Stonz Kids Rain Boots - Rubber Boots Made With 100% Natural Rubber - Waterproof Toddler & Kids Shoes For Girls & Boys - Durable & Comfortable For Rain, Snow, Camping, School & Play

  • 100% waterproof rain boots: toddler and little kids feet stay dry and warm through endless puddle-jumping afternoons.
  • Toxic-free rubber: Natural rubber boots. No dangerous chemicals for your kid. These are free of dangerous toxins, PVC, phthalates, lead, flame retardants & formaldehyde.
  • Easy to put on, take off & clean: With an extra wide opening these are easy for little fingers to put on, while the all-rubber surface cleans in a pinch even after muddy days.
  • CPMA-certified to help their developing feet: These have grippy rubber soles with no heel, certified by the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association to help strengthen your kid’s feet, support their lower back and avoid future back problems.
  • All-vegan construction: No animal by-products are used in our rain boots.

How To Choose The Best Stonz Boots

Stonz Wear has been making quality footwear since 1894. Their range includes everything from casual shoes to workwear, and they have something for everyone. They also make great kids' boots, as well as winter boots for adults. We've rounded up our favourite styles here, along with their key features and prices.

What Are Stonz Boots?

Stonz boots are a type of winter footwear that has been around for many years. They were originally made from leather but now most people prefer synthetic materials like nylon or canvas because they are more durable and comfortable than leather. Stonz boots come in different styles including slip-on boots, lace up boots, moccasins, and even snowshoes! These types of boots are perfect for keeping your feet warm during the colder months. You can find these boots at department stores, discount retailers, and online retailers.

Who Needs Stonz Boots?

When winter comes around, we all know that our feet start getting cold. But did you know that wearing boots can actually help prevent foot problems?

Wearing warm, comfortable shoes during the colder months can protect your feet against injury. Boots are one of the most common types of footwear worn during the winter. However, while they're designed to keep your feet warm, they can also cause other issues.

Boots are a type of shoe that covers the entire foot. Unlike sneakers, which only cover part of the foot, boots completely enclose your toes and heels. They usually have thick soles and uppers made of leather, suede, or synthetic materials.

They were originally designed to protect soldiers' feet from the elements. Today, however, they're commonly worn by women and men alike. While they're primarily intended to keep your feet warm, they can also offer protection against blisters, cuts, and scrapes.

While boots are useful for keeping your feet warm, they can also lead to other problems. Here are three reasons why you should avoid wearing them:

Blisters occur when moisture gets trapped under your skin. When you walk, your feet sweat, causing the area underneath your skin to swell. As the swelling increases, pressure builds up inside the blister. Eventually, the skin breaks down and forms a pocket filled with fluid.

This can happen anywhere on your feet, but it's particularly likely to develop on areas where your skin rubs against another surface. These include the bottom of your heel and ball of your foot. Your socks can also contribute to blisters. Worn sock liners can trap moisture and increase the risk of developing blisters.

Your feet naturally move through space. To do this, they slide over objects such as rocks, pebbles, and sticks. Unfortunately, these objects can cut or scrape your feet. Over time, this can damage your skin, leading to open wounds.

To reduce the chances of this happening, use proper technique when walking. Make sure your feet land flat on the ground. Also, take short steps. Don't stride forward or backward. Instead, step sideways.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Stonz Boots

It's easy to fall victim to the lure of cheap footwear. After all, who doesn't love a bargain? Unfortunately, many people end up buying cheap footwear because they think it's "good enough." This isn't true. Cheap footwear may seem like a great deal, but it won't keep your feet warm in winter and it won't protect them from injury. So how do you find the best pair of boots for your needs? Keep reading to learn about the different types of boots available and how to pick the perfect pair for your lifestyle.

Look for boots that have a waterproof lining. Waterproof linings prevent moisture from getting inside the shoe. They also provide insulation against extreme temperatures. Boots that lack a waterproof lining tend to leak if they become wet. A good pair of boots should be able to withstand snow, rain, sleet, and other inclement weather conditions.

Check the stitching. Stitching holds the upper and sole together. Make sure that the stitches are strong and secure so that they won't come undone. You want to buy boots that are durable and will hold up through years of use.

Consider the style. There are two main styles of boots: lace-up and slip-ons. Lace-ups are generally warmer and more versatile. Slip-ons are easier to walk in and are less likely to snag on things. Both styles work equally well, however, so it's just a matter of personal preference.

If you plan on wearing your boots outside, make sure that they have a non-slip bottom. Non-skid bottoms ensure that your feet stay securely attached to the boots even if you step off a slippery surface.

