Anogol 80cm Long Straight Hair Silver Wigs Lolita Gray Cosplay Wig for Cosplay

  • ??¡¾Real Design of Wig as Same as the Anime Character¡¿:All Style of our Gray Cosplay Wig Ponytail is Designed by Our Professional Cosplayer & Designer. We Have over 10 Years Design Experience & Cooperated with Comic Con
  • ??¡¾Adjustable Cap Size for All Head Circumference¡¿: Long Cosplay Wig Ponytail is Designed with 2 adjustable straps , 2 Hooks & Soft Breathable Material Structure.Adjust Blue Wig with Ponytail Size from Small to Medium to Large.No Worry about Size.
  • ??¡¾Easily Styled by Your Needs¡¿: Gray Straight Wig is Made of High Quality Heat Resistant synthetic fiber,Which can be Styled by Hair Wax, curling iron or hair straightener easily to Meet Your any Needs.
  • ??¡¾Buy 1 Wig Get 1 Cap¡¿: The Package is Included 1 Wig + 1 Cap. So You can get an extra wig cap.
  • ??¡¾Where You Can Show¡¿:Long Straight Wig Women Dressing up to Comic Con, Cosplay show, Halloween, Costume Party,Anime show,Cosplay Event & Daily Use

How To Choose The Best Silver Wig

They were worn by women as a fashion statement, and became more common after the invention of the curling iron. Today, they are still used by both men and women, although their popularity has declined somewhat over the years. However, they remain a staple part of our wardrobes, and here we take a closer look at what makes a wig such a great investment.

What Is A Silver Wig?

Wigs are hairpieces worn for many reasons. They can help people who suffer from baldness look more presentable and fashionable. Wigs come in different styles and colors and can even be made into custom designs. There are several types of wigs available including synthetic, human hair, and real hair. Synthetic wigs are very popular because they are cheap and easy to maintain. Real hair wigs are expensive but last longer than synthetic ones. The best type of wig to choose depends on what style you want. For example, if you want a curly wig, you should go with a curly wig. If you want straight hair, you will need a straight wig. You may also want to consider how much time you plan to wear your wig.

Who Needs A Silver Wig?

Wigs are one of the most versatile accessories around. From stylish hair pieces to trendy headbands, wigs are perfect for any occasion. But sometimes, we forget how versatile they really are. Sometimes, we think that wigs only look good on celebrities and movie stars. We forget that anyone can wear a wig!

Then, I'll tell you where you can find affordable wigs online. Finally, I'll explain how to style a wig. Let's begin!

Whether you prefer short styles or long, curly locks, wigs are a trend that never goes out of style. Even though wigs aren't cheap, they're still a great investment. When you invest in a quality wig, you'll be able to change your hairstyle whenever you want. No more boring ponytails!

While men usually notice bald spots earlier, women typically suffer from thinning hair after 40. Fortunately, there are products that can help cover these areas. Wigs are one of the best solutions. Not only do they hide hair loss, but they add volume to thinning hair.

Celebrities use wigs to make themselves appear larger. Of course, this isn't true for everyone. However, if you want to make your head look bigger, then a wig could be the answer. Wigs can add length to your hair while keeping your face looking fuller.

Split ends happen when your hair gets dry and brittle. Unfortunately, this makes your hair prone to breakage. Luckily, wigs can prevent split ends. By covering your hair, you'll protect it from damage.

With a simple blowdryer, you can quickly create a sleek updo or curls. Some wigs even come with built-in clips that allow you to put your hair back in place quickly.

Now that you understand why wigs are awesome, let's talk about where you can find them. First, you'll want to visit a local beauty supply store. These stores carry everything from wigs to extensions.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Silver Wig

If you want to look like a real life princess, then you'll need to invest in a quality wig. A great wig can transform your appearance and boost your confidence. This is especially true if you have thinning hair or just simply want to change up your style. You may think that a cheap wig won't do the job, but they often times end up costing you more in the long run. So how can you tell whether or not a wig is worth buying? Here are three things to keep in mind:

Look for a reputable company. When looking for a wig, it's best to buy from a reputable company. These wigs are designed to fit perfectly and provide years of wearability. They are also available in different styles so that you can find one that suits your needs.

