PH PandaHall Coconut Wood Linking Rings, 38mm/1.5" Natural Wood Rings 20pcs Flat Round Cricle Pendant Charm for Earring Bracelet Necklace Macrame Jewelry DIY Craft Making, No Hole, Coconut Brown

  • Coconut Wood Rings: made of natural coconut shell, lightweight, durable and eco-friendly, hard to break. Have their natural texture and gloss, safe and comfortable to wear, no need to worry about fading color.
  • Larger Size: about 38mm(1.5 inch) in diameter, 25mm inner diameter, 2~5mm thick. Package includes 20 pcs flat round wooden rings, large quantity can meet your different needs in DIY projects.
  • Circle Charm: well poshlied edges with no extra flur. Can match with jump ring, wooden beads, glass beads, sea shell beads, antique charms to make beutiful jewelries.
  • Wide Appliance: perfect for making bracelet, earring. necklace, choker, scrapbooking project, keychain, sweater chain, anklet, phone lanyard, bag pendant and much more.
  • For Crafts: widely used for door curatain, macrame projects, arts projects and other handicrafts. A fun way to express your inner fashionista and make gifts for friends and family on Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother/Father's Day, birthday and so on.

How To Choose The Best Wooden Charms For Bracelets

They were originally made from wood, then later metal was added to make them more durable. Today, wooden charms are still being created using traditional methods, but now they come in various shapes and sizes. This article will help you understand what makes a good charm, and how to pick the best ones for your bracelet.

What Are Wooden Charms For Bracelets?

Wooden charms for bracelets are small wooden pieces that are attached to a bracelet using an adhesive like glue. They are made from natural woods such as cedar, mahogany, maple, cherry, walnut, etc. These charms are available in many different shapes and sizes. The most common types of charms include hearts, stars, circles, squares, triangles, and crosses. You can find these charms at craft stores, bead shops, and online retailers.

Why Would I Want A Wooden Charm?

Charms make wonderful gifts for friends and family members who love handmade crafts. They are inexpensive, easy to create, and fun to wear! If you're looking for something unique to give someone this holiday season, consider giving a charm necklace instead of a gift card. It will last longer than a gift card, and it makes a thoughtful present.

Where Can I Buy Wooden Charms?

You can buy charms at craft stores, bead shops, and online retailers. Most craft stores sell charms individually, while some online retailers offer charms in sets of three or more.

Who Needs Wooden Charms For Bracelets?

Wooden charms are perfect for bracelets. Not only do wooden charms look beautiful, but they add charm to any outfit. Whether you use them for everyday wear or special occasions, these charming accessories are sure to bring joy every time you put them on.

There are several reasons why wooden charms are such a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. First, they're made from natural materials. Wood is one of nature's most versatile materials. It comes in many colors, textures, and sizes. These qualities make it ideal for crafting into almost anything. From necklaces to earrings, wooden charms are a great way to express your personality.

Second, wooden charms are durable. Unlike plastic, metal, or glass, wooden charms are extremely sturdy. As long as you take proper care of them, wooden charms will last forever. No matter how hard you play with them, they'll never break.

Third, wooden charms are eco-friendly. Many people think that using non-recyclable plastics is bad for our environment. But, this isn't true. Most wooden charms are recyclable. All you need to do is separate the pieces of the charm from its packaging before tossing it in the recycling bin.

Fourth, wooden charms are affordable. When you purchase wooden charms online, you save money. Instead of buying expensive jewelry, you can create your own unique piece of jewelry. Even better, you can customize your charm bracelet to match your style. With wooden charms, you can easily change the color, size, and design. You can even personalize your charm bracelet with engraving.

Finally, wooden charms are fun. They're colorful, cute, and quirky. They're also a great conversation starter. People love talking about their favorite charms. So, whether you're planning a party or getting ready for a big event, wooden charms are the perfect accessory.

Now that you know why wooden charms are awesome, start shopping today. Browse through our selection of wooden charms. We offer everything from simple charms to intricate designs. Whatever kind of charm you prefer, we guarantee that you'll fall in love with it.

Whether you're searching for a charm necklace, charm bracelet, or charm keychain, you'll find exactly what you're looking for here.

We carry charms in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. Our collection includes charms for men, women, and kids. Choose from traditional charms, novelty charms, and modern charms. Some charms feature images of animals, while others depict words or phrases. Others are simply decorative.

