Paul Mitchell Shampoo Two, Clarifying, Removes Buildup, For All Hair Types, Especially Oily Hair

  • For Oily hair
  • Lemon Fresh Scent
  • Not tested on Animals
  • Item Package Dimension: 6.604cm L x 6.604cm W x 22.352cm H

How To Choose The Best Shampoo For Oily Hair

Oily hair can make life miserable. You may have tried every type of shampoo under the sun but nothing has worked. If you're tired of spending hours trying to tame those pesky strands, then read our guide to finding the best shampoo for oily hair. We've got everything you need to know about choosing the right shampoo for your hair type.

What Is A Shampoo For Oily Hair?

Oily hair has many different causes, including genetics, diet, and environmental factors. If you notice that your hair feels dry after washing it, this could mean that your hair needs more moisture than usual. This may be caused by an excess amount of oil buildup in your scalp. You should look for a shampoo that will help remove these oils without stripping your hair of its natural oils. The best type of shampoo for oily hair is one that contains ingredients like aloe vera, avocado, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter, and wheat protein. These types of shampoos work well because they contain moisturizing agents that penetrate deep into the skin and leave your hair feeling soft and smooth.

Who Needs A Shampoo For Oily Hair?

Oily hair isn't exactly a problem that most women face. But sometimes, it can become one. When this happens, it's time to look for a new shampoo. Luckily, there are several types of shampoos available today. Each type has its pros and cons. So, which one is right for you?

The first thing to know is that every person's hair responds differently to shampoos. Some people prefer a mild shampoo while others prefer a stronger formula. Also, some people have sensitive skin. Others have dry scalp issues. These factors affect how each individual reacts to certain products.

That said, here are three things to think about before choosing a shampoo for oily hair.

1. Your hair type. Are you fine, thick, curly, or wavy? What kind of texture do you have? Knowing these details will help you determine which shampoo works best for your hair.

2. How long does your hair grow? Longer hair requires longer washing cycles. Shampoos designed for shorter hair usually require fewer washes.

3. Is your hair prone to breakage? If so, you should avoid harsh shampoos. Instead, opt for gentle formulas that contain natural ingredients such as aloe vera, avocado oil, and jojoba oil.

Once you figure out what kind of shampoo works best for your hair, you can start shopping around. Here are some tips to help you decide which product is right for you.

Look for a shampoo that contains natural oils. Natural oils moisturize your hair and prevent it from becoming dry. Look for a shampoo that doesn't use sulfates. Sulfate free shampoos strip away moisture from your hair. This causes it to feel drier and dull.

Also, look for a shampoo that uses plant extracts. Plant extracts are beneficial because they nourish your hair and protect against damage caused by heat styling tools.

Finally, check the ingredient list. Make sure that the shampoo contains only natural ingredients. Avoid shampoos that contain parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, and other chemicals. These ingredients can cause irritation and clog pores.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Shampoo For Oily Hair

Oily hair can be difficult to manage. This is especially true if you have very dry skin. Fortunately, there are many different types of shampoos available to help keep your hair clean and healthy. When selecting a shampoo for oily hair, here are some things to think about:

Natural oils help to moisturize your scalp and prevent dandruff. They also help to protect against bacterial infections. Look for shampoos that contain essential oils such as rosemary, lavender, tea tree oil, etc. These oils provide additional protection against bacteria and fungus.

Avoid harsh cleansers. Harsh cleansers strip away moisture from your hair. This can leave your hair weak and brittle. Instead, use gentle cleansing products that gently remove dirt and debris without stripping away any of the natural oils that keep your hair soft and shiny.

Consider your lifestyle. Do you work outside? Are you constantly exposed to heat? Does your job involve working with chemicals? All of these factors affect how often you should wash your hair. Try washing your hair less frequently if you live in a humid climate, work outdoors, or regularly expose your hair to extreme temperatures.