Consider the texture. There are many types of wigs. For example, synthetic wigs come in various textures including silk, satin, microfiber, and even faux fur. Each type offers a unique look and feel. Synthetic wigs tend to be less expensive, but they lack durability. On the other hand, natural human hair wigs are very durable and cost more, but they can last for several years. Natural hair wigs are usually recommended for people who want to maintain their current hairstyle.

Consider the color. Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a wig is the color. Black wigs are typically associated with formal events, but they can also work for everyday use. White wigs are ideal for those who want to hide gray hairs. Other colors include red, brown, blonde, and pink. All of these colors can add variety to your wardrobe.

So now that you've learned about the importance of purchasing a quality wig, go ahead and start browsing through our selection of wigs. We carry everything from short to medium length wigs, so you should be able to find something that works for you.

Features To Consider When Buying A Silver Wig

Quality. When you're shopping for a wig, you want a quality product that looks great and feels comfortable. Look for wigs made of 100% human hair, which makes them more durable than synthetic wigs. And if you're going to wear this wig outside, look for a wig with UV protection, which prevents fading.

Style. The style of your wig plays a big role in how well it fits. Choose a wig that suits your face shape and hairstyle. For example, if you have short hair, look for a full wig. But if you have longer hair, look for a half wig.

Length. When you're buying a wig, you'll want to make sure it's the right length for your head. Most women prefer wigs that cover their ears, while men usually prefer wigs that fall below their eyebrows.

Color. When you're buying a wig, you'll want to match its color to your skin tone. This way, you'll look natural and blend in with your surroundings.

Washable. Many wigs are washable, but others may fade over time. If you plan to wear your wig frequently, look for a wig that's machine washable.

Cost. When you're buying a wig, you'll want to compare prices on different styles and colors. Shop around online or visit stores near where you live to find the best deal.

Different Types Of Silver Wig

Silver hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular among women. Silver Wigs are a great alternative to traditional hair pieces. They offer a lot of versatility and can easily be styled in various ways. Here we will look at three different styles of silver wig.

Straight Hair Extensions. Straight hair extensions are the simplest style of silver wig. They consist of straight strands of synthetic hair attached to your own natural hair. They are usually applied by professional stylists and can last anywhere between 3 months to 6 months depending on how well you care for them. They are inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Curly Hair Extensions. Curly hair extensions are a bit trickier to apply than straight ones. They are made up of individual curls that are glued to your own hair. These are usually applied by professionals and can last anywhere between 2 weeks to 4 months. Silver Wigs are slightly more expensive than straight extensions but they are worth every penny.

Wavy Hair Extensions. Wavy hair extensions are the newest trend in hair extension styling. These are made up of small waves that are glued to your own hair. Silver Wigs are usually applied by professionals and can last anywhere between 1 week to 8 months. They are slightly more expensive than curly extensions but they give off a really cool vibe.


K'ryssma Ombre Gray 2 Tones Synthetic Lace Front Wig Dark Roots Long Natural Straight Silver Grey Replacement Hair Wigs For Women Heat Resistant Fiber Hair Half Hand Tied 22 Inches

  • Half Hand Tied Grey Lace Front Wig with Lace 2.5 Inches Parting Space in Front
  • Synthetic Lace Front Wigs Heat Resistant up to 160 Degrees Centigrade (320 Degrees Fahrenheit)
  • 22 Inches Long Lace Front Wig, Natural Straight Texture, 2 Tones Ombre Black to Silver Grey Lace Front Wig(Kind Reminder: Slightly Color Difference between Different Monitors)
  • Circumference 22.5 Inches Stretched Medium Cap (Average Cap Size) with Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs
  • You Will Get 1 K'ryssma Ombre Grey Lace Front Wig + 24 Online Customer Service

Voloria Halloween Two Tones Synthetic Long Nature Wave Heat Resistant None Lace Wig Middle Part Ombre Black Rooted Silver Gray 130% High Density for Women

  • 1. Premium quality high temperture synthetic fiber, can be curled and straighten.
  • 2. Full machine weft cap black color, circumference 22.5inch with adjustable strap.
  • 3. 3inch black rooted ombre silver grey color.
  • 4. Hair length 22inch, big wavy texture.
  • 5.3inch middle parting in front, handtied for natural looking. If you have any questions just feel free contact us,we will help you solve your problems until you satisfied!

