old friendship. When I wear this bracelet, I think of her and smile. I hope that one day I'll see her again. Until then, I'll continue wearing this bracelet to remind myself of our past friendship.

Want to learn more about how to make jewelry? Check out my other projects here:

There are many different types of friendship bracelets available. From simple rubber bands to elaborate designs, they come in every shape and size imaginable. When selecting a friendship bracelet, there are several things to keep in mind. First, do you want a cheap bracelet? Or would you prefer something that is durable and stylish? Second, how often do you plan on wearing your bracelet? Do you wear it everyday or just occasionally? Third, how much do you care about the design? Will you use it as a fashion accessory or as a keepsake? Finally, how much do you value your relationship with your friend? Are you looking for a gift for her birthday or anniversary? These questions should help guide you through the selection process.

If you're looking for a cheap bracelet, you'll probably find them at any convenience store. They may even have a large variety of colors and styles. You might even find one that looks like a keychain. While cheap bracelets are convenient, they aren't usually very attractive. Cheap bracelets tend to fall apart after a short period of time. This makes them less useful as gifts because they won't last very long. On the other hand, if you're looking for a durable bracelet, you'll likely find them at specialty stores such as department stores, craft stores, or online retailers. These bracelets are typically made of leather, metal, plastic, or wood. They are generally more expensive than their disposable counterparts, but they offer greater durability. For example, a wooden bracelet could last years if cared for properly.

Next, you'll want to think about how frequently you plan on wearing your bracelet. A bracelet that you plan on wearing daily is going to be more practical than one that you plan on wearing once a month. If you plan on wearing your bracelet every day, then you'll want to select a style that offers maximum comfort. If you don't plan on wearing your bracelet everyday, then you'll want to go with a style that doesn't show dirt easily. For example, a woven bracelet is ideal for people who plan on wearing their bracelet regularly.

Features To Consider When Buying A Rubber Band Friendship Bracelet

What makes this bracelet special? The rubber band friendship bracelet has been created to bring together two friends who may not always spend time together due to busy schedules. This bracelet allows them to stay connected even if they live far apart.

The bracelet features a loop at the end where each friend can attach their own personal message. They can then send messages to each other using the included card. Each message can only be read once, so there's no worry about accidentally reading someone else's private message.

How does it work? The rubber band friendship bracelet uses a unique design that allows users to create their own personalized message. Simply pull off the rubber band and write your message on the inside of the band. Then, wrap the band around your wrist twice and snap the ends closed. Your message will now be ready to share!

Why do we love it? We think the rubber band friendship bracelet is a great way to show how important friendships really are. Whether you're living close to your friends or far away, these bracelets allow you to connect with them whenever you'd like. Plus, they're fun and quirky gifts that everyone loves receiving.

Who would wear it? Anyone who wants to express their appreciation for their closest friends. These bracelets are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, and more. And, since they're made of durable silicone, they're ideal for everyday wear.

Where can I buy it? You can order yours online through our store or visit your local retailer. Check out our selection of rubber band friendship bracelets below.

Different Types Of Rubber Band Friendship Bracelet

Rubber Bands are a fun item to use in friendship bracelets. These are inexpensive and easy to find. They come in various colors and sizes. These are also versatile enough to be used in almost any kind of bracelet design. Here are some ideas for how to wear rubber bands.

The simplest way to wear rubber bands is by wrapping them around each wrist individually. This creates two separate bracelets. You can add charms to the ends of the rubber bands to create a third bracelet. Or you could simply put three rubber bands together to create a larger bracelet.

Another idea is to wrap the rubber bands around each other. This creates a large circle. You can then attach charms to the outside of the circle. This makes a nice alternative to wearing multiple bracelets.

You can also combine rubber bands with other items. For example, you could tie a rubber band around a keychain. Then you could attach a charm to the end of the rubber band. This would look cute attached to a necklace.


