MY-LADY #27 Dark Blonde Double Weft Clip in 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions 14''-22'' Grade 7A Quality Full Head Thick Thickened Long Soft Silky Straight 8pcs 18clips for Women Beauty 22"/22 inch 160g

  • Real remy human hair-natural,durable,reusable,easy make-up. Can be dyed,washed,bleached, curled and straightened(temperature better below 356℉/180℃ for a short time)
  • Grade AAAAAAA,no-tangle,no-shedding,product life:6 to12 months(depending on care and usage)
  • Double wefted (two wefts sewed together) - more hair than typical extensions and don't fall out easily,shedding free. One pack is enough to full head for thin or fine type of hair
  • Hair ends:natural hair ends without cut. About 2cm longer than the marked length for you to cut the hair to more closely match your hair length and avoid thin out at the end
  • Additional free gifts: two clips,thread and needle. Clips stitched on hairs and removable,replaceable.

How To Choose The Best Short Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become increasingly popular over recent years. They can add length, volume and style to your own natural hair without having to cut it off completely. However, they come in various lengths and styles, and choosing the right ones for your needs can be tricky. This article will help you understand what to look for when shopping for hair extensions, as well as how to care for them properly.

What Are Short Hair Extensions?

Short hair extensions are pieces of human hair that are attached to the scalp using glue or tape. The hair may be glued directly onto the scalp or applied to an existing section of hair. They are most commonly worn for special occasions like weddings, proms, graduations, and parties. They come in many different styles and lengths and can be styled into any hairstyle imaginable!

Where Can I Buy Short Hair Extensions?

You can find short hair extensions at beauty supply stores, online retailers, and even some department stores. You can also visit a professional salon if you want to get professionally done. If you decide to go this route, make sure to ask about how long the process will take before committing to it. It takes anywhere between 3-5 hours depending on the length of the extension and what type of adhesive you choose.

Can I Wear My Own Hair While Wearing Short Hair Extensions?

Yes! Just remember to always wash your hair first and condition it well. This will help prevent tangles and knots.

Who Needs Short Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are a great way to add length and volume to your hair. But, did you know that they can also change its texture?

Short hair extensions can create a variety of styles. From wavy curls to straight locks, these extensions can transform any hairstyle. And, they can do this quickly and easily.

But, before you rush off to purchase your new look, take note of one thing. When choosing your style, think about how long you plan to wear it. Will you only use it during special occasions? Or, will you wear it every day?

This information will help you decide whether or not you want to invest in short hair extensions. If you're going to wear your extensions everyday, then you probably don't need to spend money on them. However, if you're planning on wearing them occasionally, then you'll likely want to opt for longer strands.

In addition to helping you determine which type of hair extensions would best suit your lifestyle, another consideration is cost. While most companies offer free samples, others charge extra for each extension. Some companies even require customers to pay upfront. Make sure you understand exactly what you're getting before you commit to buying.

Once you've decided which company you'd prefer, you'll need to select the color. Most companies offer several shades. Choose the shade that matches your skin tone. Then, apply the glue to your scalp. Once dry, clip the extensions into place.

The process takes approximately 30 minutes. Afterward, you'll need to wait until the glue dries completely. Then, brush through your hair to remove excess glue. Finally, blow dry your hair using a round brush. Use a flat iron to smooth down the ends.

Afterwards, wash your hair as usual. Don't forget to moisturize your scalp. Also, avoid touching your extensions while wet. Doing so could cause damage.

When you're ready to style your hair, simply pull the clips out of your hair. Next, comb your hair back and secure the clips along the top of your head. Then, wrap your hair around the clips. Lastly, tie the remaining loose pieces behind your neck.

To finish, spray your hair with shine serum. Then, gently run your fingers through your hair to distribute the product evenly. Finally, spritz your roots with water. Blow dry your hair using a paddle brush. Be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, your hair could become frizzy.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Short Hair Extensions

If you have short hair, then you already know how difficult it can be to find products that work for you. Luckily, there are many different types of hair extensions available to help you achieve the style you want. These extensions are very easy to apply and take just minutes to install. They come in various lengths and colors so they can easily blend in with your natural hair color. When buying SHE, it's important to buy them from a reputable company like . This way, you'll receive a product that looks amazing and feels soft against your scalp. You won't regret investing in a quality SHE!

Another option for short hair is clip ins. Clip ins are similar to SHEs because they are applied via clips instead of glue. Clips are easier to remove if you decide to change styles later on. Another advantage of clip ins is that they do not damage your hair. So if you're looking for a quick fix, try clipping in some clip ins to see how they work for you.

The final option for short hair is wefts. Wefts are another popular method of adding length to short hair. Wefts are usually attached to the roots of your hair rather than the ends. Wefts are generally used for people who have thinning hair. Because wefts are attached to the root of your hair, they tend to hold their shape better than clip ins and SHEs. Wefts are typically sold in bundles of 10-20 strands. For best results, use a professional stylist to apply them properly.