If you're looking for a shampoo for oily hair, try one of these three great products:

Keratin is responsible for keeping your hair strong and flexible. Biotin is also known to stimulate cell division, which means that it promotes faster healing after a haircut. You'll notice that your hair feels softer and shinier immediately after applying this product. Best of all, it won't weigh down your hair like most other shampoos do.

Features To Consider When Buying A Shampoo For Oily Hair

Oily hair. When you've got oily hair, you want a shampoo that cleanses while leaving your strands soft and manageable.

Moisturizing properties. Another important feature to look for in a shampoo for oily hair is moisturizing properties. This means that your hair will stay softer longer. Look for shampoos that contain humectants, such as glycerin, panthenol, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid, urea, and other similar ingredients.

Conditioning. Conditioner isn't just for styling your hair. It's also great for restoring moisture to dry, damaged hair. Look for shampoos that condition your hair and leave it shiny and smooth.

Natural fragrance. Some people prefer scented shampoos. Others prefer unscented shampoos. Either way, you'll want to make sure the scent doesn't bother you.

Fragrance free. Since many shampoos contain fragrant ingredients, they may cause irritation if used frequently. Look for shampoos that are fragrance free.

Different Types Of Shampoo For Oily Hair

Oily hair is something that everyone experiences at some point in life. Whether it’s due to genetics or lifestyle choices, oily hair can be quite frustrating. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to combat this problem. Here are some of the best solutions available.

Shampoos. Shampoos are the easiest solution to oily hair. They cleanse the scalp and remove excess oil. They are also gentle enough to use every day without causing damage to your hair. Unfortunately, they don’t always work well. Sometimes, they can strip away natural oils leaving your hair dry and damaged. Other times, they simply won’t work at all. To avoid this issue, look for shampoos that contain moisturizing ingredients.

Conditioner. Conditioning treatments are a good alternative to shampoos. They add moisture to your hair and prevent further buildup. They also protect against future breakage by sealing cuticles. Look for conditioners that contain silicone or emollients. Silicones seal the cuticle and keep your hair soft and shiny. Emollients nourish the hair and reduce frizziness.

Hair Serums. A lot of women rely on serums to treat their hair. Shampoo For Oily Hairs are especially useful for those with fine hair since they penetrate deep down into the shaft. They are also great for those with curly hair since they smooth out any tangles. Make sure you choose a serum that doesn’t contain alcohol. Alcohol dries out your hair and makes it prone to breakage.

Moisturizers. Moisturizers are essential for healthy hair. They hydrate your strands and prevent split ends. They also soften your hair and give it shine. Look for moisturizers that contain humectants like glycerin and urea. Glycerin attracts moisture while urea seals the cuticle.


Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, for Oily Hair, with Sea Buckthorn and Watercress, Cruelty Free, Made in The U.S.A, 16 fl oz (473 ml)

  • Nature’s Gate Tea Tree and Sea Buckthorn Shampoo for Oily Hair
  • Established 1972
  • Journey to Wholistic Beauty
  • Vegan Cruelty Free Non-GMO
  • Gluten Free Paraben Free Soy Free No Nasties!

EARTH SCIENCE - Citress: Volumizing Citrus Shampoo for Fine and Oily Hair (3pk, 12 oz.)

  • Volumizing Hair Shampoo: This unique oil-free formula combines the superb cleansing properties of citrus and natural plant conditioners to remove dulling residues and leave hair energized. Your senses will travel with the fresh orange scent.
  • Clean and Clarifying: Keep your hair from thinning with this fullness shampoo! Extend your routine by pairing it with the Citress Conditioner for that sweet, thickening effect that allows hair to retain its moisture and shimmer.
  • Everyone Loves This Stuff: This is an excellent option for men and women who are suffering from hair volume loss. The 12 fluid ounce bottle size makes it last long even with daily use in the shower or bath.
  • Safe Ingredients: This citrus shampoo is clean, Paraben-free, and Cruelty-free. It works on all hair types, including curly hair, blonde hair, and color-treated hair; even if you have dandruff, this is the clear treatment for you!
  • Pair With Other Products: Earth Science has all your hair, skin, and body needs! Look through other shampoos, face cleansers, oils, creams, and different cosmetic sets.