Rubber Band Bracelet Kit for Girls,Bracelet Making Kit for Kids Loom Bands Kits,Rubber Bands Refill Loom Set Craft Kits Jewelry Bracelets Making Kit Friendship Bracelet Set Kids Loom Band Kit

  • 🍧【 Rubber Band Bracelet Kit for Girl】:This rubber band woven suit has a variety of colors, and brings them unlimited imagination, rich shapes and diverse play methods, so as to satisfy children’s inner curiosity, exercise creativity, and cultivate self-confidence. Playing with multiple people can improve interaction skills and team awareness. Most of the data show that children can feel the joy of success in the process of DIY toys.
  • 🍧【Bracelet Making Kit for Kids】:This rainbow rubber band handmade creative set box includes: a storage box, about 1500 rubber bands, 2 slingshot brackets, 3 hooks, 12 cartoon decorations, 3 packs of S-shaped buckles, 4 kinds of beads, one operation instruction, simple and easy to learn, one A complete set of operating material tools to meet the entire compilation process.Birthday gift for girl kids.
  • 🍧【Colored Rubber Bands】:This set of boxes gives children creative experience, exercises their hands-on ability, and allows them to use their imagination. DIY handmade products can be used as gifts between children to enhance their feelings. They can be prepared according to their own ideas, and they can be self-learning, the rubber bands are brightly colored, which brings visual impact to children and a happy mood feeling.Colored Rubber Bands Toy for girls.
  • 🍧【Loom Bands Kits】:This set box uses high-grade rubber resin as raw material, has strong elasticity, high toughness, pure color, no odor, and can be washed. It can meet the requirements of weaving any DIY objects. It has strong operability and playability. The accessories have no burrs and are operated. Smooth, not easy to break, not easy to age, safe and durable. Art and Craft Loom Bands Kit for Year Old Kids.
  • 🍧【 Friendship Bracelet Kits for Kids】:Give your child a surprise gift, a variety of creative play methods, a variety of handmade accessories, satisfy the child's curiosity, improve concentration, very suitable for children aged 6-10, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, party gifts, educational handmade toys , Let children use their brains to create a colorful world and bring unlimited fun.perfect gift for 6 7 8 9 Year Old girls Kids!

Loom Rubber Band Bracelet kit for Girls, Boys - 1500 + DIY Colored Rubber Bands, Skin-Friendly - Birthday, Friendship Gift for Anyone.

  • FUN FACTORY: Our 32 GRID Loom RUBBER BAND Kit has 1500 + Rubber bands with a variety of bright colors for you to choose from. Not only that! including 2x Small Crocket, 2x Slingshot Bracket, 3x Hook Up, 12x Cartoon decorative pieces with random patterns, 3x S Buckle, 4x Grid Letter Beads, This mega value colored rubber bands bracelet making kit gives your kids multiple options to create items to wear themselves by using their imagination.
  • EXCEPTIONAL QUALITY: We made this loom rubber bands bracelet kit from an excellent and sturdy thermoplastic rubber material, PVC- and BPA-free, and is very safe for children. The bands are environmentally friendly features good elasticity, are odorless, and last for a long time.
  • DIY FUN: By using this, you can easily create custom bracelets designs (to weave bands around one another) with the help of a hook, perfect for making rubber band jewelry, necklaces, hairbands, rings, bag accessories, etc. Cartoon Keyrings can be used as backpack hanging toys.
  • ANTI-ANXIETY TOOL: KIDDART Rubberband bracelets kit, suitable for youngsters with autistic and anxiety issues, these colorful gadgets are the most appropriate option to keep your brain focused and busy, alleviate stress, and switch to a healthy and fresh mood.
  • SURPRISE GIFT: Ideal for creating matching patterns for friends, children's birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, rewards, carnival prizes, and so on. If you are not satisfied with our colored loom band bracelet set please let us know, We will provide you with the best solution in 24 hours.

xtieksh Rubber Band Bracelet Kit, Loom Bracelet Making Kit for Kids, Rubber Bands Refill Loom Set, Rubber Bands for Bracelet Making Kit for Kids Friendship Bracelet Girls Creativity Birthday Gift Kits