Features To Consider When Buying Short Hair Extensions

Quality. When you're shopping for a quality extension set, you'll want to make sure they fit well. This means finding sets that match your natural hair color and texture. The right length is important too. Make sure you pick a style that fits your face shape and hairstyle.

Style. Your choice of style matters just as much as how well it fits. Think about your lifestyle and personality. Do you prefer loose curls? Tapered styles? Curly styles? Straight styles? Choose a style that suits you.

Length. How long do you want your extensions? Longer lengths may work better if you have fine hair. But if you have thick hair, shorter lengths may suit you better.

Color. What color do you want your extensions? Natural colors tend to blend more easily into your own hair than bright colors. However, if you want to change your hair color, this is a great time to experiment with new shades.

Texture. Are you going for softness or firmness? Soft textures are easier to comb through while firm textures hold their curl longer.

Hair type. Is your hair straight? Wavy? Curly? Coily? Choosing a hair type depends on your personal preferences. Some women love curly hair, others prefer wavy hair. Find a style that matches your hair type.

Extension method. There are several ways to apply extensions. Clip-in extensions are applied using clips. They're quick and easy, but they can pull out easily. Weave-ins are attached using wefting techniques. These are less prone to pulling out, but they take longer to install.

Fiber. Most extensions are made from human hair. Human hair has its pros and cons. On the positive side, it feels softer and looks healthier than synthetic fibers. Synthetic fibers can cause irritation and itching. And they can shed over time.

Different Types Of Short Hair Extensions

There are two main categories of hair extensions; clip-in extensions and sew-in extensions. Clip-in extensions attach to your own natural hair by clipping them into place. Sew-in extensions are attached to your own hair by sewing them into place. Both methods produce beautiful results. Below we will look at each method individually.

The clip-in extension process begins with choosing the right length of hair. Your stylist will cut off the ends of your hair to create a smooth transition between your real hair and the extensions. Next, she will apply glue to the roots of the extensions. She will then use clips to secure the extensions to your head. Finally, she will finish up by applying hairspray to keep everything in place.

This process works similarly to the clip-in method except that instead of using clips, your stylist uses a needle and thread to sew the extensions into place. This allows her to control how long the extensions extend past your scalp. She will begin by cutting the ends of your hair to create a smooth transition between your real hair and the extensions. Then she will pull the hair through a hole in the base of the extensions. She will continue pulling until the entire piece of hair is pulled through the hole. At this point, she will tie the end of the thread to close the hole. She will then trim any excess threads and hairspray the finished product.


Clip in Hair Extensions Brown with Blonde Highlighted Human Hair Clip in Real Extensions 7 Pieces 70G Remy Clip in Hair Extensions Silky Straight Double Weft Clip ons for Women

  • 【Ubetta Clip in Hair Extensions Material】-- 100% Real remy human hair collected from young girls, bouncy, soft, neat and natural straight without cutting like your own natural hair ends, can be Restyled, Washed, Strengthened, Curled, Dyed, Permed etc. If you want to curl or straighten it by yourself, please control the temperature under 180℃.
  • 【Hair Extensions Specification】-- Clip in real extensions is well crafted double wefts,thickness from top to end. 7pcs 70G (2.45oz) Per Pack with 16 stainless steel clips sewed on. Design for girls, bride women to add volume and length or highlights to their own hair. All the hair extensions color are exact like the pictures showed, very slightly color differences due to lighting, monitors, and setting is normal.Easy to Blend naturally with your own hair. Natural,invisible and Durable.
  • 【How to choose the Volume and Color】-- Usually you can choose length according to your own hair length to make sure the hair extensions closely match naturally with your own hair length and avoid thin out at the end. 2 Packs is Recommended for Customers Who Have Fine type of Hair to add length and volume or 3 Packs if you like thick hair.About the color, we suggest you to choose color through your own roots hair.
  • 【Comfortable & Secure to Wear】-- Clips are sewed stably, covered with a layer of soft rubber to carefully protect your scalp and hair, you can easily to apply and remove the clip on hair extensions by yourself to change hairstyle for different occasions. (Wedding, Concerts, Make-up Parties, Dating, Prom and so on).
  • 【Delivery and Kindly Remind】-- In USA. Stock. Amazon prime shipping: Next-day shipping, Second-day shipping , Expedited shipping, and standard shipping. If you have any problems when you receive the products , please contact us freely through email. All the extensions have been dyed the different color in the processing, if you want to re-stain, light color can be dyed to darker, but the darker can't be dyed to light.

ABH AmazingBeauty Hair Real Remy Thick Yaki Straight Clip Ins Black Hair Extensions for African American Relaxed Hair 7 Pieces 120 Gram Per Set, 14 Inch

  • High Quality Hair — AmazingBeauty Hair Extenions are made with the highest quality Remy human hair, guaranteed to have the cuticle intact.
  • Minimal Shedding — AmazingBeauty Hair Extensions are crafted carefully with the best materials to ensure you have a great experience.
  • Non-Damaging — AmazingBeauty Hair Extensions are geared toward minimal damage to your natural hair. With proper care and maintenance you can expect your natural hair to be virtually undamaged.
  • Fast Delivery — Orders are processed right away to ensure the fastest delivery possible.
  • Safety for Your Purchase — While we work hard to ensure you are happy with each and every order you place with us, we understand that sometimes things don’t go as planned. We guarantee everything we sell, and if you’re not satisfied with anything you’ve ordered from us, please feel free to contact us. We will do all we can to make it right, whether it is exchanging your purchase or issuing a refund. Our helpful and friendly staff is here to assist you any time.