Our charms are crafted from wood, resin, stone, ceramic, and other materials. Each charm has been handcrafted by skilled artisans.

The Importance Of Purchasing Quality Wooden Charms For Bracelets

If you want to add charm to your bracelet collection, then wooden charms are perfect for you. These charming accessories come in many different shapes and sizes. They are available in a variety of colors and designs. You can find them in various materials such as wood, metal, glass, plastic, acrylic, and even stone. Each material offers unique characteristics that make them special. When selecting a wooden charm, keep in mind that they should have a smooth surface so that they won't scratch easily. A rough surface may damage the finish of the charm.

Wooden charms are durable because they are made of natural materials. This means that they will hold up better than other types of charms. Wood charms are easy to clean since they are porous. So if you like to wear bracelets frequently, then wooden charms are ideal for you. They are also great for people who work outside. Since they are lightweight, they won't weigh down your wrist. And, they are very affordable.

You can use wooden charms to create custom bracelets. Simply purchase a set of wooden charms and attach them to your existing bracelet by hand. Or, you can buy a pre-made wooden charm kit. Either way, you'll end up with a beautiful handmade accessory that is uniquely yours.

In addition to being stylish, wooden charms are eco-friendly. Because they are made from natural materials, they are sustainable. Plus, they are less expensive than their non-natural counterparts. So, if you want to do something kind to Mother Earth, then wooden charms are the perfect choice.

Features To Consider When Buying Wooden Charms For Bracelets

Quality materials. When you're shopping for a wooden charm bracelet, you'll want to make sure you're buying quality materials. Look for pieces made from hardwoods such as Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, and Oak. These woods are strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear while still being beautiful.

Size matters. The length of your wooden charm bracelet depends on how many charms you plan to add to it. Most bracelets run between 10" - 18". However, if you'd prefer something smaller, you may want to opt for a 6" - 8" bracelet instead.

Designs. There are hundreds of designs available for wooden charms. Some popular options include animals, flowers, hearts, stars, sunflowers, and more. Choose a design that speaks to you.

Materials. When you're buying a wooden charm bracelet, you'll want to make sure the material used is durable. Look for pieces made from solid wood, metal, resin, glass, and plastic. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Solid wood is the strongest option, but it tends to break easily. Metal is lightweight and inexpensive, but it scratches easily. Resin is very durable, but it doesn't hold up well over time.

Colors. When you're buying a wooden charm bracelet, you'll want to make sure the color matches your style. Many colors are available, including black, white, silver, gold, red, blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown, grey, and more.

Budget. Buying a wooden charm bracelet isn't cheap. But, you'll want to make sure you're spending your money wisely. Consider the price of each piece separately, then compare them against other items in your collection.

Different Types Of Wooden Charms For Bracelets

Wooden charms are a wonderful alternative to plastic charms. They are durable and long lasting. These are also affordable and fun to use. Below we will go through some of the different types of wooden charms that you can choose from.

Beads Beads. These are small pieces of wood that have been carved into shapes. Wooden Charms For Bracelets are commonly used to decorate bracelets and necklaces. Wooden Charms For Bracelets are inexpensive and look beautiful. They are also very easy to attach to any bracelet or necklace.

Cabochons. Cabochons are large beads that are shaped like a heart. They are often used to create decorative designs on bracelets and necklaces. Wooden Charms For Bracelets are also very versatile and can be attached to almost anything.

Clasps Clasps. Clasps are metal rings that are used to connect two items together. These are usually used to hold things together like bracelets and necklaces. They are also useful for attaching charms to bracelets and necklaces.

Dangles Dangles. Danglers are small chains that hang down from a larger chain. They are sometimes called dangle charms. They are usually used to add flair to a piece of jewelry. These are also very cheap and easy to make.

Hooks Hooks. Hooks are small metal hooks that are used to fasten charms to bracelets and necklaces. They are also useful for hanging earrings and keychains.

Lobster Claws Lobsters claws. Lobsters claws are small metal spikes that are used to secure charms to bracelets and necklaces. Wooden Charms For Bracelets are also useful for adding flair to a piece of jewelry.

Necklace Chains Necklace Chains. Necklace chains are long strands of metal wire that are used to connect charms to bracelets and necklaces.

Ribbon Ribbons Ribbon. Ribbon is a thin strip of material that is often used to wrap gifts. It is also used to tie up packages. Ribbon is also used to decorate bracelets and necklaces. It is also useful for making decorations.