Degrease Shampoo for Oily Hair Care - Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Hair and Oily Scalp Care - Deep Cleansing Shampoo for Greasy Hair and Scalp Cleanser for Build Up with Natural Essential Oils for Hair

  • Oily Hair Shampoo - Degrease is one the most popular purifying shampoo oily hair formulas that can tackle some of the most common hair concerns making it a top greasy hair shampoo for oily scalp care
  • Dandruff Tip - One of the best ways to combat flaking and itchy scalp is to ditch your artificial dandruff shampoo with damaging sulfates and choose one with gentler more hydrating natural ingredients
  • Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo for Build Up - Say goodbye to tricky buildup in your hair and scalp with our Degrease formula featuring natural hair care products like rosemary oil for hair care
  • Oily Scalp Shampoo - Better hair begins at the scalp and our oily and dry scalp shampoo for men and women features some of the finest natural hair products like cleansing cypress basil and lemon oils
  • Maple Holistics Quality - We believe in using real ingredients for real results that is why we created our sulfate and paraben free shampoo for men and women with cleansing pure essential oils

Klorane Shampoo with Nettle for Oily Hair and Scalp, Regulates Oil Production, Paraben, Silicone, SLS Free, 13.53 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)

  • Provides thorough yet gentle cleansing and detangling
  • Helps increase the time span between hair washes
  • Enhances volume without weighing hair down

Hair Shampoo - With Organic Aloe & Essential Oils Rich & Nourishing Ingredients for Moisturizing, Clarifying and Hydrating - Sulfate Free - Vegan Good For Dry Hair - Dry Scalp - Oily, Curly Or Fine Hair - For Women & Men - Christina Moss Naturals

  • Christina Moss Naturals is our brand name. That name is not meant to, nor does it suggest that all ingredients in this product are natural. And, while many of our ingredients are derived from natural sources, we DO NOT represent or claim that this product is "100% Natural" or "All Natural" or "Natural." All of our ingredients are identified on the ingredients list.
  • CRUELTY FREE - NO ANIMAL TESTING. VEGAN FORMULA: Environmentally friendly. Gently and thoroughly washes and nourishes without stripping, drying out or leaving build-up in your hair. Greatly improves condition of the hair and scalp. Safe for color treated hair. Produces a very full lather.
  • FOR ALL HAIR TYPES. ESPECIALLY GREAT FOR ANYONE WITH SENSITIVE SKIN OR SCALP: NO harmful chemicals (no SLS, SLES, PG, PG derivatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes, synthetic fragrance or petrochemicals). Hypoallergenic. Baby safe too! Our shampoo does not contain toxic anesthetizing ingredients (tear duct numbing agents). Tip: Use a damp folded up wash cloth above baby's eyebrows to help keep suds out of eyes.
  • MADE WITH CERTIFIED ORGANIC ALOE: We only use de-colorized, organic Aloe Vera in our Shampoo. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Our products are prepared on a regular basis to ensure they are at their optimum best when you receive them. We even go one step further and guarantee purity and freshness for 6 months after your purchase date. Should anything appear unsatisfactory to you within that time, simply return it for a replacement or full refund.
  • NO HARMFUL TOXIC CHEMICALS: Personal care items found on store shelves invariably contain harmful chemical preservatives and other seriously harmful ingredients. All of those commercial products have chemicals added. They have no choice because their products must support a shelf life of at least two years. This is also the case with products in health food stores. Ours don't. We mean it when we say that our products contain NO HARMFUL CHEMICALS.