12" Clip in Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair for Women - Silky Straight Human Hair Clip in Extensions 50grams 4pieces Dark Brown #2 Color

  • SWEET TIP:12inches & 14inches - total 58g, 16inches - total 63g, 18inches - total 68g,20inches - total 83g. According to your own hair volume, just to thicker your hair, advice buy 1-2 sets; want to full head, advice buy 2-3 sets
  • Winsky hair extensions ship from the United States by Amazon, estimated delivery time is 2 - 5 business
  • 100% REMY human hair, easy to restyled with thermal tools and blend naturally with you love color, PLZ note, light color can be dyed to darker, but the darker cannot be dyed to light
  • 4pcs per a package, the easiest and the quickest to attach, 5 minutes (approx.), and suitable for daily use, such as occasion in main images
  • Exact color may have different because of monitors, PLZ contact us if you have any question, we will reply within 12 hours on business

180 Pieces Hair Extension Tape Tabs Double Sided Extension Tapes for Replacement, 4 x 0.8 cm

  • Specifications: size of each piece hair extension tape is 4 x 0.8 cm/ 1.6 x 0.3 inch, general size for your everyday use
  • Convenient to use: each hair extension tape has a pre-cut in the middle, which is convenient for you to peel and stick, and good for for hair extension
  • Feature: these extension tape tabs are sticky and can hide well with the hair extension, also they will stay in a place and great for using them as new or replacement
  • Usage: fit for women and girls to use, maximum hold hair extension tape tabs can last 6 to 8 weeks with proper care, very useful supplies
  • Quantity: 15 sheets, 12 pieces of each sheet, totally 180 pieces, adequate quantity for you to use; Color: as pictures shown

12 inches Clip in Hair Extensions Remy Human Hair - 70g 7pcs 16 Clips Straight Thick 100% Real Human Hair Extensions for Women Medium Brown #4 Color

  • SWEET TIP: Total 70g with 16 Clips one set, advice to buy 2 sets if you want to full head; and Exact color may have different because of monitors, PLZ contact us if you have any question, we will reply within 12 hours on business <3
  • Winsky hair extensions ship from the United States by Amazon, estimated delivery time is 2 - 5 business
  • 100% REMY human hair, High quality, easy to restyled with thermal tools and blend naturally with you love color, such as model in main images
  • 7pcs per a package, the most popular extensions and the easiest to attach and remove, 5 minutes (approx.), and suitable for daily use, such as occasion in main images
  • Easy to wash and care - mildest shampoo and wash hair extensions in the warm water. After doing so, please apply conditioner, gently dry the hair with a blow dryer and comb gently. Lastly, apply hair oil and enjoy your shiny hair extensions

RUNATURE Brown Clip in Hair Extensions Straight Hair Extensions Clip in Human Hair Dark Brown Highlighted with Golden Blonde Remy Clip in Double Weft Hair Extensions 50g 10 Inch 3pcs

  • SUPER SOFT HUMAN HAIR:RUNATURE clip in hair extensions are made of 100% real human hair and high quality lace base on the top of the extensions,which are soft and fit to your scalp,blend with your hair perfectly.
  • SIMPLE IN APPLICATION: 3 pieces hair extensions clip in human hair,you can put the clip hair extensions by yourself in 3 minutes; with strong stainless steel U-shaped clips, they can be fixed in your own hair without damage.
  • WARM TIPS:Human hair clip in extensions should be washed by mild shampoo and conditioner as your own hair.Do not grab the wet hair extensions violently.It is best to dry naturally.
  • SPECIFICATION: NOT THICK HAIR,The weight of highlight brown hair extensions is ONLY 50g, get one pack is a good option if you have thinning hair. But if you want to make a full head, 3-4 packs are recommended according to your hair volume.
  • FREE STYLE: RUNATURE real hair extensions clip in human hair could be straightened or curled to meet your requirement, but pay attention to the heating temperature should be less 320℉, and only light color can be dyed to darker color.