YUEAON 300pcs bulk lots charms for jewelry making supplies kit craft accessories bracelet necklace pendant earring keychain tibetan silver wholesale

  • Material: Zinc Alloy ; Color:Antique Silver.
  • Quantity :Package include 300pcs no repeat metal charms ,random selection from hundreds patterns, enough for your various need .(hand selection,0%-2% error rate)
  • Size: Random 0.2-1.2 inches .
  • Perfect jewelry charms for bracelet ,necklace ,pendant,earring,bangle,keychain,anklet diy making ,etc.
  • Great craft supplies for handmade projects .

Fun-Weevz 40 PCS Assorted Wood Cross Pendants for Jewelry Making Adults, Wooden Crosses for Crafts, 2 sizes Pocket Crosses in Bulk, Cross Charms for Religious Sunday School DIY Craft

  • WOOD CROSS PENDANTS; These wood crosses for crafts come with pre drilled holes in order to be used in necklace making or other jewelry making projects.
  • RELIGIOUS CRAFTS & PARTY FAVORS; Whether you are planning a baptism, a memorial or other religious events share your blessing and love with these wooden cross charms
  • GREAT FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL; These crosses for crafts could be great for crafts projects, at school, home or church
  • 40 Assorted WOODEN CROSSES; Wood cross charm pack consists of crosses in 2 different colors (black and brown) and 2 different sizes (large and small); Includes 10 meters of black cord
  • You will love our wood cross pendants for jewelry making

Penta Angel Natural Wood Cross Bulk 50Pcs Mini Wooden Cross Pendants Beads Charms Jewelry Findings for Bracelet Necklace Earring Jewelry Making and Craft DIY

  • Package includes 50 pieces wood cross pendants in brown color.
  • Size: about 4.3*3 cm (L*W), 4mm for thickness, 2mm for hole size, mini size cross pendants.
  • Material: made from nature pine wood, these side drilled cross pendants lightweight but durable.
  • Wood cross pendants great for religious party favors, interesting craft projects for Sunday school, church, home, office decorations and more.
  • Cross pendants perfect for bracelet, necklace, jewelry making, key chain, or as spacers for other crafts.

Cheriswelry 50pcs Water Drop Resin Wood Pendants Charms Earrings Wooden Charms Vintage Resin Wood Statement Jewelry Findings Mixed Color for Drop Earrings Necklace Bracelets Making Supplies

  • What You Will Receive 50pcs Rectangle Waterdrop Wood Pendants, Randomly Mixed Color
  • Size: about 28mm(1.1") long, 18mm(0.7") wide, 3mm thick, hole: 2mm.
  • High-Quality Material: The dangle charms are made of lightweight wood and resin, environmental-friendly and no harm to people's health, great for daily wearing.
  • Unique Design Nice assortment of Resin Wooden dangle charms, simple but not out of fashion. The vintage expression ensures it is an elegant addition to any classic dangle jewelry, highlighting your unique personality.
  • Wide Application Design jewelry yourself and enjoy the fun of DIY handmade jewelry. Versatile dangle pendants for earrings, necklace, bracelet, belts, keychain, home decoration, party decoration and other DIY crafts. You'll love the accent of color they bring to designs.

LiQunSweet 20 Pieces Vintage Wood Slice Charms Flat Round Unfinished Wooden Pendant Bulk for Women Female Jewelry Neckalce Bracelet Earrings Making DIY Crafting - 14mm

  • Package: 20 Pieces/pack.
  • Material: Wood.
  • Size: Flat Round: 14x2.5~3mm, Hole: 1.8mm, 20pcs.
  • Works Great: Nice assortment of charms which works great to combine with other jewelry making accessories to enhance your favorite necklace, earrings and another fashion jewelry as the thank you gift, Christmas gifts, valentine’s gifts and other festival gift to your friends and family.
  • Works Great: Nice assortment of charms which works great to combine with other jewelry making accessories to enhance your favorite necklace, earrings and another fashion jewelry as the thank you gift, Christmas gifts, valentine’s gifts and other festival gift to your friends and family.

