CrazyPiercing Wholesale 14g Tongue Rings Barbells Assorted Colors 110 PCS Acrylic Ball

  • Package:110Pcs brand new wholesale tongue ring, assorted colors tongue piercing jewelry, enough for your daily wearing and you can choose the color according to your interest every day!
  • Material:made of acrylic and 316L stainless steel bar which is allergy safety, nickel & lead free and acrylic ball. The balls do come off both ends.
  • Size:Bar Thickness: 14G (1.6mm), Wearable Bar Length: approx. 16mm, Ball Diameter: approx. 6mm.
  • Multi-Purpose:can be used for both nipple and tongue,color assorted with DUPLICATES which is convenient to use for nipple ring.
  • Convenient & Comfort: those smooth surface tongue rings are light, easy screw and unscrew that will be convenient and comfort for your daily wearing.

How To Choose The Best Tongue Rings

Tongue rings are a great accessory for anyone who wants to spice up their appearance. They come in various shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, but they all have one thing in common: they make tongues longer. If you're interested in adding length to your own tongue, then check out our guide to buying the best tongue rings today.

What Are Tongue Rings?

Tongue rings are small metal bands that fit around the bottom of your tongue. They are meant to help prevent the tongue from slipping down into your throat while sleeping. This prevents choking if your child accidentally swallows something. Tongue rings come in many different sizes and colors, but most commonly come in two main styles: round and square.

Why Should I Get My Kid A Tongue Ring?

If your child has trouble keeping his/her tongue up during sleep, a tongue ring may be helpful. It will make sure he/she doesn't swallow anything dangerous like coins, buttons, or candy. If your child has an accident while wearing a tongue ring, it won't hurt him/her because the ring is made of soft plastic. The only time a tongue ring could possibly cause harm would be if it was too tight. In this case, the tongue might become stuck inside the mouth and cut off circulation to the brain. To avoid this, always check the size of the tongue ring before putting it on your child. Also, never leave your child unattended while wearing a tongue ring. You must supervise at all times.

Who Needs Tongue Rings?

Tongue rings are a fun way to add personality to any outfit. But did you know that they can actually do more than look pretty?

They can also help improve your oral hygiene. After all, bacteria tends to build up around your teeth and gums. Tongue rings can help prevent this buildup by keeping your mouth clean and fresh.

Plus, tongue rings can help protect against bad breath. Bacteria likes to hang out near your tonsils. Tongue rings can help move these germs away from your tonsils and towards your throat where they can be swallowed.

Finally, tongue rings can help strengthen your jaw muscles. When you chew food, your jaw moves back and forth. Tongue rings help ensure that your jaw doesn't overwork itself while chewing.

That's right - tongue rings can help you avoid sore throats, gum disease, and tooth decay. What's not to love?

But before you start wearing tongue rings, make sure that you talk to your dentist first. Some types of tongue rings can cause problems such as infections or damage to your teeth. Talk to your dentist about which type of ring would be best for you.

Also, check with your doctor before starting a new dental habit. Your doctor can tell you whether or not you're ready to wear a tongue ring.

After talking to your dentist and doctor, you're ready to take the plunge. Start by choosing a style that suits your personality. Then, visit your local jewelry store to see how tongue rings can enhance your appearance.

Once you've found the perfect ring, you can order yours online. Once you receive your tongue ring, follow the instructions carefully. Don't forget to remove it every night after dinner. Otherwise, you could end up with an uncomfortable sore throat.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Tongue Rings

If you've ever had the pleasure of tasting a fresh, juicy steak, then you'll understand how delicious the taste of meat can be. Unfortunately, many people do not enjoy the taste of meat because they have never tried it. This is unfortunate because meat is one of the most nutritious foods available. Meat contains essential nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and selenium. These nutrients are vital for proper health and development. So if you want to experience the wonderful flavors of meat, try buying a quality Tongue Ring.