Clip In Human Hair Extensions Mixed Bleach Blonde Extension Clip in Thickened Double Weft Brazilian Balayage Ombre Hair 120g 7pcs Full Head Silky Straight 100% Human Hair Clip In Extensions 16 Inch

  • 【VARIO HAIR instructions】-- 100% real remy human hair, can be Treated & Styled .Like your Own Hair. But not Recommend for Dying Or Bleaching Since They Have Already Undergone a Chemical Process. We Recommend Getting Them Colored by a Professional and Experienced Hair Colorist. We Would Advise for a One Small Piece to be Tested Prior to Coloring The Full Set to Make Sure The Resulting Shade is What You Anticipate.
  • 【Clip in Hair Extensions Specification】-- Color Light Brown Highlighted Platinum Blonde,7pcs 120g sets: 105g net weight for hair without clips; 120g for hair with clips. Usually 1 Packs is Recommended for Customers Who Have Fine Type of Hair to Add Length & Volume or 2 Packs if You Like Thick Hair.
  • 【Comfortable & Secure to Wear】-- Clips are sewed stably, covered with a layer of soft rubber to carefully protect your scalp and hair, you can easily to apply and remove the clip on hair extensions by yourself to change hairstyle for different occasions. (Wedding, Concerts, Make-up Parties, Dating, Prom and so on).
  • 【Enjoy free and fast shipping】-- Amazon prime shipping, stock on USA, enjoy prime customer serivce. Expedited delivery: 2 days arrive, ordinary delivery: 3-4 days arrive.
  • 【SWEETS TIP and guarantees】-- Unconditional returns, refunds and exchanges within 30 days of payment, please protect your hair from damage. The colors similar to the real picture may differ slightly from the colors displayed due to lighting, display and settings. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time, all of which will be answered with professional suggestions within 24 hours.

Medium Length 12" Wavy U-Shape Part Half Wig One Piece Clip in Hair Extension Dark Brown

  • Hair Length 12"/30cm; Weight 125g; Upgraded synthetic fiber, as soft as your own hair, no fake shiny.
  • Fit your head more perfectly. Once applied, it will be literally invisible.
  • Very easy to use, get a long thick hair and change your look in just few seconds!
  • Your own hair at crown will cover the weft, making the look 100% natural.
  • Not suitable for people with alopecia or sparse hair.There should be some hair on the crown of your head to cover the half wig edge.

Sassina #B8-60 16 Inch Wire Hair Extensions, Color Balayage Ash Brown Fading to Platinum Blonde, One Pieces 100 Gram Remy Human Hair With Invisible Miracle Wire

  • Photos--All the photos are taken by our Sassina company, please also be noted about the color difference because of the different screen brightness.
  • Material and Quality-- 100% remy human hair collected from one donor, no shedding, no tangling, no smelling. Our invisible line hair extensions can be reused, curled, straightened, tongued & washed, But Please Do Not Use Too High Temperature.
  • Adjustable wire--If the size doesn't fit you, adjust it by tightening or loosening the wire. Each package includes a standby wire. Get beauty and confidence in seconds, instant new look and no one will find your secret.
  • Fast Delivery--You can choose next day, second day, expedited, and standard delivery time, and prime delivery is available as well.
  • Return Policy--Please keep the hair in its original condition if you decide to return. Please kindly contact our customer service for the return information, our team is always here ready to help.

GOO GOO Hair Extensions Human Hair Light Blonde Highlighted Golden Blonde 12 Inch 70g Remy Hair Extensions Wire Hair Extensions Invisible Hairpieces Secret Fish Extensions

  • 【More Comfortable & Natural & Lighter, Human Hair--Can Be Styled】Unlike traditional hair extensions, this new wire hair extensions is no tape no glue, with transparent wire, can blend perfectly with your hair color. And weft’s width is made according to measure head circumference which is 10.9inch. 100% human hair, you can style the hair according to your preference for many different occasions.
  • 【Only 5 Minutes to Put or Take out】 Wire hair extensions is the easiest and quickest tool for adding volume and length. Anyone can do it. You can refer to our page description for wearing. Adjust size by tightening or loosening the standby wire. Hair doesn't move when you shake your head, which means you're wearing it correctly.
  • 【Upgraded 7 Layered Hairpiece & 90 Degree Lace Corner Design -- No Shedding, Soft】 Our wire hair extensions has 7 layers hair weft, not easy to knot and fall off. More layered hair add the hair volume. Lighter and thinner lace hair net is more breathable and comfortable. The lace net is 90-degree curved design to prevent your ears from being rubbed by the weft.
  • 【Double Fixed with Thicker Elastic Wire & 4 Clips--More Stable & No Pressure】Upgraded wire which is 9.25inch is thicker and more elastic, not easy to break and not cause any pressure on the scalp. Detachable 4 clips are more stable. If you don't need clips, just take out them. We offer extra 2 clips and 3 elastic Transparent lines for replacement: replace fish line is 10inch, 8inch and 7.3inch. It’s not suitable for people with very fine hair on the top or baldness as the wire may be seen.
  • 【Best Ratio of Length to Weight & The Most Popular Color & Professional Lifetime Service Team】12”: 70g, 14”: 75g, 16’’-18’’: 95g, 20’’: 110g. 1 pack is for adding length, 2 packs for adding volume. We have a professional design team to follow the most popular color trends. Amazon prime shipping, stock in USA, the fastest 24-48 hours can receive. We have a professional pre-sales and after-sales service team, You can enjoy unconditional return within 30 days.

