SoftSheen-Carson, Sportin' Waves Maximum Hold Pomade oz, 3.5 Ounce

  • MAXIMUM HOLD POMADE: This pomade with natural sheen and hold promotes waves and restores moisture, going on light and easy and rinsing out clean; It's formulated for short and brushable hairstyles.
  • MAXIMUM WAVEMAKING: With its maximum hold strength, this pomade delivers maximum wavemaking, the perfect styling product for short and brushable hair; It goes on light and rinses out clean!
  • FOR MENS' GROOMING NEEDS: From shaving to hair color, pomade and hair moisturizer, find the products specifically formulated for black men that suit your grooming routine.
  • UNIQUE LOOKS: We help people of color celebrate unique looks and styles with an array of treatments, colors and styling products for all hair types: curly, wavy, natural, relaxed, transitioning and more.
  • SOFTSHEEN-CARSON: For over 110 years we have provided beauty to all consumers of African descent with our innovative, tailor-made, superior products and services specially designed for their needs.

How To Choose The Best Shea Moisture Wave Pomade

Shea Moisture has been around since the early 2000s, and they have become a staple in hair care products thanks to their natural ingredients and quality. Their range of products includes everything from shampoo to conditioners, gels, mousses, oils, serums, and more. They also offer a wide variety of tools to help you achieve beautiful styles. This article will take you through the basics of what makes Shea Moisture such a great brand, as well as give you tips on how to use their products effectively.

What Is A Shea Moisture Wave Pomade?

Shea Moisture Wave Pomade is an all natural hair care product made from 100% pure Shea Butter. It has been formulated specifically for curly hair types and contains no artificial ingredients. The formula is water based and non drying, making it perfect for everyday use. Shea Moisture Wave Pomade comes in two shades; Honey Blonde and Golden Brown. Both colors provide a smooth application and hold well throughout the day. They both contain a blend of oils and waxes to help moisturize and protect your curls while providing shine and bounce.

Where Did Shea Moisture Get Its Name?

The company was founded in 2001 by Dr. James R. Johnson who wanted to create a line of products that would benefit people suffering from dry skin conditions. He named his new business after the African word "shea" meaning "butter". This was because he felt that Shea Butter had many benefits for those with dry skin.

Who Needs A Shea Moisture Wave Pomade?

Shea Moisture Wave Pomade is one of our favorite products. We love how it works to smooth hair while keeping it soft and shiny. But we were curious about whether other types of pomades would perform equally well. After testing several brands, we found that Shea Moisture Wave Pomade was still the best.

We tested four other pomades: L'Oreal Paris Heat Protectant Pomade, Maybelline Super Hold Hairspray, Bumble & bumble Curl Activator Pomade, and GHD Perfect Finish Styler Pomade. Each product performed differently depending on the type of curl pattern you had. Some worked better than others.

Heat protectants are designed to hold curls in place during heat styling. They usually contain waxes and oils to create a barrier against frizz. However, these products do not add shine to hair. Instead, they prevent frizz. They also tend to dry out hair over time.

Stylers are meant to hold curls in place after heat styling. These products typically contain silicone resins to create a strong bond between the strands. While these products can add shine, they can also cause damage to hair. Over time, this can lead to breakage.

Curl activators are similar to styler products. They can hold curls in place after heat styling. However, they don't contain any silicones. Instead, they use proteins and polymers to create a strong bond between the strands. Because they don't contain silicones, they don't cause damage to hair. However, they don't hold curls in place as well as styler products.

Pomades are meant to hold curls in place after heat styling. All of the products we tried contained silicone resins. However, only the Shea Moisture Wave Pomade held curls in place after heat styling. The other products tended to slip off easily.

The bottom line is that each brand has its strengths and weaknesses. When choosing a pomade, think about which style of curl you have. Then, look for a product that matches that style. Remember, you can always switch back to your original pomade once you finish using the new one.

It's true that Shea Moisture Wave Pomade is expensive. But, it lasts longer than most pomades. And it holds curls in place better than most styler products.