Tongue Rings come in different shapes and sizes. They are usually made from stainless steel and are designed to enhance the appearance of your mouth. You may find Tongue Rings in various colors including silver, gold, rose gold, and even black. There are Tongue Rings that are shaped like hearts, diamonds, and other designs. When you buy Tongue Rings, you should purchase them from reputable manufacturers who offer warranties. A warranty ensures that the Tongue Rings will perform properly and function as intended.

There are several reasons why you might want to invest in Tongue Rings. For example, Tongue Rings can prevent tooth decay by keeping food away from teeth. They also keep bacteria from sticking to the surface of your teeth. Tongue Rings can also protect against gum disease. Finally, Tongue Rings can add beauty to your smile. Buy Tongue Rings today and start enjoying the great flavor of beef!

Features To Consider When Buying Tongue Rings

Quality. The first step when shopping for a Tongue Ring is to ensure they're made well. Look for Tongues Rings that are constructed using quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium, or ceramic. These materials are durable and will stand up to daily wear and tear.

Size. Before purchasing a Tongue Ring, measure the circumference of your mouth. This will give you an idea of how large the ring needs to be. Some Tongue Rings come in several sizes, while others only come in one size. Make sure you know what size fits you best.

Design. There are many designs available for Tongue Rings. Choose a design that matches your personality. Do you prefer something simple? Then stick with basic shapes. Are you more artistic? Go wild with color!

Safety. Don't let the name "tongue ring" fool you. Tongue Rings are just like other jewelry. They can cause harm if used improperly. Always read instructions carefully before wearing them. And always remove them before sleeping or going to bed.

Wear & Care. After purchasing a Tongue Ring, make sure you store it properly. Store Tongue Rings in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep them clean by gently brushing off dirt and debris.

Maintenance. As with any piece of jewelry, Tongue Rings may need occasional maintenance. Cleaning Tongue Rings involves simply wiping them down with soap and warm water. Use a soft toothbrush to scrub off any residue. Dry thoroughly and apply a light coat of moisturizer to prevent drying.

Different Types Of Tongue Rings

Tongue rings are small pieces of metal that are placed between your teeth. These are meant to prevent food particles from getting stuck in your throat. Tongue Rings are commonly used by athletes and bodybuilders to aid in muscle building. They are also useful for those who suffer from sore throats or gum problems. Tongue rings are inexpensive and easy to use. These are also safe to use since they don't damage your teeth.

Rings Tongues. Tongue rings are sometimes referred to as tongues. They look exactly like regular tongue rings except they are smaller and thinner. Tongue Rings are usually made from titanium or stainless steel. Titanium rings are less likely to rust than stainless steel ones. Stainless steel rings are slightly harder than titanium ones. Both materials are durable enough to last for years.

Bars Tongue Rings. Bars are larger than tongues and are usually made from chrome plated brass. They are also stronger than tongues. Bars are often used by dentists to hold dental implants in place. These are also used by body builders to keep their muscles tight. Bars are also used by athletes to protect their mouths against injury.

Lingual Ring. Lingual rings are thin bands that go around the base of the tongue. These are often used by dentists to hold dental implants in place. Lingual rings are also used by athletes to protect their mouths against injury.


Honbay 100 Mix Pack 50Pc 14G Belly Button Rings and 50Pc 14G Tongue Ring Barbells Kit

  • 100%Brand New and High Quality
  • 50 mixed multi-color ball belly navel bar ring
  • 50 mixed tongue Rings 14Gauge Barbells
  • Elegant and simple design Balls made of acrylic, bars are 14g surgical steel
  • Random color, maybe there are some rings in the same colors. Please don't bid if you really mind

CrazyPiercing 100Pcs 14G Acrylic Tongue Rings, Multi Color Assortment Flexible Tongue Rings Barbells Mix Piercing