Wiysday 20PCS Colored Clip in Hair Extensions Kid Hair Extensions 22'' Blue Straight Hair Extensions Clip in for Kids Multi-Colors Party Highlights Hairpieces. (Sapphire Blue+Teal Blue)

  • 1.【COLORED CLIP IN HAIR EXTENSIONS】Blue hair extensions 100% High Temperature Synthetic Fiber, without chemical. NOT harmful to your hair and health, soft, smooth, natural textures, natural look, no shedding, no odor, seamless hair extensions with affordable price.
  • 2.【BLUE KID HAIR EXTENSIONS EASY TO USE】Blue hair clip in straight hair extensions, 1Piece with 1 Clip attached and very easy to apply. Colorful hair extensions perfect use for daily hair beauty, birthday party, theme party, Music Festivals, Concerts, Halloween costume or any other occasions.
  • 3.【DIY BLUE HAIR EXTENSIONS HAIR EXTENSIONS FOR KIDS】Easy to DIY your own fashion hair style. Bright and funky colors are fun addition for causal dress up. A gift to experiment with color without having to do any permanent dyes. You can decorate it with a straight hair stick or a curling iron. Our hair extensions can be curled, straightened, blow-dried, trimmed as you want. They are long enough for you to trim and fit your hair length. Also they are good gifts for children.
  • 4.【WHAT YOU GET】20PCS kid hair extensions, clip-in Colored hair extensions and a cherry rubber band. Each hairpiece has an individual package, which avoids them banding together or tangling up. The same price, you can get more hair extensions colorful.
  • 5.【RISK-FREE PURCHASE】We offer EVERY customer a 30-days money back guarantee. If you don't like our product, simply return it and get 100% of your investment back. If you have any questions, you can contact me and I will solve it for you.

ROSEBUD Clip in Hair Extensions REMY Human Hair 8Pcs 18 Clips 60g/Set 10 Inch

  • 100% HUMAN REMY HAIR, FREELY STYLING ◆ Just like your own hair, can be curled or straightened freely by thermal tools. Whether it's curly, wavy or straight, depending on your mood of the day. Hair dyeing and bleaching are also supported. Black, brown, blonde? Your decision. Note that light color can be dyed to darker, and the darker can be bleached to light.
  • ODORLESS REAL HAIR, MORE FLEXIBLE VOLUME ◆ 10 inches-total 60g. Natural hair clip in extensions, no chemical odor. Each pack includes: 2pcs of 6.5 inches wide 3 clips in weft, 2pcs of 5.1 inches wide 3 clips in weft, 2pcs of 3.9 inches wide 2 clips in weft, 2pcs of 2.2 inches wide 1 clip in weft. Something is necessary, real hair will be thinner and lighter than synthetic fiber, for a more comfortable wear. Multiple sets of purchases are recommended.
  • WELL BLEND & LOOK NATURAL, EASY TO CARE ◆ Naturally attach to your natural hair, and can be cut, washed and dried like your own hair, perfect for adding thickness and fullness. For lengthening, get the longer size, change your look in seconds. Our clip on hair extensions use invisible snap clips to ensure easily use, which means you can put in and take out in a hurry by yourself.
  • FOR LONG TIME USE, NO KNOT NO TANGLE ◆ This clip in human hair extensions is designed for daily frequent use, and guarantee it will not get mess after a few uses like synthetic hair. Like your natural hair, it can last a long time and is not easy to knot. It stands up to the occasions of wedding, date, party, holiday or any other daily moment.
  • 100% SATISFACTION CLIP IN EXTENSIONS ◆ The extra clips are given away, ROSEBUD concern everything you would meet. There may have color differences because of monitors.To ensure color match, you can Email pictures taken in outdoor natural lights to us before purchase, for asking which exact color fits you better. Encounter any issue? Contact us! We guarantee you will experience a good day or your money back!

Human Hair Extensions Ombre Ash Brown Mixed Bleach Blonde Highlights Balayage Remy Human Hair Extensions 70g 14 inch Invisible Wire Fish Line Real Human Hair Extensions for Women

  • 【High Quality Invisible Wire Hair Extensions】Valiiilo Wire Hair Extensions is made of 100% Remy Human Hair Extensions. Unlike traditional hair extensions, Wire Hair Extensions is no tape no glue, with transparent wire, can blend perfectly with your hair color.Each pack of wire fish line human hair has extra two fish wires and two clips as gifts.
  • 【How to choose length with Wire Hair Extensions Real Human Hair】:Valiilo hair extensions has optimal aspect ratio you can choose :14 inch:70g 16inch:80g 18inch:80g 20inch:100g 22inch:100g.We suggestion 1 pack is for adding length, 2 packs for adding volume.Different lengths in different grams meet your different needs.Each piece of our human hair extension is carefully tested just for giving you high quality products with reasonable price. They can last a few months with good care.
  • 【1 Min to Fit and 1 Second to Remove Human Hair Extensions】Fish Wire hair extensions is the easiest and quickest for adding volume and length.You can Adjust size by tightening or loosening the fish wire.Stable & No Pressure on scalp.Double fixed with transparent fish line and clips.You can also remove clips and line,sew the weft to a wig to make the wig thicker
  • 【Comfortable Wearing of Wire Human Hair Extensions 】Valiiilo Human Hair Extensions has Detachable clips.There are 4 adjustment loops on the each side of the weft,for you get the most suitable size.10 inch width Double Weft with Lace Base more comfortable and breathable.The curved lace net which perfectly avoids the uncomfortable feeling caused by the contact between the ears and the lace mesh.
  • 【Layered Color,More Visual Effects Human Hair Extensions】Invisible Wire Hair Extensions has 7 layers hair wefts.When the hair sway in the wind,hair hairpieces with mix colors will change colors,which brings distinct Highlights or Ombre balayage hair effects.Perfectly blend with your own hair. That would create extra volume and give you a fluffy effect.