BERON 14 Inches Silver Wig Short Curly Wig Women Girl's Synthetic Wig Silver White Wig with Bangs Wig Cap Included

  • Cap Size: About 22.5 Inches with Adjustable Straps, 2 adjustable straps could help you adjust the wig cap size less or more for about 1-1.5 inches.
  • Specification: Length:13.5"-14" from top to end, 21.5"-22" from front to back(the bangs and scalp included), Weight-200g Approx, Color-Silvery White.
  • About The Style: All wigs are trimmed by hand, so the hairstyle may go slightly difference from different batch, you can style this wig base on your need.
  • Wig Type: Selected heat resistant synthetic fiber, looks real, nature, very pretty, which will bring you more confidence and more charm. (Heat Resistant Temperature: 150 c / 302 f)
  • Please note: All wigs will shed slightly especially when you wear for the first time, which is normal. Colors may vary slightly depending on your personal computer or cellphone monitor settings. We do try our best to accurately represent colors on all of our products.

DAOTS 28" Wig Long Heat Resistant Big Wavy Hair Women Cosplay Wig (Silver White NewPackage)

  • Material: high-temperature synthetic fiber, look natural and touch soft
  • Feature: adjustable and breathable rose net, which can fit different head size
  • Length: 28 inches Weight: 0.62 pounds (approximately)
  • Function: can be used for fun, theme party, cosplay, daily use or any other occasions
  • Advantages: more color choice (note that the color may be a little different to the photos because of your computer monitor's color setting or other reasons). Try different hair styles without hurt your hair. Easy to store and wash

Old Lady Gray Wig Silver Grey Grandma Wig Women Short Wavy Curl Halloween Cosplay Costume Wig

  • WIG MEASUREMENT - Length: Approx 32cm/12.6"; Brand: miss u hair; The wig is thick on top and gives good coverage, and light enough near the ends that it has movement and looks more natural
  • UPGRADED MATERIAL - 100% High Temperautre Fiber (Heat-friendly synthetic hair, Can be ironed and restyled under 160℃/320℉), This ready-to wear wig is both natural looking and soft touch, smooth and matt like natural hair
  • VERY WIDELY USE DESIGN - This salt and pepper wig looks and feels like natural hair! It’s perfect for the 100th day of school dressed up party, grey old lady wig for women, grandma wig, mullet, anime cosplay, witch halloween time, comic-con, costume party, etc
  • WIG CAP DIMENSIONS - This old woman grey wig has a Breathable basic caps & Velvet Ear Tabs , average cap size circumference 22.5 Inches , It has 2 adjustable straps with 8 hooks which can fix to a comfortable position for different head sizes people
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET - 1 x Missuhair Grey Costume Wig, 1 x FREE Wig Cap
  • Recommended Age Grade of the wig is 3 years+

BERON 14" Women Girls Short Curly Wavy Bob Wig Rose Net with Wig Cap (Silver White)

  • Color: silver white
  • Weight: around 200g/set
  • Length: 35cm/14"
  • About 22.5 Inches with Adjustable Straps, 2 adjustable straps could help you adjust the wig cap size less or more for about 1-1.5 inches.
  • Heat safe: heat resistant up to 250 degrees.

Miss U Hair Synthetic Women Girl's Long Curly Halloween Cosplay Costume Wig Adult Hair Replacement Wigs (Silver grey)