  • What You Get: come with 100 piece assorted tongue ring, colorful and flexible that you can wearing it in different day and occasion, meanwhile, you can share it with your family and friends on party, graduation, birthday, Christmas and so on, express yourself individual.
  • Hypoallergenic Material: the mixed tongue ring made of high quality acrylic material which is nickel-free and lead-free that you can long time wearing without worries.
  • Size: 14G barbell bar tongue ring, length: 16mm/0.63inch, the ball diameter : 6mm/0.24inch, lightweight and soft that comfort for your daily wearing.
  • Muti-Purpose: the UV tongue ring aren’t just wearing on your tongue, but you can also use it as nipple ring, lip ring, earring ring, belly ring, nose ring, body piercing ring that you would like to wearing it.
  • Wonderful Gift: it is a colorful & variation pattern tongue rings, a lot tongue rings means you can use it for your bussiness, daily wearing, it is a good choice to send it as a gift for your friends, family, and others wearing on party, graduation, birthday, christmas, anniversary, valentine's day and you can trying to wearing it as lip ring, earring etc,.

CrazyPiercing Transparent Acrylic Ball and Stainless Steel Bar Tongue Ring 14G or Nipple Ring

  • Hypo-Allergy Material: the clear acrylic tongue rings made of high bioflex material and stainless steel which is nickel-free and lead-free, soft and smooth, comfort for your daily wearing.
  • Tongue Ring Size: barbel’s l thickness: 14 gauge/ 1.6 mm, bar length: 16 mm(5/8"), ball diameter: 6 mm, the balls do come off both ends, easy to screw on and off, convenient for you wearing.
  • Muti-Purpose: the tongue ring aren’t just wearing on your tongue, but you can also use it as nipple ring, lip ring, earring ring, belly ring, nose ring, body piercing ring that you would like to wearing it.
  • Package: come with 8 pieces transparent acrylic ball stainless steel barbell tongue ring that you can wearing long time without worries of color fading.
  • Wonderful Gift: it is a good choice to send it as a gift for your friends, family, and others wearing on party, graduation, birthday, Christmas, anniversary, valentine's day and you can trying to wearing it as lip ring, earring etc,.

12pc 14G Mix-color Stainless Steel Straight Barbell Tongue Rings Bars Piercing 5/8" Length

  • Perfect size, comfort Barbell Tongue Rings
  • Gauge:14 Gauge(1.6mm), Ball Size:6mm. Bar Length: 5/8inch (16mm)
  • Tongue Piercing High quality hypoallergenic stainless steel for someone whose skin is sensitive to metal.
  • Color: Silver, Gold, Black, Colorful, Blue, Rose Gold
  • Quantity:6 Pairs.

Forbidden Body Jewelry Nipple or Tongue Rings Black Flexible Acrylic Barbell Set 14G 16mm (5/8 Inch) Plus Free Bonus Barbell

  • This body jewelry is suitable for nipple or tongue piercing rings. Can be used as retainers for surgery, MRI's and more. 100% Metal free
  • Simply unscrew balls and insert for a comfortable fit.
  • 14 gauge, 16mm (5/8 inch) bar length, 6mm end balls
  • Sold as a pair PLUS receive a free 3rd BONUS barbell (of the same color) with purchase! No promo code necessary - free barbell will ship with pair

vcmart 14pcs 14G 16mm Tongue Rings Nipple Straight Barbells Surgical Steel Body Piercing Jewelry

  • Piercing Type:serve as nipple rings,tongue rings,belly bar ring,cartilage piercings earrings etc,4 kinds of length can be selected-12mm,14mm,16mm and 18mm
  • Material: Hypo-allergenic REAL 316L Surgical Stainless Steel body Piercing Barbells
  • Gauge:14G ,Bar length:16mm (5/8inch),Top ball diameter:5mm
  • Package: 14pcs tongue rings per pack packing with a velvet gift bag
  • Features: Long lasting color, made with advanced technology,Comfortable smooth surface for multifunction tongue barbells

vcmart Nipple Rings Tongue Ring Surgical Steel Nipplerings Piercing Women Rose Gold Barbells 14G 6 Pairs 5/8"