Oily Hair Shampoo for Greasy Hair - Clarifying Shampoo for Oily Hair and Dry Scalp Cleanser for Build Up - Deep Cleansing Shampoo for Oily Scalp Toner with Purifying Essential Oils for Hair Care

  • Scalp Care Shampoo - Upgrade your scalp care with our shampoo for oily hair women and men’s formula promoting dry scalp care by moisturizing and cleansing hair from the root and rinsing flakes away
  • Dandruff Tip - One of the best ways to avoid itchy scalp and flaking is to ditch that artificial dandruff shampoo with damaging sulfates and choose one with gentler more hydrating natural ingredients
  • Clarifying Hair Care - Try our clarifying shampoo for build up that acts as a potent hair cleanser for an oily scalp shampoo that helps tackle common hair concerns featuring natural ingredients
  • Featuring Natural Oils - Choose Degrease for a deep clarifying shampoo sulfate free formula packed with botanicals like rosemary essential oil lemon essential oil jojoba oil for hair care and more
  • Maple Holistics Quality - We think you’ll love our purifying greasy hair shampoo formula since we feature natural ingredients because you deserve nothing but the best for your scalp and hair care

BIOLAGE Cooling Mint Scalp Sync Shampoo | Cleanses Excess Oil From The Hair & Scalp | For Oily Hair & Scalp | Vegan | 33.8 Fl. Oz.

  • Finish and provides heat protection up
  • In treatment provides heat protection
  • Shake well Mist lightly on damp or dry hair

Sulfate Free Shampoo for Oily Hair - Lemon Sage Clarifying Shampoo for Build Up and Oily Scalp Care with Rosemary Essential Oil - Deep Cleansing Rosemary Shampoo for Greasy Hair and Product Build Up

  • Oily Hair Shampoo - Our clarifying shampoo for oily hair is made with tea tree essential oil and rosemary oil for deep hair cleansing and clarifying scalp treatment for shiny and vibrant looking hair
  • Dandruff Tip - One of the best ways to avoid flaking and itchy scalp is to ditch that artificial dandruff shampoo with damaging sulfates and choose one with gentler more hydrating natural ingredients
  • Featuring Natural Oils - Choose lemon sage for a deep clarifying shampoo sulfate free formula featuring cleansing botanical extracts plant based keratin and rosemary essential oil for hair care
  • Refreshing Clean Scent - Try our hair clarifying essential oil shampoo for oily scalp care featuring a blend of natural oils infused with a spectacular herbal scent of lemon sage and tea tree oils
  • Maple Holistics Quality - We believe in using real ingredients for real results that is why we created our paraben free shampoo for men and women try it out for yourself and experience true hair care

Lemon Sage Shampoo for Oily Hair - Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo for Build Up with Lemon Sage Keratin and Tea Tree Oil for Hair and Scalp Care - Deep Cleansing Rosemary Shampoo for Men and Women

  • Deep Cleansing Shampoo - We combined nutrient rich jojoba oil tea tree and rosemary oil for hair in one potent sulfate free shampoo dry scalp care formula designed for hair and scalp cleansing
  • Sage and Lemon Shampoo - Our clarifying shampoo for oily scalp care with natural lemon essential oil and sage oil combine to refresh your scalp and hair leaving you feeling and looking fantastic
  • Volumizing Shampoo - Moisturize more body into your hair with our favorite volume shampoo for fine hair plus our sulfate and paraben free shampoo for color treated hair works great for all hair types
  • Herbal Shampoo Formula - No matter your hair type length or style our women and mens shampoo is formulated to gently help hair find balance for beautiful lustrous clean hair from root to tip
  • Premium Quality - Treat your hair with plant based ingredients that deeply nourish your hair including lavender tea tree oil rosemary essential oil jojoba oil and more for hair care you can trust

Shampoo for Oily Hair by Tree To Tub - pH 5.5 Balanced Peppermint Shampoo. Gentle for All Hair Types, with Argan Oil, Wild Soapberries 8.5 oz