  • 【FEATURED KEY POINT】➤ Heat resistant synthetic fiber, it's not that shiny stiff material, instead very soft and matte; Athough it’s synthetic non-lace front wig, but looks and feels like natural hair. The length is about 21.7” and it weighs in 0.8lb, the voluminous wig has very thick bouncy, soft and lush curls and the curls held up really well; This girl’s wig is pre-styled and is ready-to-wear. So, It’s a perfect addition to complete your Halloween costume outfit
  • 【WIG CAP DIMENSIONS】➤ Its lightweight cap has spaces between the wefts to allow for ventilation and keep your scalp cool, average cap size circumference 22.5 Inches. It has 2 adjustable straps with 8 hooks which can fix to a comfortable position for different head sizes people(can be wearing by anyone regardless of head shape and size, such as adults women, teenagers girls and maybe little child)
  • 【UPGRADED MATERIAL】➤ This wig is made of 100% High Temperature Fiber. Natural, soft and comfortable just like human hair than other synthetic fibers. It can be heat styled using thermal styling tools up to 180℃/350℉(as long-term exposure to heat can potentially change the texture of the wig fiber)
  • 【VERY WIDELY USE DESIGN】➤ This long curly wig looks and feels like natural hair! It’s perfect for every occasion, such as anime lolita cosplay, halloween costume party, custom party, comic-con, be a queen/princess/witch and so on, you deserve to be beautiful
  • 【WHAT YOU WILL GET】➤ 1 x Missuhair Women Long Curly Silver grey Halloween Wig, 1 x FREE Wig Cap
  • Recommended Age Grade of the wig is 3 years+

Morvally 23 inches Long Curly Wig Big Wave Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair with Bangs for Cosplay Costume Halloween Party (Silver Grey)

  • Material: 100% high-quality heat resistant synthetic fiber of Japanese, which is very soft, the color and texture looks as natural as human hair, it's also not easy to tangle and just minimal shedding. Furthermore, the hair can be Permed, Straightened, Dyed and Cut, easily satisfy any idea you have. (Heat resistant temperature up to 150 ℃ / 320 ℉)
  • Wig Type: Full Machine Made Long Big Wavy Wig with Side Parting, the Color is Silver Gray, the wig Length is 23.6 inches, the weight is 9.88 ounce. It's a very fashionable designed cosplay wig with natural realistic looking. (Kind Reminder: Slightly Color Difference between Different Monitors)
  • Wig Cap Structure: Equipped with a breathable rose net cap that is a one-size-fits-all inner cap, average cap size circumference 22.5 inches with 2 adjustable straps, which can be intertwined to a fixed position to suitable different head sizes.
  • Occasion: This long curly grey wig is a perfect choice for all manner of parties. You can rock it on Halloween, Themed Parties, Comic-con, Anime Costume, Cosplay events, Carnival or for Daily wear.
  • Package Included: 1 wig with 1 FREE wig cap.

Melody Wig Silver Gray Lace Wigs For Women Body Wave Side Part Silver Grey Synthetic Lace Front Wigs 180% Density Half Hand Tied Heat Resistant Fiber Hair 24''

  • Melody Wigs Use the High Quality Material, Synthetic Lace Front Wigs, Soft and Smoothly, Wig Comes With 2 pcs Free Wig Caps.
  • 100% Heat Resistant Synthetic Fibers up to 180 Degrees .Breathable elastic net make you feel so comfortable when you wear it.
  • Lace Front Wig with Half Hand Tied Lace 2.5 Inches Parting Space in Front.Length and Color Same as in the Picture (Root to Tip Overall Length about 24 inch)
  • Perfect Dress Up For Cosplay,Halloween, Concerts, Theme Parties, Weddings, Dating, And Any Other Occasion.
  • Factory With More Than 20 Years Experience,Skilled in Making Ombre Wigs, independent research and development production, all of the direct manufacturers.We can make wigs according to customers' needs

EALGA Ombre Black Grey Lace Front Wigs for Women Silver Grey Hair Wigs Long Natural Wavy Hair Wigs with Middle Part 22 inch Best Affordable Wig EALGA-014

  • EALGA Ombre Silver Grey Wavy Lace Front Wigs for African Americans Realistic Looking Synthetic Hair Front Lace Gray Wigs
  • EALGA Ombre Lace Front Wig for Women Icy Grey Hair Wigs with Black Roots Ombre Gray Hair Wigs 22 inches
  • EALGA Best Lace Wig on Amazon, Natural Looking Synthetic Lace Front Wigs with Natural Black Roots Synthetic Grey Wigs
  • 【Natural looking hairline】lace front wigs ombre wavy lace front wigs lace front wigs for women grey lace front wigs 13x4 lace front wig grey wig wig grey wigs grey grey lace front wigs wig dark grey lace front wigs grey grey wigs grey hair wig grey ombre lace front wig wig platinum grey grey wig for women wig silver grey grey lace wig
  • synthetic wig synthetic lace front wigs wig synthetic wig synthetic hair 40 synthetic wig lace synthetic wig lace front wig synthetic wigs synthetic 13x4 synthetic wig synthetic wigs lace wig synthetic wig synthetic lace front