  • Piercing Type: Comfortable smooth surface,serve as Nipple Rings,Tongue Rings,Belly Bar Ring,Cartilage Piercings Earrings etc,4 kinds of bar length-1/2"(12mm),9/16"(14mm),5/8"(16mm),3/4"(18mm)
  • Material: Hypo-allergenic REAL 316L Surgical Stainless Steel body Piercing Barbells
  • Gauge:14G ,Bar length:1/2"(12mm),9/16"(14mm),5/8"(16mm),3/4"(18mm),Top ball diameter:5mm-PLS double check the bar length which length is the most suitable for you
  • Package: 6 pairs Rose Gold Nipple Rings per pack packing with a velvet gift bag
  • Warranty:90 days exchange or money back guarantee for multifunction piercing barbells

FINREZIO 14G 12-18mm Stainless Steel Nipple Tongue Ring Barbell Nipplerings Body Piercing Jewelry 12Pcs (14G Rainbow, 14)

  • SIX Different Ball Types Per Pack, Perfect for Nipple and Tongue Piercing. Sparkle Ball in Screw Part, Easy to Screw On and Off, Add a Nice Bling to Your Body Jewelry.
  • One Set All in Same Size, Bar Thickness 14G=1.6mm; Bar Length 14mm; Ball Dia:5mm, Perfect Matching People's Body
  • Made of 316L Surgical Stainless Steel and Acrylic, Hypoallergenic and Nickel Free Body Jewelry, Solid and Durable; Great Plating, Long-time Color Retention Ability.
  • ATTENTION: 1.Please stop using the product when you feel uncomfortable; 2.Please Keep Out of Reach of Children
  • RISK FREE GUARANTEED: When you receive the product within 365 days, if you are not satisfied with our products, contact us any time, we will get you back within 24 hours try our best to make things right. We just hope you have a pleasant shopping!

ORAZIO 11 PCS 14G Stainless Steel Nipplerings Nipple Tongue Belly Button Rings CZ Opal Barbell Body Piercing Jewelry

  • ◆Barbell Piercing Set◆One Order Includes 4 Pairs Rose Gold Tone Nipplerings and 3PCS Rose Gold Tone Belly Button Rings, Perfect Body Jewelry Set for Women and Girls
  • ◆Specifications & Size◆Nipple rings--Gauge Size: 14G(1.6mm), Bar Length: 9/16Inch(14mm), 5mm Ball Diameter; Belly Rings--Bar Length: 3/8Inch(10mm), Perfect Size of Nipple, Tongue and Belly Piercing
  • ◆Unique Nipplerings◆Rhinestones Crystal Ball Nipplerings, CZ Nipplerings, Ball Nipplerings, Opal Dangle Nipple Rings, Rhinestones Crystal Ball Belly Rings, CZ Belly Rings, Opal Belly Button Rings, Sexy and Feminine, Meet Your Daily Needs
  • ◆Material & Craft◆Adorned with Selected Rhinestone, CZ and Opal, Crafted with 316L Stainless Steel Bar, Lead-Free & Nickel-Free, these Special Design are Born to Match Your Unique Beauty
  • ◆HAPPY SHOPPING◆ 365-day Exchange or Money Back Guarantee and Excellent Pre-sale Consulting and After-sale Customer Service

CrazyPiercing 12pcs Colorful Ball Tongue Rings, Stainless Steel Barbell Tongue Ring Retainer or Nipple Ring 14G Bar Length 16mm

  • High Quality Material: The cute tongue rings are made of high quality colorful acrylic ball and stainless steel, comfortable for you to wear with metal free and hypo-allergenic, soft and smooth, the balls do come off both ends, easy to screw on and off.
  • Product Dimension: The tongue piercing's thickness of barbell is 14 gauge/1.6 mm, length of bar is 16 mm(5/8"), diameter of ball is 6 mm, Suitable Fit People's Body.
  • Feature: These acrylic barbell can be used as tongue rings, nipple rings or other body piercings, enjoy wearing as you want.
  • Occasion: these colorful tongue barbell is suitable for many occasions, such as parties, ceremony and so on, also can serve as gifts to your friends or family numbers.
  • What You Get: You will receive 12 pcs AB colorful 14g tongue rings. You can choose the color according to your interest every day!