Su Exquisite 4PCS Clip in Long Soft Glam Waves Thick Hairpieces 20 inches Dark Brown Hair Extensions Synthetic Fiber Double Weft Hair for Women Full Head

  • 💕Thick Hair Extensions: At 200g 20 inches. Each pack includes: 2 pieces of 4.8 inches wide 2 clips in wefts;1 piece of 6 inches wide 3 clips in weft;1 piece of 7 inches wide 4 clips in weft.
  • 💕DIY Fun: You can decide how many pieces to wear. Increase hair length and volume ,make your hair looks more full.If you would like to long and full hair, our hair extensions will be good choice.
  • 💕Care Tips: If you do not brush your extensions gently, you could break some of the fibers, cause tangling or frizzing.Daily care of hair extensions can be time consuming; set aside at least a half an hour a day to tend to them.Do not use hot tools or a blowdryer on 100% synthetic extensions.
  • 💕Easy Use: Needn’t tape, glue, no damage to the scalp and hair,just with BB clip ,and it can perfectly blend with your natural hair. If the hair extensions is long for you, you can cut it by scissors.
  • 💕Please note: It's normal if some hair fall off when your first use because the Hair Extensions is sewn by hand; Unlike the real hair,it's not easy to make the big curls the same as it's before.The hair factory use the special equipment to make the big curls. Sometimes, Affected by the weather as light shooting ability, factors such as, or even a different display resolution, there will be a certain color. Hope you can understand.

Clip in Hair Extensions 100% Remy Human Hair New Technology PU Weft Seamless Hair Extensions Clip in Natural Straight Light Golden Brown Mixed With Platinum Blonde Piano #12/60A 14inch 110gram 7pcs

  • *【PU Clip in Hair Extension Human Hair】Loxxy Seamless Clip in Hair Made With 100% Real Remy Human Hair, The Seamless Clip in Hair Extensions Can be Straighten, Curled, Cut, and Styled As Your Own Hair, Suitable for Any Occasion.
  • *【New Design- ULTRA-THIN PU WEFT】Our Factory Use New Technology Press The Hair On The PU With Clips, Which Make the PU Clip in Hair Extensions More Comfortable,Lighter and Invisible Compared With Lace Weft Clip in Hair Extensions. The PU Design Make Your Scalp More Invisibly, Can Match Your Hair Perfectly. The Outside PU Part on Each Piece is Different Than The Inside PU Part,The Width of Outside is 0.5cm, The Width of Inside is 1cm.
  • *【The Advantages of Seamless Hair Extensions Clip in】Unlike old Lace Weft Clip in Hair Extensions, The New Tape Clip in Hair Extensions Updated Soft PU Strips-Thin Weft Edge, No Stiffs, No Shedding, Lightweight and Comfortable.
  • *【Easy and Fast to Wear】You Will Can Create a Gorgeous Style Within in a Few Minutes, Easiest and Quickest Way to Add Your Hair Length and Volume, Can Do it by Yourself. One pack is 7 Pieces Attached With 16clips, 110gram, 7 Pieces Combination Meet Your Different Requirements.
  • *【Warm TIPS】-All photos is taken by Loxxy, There Maybe Color Differences Because of Different Monitor. Any Treatment To Your Clip Ins Please Make Sure The Temperature Is Below 160 Degrees, Keep Air Dry; Do Not Comb When Hair Is Wet. Can Last 14-18 Weeks Depending On Use And Care. IF You Have Any Questions, Please Feel Free Contact me. IG: loxxyhairshop

100% Human Hair Toppers Clip In Crown Toppers With 3D Air Bangs Hair For Women Mini Short Straight Hair Bangs Toupee Small Mid Part Wiglets Hairpieces for Mild Hair Loss Volume Cover Gray Hair (1B)

  • Color: Dark Black Color (Please check out the video.); Texture: Straight; Design: Middle Part with Fringe 3D Air Bangs; Length: 25cm (about 10") ; Net Weight: 22g; Material: 100% Human Hair Topper for Men and Women
  • Replaceable Human Hair Topper Clip In With Air Bangs is made by 100% brazilian virgin human hair.Smaller and lighter than full wigs and more breathable and realistic.30 days no reason return gurantee.
  • Easy to put on and change your appearance instant.Increase your head crown part hair density and cover gray hair. You can trim the hair or restyle the hair to be side part by heat iron to blend well with your hair style.
  • PU & lace net with 2 clips gives more secure and comfortable attachment.The skin tone simulation scalp make your toupee look realistic and natural.Very stylish create will make you looks youthful.
  • Halo Lady crown hair topper suiteable for both men and women; The U part lace base size: 3.2" * 4" and the PU size is about 1.5" * 2.5". It could be combed side part or middle part freely.
  • Although the photos shown are taken based on the actual product, there may be a slight color difference due to the difference in light intensity and display methods.If the item does not meet your expectations, no hesitate to contact us to solve the problem till you are satisfied pls.