GNIMEGIL Short White Wigs for Women Natural Layered Curly Pixie Cuts Wig with Bangs Black Roots Ombre Wig Synthetic Wig for Older Women Mommy Old Lady Wig Costume

  • This is a short white wigs for women,black roots ombre white curly wigs with bangs,gifts for old lady costume,daily wear,halloween,dress up,fancy,party,etc.
  • Heat resistant fiber that holds up to styling tools providing a similar styling versatility as with human hair. The wig can also be customized to suit your own individual look by cutting them or using a curling iron/hair straightener. (Note: optimal temperature is 250-275 degrees, but going above 350 degrees is not recommended.)
  • The short wigs for white women is most suitable for average head,the head circumference size is 20-22.5 inches. Adjustable Strap and Combs Fit All Heads,Easy to Adjust & Durable, Wear Comfortable.You can do sports crazily without worries.
  • Transforming your look in seconds, Naturally blends into your own hair – people will not know you are wearing synthetic wig. provides a secure and comfortable attachment for all-day wear, change to a glamorous new look!
  • Warm Tips: All full machined made synthetic wigs happen to be minimum shedding and tangling which is normal. Please to contact us for any questions, and we will try our best to help you resolve it. Colors may vary slightly depending on the monitor settings of your computer or mobile phone. We do our best to accurately represent the colors of all our products.

PlatinumHair Grey Lace Front Wig Long Straight Hair Wigs Ombre Gray Wig Heat Resistant Fiber Hair Glueless Synthetic Lace Front Wigs for Fashion Women

  • Details: 24 inch, Ombre Grey Color, Lace Front Wigs, with Baby Hair Natural Hairline.
  • Feature: Soft&Smooth Heat Resistant Synthetic Fiber Hair up to 350˚F - 370˚F.
  • Advantage: 10% Human Hair + 90% Heat Resistant Fiber Wigs, No Shedding or Mess.
  • Package,Use occasion:1 Wig and 2 Free Wig Caps. Daily Use and Party are all Great.
  • Service: 24 Hours Online Service,After-Sales Service Guarantee.If You Have Any Questions,You Can Feel Free To Contact Me.I Will Do My Best To Help You.

28" Natural Full Wigs Hair Long Wavy Wig Synthetic Heat Resistant Ombre Silver Gray Full Curly Wig with Free Wig Cap for Women Girls Party Cosplay Halloween Costume Accessories

  • 【Hair Material】 - High-quality heat-resistant synthetic fiber. The silver wig is made of heat-resistant synthetic fiber, which can be straightened and curled like human hair, smooth and attractive. It is thick enough to not see the net.
  • 【Color】 - The silver wig in the picture, but it may be different due to manufacturing differences or the color settings of the computer monitor. Length: 28 inches / 70 cm.
  • 【Adjustable】 - The size of the head circumference is adjustable, and the silver wig is suitable for all ladies. It can help you fix it on your head, with strong elasticity and good air permeability. It should suit most people. All you need to do is adjust the hook inside the hat to the correct size for your head.
  • 【Occasion】 - The silver wig has a very fashionable design, natural and beautiful appearance and soft touch. You can wear it on themed parties, Halloween, concerts, weddings, appointments and any other occasions. Women's Halloween wig.
  • 【Package】 - Silver wig* 1 Wigood reminder card* 1 breathable wig net* 1 hair clip* 10 hair band* 2 wig comb* 1.