SCERRING 8 Pairs 14G Stainless Steel Clear CZ Nipple Ring Tongue Straight Barbell Rings Bars Retainer Body Piercing Jewelry for Women Men Black

  • Including 8 Pairs 14 Gauge 316L Surgical Steel Straight Nipplerings Barbell, Mix-Styles(Each Style One Pair), Multi-functional Piercing for Nipple, Tongue, Ear Cartilage and so on. Reasonable Price For Body Jewelry,Deserve To Purchase.
  • Made with Surgical Grade 316L Stainless Steel, High Quality Acrylic and Cubic-Zirconia, Durable and Hypoallergenic, Completely Non-corrosive, Lead and Nickel Free, Also Resistant to Acid, Alkali, No Fading, No Distortion.
  • Gauge(Size): 14G(1.6mm); Straight Ballbell Bar Length: 9/16"(14mm),Ball/Spike Size: 5mm; Opal Shield Nipple Rings Bar Length: 5/8"(16mm),Inner Dia.: 13mm,Ball: 5mm; Clear CZ Shield Nipple Rings Bar Length: 5/8"(16mm),Inner Dia.: 12mm,Ball: 5mm
  • It's the best gift for for Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day and more.
  • Satisfied Guarantee: Promise 90-day Exchange or Money Back Guarantee, If You Have any Dissatisfied with the Item.

20pcs Fancy Words Pictures Logo Stainless Steel Straight Barbells Tongue Rings Bars Piercing Jewelry (mix logos 20pcs)

  • Smooth Surface, Highly Polished, Transparent Epoxy Covers Pattern ,High Quality. will be mix logos for you as your choose quantity .20pcs and 40pcs can be choose
  • One Set Includes 2Pcs or 40pcs with Different Patterns, Economical Puchase, So Unique and Funn
  • Gauge=14G(1.6mm), Length of Bar=16mm, Diameter of Top Ball=7mm, Diameter of Bottom Ball=5mm.
  • Any question welcome contact with us

Ruifan 14G Heart Chain Crystal Ball Nipple Tongue Shield Rings Barbell Body Piercing Jewelry Retainer 14PCS Gold

  • SEVEN Styles per pack, Perfect for Nipple and Tongue Piercing
  • Hypoallergenic and nickel free body jewelry
  • Material: 316L Surgical Steel,High Quality CZ and Acrylic
  • Gauge(Size):14G(1.6mm); Staright Barbell Bar Length: 9/16"(14mm); Heart Shield Barbell Bar Length: 7/8"(22mm), Inner Diameter is 14mm; Clear CZ Shield Barbell Bar Length: 5/8"(16mm), Inner Diameter is 14mm; Chain Shield Barbell Bar Length: 5/8"(16mm); All the Balls Size are 5mm.
  • Package includes: 14pcs nipple rings(each color 2pcs), in free gift flocking bag.

Prjndjw Jewelry, Rainbow, 12PCS, 5/8in(16mm)L. 14G Tongue Ring Surgical Stainless Steel Tongue Piercing Barbell Body Jewelry for Women

  • 💕VALUE PACK💕 Set Includes 12PCS Rainbow Surgical Steel Tongue Barbells, 8Different Designs: ① Clear Flexible Bioflex Retainers, ② Silver Gliter Balls, ③ Basic Steel Balls, ④ Steel Matte Balls, ⑤ Heart-Shaped, ⑥ Rose Flower, ⑦ T-Shaped, ⑧ Skull Head.
  • 📐MEASUREMENTS📐 Straight Barbells Bar Thickness/Gauge: 14Ga(1.6mm), Werable bar length: 5/8in(16mm), Barbells Ends Diameter: ⑤⑥ is 0.24in(6mm), Others are 0.24in(6mm).
  • 💕HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL💕 Healthy Surgical 316L Stainless Steel Built, Durable and Hypoallergenic. Surgical grade Bioflex and Acrylic, No Allergic Reactions, Very Flexible and Comfortable
  • 💕MULTIFUNCTIONAL💕 Suitable for: Tongue Piercing, Long Nipple Rings, Long Nipplering, Bridge Piercing, Snake Eye, Body Piercing Jewelry.
  • 💕 SATISFIED GUARANTEE💕 All Prjndjw Jewelry Items Are New And Unused Wrapped with Nice Velvet Pouch. Promise 90-day Exchange or Money Back Guarantee, If You Have any Dissatisfied with the Item.