Yamel Remy Clip in Hair Extensions Human Hair 7Pcs 16 Clips Real Human Hair Extensions Clip

  • 【THICK END DESIGNED】--Rachel was going to date her crush. Then she bought a human hair extension on amazon because she wants an impressive hairstyle for this date, but received a very thin-end hair extension. She's so disappointed and angry they totally wasting her time. Finally, Rachel has to go on a date on a fly in the ointment. Yamel hair extensions with a thick-end designed, keep you away from this worry and let you have a sweet mood and perfect date.
  • 【100% REMY HUMAN HAIR EXTENSIONS】-- Are you afraid to get a fake human hair extension on online shopping?Yamel clip in hair extensions are directly selected from healthy and young girl hair. Totally 100% human hair material and not mixing any other hair. Therefore, they can be straightened and curled freely by heat tools just like your own hair. Want a straight hairstyle? Or wave hair? Even curly hair? No problem, it’s all up to you.
  • 【INVISIBLE & WELL BLEND】--We know you don't want people to know your secret. Our clip on hair extensions use similar hair color clips to ensure invisibility. The hair is natural, they’ll blend well with your own hair. Perfect for adding your hair volume and length, instantly change your look without any damage. If you have a thick hair and want to add your hair length, please buy 2 sets.
  • 【LONG SERVICE LIFE】--Unlike the synthetic fiber hair extensions that are for occasional use, Yamel clip in hair extensions human hair were designed for daily use, they can last 3-6 months with good care. Hair can represent your individuality, clip hair extensions help you look different on the occasion of a wedding, date, party, vacation or any other daily moment.
  • 【100% SATISFACTION FOR YOU】--Those pictures were taken with a camera of 30.4 million pixels+UV lenses and we proofread them on Apple iMac to minimize chromatic aberration. But due to the different monitor and light, there may have a slight color difference. If you don’t like the color when you received it, please contact us. We will do what we can to solve your problems. You are free to exchange or return the item within 30 days. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Vigorous Synthetic Clip in Hair Extensions Highlights Brown Wavy Hair Extensions 4PCS Thick Hair Extensions Clip in for Women Double Weft

  • Each pack includes: 2 pieces of 4.8 inches wide 2 clips in wefts;1 piece of 6 inches wide 3 clips in weft;1 piece of 7 inches wide 4 clips in weft.2 pics side air bangs.20In Highlights Mix Brown Hair Extensions.
  • All-Natural:Vigorous clip in extensions are made with heat resistant fiber synthetic but look completely natural like real, and they come in a variety of different colors so that you can match your hair color perfectly! Once applied and blended in with your natural hair, no one will be able to tell that you have extensions in
  • Easy for Install:Clip in hair extensions are so easy to apply that almost anyone can put them in without external help. Even if you’ve never worn extensions, you will be able to add length and color to your hair in a few, simple steps. All you need to do is part and separate your hair, push in the extension, attach the weft with a small comb, and snap the clip down.
  • Goodbye Damage:Another great thing about clip in extensions is that they should never damage your hair when applied properly.By caring for your extensions, you can also make them last for a long time. Gently brushing and washing them will ensure that they always look fresh, clean, and healthy.
  • About Color Difference:Light shooting, camera function, different monitors and other factor affect, the color that appears on your screen may be different.

SEGO 2 Pcs Clip in Hair Piece 6 Inch Mini 100% Human Hair Short Straight Hairpieces Invisible Hairpin for Thinning Hair Adding Hair Volume Fluffy Natural Cushion High Hair -Medium Brown&Dark Blonde

  • ♛100% real remy human hair♛ Shedding and tangle free, no synthetic mix, no animal fabric mix, can be washed, dyed, curled and straightened. (Avoid ironning the hair with high temperature-advise 100-120 degree)
  • ♛Function♛Clip in hair piece invisible hairpin is specially designed for women with hair loss, thinning hair and female pattern baldness. It can increase the hair volume on the side and top, make women’s hair thick and fluffy. Size: 4”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”.
  • ♛Natural Volume♛Perfectly suit for women with thinning hair who need extra volume but no one can tell. Due to the real human hair origin, you will get a soft-feeling, bouncy and lightweight hair extension that will cause no harm. All the clips and stitches are secure and tight to be hide under the cover of your own hair.
  • ♛With 2 Anti-Slip Clips♛ Just take a few seconds to apply. Easy to wear, providing secure yet comfortable attachment for all day wear. NOT SUITABLE for someone with nearly bald top cuz the clips may not stay in well.
  • ♛30-days refund guarantee♛ US local stock, fast delivery via UPS (2-6 business days). ATTENSION: Color might be slightly different from the picture showed considering light and different monitor.