Women's Long Curly Wavy Silver Gray Wigs Cosplay Costume Halloween Wigs Synthetic Middle Parting Replacement Wig with Wig Cap

  • 【Packaged Included】1 wig+1 free wig cap.The wig internal is used with 100% breathable rose net,wig cap to help you wear wig and create a neat looking.
  • 【High Quality】Full wig is made of synthetic high-temperature fiber,you can make the final style easily.It will bring you more confidence and more charming.
  • 【Adjustable Size】Long curly wavy silver wig fits most people,you can adjust the hook inside the cap to the correct size to suit your head.
  • 【Fashion Style】Long wavy silver grey wig looks sexy natural and stylish,it's very thick and soft, keeps the curls well.
  • 【Daily & Cosplay Use】Perfect dress up for Halloween, concerts, costume party,theme parties, weddings, Christmas,anime cosplay, dating, workplace and any other occasion, or just for a change of look.

14" Women Short Bob Wig with Bangs Curly Wavy Harajuku Synthetic Cute Daily Halloween Party Cosplay Hair(silver )

  • Average Cap Size: The size is adjustable and fits most adults’ heads.The wigs have no styling and no accessories.You can do it yourself according to your preferences and match your favorite hair accessories.
  • Material: Heat Resistant Synthetic fiber. It looks natural, heat-resistant, not easy to knot, and the maximum temperature is 120°C.
  • Wearing Occasion: Perfect design for Cosplay, costume, fashion, daily use, carnival, Halloween, parties, night club and for fun
  • Warm Tip: Please note that the color may be a little different to the photos because of your computer monitor's color setting or other reasons.
  • Package includes: 1 wig + 1 Free wig cap.If you have any questions about the product, you can contact our customer service.

Beweig Silver Gray Wigs with Bangs Long Curly Wavy Synthetic Wigs for Women Dark Roots Ombre Silver Grey Heat Resistant Fiber Wigs for Daily Use

  • 【Occasion】:Fashionable and stylish long curly wavy ombre sliver grey wig looks natural,real,very pretty and feminine,soft touch.You can wear it for parties,halloween,cosplay,daily use.
  • 【Material】:Made of top quality heat resistant synthetic fiber,soft and natural looking.Also could be restyle under 150 degrees centigradeit according to your preference.
  • 【Color】:Sliver grey.Colors may vary slightly depending on your personal computer or cellphone monitor settings.We do try our best to accurately represent colors on all of our products.
  • 【Cap Size】:This Wig Suit for Over 12 Years Old.It suits various head sizes ranging from 21 inches to 23 inches,perfect for almost all head size.Unique 100% breathable construction rose net within the network makes you feel very comfortable when you wear it.

Short Ombre Grey Wavy Wigs for White Women Natural Curly Silver Gray Wigs with Bangs Synthetic Hair Wig Shoulder Length Daily Cosplay Wigs 16''

  • Charming Color:This short ombre gray curly wig will match your complexion color and make you more beautiful and sexy, just like healthy real hair.After wearing this wig, you will receive compliments from many friends and family on this women's grey wave wig.
  • High-quality Material:This short curly grey wig adopt the high-end heat resistant replacement synthetic fiber, which is very suitable for long term use.It looks natural, soft to the touch and has no peculiar smell. You can restyle this ombre gray wig again according to the hairstyle you want.
  • Wig Cap Size:The size of the inner net of this shoulder length ombre silver wig is about 21.5''-22.5'' , there are two adjustment straps inside this gray wig,which can be intertwined to a fixed position to suit most head sizes.You can easily wear this wig all day.
  • Good Designing: this natural curly gray hair wig is very stylish design with natural pretty looking and soft touch. You can wear this short grey wigs for white women to parties,cosplay,Christmas,datings and daily use.You will be the shining focus in the crowd.
  • About color:Due to different monitors and the influence of shooting light, there may be different visual reflections,and everyone's understanding of color is different.Please refer to the actual product,as the color of this ombre grey wavy wig is more gorgeous and beautiful.