FINREZIO 8 Pairs 14G Nipple Rings 316L Surgical Steel Heart CZ Tongue Barbell Body Piercing Shield Ring Set 5/8 Inches (Gold Tone)

  • 【8 Pairs for You】Sent From US,Arrive Quickly!!! You Will Receive 8 Pairs Different Nipple Rings As The Picture Shows, Multiple Choices For You To Match Your Outfits.
  • 【Size & Material】Gauge:14G(1.6mm), Wearable Length Of Bar (5/8 Inches), Ball Diameter(5mm). Made With 316L Surgical Stainless Steel And Shinny Cubic-Zirconia, Provides Lasting Color Retention.
  • 【Wide Applications】Straight Barbell Can Used As Nipple Rings And Tongue Rings, Also Can Work As Cartilage Rings, Earrings And Other Body Parts Piercing Jewelry.
  • 【Package】They Come With Jewelry Bag, So If You Want To Give It To Someone, Don’t Worry About Packaging.
  • 【Best Service】When You Receive The Product Within 365 Days, If You Are Not Satisfied With Our Products, Contact Us Any Time, We Will Get You Back Within 24 Hours Try Our Best To Make Things Right. We Just Hope You Have a Pleasant Shopping!

40pcs 14G Mix-Color Stainless Steel Straight Barbell Tongue Rings Bars Piercing 5/8" Length Acrylic Glow In Dark Flexible Retainer Body Jewelry For Women Men

  • Perfect size, comfort Barbell Tongue Rings
  • Gauge:14 Gauge(1.6mm), Ball Size:6mm. Bar Length: 5/8inch (16mm)
  • Tongue Piercing High quality hypoallergenic stainless steel for someone whose skin is sensitive to metal
  • Color: Silver, Gold, Black, Colorful, Blue, Rose Gold
  • Quantity:20 Pairs.

BodyJ4You 100PC Tongue Barbells Nipple Rings 14G Flexible Bar 50 Pairs Body Piercing Jewelry

  • VALUE PACK: 100 Pieces of Flexible Bioflex Plastic Straight Barbells with Assorted Colors Acrylic Balls. Wholesale Lot of 50 PAIRS Nipplerings and Tonguerings, No Duplicates. Perfect for Women or Men.
  • MEASUREMENTS: Gauge Size: 14G, Length: 16mm (5/8"). Ball Size: 6mm. MATERIAL: Bioflex Plastic. COLOR: Multicolor. PIERCING: Nipple, Tongue.
  • MATERIAL: Bioflex is a Bio-Compatible and Hypo-Allergenic Plastic. Material Provides a Smooth and Comfortable Surface While Being Lightweight.
  • QUALITY: High Polished Smooth Surface and Hypoallergenic Materials Prevent Skin Damage and Makes Healing Process Comfortable and Painless.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: All BodyJ4You Items Are New And Unused. Guaranteed Satisfaction As We Offer 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Drperfect 4 Pairs Nipple Rings for Women 14G Stainless Steel Tongue Ring CZ Barbell Nipple Piercing Jewelry

  • 🦋[Nipple Ring Set]4 pairs cute nipple rings, include cat and butterfly shapes, as well as roses and weeds, different styles which can match various kinds of dress to meet your daily wear
  • 🐱[Wide Applications]Not only applied as nipple rings, but also for tongue ring and other body jewelry, suitable for different parties, festivals, ceremonies, stage performance, and many occasions
  • 🌿[Comfortable to Use]Nipple piercing bar thickness is 1.6 mm (14 G), ball is 5 mm in diameter, perfect size of nipple rings for woem/men. Double-head screw design, only need to rotate the end, you can firmly screw on and flexibly screw off
  • 🌹[Safe Material] Barbell nipple rings made of stainless steel and AAA+ cubic zirconia, lightweight and durable, will not hurt your skin, comfortable to wear and you can use safely
  • 💻[Risk Free Guaranteed]Drperfect main engage in selling all kinds of high quality fashion jewelry at affordable price. We provide 30 days replacement or refund for any reason. If you're not completely satisfied with our stainless steel nipple rings, please feel free to contact us