FESHFEN Clip in Hair Extensions 4PCS Honey Blonde Mixed Light Brown Thick Highlight Hair Piece Long Wavy Clip in Extensions Full Head Synthetic Fiber Hairpieces for Women, 20 Inches 180g

  • ❤Package Contents: 4PCS clip in hair extensions of 20 inches 180g in total. Each package includes: 1 piece of 7 inches wide weft with 4 clips; 1 piece of 6 inches wide weft with 3 clips; 2 pieces of 5 inches wide weft with 2 clips. You can choose the number of pieces to wear according to your needs.
  • ❤Advantages of 4PCS Clip in Extensions: Compared to traditional hair extensions, 4pcs clip in hair extensions can provide you with more volume with no glue, no tape, causing no damage to your hair and scalp and with less shedding. They can be cut, permed and washed. You don't need to rush to the Salon for a party, or be upset in an overslept morning; just spend 5 minutes wearing these hair pieces, then a charming and elegant look will appear.
  • ❤Multiple Functions: This hair extension is the best way to add hair length and volume, to change your hair into a more full, bouncy and charming look. It's also the best remedy for a bad hair cut. You can use a lighter color for dark hair to make highlight effect, or a darker color for light hair for an ombre look. No matter what color you choose, you can never go wrong.
  • ❤Suitable for Any occasions: The clip in hair extensions are suitable for any occasions such as Parties, Dates, Weddings, Concerts, Ceremonies, Festivals and Daily Use. Get different colors for different occasions to keep yourself stay at the forefront of fashion trends.
  • ❤Superior Service: We provide color consulting and recommendation services, if you are hesitate about color choosing, please contact us with some photos of your hair taken in natural light, we will recommend the suitable color for you.

BARSDAR Curly Halo Hair Extensions 14 Inch Synthetic Hairpiece Invisible Wire Hair Extensions with Secure Clips Adjustable Size Medium Brown Hair - Easy to Use & Natural Looking

  • 【Worth Trying】Different from the traditional hair extension, the breakthrough BARSDAR hair extensions with fish line, don't have glue, tape, chemicals or other heavier application methods, creating healthy and seamless way of wearing. Take care of your scalp more.
  • 【"A" Class Hair Texture】The holo hair extension is ultimate softness, natural curl texture, which looks and feels just like real human hair. Minimal shedding and knotting, a little care solution can make it smooth. Perfect for women/girls to add fullness/length/stylr to hair.
  • 【Double Fixation for Better Secure】Invisible wire has strong toughness, not easy to break, sits flat against head and there is no gapping. Extra 2 security removable clips added on either side of the weft will keep the hair extension stay in place and not slip or fall out of your hair.
  • 【Adjustable Size, Fit for 99% of Women】2 Ways to Adjust Size: 1.Place the plastic hook into different notches. 2.Open the micro bead to adjust the fish line length. Really easier to apply without any extra help in a few minutes.
  • 【Warm Tips】Due to the influence of the monitor and light, there may be color differences sometimes. If the product does not meet your expectations, please Message Us and we will give you a reasonable solution promptly within 24 hours.

FESHFEN Ponytail Hair Extensions Body Wave Clip in Synthetic Ponytails 24 inch Long Hair Pieces Drawstring Pony Tails Hairpieces for Women Girls

  • 【Premium Material】The FESHFEN ponytail hair extension is made of high quality heat resistant synthetic fiber with a natural shine and a very soft touch.
  • 【Style and Design】 This ponytail has a gorgeous and unique body wave design with a more voluminous look without adding weight. Get a stylish and original look with our ponytail extension.
  • 【Easy to Use】Pick your hair up in a bun and place the extension in your bun. Fix the clips and tighten the cord and you've got it!
  • 【Occasion】Our ponytail extension is suitable for different occasions, Parties, Dating, Wedding, Concert, Cosplay, Birthday...You can wear it to change your style at any time.
  • 【Customer Service】If you are not satisfied with the ponytail you have received, please do not hesitate to write to us first. We will propose you a satisfactory solution. We take full responsibility for product quality and colour difference problems.

8 inch short hair bundles 9A Brazilian Straight Virgin Hair 4 Bundles Straight Hair 100% Unprocessed Straight Human Hair Bundles 50g/Pcs Natural color(8"8"8"8")

  • 1.Hair Material:9A Grade Brazilian Virgin Hair 100% Unprocessed human hair Short Human Hair.
  • 2.Hair Quality:Double Machine Weft for hair bundles,nno shedding & tangles,no no Chamical and Funny Smell. Can Last Long, and Even More with Good Care.
  • 3.Hair Color:Natural Color, Can Be Dyed ,Permed, Bleached, Curled or Styled As Your Own Hair.
  • 4.Hair Weight & Length:50g/bundle. 8inch,usually 4 bundles is enough for a full head. It looks more natural, feels softer and smoother.
  • 5.Shipping Time: Fast Shipping by Amazon,Usually 3-5 Working Days Will Arrive.
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