Make sure that the soles of your boots are thick enough to protect your feet from sharp objects. Sharp objects such as glass, nails, and rocks can easily penetrate thin soles. Buy boots with thicker soles if you live in areas where there is a risk of encountering dangerous objects.

Features To Consider When Buying Stonz Boots

Size matters. The first step when shopping for a pair of stonz boots is to determine how large they should fit. Boots that are too big may slip off easily if you walk through snow or mud, while boots that are too tight may rub against your feet and cause blisters.

Wearability. Stonz boots are made to withstand the elements. They're built to stay dry even during inclement weather. That means they're waterproof and breathable. But, they're still comfortable enough to wear throughout the winter months.

Comfort. While stonz boots are meant to endure the elements, they're still meant to be worn comfortably. Look for boots that feature soft leather uppers and linings that conform to your foot. This way, you'll enjoy wearing them all day long.

Durability. Stonz boots are built to stand up to the elements. However, they're not indestructible. In fact, they're often more susceptible to damage than other types of footwear. Make sure you check their warranty information before purchasing.

Quality. Stonz boots are usually made from durable materials such as leather or suede. These materials are strong and resistant to scratches and stains. Plus, they're easy to clean.

Safety. Stonz boots are designed to protect your feet from sharp objects. They're also designed to prevent slips and falls. Look for boots that feature toe caps and heel guards to ensure safety.

Style. Stonz boots are available in many styles including lace-up, zip-off, pull-on, and slip-on options. Choose a style that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Value. Stonz boots are affordable. And, you can customize them to match your outfit. Check out our tips below to learn more about finding the perfect pair of stonz boots for yourself.

Different Types Of Stonz Boots

Stonz Wear is a brand of footwear that was created by two brothers named Stonz. Their goal was to create comfortable shoes that were stylish enough to wear every day without sacrificing comfort. Today, Stonz Boots are worn by celebrities and athletes alike. We decided to put together a list of the top 5 styles of Stonz Boots. Let’s start with our favorite style!

The Classic Boot. The classic boot is the original Stonz boot. It features a simple design and a soft leather upper. It is the most versatile boot on the market. It works well for everyday use and looks good dressed up or down. The classic boot is the perfect shoe for those who want something casual yet fashionable.

The Sport Boot. The sport boot is the next step up from the classic boot. It features a durable rubber sole and a padded collar. The sport boot is perfect for active lifestyles. It is light and flexible making it ideal for running errands or playing sports. The sport boot is a great option for anyone who wants a pair of boots that look good and feel great.

The Waterproof Boot. The waterproof boot is the ultimate winter boot. It is constructed from heavy duty materials making it strong and durable. It is perfect for outdoor activities including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, and fishing. The waterproof boot is the perfect solution for those who live in snowy climates.

The Work Boot. The work boot is the ultimate construction boot. It is built to withstand tough jobsites and rough conditions. It is perfect for working outside and protecting feet from dangerous machinery. The work boot is the perfect solution for those who spend long hours on their feet.

The Women's Boot. The women's boot is the newest addition to the Stonz line. It is specifically designed for women. It has a feminine cut and a smooth leather lining. The women's boot is perfect for wearing with jeans or dresses. It is also a great option for those who love fashion.


Stonz Trek Performance Snow Boot for Boys & Girls - Light-Weight, Insulated, Non-Slip, Rugged Winter Outdoor Hiking Play School Warm Liner, Black - 13T

  • Kids will LOVE the light weight, style, super easy to put on, comfortable and warm - GUARANTEED!
  • LIGHTEST - We pioneered a lightweight material for the sole that makes the boots unbelievably light (same weight as an iphone!). Kids hate heavy shoes that drag around and hurt their joints when dangling their legs. Your kids will absolutely love our light boots and they will want to wear them every single day!
  • WARMEST - Made to keep feet warm up to an industry leading -50oC / -58oF. The secret is in the removable Radiantex lining that reflects heat back into the boot, as well as with the super strong and insulating 600D nylon. These boots will keep toes nice and toasty, even in extreme conditions!
  • GRIP AND DRYNESS - 2 times the industry standard for skid resistance, and 19 times the industry standard for sole abrasion. No worries about slipping and getting hurt, especially on ice or wet surfaces when playing, walking around town or hiking. This alone makes them worth it! Now add three (yes, three!) closures to ensure a custom fit so water and snow stay out.
  • GUARANTEED - We guarantee that your kids will be happy, stylish, safe and warm with these boots. Stonz Winter Bootz are the lightest and warmest slip-resistant boots. Perfect for snow, ice, rain, hiking, walking, playing or sports. We stand behind the product so contact us if you have any questions.