Besteel 6-9 Pairs 14G 316L Stainless Steel Nipple Rings Tongue Ring CZ Barbell Piercing Heart Shape Body Piercing Jewelry for Women Men

  • Hypoallergenic Material: the dainty sexy nipple rings are made of high quality 316L stainless steel, high polished surface, safe and durable. The surgical stainless steel material is harmless to your skin, friendly to sensitive skin
  • Dainty Design: the heart-shape nipple piercing jewelry set with shinny AAA+ cz,looks like the real dimond, dainty and sexy. The heart-shape design makes you look more attractive and hot. A set contains 6 pairs of nipple piercing in different styles. Affluent styles for you to choose
  • Perfect Gift: The exquisite 14g nipple piercing set is a perfect gift for your lover, beneficial to close the relationship between you and your loved one. A cost-effective and charming nipple piercing set for her or him on her or his birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary,wedding, engagement or dating. It’s also suitable for daily wearing
  • Size:Each set contains 6 pairs of nipple piercings.The gauge is 14G,the length of the bar is 16mm,the diameter of the ball is 5mm
  • 100% Satisfied Warranty:Your satisfaction is our motivation.We promise to provide the best jewelry and the best service to our customers. 90 days return product, our professional after-sales team is online 24 hours a day. Please contact us if you have any questions. We are looking for your review. Add it to your wish list to know about the latest promotions immediately!

YADOCA 18Pcs 14G 316L Surgical Steel Tongue Rings Teaser Double Barbell Nipple Rings Barbells Body Piercing Jewelry for Women 16mm

  • 【Jewelry Set】A set includes 18 pcs tongue rings, such as basic ball tongue rings, skull tongue rings, T-shaped tongue rings,heart shaped tongue rings and so on,different designs to provide you with more wearing options.
  • 【Quality Material】This tongue ring set is made of 316L surgical stainless steel, hypoallergenic, will not rust and corrode, sturdy and durable, smooth surface,very comfortable to wear.It is your safe and healthy choice.
  • 【Suitable Size】This barbell jewelry set gauge:14G (1.6mm), rod length:0.63" (16mm), ball diameter:5mm, you can use them not only as tongue rings, but also as nipple rings.
  • 【Quality Assurance】It is made of high-quality materials through advanced craftsmanship, and accepts quality inspections one by one. It is packed in black velvet bags. It is a great gift for yourself and your loved ones.
  • 【Promise Service】Fulfillment by Amazon,90-day money-back guarantee and 24 hours email reply(if you encounter any problems during shopping, please feel free to contact us), it is never a gamble to choose YADOCA!

Drperfect 100PCS Piercing Kit Surgical Steel 14G 16G Piercing Needles Septum Eyebrow Lip Tongue Nipple Belly Button Ring Cartilage Tragus Helix Daith Rook Earring Body Jewelry Piercing Tools

  • VALUE PACK: 100PCS Professional Kit Includes Everything You Need for Body Piercing (Septum, Eyebrow, Lip, Labret, Navel, Cartilage, Tragus, Helix, Daith, Rook)
  • ECONOMICAL BODY JEWELRY: 25PCS Studs, 20PCS Curved Barbells, 20PCS Circular Barbells, 10PCS Straight Barbells, 10PCS Industrial Barbells, 5PCS Twisted Spiral Barbells, 5PCS Belly Button Rings and 5PCS Captive Bead Rings
  • PIERCING TOOLS: Black Latex Gloves(2PCS), Alcohol Pads(4PCS), 14G Piercing Needles(5PCS), 16G Piercing Needles(5PCS), Disposable Piercing Clamps(2PCS)
  • MATERIAL: Surgical Stainless Steel Jewelry is an Ideal Choice Because it is Extremely Durable, Provides Lasting Color Retention and Extremely Easy to Clean
  • GUARANTEE: To Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction, We Offer a 365 Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee. Drperfect 100% Guarantees Your Satisfaction