  • 🌱 SOFT HAIR WITHOUT GREASINESS: Most natural shampoos usually forget one important thing––your skin! While your hair may feel soft, your scalp and skin tend to become oily with a pungent smell. That's why this oily hair shampoo uses the wild soapberry, also known as mother nature’s nourishing lather! Now you can finally have smooth shiny hair, with balanced moisture to match. Whether you're a man or woman, this shampoo for oily hair works wonders on your hair, scalp, and skin!
  • 🌱 AN AWAKENING PEPPERMINT LATHER: Just like skin, hair needs to maintain an acidic pH of 5.5. That's why the saponin-rich soapberry has been used for millennia––it balances both skin and hair! Combined with foaming coconut cleansers and our Refreshing Scalp Solution, this shampoo makes a light and creamy lather so your scalp stays clean, healthy, and calm. Last but not least, it also reinvigorates your senses thanks to our Awakening Peppermint scent made with 100% natural essential oil!
  • 🌱 MOTHER NATURE'S BALANCING HAIR CARE: Unfortunately, natural shampoos that are labeled ‘organic’ can contain harsh chemicals too. As a result, your skin is left with strong fragrances and greasy residues that are hard to wash out. That's why we're proud to say that Soapberry for Hair is different because it's wild, gentle and pure. And naturally, our conditioner is the same. Try them both and experience mother nature's hair care today!
  • 🌱 JUST PURITY, NOTHING WEIRD: This naturally cleansing shampoo is free from chemicals, sulfates, sls, parabens, silicone, dea/mea, gluten and artificial fragrance. It’s also safe and gentle! The best part is that it's vegan, cruelty free, fair trade, and sustainably harvested in eco-reserves in Taiwan, protecting local habitat.
  • 🌱 TRIAL IT AND FEEL THE DIFFERENCE: Your order today also comes with a wild soapberry! This is nature’s original shampoo, full of pure saponin, to give a light, fresh lather that’s naturally gentle. Once you’ve discovered its wild beauty, take this shampoo and drift into hair washing bliss! Love your soapberry hair –– or we’ll refund every cent.

Blackwood For Men Active Man Daily Shampoo for Oily Hair or Scalp Thinning Hair or Hair Loss Premium Pump 8.92 Oz Paraben-Free

  • CLEANSES with nourishing antimicrobial Coconut Oil & Licorice Root, plus Aloe Vera & Citric Acid to remove scalp buildup & excess oil
  • RESTORES with Seaweed & Clove Flower to thicken & strengthen, Tsubaki Oil to soften & Menthol to improve scalp health & fight flakes
  • PROTECTS with Arginine to prevent breakage, Peach Leaf to stimulate cell repair & Hydrolyzed silk to form a defensive barrier
  • SUPPORTS hair growth with Swertia Japonica, Ginseng Root & Rehmannia Glutinosa to increase scalp circulation & inhibit baldness-causing DHT
  • MADE IN JAPAN with recyclable bottle & pump for easy control of how much product comes out. All Blackwood For Men products are Ocean Safe, Cruelty-Free, Paraben-Free & Gluten-Free, with no phthalates, soy, triclosan, dyes or GMOs

Ethique Solid Shampoo Bar for Oily Hair - Natural, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable, Plastic Free - St Clements, 3.88oz (Pack of 1, up to 80 uses)

  • ST CLEMENTS is a vegan shampoo bar that removes oil without stripping or drying your hair. Leaves your hair clean & no need for a conditioner. Perfect to reduce oil in hair! Best paired with our Wonderbar conditioner bar.
  • NATURALLY DERIVED INGREDIENTS: Clean the scalp & freshen your hair with a citrus sweet orange & lime smell. Made from cocoa butter and lime & orange oils to balance oil production.
  • SAFE FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Our shampoo bars & conditioner bars are pH balanced, 100% soap free & safe for color-treated or damaged hair. Palm-oil free & aluminum free.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & GREAT VALUE: Our shampoo bars are packaged in fully recyclable & compostable boxes. One bar is the equivalent to 3 shampoo bottles & is good for up to 80 uses. No more plastic bottles!
  • SAFE FOR ENVIRONMENT: Cruelty-free products. Free from plastics, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, dyes, synthetic fragrances, waxes & silicones. Ethique's full line of hair care, skin care & self care products are made from fair-trade, ethically sourced cocoa butter and coconut oil. From shampoo and conditioner bars to pet & kid shampoo!