ROSEBUD Wavy Bob Wig with Bangs Natural Ombre Silver Wig Synthetic Hair Shoulder Length Short Curly Wigs for Women

  • NATURAL SHORT WAVY BOB WIG ★ Fashions are never followed, but created. This short curly wig can easily handle any occasion, whether a funny cosplay, a long prepared date, or if you just want to take a selfie and upload it to Instagram... You can even wear these short wigs all day. It is full of hair, trimming supported. If needed, just a pair of scissors can bring you low-cost DIY fun and fashion new look.
  • SIMULATED SCALP & ARCHED BANGS ★ Details are important. This short bob wig is designed with high-quality artificial scalp silicone to make your whole look more realistic. The arched bangs can cover the hairline perfectly to keep your secret. Unique processing technology keeps the arc of the bangs to fit your forehead more naturally. We don't want it just to stay in your drawer.
  • ADJUSTABLE WIG CAP DESIGN ★ These curly bob wigs are lightweight, handy, and comfortable. It selects the skin-friendly rose-net cap to ensure breathability and no itching. 2 combs on the front help to fix and bring you secure wear. There are 2 adjustable straps at two sides of the cap that can be intertwined to a fixed position to fit different head sizes. You can loosen or tighten until it achieves the most suitable state.
  • EASY TO CARE & LONG-TERM USE ★ This short wig is made of matte heat-resisting synthetic hair fibers to ensure natural gloss close to real hair. Good workmanship prevents hair fall out. The hairs are soft and odorless, which means it will not get tangled or knotted after a few uses. It can keep the good texture and soft touch for a long time if with some simple maintenance. Give it some conditioner if necessary.
  • SATISFYING CUSTOMER SERVICES ★ The extra hair net is given away. There may have color differences because of monitors and lights. Please give us a chance before you complain, we are very concerned about most of the problems you may encounter and have prepared an effective solution. You will experience a good day or your money back.

Sofeiyan 26 inches Long Straight Wig with Bangs Silver Gray Synthetic Hair Replacement Wigs Heat Resistant Full Wig for Women Girls

  • Material: 100% High Quality Temperature Fiber Loose curly women's long straight wig(under 183。C) , which is very suitable for long term use ,soft and smoothly as human hair.
  • Basic Info of Wig: Full Machine Made None Lace Wig with bangs, 26 Inches hair length and 9.17 OZ (260g). 2 adjustable straps could help you adjust the wig cap size less or more for about 1-1.5 inches. 100% breathable rose net make you feel comfortable. PACKAGE: 1 Wig + 1 Bag Wig Cap
  • Color: Silver Gray. The exact colors that are pictured might not be the same because different monitors and cameras being used. It is more accurate to display colors on the iphone screen. We do try our best to accurately represent colors on all of our products.
  • Occasion: Transforming your look in seconds when you wear the women color wig with bangs. And it is perfect for different occasions such as concerts, cosplay, costome party, weddings, dating, Halloween, and other theme parties, etc.
  • Note: All wigs will shed slightly especially when you wear for the first time, which is normal. All wigs are trimmed by hand, so the hairstyle may go slightly difference from different batch, you can style this wig base on your need.

MERISIHAIR Short Silver Gray Bob Wigs with Bangs,Short Straight Bob Silver Grey Wigs for Women,Natural Looking Cosplay Daily Party Wig

  • High-quality materials: MERISIHAIR short gray bob wig with bangs is made of the best and most realistic synthetic heat-resistant fibers. Cheap bob wigs with Bangs, Natural and Soft, Short silver bob synthetic wig make your more charming and sexy, colorful bobs wigs a perfect hairstyle.
  • Gray bob wig Style: With a 11-inch short silver straight design, this blunt bob wig synthetic features natural .Easy to Instal. Gray hair are the most natural and realistic design, Silver to make you look more charming, stylish, and beautiful. Bob silver wig is specially designed for you.
  • Wig cap: silver bangs wig have new rose mesh cap,100% breathable rose net makes you feel comfortable when wearing it. There are two adjustment straps on both sides of the grey bangs wig, which can be tied together, and you can adjust the elastic strap to make short gray silver wig fits your head size. Easy to Instal, Easy to take off, More Choice, Saving You More Time.
  • Occasions: Fashionable and stylish short wigs with blunt bangs look natural, real, very pretty, and feminine, soft touch. You can wear it for parties, Halloween, cosplay, daily use,gift sending to friends and certain themed performance, fashion and attractive, adding more charm and fun. Women wig blonde is your choice.
  • Customer Service & Guarantee: Our aim is to provide our customers with the best straight bob wigs with bangs and the best customer service. If you have any questions and suggestions for our wigs, please contact our customer service team. We will reply and give you the best solution within 24 hours.