Bolenvi Wooden Violin Musical Instrument 925 Sterling Silver Charm Bead Pendant for Pandora & Similar Charm Bracelets or Necklaces

  • Quantity: One pendant charm (bracelet / necklace sold separately).
  • Material: 925 Sterling Silver (High quality, hypoallergenic, and the color will not fade, unlike cheaper options).
  • Hole Size: 4.5mm. Compatible with most charm bracelets and necklaces including Bolenvi, Pandora, Chamilia, Troll, Biagi, Thomas Sabo, European Link Bracelets / Necklaces, lobster clip on jewelry, etc. Also easily clips onto earrings, keychains, purses, and so much more!
  • Bolenvi jewelry is hand-designed, handcrafted, hand-finished, and made with the finest materials.
  • Makes the perfect gift for numerous occasions. Bolenvi jewelry will not change color, cause allergic reactions, and is backed with a lifetime manufacturer warranty.

75 Pieces Wood Cross Pendants 3 Colors Mini Cross Pendant with Chains Natural Wooden Cross Charms for DIY Necklace Bracelet Earring Jewelry Craft Making Handmade Accessories Party Favors

  • Adequate combinations: the package comes with a total of 75 pieces of small crosses in 3 different colors, each color has 25 pieces, with 75 pieces of chains; The quantities and colors are sufficient for you to use and replace, and can easily meet your daily use and other requirements
  • Multipurpose functions: these small wooden crosses are not only suitable for making necklaces, sweater chains, bracelets and earrings, but also can be applied for making zipper pulls, key chains, anklets, mobile phone decoration accessories and other handcraft works
  • Easy to operate: there is a hole in each cross necklace craft, you can conveniently through the matched chains of them and hang on many kinds of places, such as dining rooms, living rooms, kitchens, offices and more, bringing a nice experience
  • Match with your DIY crafts: there are 3 different colors of these miniature crosses for you to choose, including black, brown and coffee, you can decorate them by painting, pasting with glue or others to make your personalized pendants, making diverse ingenious items
  • Smooth surfaces: each wooden cross for crafts is made of quality wood, reliable and serviceable, not easy to deform and break, and can keep for a long time; The surfaces of these crosses are smooth and comfortable to touch, do not need to worry about scratching your fingers

TBoxBo Wood Cross Pendant Mini Wood Cross Pendant 85 pcs Natural Wood Cross Bulk Wooden Cross Charm Hanging Ornament for Bracelet Necklace Earring Jewelry Making and Craft DIY, (AWERW34236)

  • [Material]: Made of high quality wood material,lightweight,durable and sturdy.
  • [Size]: 0.95" x 1.65"/24mm x 42mm,about 5mm in thickness,with a about 2mm hole and the chain is 3.94 inch in length.
  • [Mini cross pendants]: These natural wood cross pendants make wonderful focal points in all kinds of jewelry making projects. Pre-drilled with holes, these charms are easy to make necklaces, bracelets, and even key chains.They are also suitable for hanging on trees, room door handles, candlesticks, windows, gardens, walkways, office and other places to create much Easter atmosphere.
  • [Unfinished wood material]: each keychain is made from quality wood, which is sturdy and durable, these keychains can be match with paint, decorate with sequins in the way you want.
  • [Craft Ideas]: made of DIY material, develop your imagination to decorate this pendants with paint, glue or other accessories, nice decorations for school, home, office and more, nice to your creativity and imagination.

60Pack Wooden Crosses, Wooden Crosses for Crafts, Small Wooden Crosses Bulk, Cross Charms with 60 Chains, Wooden Cross Pendants for Necklace Bracelet Earring Jewelry Making

  • 【SHARE LOVE AND HOPE】Our mini wooden cross with 60 sliver chains are designed with Jesus pattern, which are a take-along symbol of faith, love, and hope. Perfect for giving out at church to share Jesus' love and hope.
  • 【IDEAL FOR RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES】The wooden crosses for crafts are ideal accessories for sharing your blessing in a baptism, worship, church events, commemorative ceremonies and Sunday school.
  • 【MORE QUANTITY】You will not only receive 60 small wooden crosses bulk but also corresponding sliver chains, which you can easily to string the pendants and DIY your various wood crosses crafts.
  • 【DIY CRAFT PROJECT】These cross charms for jewelry making can be used to make necklaces for Easter, cards( get well soon, thinking of you, etc.) and other Jewelry projects.
  • 【PREMIUM QUALIATY】The DIY wooden cross is made from quality wood, which is polished and smooth. Handing them out to stranger, friends and Christians because your blessing are incredible.
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