  • ❤ Rubber Band Kit – This rubber band bracelet making kit comes with about about 2000 rubber bands, 2 slingshot brackets, 3 hooks, 12 cartoon decorations, 2 packs of S-shaped buckles, 4 kinds of beads and great DIY accessories.
  • ❤ Unleash Kids Creativity - This loom bracelet making kit has a variety of colors, will create lots of fun things, such as bracelets, necklaces, hair bands, bag accessories, and many other ornaments, and brings them unlimited imagination, rich shapes and diverse play methods.
  • ❤ CONVENIENT FOR STORAGE - Storage case size: 10 x 5 x 1". Portable plastic carry box, Each color is in its separate compartment, Play being creative at home or on the go. Loom rubber bands bracelet making Kit for 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Years Old girls boys.
  • ❤ BEST GIFT FOR CHILDREN - Colorful Rubber bands are a great gift for Christmas, Easter, Valentine, New Year, birthday, etc. It's can satisfy children’s inner curiosity, exercise creativity, and cultivate self-confidence. Can improve interaction skills and team awareness. Children can feel the joy of success in the process of DIY toys.
  • ❤ Enhanced Parent-Child Interaction – DIY Band Bracelet Mega Refill Kit can replace bad habits such as watching TV and playing with mobile phone.The Colorful Loom Bands Set also develop children's intelligence, effectively improve their imagination and teamwork ability, and especially deepen the communication and interaction with parents.

Rubber Bands Bracelet Kit Making Kit DIY 1500+ Bands Refill Set Kids Colorful Rubber Bands Kits with Storage Container 23 Colors Birthday Gift for Girl Craft Kits for Kids Friendship Gift

  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY RUBBER RESIN: Our rubber band adopts environment-friendly rubber resin to ensure the product quality and safety from the source, so that parents can rest assured. It can be cleaned without peculiar smell. Children no longer need to worry about soiling it. It is as beautiful as new immediately after washing, and they no longer need to be careful.(NOTICE: NO SWALLOWING. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN UNDER 3 YEARS!)
  • ENHANCED PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION: This bracelet making kit can help divert children's attention from other digital products (such as mobile phones) to the process of hand-making, thereby enhancing children's hands-on ability. If parents can participate in the production process, communication and interaction between children and parents can be strengthened. Parents spend more time with their children, which can strengthen the parent-child relationship.
  • HIGH ELASTICITY, STRONG TOUGHNESS: The color rubber band has strong elasticity and high toughness, which can meet the requirements of many DIY objects, has strong operability, and greatly enhances the playability of the product. It's not easy to age and break, so every work made by children can be preserved for a long time, and the memory of childhood can be preserved.
  • SUPER Colorful RUBBER BANDS KITS:Including all the necessary tools for DIY, 1500Pcs+ Bands in 23 colors, 2 Y Tools (to make bracelets), 2 pack S-Clips, 3 backpack hooks, 98 Letter Beads, 30 Pony Beads, 25 cartoon decorations (to personalize your bracelet), 2 Crochet Hooks, 1 storage case, 1 instruction.(NOTICE:Pendant accessories and colors shall be subject to the actual goods received.)
  • INSPIRE CREATIVITY IMAGINATION: These rubber bands bracelet making kit have a variety of different colors, letter beads and random accessories, which can help children identify colors, exercise children's hand-eye coordination and practical skills, and stimulate children's imagination and creativity. Children can create any works according to their imagination. Develop children's patience, endurance and concentration.

Rhoxshy Rubber Band Bracelet Kit 12 Colors Loom Bands Refill Loom Bands Bracelet Making Kit for Girls Colorful Loom Bands Refill Kit for Kids Friendship Bracelet Gift DIY Birthday Gifts

  • [Rainbow Loom Rubber Bands] Loom band set contains 12 Colors small rubber bands,22+ S clips,2 crochets,1 Y Loom,26 Colored round Beads,and 10 Random Charms.Meet all your quirky creativity, beautiful ideas.
  • [Enjoy DIY Jewelry Making] Loom rubber bands can make lots of unique wearable gadgets such as rubber friendship bracelets, hair accessories, necklaces, rings, charms, etc.Making life more colorful.
  • [Great Gift for Kids] Rainbow loom bands bracetes kits are a great gift for birthday ,Christmas, Easter, New Year, Valentine etc.rubber bands for bracelets can enhance children's color perception, exercise hands-on skills, stimulate imagination, and at the same time is a popular parent-child activity that promotes mutual affection and trust.
  • [Safe and Durable] High quality materials, healthy and environmental protection.The loom band has excellent performance on elasticity, softness and durability.
  • [Portable Storage Organizer Box] The Loom Bracelet Making Kit is stored in a beautiful plastic box, which is convenient and neat, easy to store, and brings great time at home and on the go.