Tea Tree Shampoo for Oily Hair - Sulfate Free Clarifying Shampoo for Build Up with Pure Tea Tree Oil for Hair Volume Shine and Dry Scalp - Deep Cleansing Shampoo for Greasy Hair and Oily Scalp Care

  • Tea Tree Oil Shampoo - Our clarifying shampoo for oily hair formula uses the best nature has to offer like argan oil for hair shine rosemary oil for hair flakes and tea tree essential oils for hair
  • Dandruff Tip - One of the easiest ways to combat flaking and itchy scalp is to discard that artificial dandruff shampoo with damaging sulfates and choose one with gentle hydrating natural ingredients
  • Cleansing Hair Shampoo - For complete coverage we recommend this shampoo for oily scalp care that works by acting as a tea tree moisturizing shampoo for dry hair infused with botanical keratin
  • Tea Tree Scalp Treatment - Moisturize and cleanse your scalp with our oily scalp shampoo for greasy hair enriched with essential oils for hair care that helps provide cleaner healthier-looking hair
  • Maple Holistics Quality - We believe in using real ingredients for real results which is why we designed our sulfate and paraben free purifying shampoo for men and women with cleansing essential oils

Aveeno Apple Cider Vinegar Sulfate-Free Shampoo for Balance & High Shine, Daily Clarifying & Soothing Scalp Shampoo for Oily or Dull Hair, Paraben & Dye-Free, 12 Fl Oz

  • SHINE & VOLUME: Oat is the first ingredient in this scalp-soothing, farm-fresh inspired shampoo infused with apple cider vinegar to clarify the scalp and add high shine and volume to dull hair.
  • CLARIFYING BLEND: Infused with apple cider vinegar, this shampoo cleanses and reinforces shine from root to tip. It's free of sulfates, dyes & parabens & safe for all hair types & color treated hair.
  • FARM FRESH INSPIRED: We make hair care products that promote healthy hair & scalp, from shampoo & conditioner to hair masks, leave-in milks, mists & oils.
  • SOOTHING PROPERTIES: We've been a trusted household brand since 1945. We're best known for our skin & hair care products, where oat's soothing properties are put to work on body, face and scalp
  • BEAUTIFUL HAIR FROM ROOT TO TIP: Our hair care products are blended in perfect balance with wholesome ingredients to help soothe your scalp and nourish your strands for beautiful hair from root to tip

TBH Kids Shampoo - Shampoo for Oily Hair - Sulfate, Paraben Free - 12 oz

  • Teen and Kid Shampoo for Girls and Boys : Kids and teens want one thing……fun. So, if you want your kids and teens to start practicing good hygiene, then you need a shampoo that they WANT to use. A shampoo that is, well….fun
  • Herbal Shampoo to help oily hair: Made in the USA with natural ingredients like nettle & meadowsweet to help absorb and control the natural oils found in kids and teens hair. Jojoba and quinoa provide moisture, balance and manageability
  • Free from all the yucky stuff: no harsh chemicals or preservatives. Soy, dairy, gluten and nut free. No harsh chemicals: cruelty free, paraben free, and phthalates free. We only use honest, good-for-you ingredients
  • Your hair deserves to feel clean and soft: nettle helps to control sebum (oil) levels on hair & scalp all the while balancing pH levels to help reduce breakouts around the hairline
  • From the makers of Fairy Tales Hair Care. The #1 brand of salon quality hair care for kids since 1999. TBH Kids personal care products consist of natural kids deodorant, Gentle & Spot Face Wash, Body Wash & Lotion, Shampoo and Conditioner to help control oily hair, plus Gentle & Spot Cleansing Wipes. TBH Kids personal care products - teaching kids and tweens that good habits start early

Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner Set for Hair Growth | Thickening Hair Loss Shampoo Treatment | Regrowth Shampoo & Conditioner for Dry Normal Oily & Color Treated Hair

  • BIOTIN SHAMPOO: This Biotin treatment shampoo and conditioner set contains Biotin as well as Hydrolyzed keratin, Spirulina extract and several other nutrient rich botanicals
  • HAIR LOSS TREATMENT: for women and men naturally supports hair growth by blocking DHT a primary cause for thin weak hair by removing DHT this premium Biotin DHT Blocker Conditioner to Grow Hair will give you shiny thicker denser hair and is perfect for sensitive scalp
  • HAIR SUPPORT SOLUTION: Signs of hair loss include excess hair fall and thinning strands. Fight hair loss with BELLISSO Biotin enriched hair growth shampoo and conditioner set
  • FOR FULLER AND THICKER HAIR: Get hair full of volume and shine when you use this combination of Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner for men and women
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: This hair regrowth treatment is full of Essential Vitamins and is a safe daily hair treatment for color treated hair, curly hair, dry hair, highlighted hair, bleached hair & oily dry brittle or frizzy hair

Klorane Dry Shampoo with Nettle for Oily Hair and Scalp, Regulates Oil Production, Paraben & Sulfate-Free, 3.2 oz.

  • This highly absorbent plant-based dry shampoo with Nettle removes excess oil and impurities in just 25 seconds. Swiftly cleans greasy roots to reveal noticeably fresher, more voluminous hair.
  • Formulated with Nettle for a deeper cleansing of oils, dirt and odor. Invisible finish is great on all hair colors.
  • Shake gently and spray onto roots in between shampoos for instant volume and restored freshness.

HiBAR Bar Maintain Shampoo Sulfate-Free, All Natural Hair Product, Essential Oils, Zero Waste Packaging Color Safe (For Normal or Oily Hair)

  • READY TO BREAK UP WITH PLASTIC? Visit our Brand Store to stay up to date on all things HiBAR! Check out our other shampoo and conditioner sets, our bar travel and shower accessories, skincare line and sample sets, and see how easy it is to make the switch from bottle to bar!
  • TO MAINTAIN HAIR HEALTH: For straight or oily hair, or to remove product build-up, try our maintain solid shampoo bar. Shea butter and honeyquat provide hydration and shine without weighing down hair.
  • FORMULATED FOR MULTIPLE HAIR TYPES: Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, or coily, our all natural shampoo and conditioner bar cleanses and moisturizes. All of our bars are sulfate and paraben-free to protect curly-haired users from dehydrated and brittle hair.
  • LONG-LASTING AND FUN TO USE: Our solid shampoo bar can last as long as one 16oz bottle while our solid conditioner bar can last as long as two, but bar life depends on the length of your hair and how often you wash. The ergonomic design is easy to hold and great for travel.
  • SALON-QUALITY FORMULAS: To help save the world from single-use plastic, we need plastic-free hair products that moisturize, cleanse, volumize, and nourish. Every HiBAR formula is 100% color-safe, with no soap, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or parabens.

OGX Kandee Johnson Collection Mermaid Dust Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair, Absorbs Dirt & Oil to Revitalize Hair & Features Kandee's Signature Semi-Sweet Floral Scent, 5 oz

  • PARTNERS WITH KANDEE Developed with Youtube beauty expert Kandee Johnson, OGX Kandee Pop Mermaid Dust Dry Shampoo is the way to extend the life of your wash for clean, fresh-looking hair. Hugs and Kisses from Kandee.
  • SKIP THE SUDS This dry shampoo helps you keep strands clean and fresh—without running the water. Extend the time between washes and help to keep color vibrant, for longer.
  • EXTEND YOUR STYLE. EXTEND YOUR COLOR. Using a dry shampoo lessens exposure to water, which can help protect against color fade and keep hair color vibrant for longer. This mermaid spray also absorbs oil, which can help boost body and volume.
  • SIGNATURE SCENT With a delicious smelling mix of sweet cotton candy, semi-floral, and tropical scents, OGX Kandee Pop Glam Mermaid Dust Dry Shampoo is a delightful, indulgent sensory experience.
  • SULFATE FREE SURFACTANTS. This every day dry shampoo is made without sulfated surfactants and is extra-good to color-treated hair.