Drperfect Nipple Rings Dangle Belly Button Rings for Women 14G 316L Surgical Steel Curved Navel Barbell CZ Tongue Rings Nipple Piercing Jewelry

  • 🏄‍♀Barbell Piercing Set- One order includes 6 pieces of belly button rings & 4 pairs nipple rings, rose gold tone, all of them are simple and beautiful, great summer jewelry for fashion lady, can meet your different needs for many occasions
  • 🌴Material: Made of high quality stainless steel, AAA+ cubic zirconia, which is sturdy and durable, also they are safe and will not bring allergies to your skin
  • 🌴Common Nipple Belly Ring Size- Navel piercing jewelry: bar thickness:14 guage(1.6mm), bar length: 0.4"/10mm, top ball diameter:0.2"/5mm. Nipple piercing jewelry: bar thickness:14 guage(1.6mm), bar length: 14mm. Normal size for most of you
  • 🌴Convenient to use: these dual headed piercing rings are easy to screw on and off for your everyday wearing, fit for most body parts, which are practical and attractive. Perfect for belly button, nipple and tongue piercing. Ideal gifts for her on Mother 's Day, Wedding, Anniversary day, Birthday Gifts, Valentine's Day or Christmas Day etc
  • 🌴Risk Free Guaranteed: Drperfect main engage in selling all kinds of high quality fashion jewelry at affordable price. We provide 30 days replacement or refund for any reason. If you're not completely satisfied with our belly rings & nipple piercing, please feel free to contact us

200 Pieces Tongue Rings Bulk 14G 16 mm Nipple Rings Straight Barbells Stainless Steel Body Piercing Jewelry Candy Assorted Colors Acrylic

  • Large quantity: 200 pieces tongue rings in total, mixed with single colors and blend colors, convenient for you to match with your different outfits and makeups every day, make you charming and elegant
  • Quality material: the piercing jewelry consists of stainless steel rod and acrylic ball, which is lightweight and will not bring much burden to your body, also they are flexible and comfortable for your daily wear even for a long time
  • Detailed size: the thickness of the bar is 14G (1.6 mm), the bar length is approx. 16 mm, the diameter of acrylic ball is 6 mm, you can easily screw on or off acrylic balls on both sides
  • Wide range of usage: the straight barbells can be applied for most body parts, such as tongue, nipple, ear and so on, make you outstanding and more delicate, suitable for daily wearing, dating, club, party and so on
  • Nice gifts: these acrylic rings can work as delicate gifts to most men and women who like jewelry and matching, provide them multiple choices and make the relationship between 2 of you closer, suitable for birthday, anniversary, graduation and more

Drperfect 14G Nipple Rings Tongue Rings for Women Men Stainless Steel Straight Barbell Bars Nipple Tongue Piercing Jewelry 14MM 16MM

  • Nipple Tongue Ring Set: You Will Receive 48pcs 14G Nipple Rings Tongue Rings Straight Barbell Bars Nipple Tongue Piercing Jewelry.
  • Gauge: 14G(1.6mm), Ball Size: 6mm, Bar Length: 5/8" (16mm).
  • Material: High Quality Surgical Stainless Steel and Clear Bioflex Acrylic, Nickel and Lead Free, Hypoallergenic, Non-Toxic & Allergy Free, Safe for Sensitive Skin, Could Be Long Time Wearing.
  • Ball Closure, Easy to Insert and Take Off. Can Be Used as Nipple Piercing, Tongue Piercing, Cartilage Earrings. Best Gift for Birthday, Christmas Day, Anniversary Day, Valentine's Day, Wedding and More.
  • Guarantee: To Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction, We Offer a 365 Day No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee. Drperfect 100% Guarantees Your Satisfaction.
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