That said, if you prefer to stick with a styler, then we recommend the L'Oreal Paris Heat Protectant Pomade. It provides excellent hold and protection. Plus, it doesn't dry out hair.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Shea Moisture Wave Pomade

Shea Moisture Wave Pomade is one of the best hair products available. This product provides moisture retention, conditioning, shine, softness, manageability, and style. It works great for curly hair types because it contains natural oils that moisturize and condition the curls. It also prevents frizziness and flyaways.

This product is perfect for those who want to keep their hair looking healthy and shiny. It's also ideal for people who have dry skin and scalp. Shea Moisture Wave Pomade is safe for color treated hair and is gentle enough for daily use. You'll love how easy it is to apply and how quickly it absorbs into your hair. Try it now!

Features To Consider When Buying A Shea Moisture Wave Pomade

Shea Butter. The first ingredient listed on the label of a Shea Moisture Wave Pomade is Shea Butter. This ingredient provides conditioning properties and moisturizes hair while keeping it soft and shiny. It also protects against frizziness and static electricity.

Olive Oil. In addition to its healing properties, olive oil contains antioxidants that protect against free radicals. Free radicals cause damage to cells, leading to premature aging and wrinkles.

Cocoa Butters. Cocoa butter is another great ingredient found in Shea Moisture Wave Pomades. It adds shine and smoothness to hair and prevents split ends. It also promotes growth of new hairs and reduces breakage.

Aloe Vera. Aloe vera is known for its soothing properties. It's often used topically to heal burns and other wounds. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease sore muscles and joints.

Vitamin E. Vitamin E is a natural antioxidant that fights off damaging free radicals. It's also a powerful protector against sunburns and dry scalp.

Pomegranate Extract. Pomegranates are rich in polyphenols, which give them their bright red color. They also contain ellagic acid, which gives them their ability to fight cancer and prevent cell mutations.

Rosemary Leaf Extract. Rosemary leaf extract is a natural antiseptic that kills bacteria. It also stimulates circulation and improves blood flow.

Peppermint Essential Oil. Peppermint essential oil is well known for its cooling effects. It relieves headaches and muscle tension and calms irritated skin.

Lavender Flower Extract. Lavender flower extracts are calming and relaxing. They also promote sleep and relaxation.

Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil is a strong antibacterial agent that kills germs. It also has antifungal properties that can help eliminate dandruff.

Different Types Of Shea Moisture Wave Pomade

Shea Moisture Wave Pomade is a hair care product that was created by Shea Butter Cosmetics. It is a natural alternative to traditional petroleum based waxes. It is made up of 100% pure shea butter and coconut oil. It provides moisture without weighing down the hair. It is also free of parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, and preservatives.

The Shea Moisture Wave Pomade is available in two main varieties. One is the original version and the other is the Coconut Oil version. Both are equally effective and are suitable for use on any length of hair. The Coconut Oil version is recommended for those with oily hair. The original version is better suited for dry hair.


WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter

  • The use of both cocoa butter and shea butter on hair dates back to ancient times. Cocoa and Shea may be the most effective natural conditioners known because of their high content of oils that absorb well, are hair healthy – and full of nutrients.
  • Wavebuilder Cocoa and Shea Wave Butter is formulated with these wonder ingredients along with other wave friendly conditioners and moisturizers.
  • All hair – especially wavers’ hair – needs moisture. Wavebuilder Cocoa & Shea Wave Butter delivers tons of it along with shine.
  • Perfect for everyday use. Prevents breakage. Scalp healthy.
  • This high quality, safe, effective WAVEBUILDER product is made by us with only the best available ingredients.

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey Shine Pomade For Curly, Dry Natural Hair, Moisturizing with Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter, 8 fl oz

  • Pomade For Edge Control And More: This citrus scented shine pomade moisturizes hair and scalp, smoothes edges and controls frizz; It’s sure to become a part of your daily maintenance for beautiful, healthy hair
  • Nourish Your Protective Hairstyle: Use this hair oil for hair growth to add shine and moisture to any protective style; Paraben-free, petroleum-free, mineral oil-free
  • Nourish Naturally Curly Hair: Created for naturally curly and kinky hair, from the short-cropped 4c curly hairstyle to 1c waves, we use the ingredients your curls crave, like Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter
  • Carol's Daughter Curly Hair Products: Whether your curls are coiled, kinky, or loose, we make products for curly hair of all kinds, including curl custard, gel for curly hair, shampoo, conditioner, and hair oils for natural hair growth
  • Made With Love: Carol's Daughter was born in a Brooklyn kitchen in 1993 and made with a mother's love and encouragement; Today we carry a full line of hair care products and body and skin care products