Oily Hair Shampoo & Conditioner Set for Oily Hair. Hair Strengthener & Itchy Scalp Shampoo Treatment. Natural Oily Hair Shampoo for Women & Men. No Sulfates - For all Hair Types.

  • Natural Oily Hair Shampoo & Conditioner: 👱‍♀️ Pure by Rachelle Parker oily scalp shampoo with its pure and natural ingredients help you control oily scalp and get rid of greasy hair. Non-greasy finish perfect as a daily hair shampoo for styling your hair while getting rid of split ends.Conditioner replenish hairs natural moisture levels, giving hair balance it craves.
  • Paraben & Sulfate Free: 👩‍🦱 Made of natural ingredients, the natural shampoo & conditioner set  is 100% sulfate free and gives a safe and nourishing wash to your hair. Shampoo set for oily hair is carefully formulated with the highest quality Grade A ingredients to produce the finest and safest hair cleansing. This specialized shampoo moisturizes, strengthens and protects your crowning glory; treats your stressed-out locks to a shower spa treatment.
  • Sensitive Scalp Care: 👩‍🦳 Pure’s oily scalp shampoo & conditioner hair care is the most suitable choice for a sensitive scalp care. With its pure & safe ingredients it provides best treatment for oily hair and scalp. Healthy hair can only grow on a healthy scalp, which could be impaired by unnecessary emitting oil. Works in curly, straight, colored and all other kinds of hairstyles. This best shampoo penetrates deeply into the hair follicles and treats the problems at the roots, preventing rec
  • Specialty Ingredients:  👩‍🦰 Contains the best calming properties of mint leaves that leave your hair and scalp refreshed and cleaned in a healthy way. Mutual Scent makes best shampoo for men & ladies. Infused with tea tree oil so keeps flakes and hair loss away at the same time. Contains Peach Kernel Oil to retain your natural hair color, and also helps dyed color last longer. Peach Oil will give your hair a beautiful shine, protects it from UV and sun damage.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED 👱🏻 Purchase with absolute peace of mind, we are confident that our Top Rated Shampoo Set Pure product is of the highest quality and the most effective on the market!  

AMOS PROFESSIONAL The Green Tea Shampoo Refresh [For Oily Scalp] 17.6oz (500g) | Anti-Thinning and Anti- Hair Loss Shampoo for Hair Growth and Cleanse Excess Sebum | Korean Hair Salon Brand

  • NO MORE SEBUM on your scalp and hair thanks to the green tea formula, making it suitable for women or men with oily scalp. Brisk mint leaves a refreshing finish and silky healthy shine
  • SILICONE-OIL-FREE SHAMPOO with nourishing effect for hair and scalp that has been weakened by stress and unhealthy environment, revitalizes and cleanses scalp
  • ANTI HAIR LOSS HAIR CARE AND TREATMENT : The green tea from clean Jeju island fields’ contains amount of amino acids that are the building block of proteins and necessary for hair growth. Not only does it facilitate healthy hair growth, but they also help in stimulating new hair growth
  • WHITE LEAF GREEN TEA (also known as white matcha), which features 3 times the amount of amino acid than normal varieties, that also helps you to provide hair with moisture and strength, as well as preventing baldness and hair-loss, boosting your confidence in style
  • AMOS PROFESSIONAL, a company from Amorepacific Corp, is a salon hair care and styling brand, which was created by joint efforts of Korean hairdressers and researchers. The brand proposes a sincere hair solution with reliable ingredients and effective techniques, achieves beauty through professional touch based on customer empathy
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