RainaHair Long Wavy Lace Front Wigs for Women Black Roots to Silver Grey Ombre Synthetic Wig with Middle Parting Heat Resistant 26inch

  • 26 inch, Ombre Gray Hair Dark Roots, Lace Front Wigs with Baby Hair Natural Hairline
  • On our lace each individual strand of hair is doubled knotted. This is our unique technique used to avoid shedding, thus ensuring the longevity of the piece
  • The Ombre Dark Gray Synthetic Lace Front Wig has elastic adjustable strap/three combs,so you can fix the cap to match your head
  • Swiss lace. Circumference 22.5 Inches Stretched Medium Cap (Average Cap Size) with Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs
  • Medium size cap and medium brown Lace color, have combs and straps, can be adjusted freely.

SEIKEA 28" Long Wavy Silver Grey Ombre Wig for White Women Natural Realistic Lace Part Middle Part Wigs Synthetic Heat Resistant Fiber Wig for Daily Use Party

  • 💖【Fashion Lace Part Wig】The wig for women is long wavy hair style, with 2" smart piece hand-tied lace part on the forehead and 2 clips in to hold the hair securely. Popular Face-Framing Highlights for 2021, worth Trying! It Will Really Make You Look Younger
  • 💖【Real & Natural Looking】2 layers of lace makes the scalp more natural and realistic when you wear it, and you can enjoy better wearing experiences
  • 💖【Soft & Comfortable】Made from selected premium synthetic fiber, making it soft and feels like natural hair. The elastic head cap and adjustable strap designs fit all average-sized people and gives you a sense of comfort and secure
  • 💖【Wide Range of Applications】Suitable wearing for Daily Use, Prom, Party, Wedding, Street Shot or Evening out. You can also diy the wig to different hairstyle as you like, instantly enhance your hair beauty
  • 💖【Customer Service】We are committed to providing all customers with high-quality products and a 100% satisfactory shopping experience. If you have any questions or any suggestions, please feel free to contact us. We will get you back within 24H and try our best to make things right!

Bob Short Silver Gray Wigs for Women with Bangs Colored Silky Straight Heat Resistant Synthetic Colorful Hair Costume Cosplay Party Halloween or Daily Use Wig 12" (Grey)

  • 【Strong Point】Easy to install, easy to take off, more color options, save you more time. Wigs can be straight or curled. You can cut the hair according to your preferences.
  • 【Adjustable & Breathable Wig Cap】100% breathable rose net within the network make you feel comfortable when you wear it.There are two adjustment straps at two side of the wig, which can be intertwined to a fix position to suit different head sizes.
  • 【Heat-resistant fiber】This wig adopt high temperature resistant synthetic fiber production.It’s lightweight and soft.Your can restyle the wigs below 130 Degrees Centigrade (266 Degrees Fahrenheit).
  • 【New Fashionable】Fashionable and stylish short hair wigs will make you more beautiful and sexy, just like healthy natural hair does. you can wear it for Halloween, concerts, theme parties, weddings, dating, cosplay and any other occasions.
  • 【Please Note】The original appearance of the synthetic wig may be slightly damaged during transportation. You can sort it out when you receive the goods. If it is severely damaged, we will return it for you. We are committed to satisfying your shopping experience.

Jolitime Hair Gray Blue Synthetic Wigs Silver Long Straight Small Edge Lace Front Wig Natural Looking Middle Parting Glueless Heat Resistant Fiber Hair Grey Synthetic No Lace Wig for Fashion Women

  • 24 inch, Silver Blue Color, Pastel Blue in The Sun,Hair Line Lace Wig.
  • High Quality Fiber Hair, Feels Like Human Hair, Soft, Light.
  • Easy to Install, Clean and Manageable, Circumference 22.5 inches Stretched Medium Cap with Adjustable Straps and 3 Combs.
  • Heat Resistant Premium Synthetic Hair, Curling Iron Safe Up To 350 - 370F
  • 24-hour customer service to answer any your concerns before and after purchase. Now you can enjoy your beauty 100% risk-free!
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