Rubber Band Bracelet Kit, YEHANTI 1500+ Colored Loom Bands, Loom Bracelet Making Kit for Girls Kids Friendship Bracelet Kit Refill Loom Set, 6+ Years Girls Boys Creativity Gift to Improve Imagination

  • 🎁【Complete Loom Kit 】 The loom set has a sufficient and necessary quantity, about 1500 rubber bands of various colors, 12 charms, 100+ random ABC beads,36 S-Clips, 12 fruit beads, 20 multi-color round beads, 3 zipper hooks, 2 crochets and 2 Y looms.
  • 🎁【Unleash Kid's Creativity 】 This rubber bands for bracelets kit allows your children to DIY handmade bracelets and others handicrafts according to their own ideas. This will not only make your children happy when they are making or sharing the finished product with family and friends, but it can also exercise their imagination and practical skills.
  • 🎁【Non-toxic Rubber Loom Band】 These rubber bands are made of environmentally friendly rubber and have passed U.S.-approved tests and certifications. They are free of latex, lead and phthalates. In addition, the rubber band has been improved to have greater elasticity and is less likely to break.
  • 🎁【Easy To Store & Carry】 The loom bracelet kit is housed in a 32-compartment plastic storage box, making storage simple and tidy. Your child can easily take it to schools, parks, art centers, friends' homes, vacation trips, etc., make your kid interact with friends and establish friendships anywhere.
  • 🎁【Good Gift Idea】 These loom sets will be a good choice for children on birthdays, Christmas and daily life. They can spend less time on digital products and can make some interesting gadgets by hand, such as friendship bracelets, hair accessories, necklaces, rings, pendants, etc. Let them benefit from having fun!

2000+ Rubber Band Bracelet Kit, Loom Bracelet Making Kit for Kids, Rubber Bands Refill Loom Set, Rubber Bands for Bracelet Making Kit for Kids Friendship Bracelet Kids Girls Birthday Gift Kits

  • ❥ .rubber band 2000 + 36 s-clips, 2 y-looms, 100 beads, 12 amulets, 3 backpack hooks
  • ❥ . Education / toys: rich color rubber bracelet making kits can help children identify colors and calculate numbers, exercise children's hand eye coordination and hands-on skills, improve the accuracy of hand movements, and cultivate children's patience and concentration. Use color matching and changing decorations to stimulate children's creative thinking and feel a sense of achievement
  • ❥ . high elasticity and toughness rubber watch band has strong elasticity and high toughness, which can meet the requirements of many DIY objects and has strong operability
  • ❥ . The best gifts for children: perfect birthday and Christmas gifts. This loom Bracelet making kit is very suitable for making bracelets. It can also be used for other jewelry making and accessories, such as friendship bracelets, name necklaces, rings, braids, etc., which can stimulate children's creativity. The rubber band of the bracelet can make the relationship between parents and children more harmonious.

Rubber Band Bracelet Kit, Loom Bracelet Making Kit for Girls, Rubber Bands for Bracelets Apply to Kids Friendship Bracelet Kids Girls Birthday Gift Kits

  • Rubber Band Bracelet Kit: You will receive about 1500 rubber bands, 2 slingshot brackets, 3 hooks, 12 cartoon decorations, 3 packs of S-shaped buckles, 4 kinds of beads and great DIY accessories, and You will also get an instruction manual to help kids DIY lots of weave such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on with endless funny and accomplishment.
  • Childlike Portable Packaging: This rubber bands kit set comes to you with colorful childlike package, Each color is in its separate compartment, Play being creative at home or on the go, great value and perfect choice for kids gift.
  • High-quality Bands: Lab Tested SAFE. Free from Latex, Lead & Phthalates. Guaranteed Safety for Kids! These bands have good elasticity, softness and durability.
  • Enhanced Parent-Child Interaction : DIY Band Bracelet Mega Refill Kit can replace bad habits such as watching TV and playing with mobile phone.The Colorful Loom Bands Set Great for inspiring kids' Concentration, Creativity and Hands-on ability, effectively improve their imagination and teamwork ability, and especially deepen the communication and interaction with parents.
  • Ideal Gift: Rubber band kit can stimulate a person’s imagination and creativity but also promote parent-child relationships, allowing people to enjoy a time together. Whether it's birthday, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, graduation or party, it's the best gift choice! It's also a great choice for DIY enthusiasts. Suitable for ages 5 and up.
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