Cantu Shea Butter Men's Collection Cream Pomade, 8 Oz

  • Hemp seed oil, Shea butter and coconut oil lock in moisture for control and strong hold without stiffness.
  • Shea butter deeply moisturizes hair.
  • Made with no sulfates, parabens, or mineral oils.
  • No Sulfates, Parabens Or Mineral Oils

Shea Moisture Mens Beard Balm, All Natural ingredients, Made With Maracuja Infused Shea Butter, Shape-Smooth & Define, 4 Ounce (M-BB-2949)

  • Define and style: Smoothens rough, unmanageable beard hair and adds definition
  • Moisturizes: High on the properties of Maracuja oil and Shea Butter, Shea Moisture Men’s Beard Balm delivers nourishing miniaturization to beard hair and skin
  • Rejuvenates: Maracuja oil, along with the properties of Vitamin C rejuvenates dull, lifeless, beard hair and adds a subtle sheen
  • Smells great: This formula from Shea Moisture not just feels great and makes the beard super soft, it smells great and leaves a lingering soft aroma
  • Non greasy: Non greasy, non-sticky, this beard balm does not leave residue in beard hair and make it feel heavy

WaveBuilder Cocoa & Shea Pomade | Super Smooth & Rich Formula Promotes Healthy Hair Waves, 3 Oz

  • Maximum wave defining formula for healthy hair and scalp
  • Incorporates the newest and best wave building ingredients
  • The more you train your hair the more waves you get
  • Rub small amount between hands and massage throughout hair and scalp
  • Brush every time after applying for best results

Shea Moisture Complete Beard Kit | All Natural Ingredients | Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter | Beard Balm | Beard Conditioning Oil | Beard Wash | Beard Detangler | Gift Box

  • SOFTENS AND CONDITIONS BEARDS. Infused with shea butter, this 4-piece set is incredibly nourishing and moisturizing for the skin and hair. This superb moisturizer is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, remedying dry skin and protecting the skin’s natural oils.
  • COMPLETE FACIAL HAIR SET. Absorbing quickly to soften and condition facial hair, these products clean, nourish and detangle full beards to leave them well-groomed and scruff-free.
  • MARACUJA OIL. Maracuja oil delivers maximum hydration to furnish firmer, smoother skin. Abundant in essential fatty acids and brightening vitamin C, this oil also helps repair and rejuvenate skin to provide a healthy radiant complexion.
  • RESTORES SHINE. Known as liquid gold for its amazing restorative properties, argan oil acts as a moisturizer for the skin and contains antioxidants which help boost cells. It’s also an excellent agent for promoting shine and producing softer hair.
  • NO HARMFUL INGREDIENTS. Certified natural ingredients like organic shea butter and a blend of essential oils ensure safe use for all hair types and skin sensitivities. These products are sulfate, paraben and cruelty free to naturally soften, clean and style your facial hair.

Beard Balm & Hair Pomade by Bevel with Coconut Oil and Shea Butter, Beard Care for Men, 1.7 oz (Packaging May Vary)

  • LUXURY BEARD AND HAIR POMADE - Melts into hair and beard to lock in moisture and helps reduce frizz and sculpt your look
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR MEN - The Bevel 2-in-1 Pomade makes for the perfect men's gift for your father, husband, son, or friend, for any holiday
  • BEARD & HAIRSTYLING - This butter-based formula locks in moisture without a sticky finish, and is designed for both your hair and beard care
  • HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Infused with Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Shea Butter to keep your beard and hair polished

Shea Moisture 100 Percent Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Styling Gel for Unisex, 8 Ounce (Packaging may vary)

  • It is perfect for straight hair, as well as any length, from long hair ito short hair
  • It provides medium hold that keeps your style in place with soft, smooth strands
  • Suitable for all hair types
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