Stonz West All-Season Neoprene Boots For Boys & Girls - Mud Rain Snow Light-Weight, Insulated, Non-Slip, Rugged Outdoor Hiking Play School, Galaxy Glow, 1Y

  • SAFETY FIRST - Be careful with typical rubber boots. They're full of harmful chemicals that should be far away from kids. Stonz rain bootz are made of 100% natural rubber with no harmful additives such as lead, pvc, phthalates, cadmium, etc. The paint is lead-free and the glue is formaldehyde-free.
  • FLEXIBLE & COMFORTABLE - Can they be non-toxic, flexible and comfortable? Absolutely! Made of thick and soft rubber that makes them flexible and comfortable, yet rugged to last a long time. Flexibility is important to allow kids to bend down and run without any restrictions.
  • QUICK-DRY 100% COTTON LINER - Rainboots are made to get wet so we've designed a 100% cotton liner that quickly wicks away moisture so the boots dry quickly and the feet stay warm and dry.
  • STYLISH - We knew that 100% natural rubber, flexible and rugged boots would not be complete without making them stylish and fashionable. Fantastic colors that your kids will love and want to wear over and over again.
  • HAPPY CUSTOMERS - We stand behind our product so buy with confidence and know that we'll gladly replace any item with a problem.

Stonz Cruiser Plus Toddler Shoe - Breathable Shoe for Boys & Girls - Wide Opening Adjustable Velcro Closure - Designed with Flexible Sole and Ankle Support - Lightweight and Comfortable - All Vegan

  • Designed for walking: this sturdy shoe features a thicker sole to protect from more adventurous terrains, yet it’s flexible and bendy at ⅓ front of foot to help with balance and foot movement.
  • Fits narrow and chunky feet: The wide opening and Velcro closure will make it so easy to take your little one out in no time, once you slide these shoes on and adjust, they’ll fit your child perfectly (and stay on all day).
  • Safe for little explorers: With a wide toe cap and a foot wrapping design, the Cruiser Plus keeps their little toe beans protected from bumping around as they confidently run and adventure.
  • No stinky feet over here!: The breathable mesh upper and hi-poly insole keep their feet dry and breathing even after a hot day in the park.
  • Safe for your child + the planet: Made from all-vegan and non-toxic materials, the Cruiser Plus keeps your child and the planet safe.

Stonz Winter Baby Booties - Cold Weather Slip-On Winter Boots For Baby/Infant/Toddler Girls & Boys - All Season Stay On Snow Shoes - Wind Resistant & Comfortable - All Vegan

  • SIZING: 2 Little Kid fits 0-9mths, 4T fits 6-18 mths, 5T fits 1-2.5 yrs, 6T fits 2-3 yrs
  • EASY SLIP ON SHOES THAT STAY ON: The ideal toddler & baby shoes to slip on for new walkers with little feet that can't fit into big kids boots, but still need protection. Laces can be a hassle, especially for those active movers. These baby booties feature 2 adjustable toggles to lock on their legs & ankles: they can wiggle all day and these will stay put.
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT BABY SHOES: These baby boots feature an extra-wide opening with adjustable toggles to ensure the perfect fit with all day comfort! Even as your baby grows.
  • EXTRA WARMTH & WATER-RESISTANT: Non-slip water-resistant soles and 3M thinsulation keep their toes cozy and warm. Add the bootie liners for extra warmth! (ASIN: B01EL1QFZM). Booties are machine washable so mud will be no match!
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & FLEXIBLE: These protective slip-on shoes allow toddlers to enjoy the cold weather without the weight of traditional snow boots. Easy to move around in and so lightweight!

Stonz Bootie Liners Insert - Cold Weather Fleece Shoe Inserts For Baby/Infant/Toddler Fall & Winter Booties - Cozy, Lightweight Inserts With Extra-Protection

  • EXTRA WARM BOOT LINER: Don’t ever let chilly weather stop your tiny explorer! Keep their little toe beans warm and extra cozy, even if the thermometer dips too low, with Stonz Bootie liners. These versatile snow and rain boot liners will coordinate with any boy or girl rain boots adding a cozy look on those cold, damp days.
  • PERFECT FIT: Super thin fleece that keeps them warm without making their baby booties too tight or cutting off circulation.
  • DESIGNED WITH KIDS IN MIND: Just slide into the bootie and adjust as usual, no fumbling needed! Features an extra wide opening to fit any leg!
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Throw it in the wash along with your baby’s socks and they'll be as good as new!
  • STYLISH: Not only do these boot inserts provide warmth and protection, they also look stylish with any boot! Fits perfectly in the Stonz Winter Booties (ASINs: B01LY01YET and B09FFW8L8W).).
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