YITOHOP 12080+ Loom Bands Kit , Rubber Bands for Bracelet Making Kit DIY Art and Craft Mega Refill kit Girls Creativity Gift to Improve Imagination - Ideal

  • [ PACKAGE INCLUDES ] This rubber bands kit comes with all the necessary tools for DIY, including 11000+ loom bands, 600 S-Clips, 200 colored beads, 52 letter beads(2pcs/each alphabet), 30 charms, 10 zipper hooks, 10 tassels, 5 stickers, 5 crochets, 4 hair clips, 2 Y looms.
  • [ HIGH QUALITY LATEX & NON-TOXIC ] WE GUARANTEE 100% safe and non-toxic, free from latex, lead and phthalates. The rubber loom band has excellent performance on elasticity, softness and durability, it is optimal choice to make bracelets, arts and crafts gift, Christmas decoration,...ect.
  • [ EASY TO CARRY AND STORE ] This loom kit is equipped with a storage case to store all rubber bands, each color is stored in a separate compartment to keep them neat, and it can also help children develop habits to organize and organize their own things, it is amazing bracelet making kit for you absolutely.
  • [ IDEAL GIFT -GIVING ] The rubber bands kit is a perfect gift for 5-12 years old Girls and Boys birthday or Christmas. The rubber band bracelet making kit will better help kids learn to organize and package their stuff, and improve children's creativity and focus. Rubber bands refill loom kit is also a great gadget to kill time for adults and the elderly.
  • [ ENHANCED PARENT-CHILD INTERACTION ]This rubber bands for bracelets kit can divert children's attention from other digital products such as TVs and mobile phones to DIY project production, helping children to get rid of bad habits and develop stronger hands-on ability. If parents can participate in the production process, the loom bands could strengthen communication and interaction between children and parents, and increase parent-child relationships.

How To Choose The Best Yitohop

Yitohop is a Japanese company that makes craft supplies such as yarns, threads, ribbons, and more. They also make looms, but they have recently branched into making other crafting tools too. This article will help you decide whether to get their products or not.

What Is A Yitohop?

Yitohop is an online shop for all sorts of craft materials including yarns, beads, buttons, ribbons, sewing thread, fabric, felt, embroidery threads, etc. The site offers over 10, 000 products ranging from knitting needles to crochet hooks, sewing notions, sewing machines, quilting tools, embroidery kits, jewelry making supplies, and more. There are even some fun items like pincushions, needlepoint frames, and wooden blocks for children.

Who Needs A Yitohop?

Yitohop is one of the most trusted brands in Japan. Their products are made using quality materials and craftsmanship. But did you know that they offer a wide range of other products besides looms?

They sell everything from sewing machines to kitchen appliances. Now, they're branching out into crafting supplies. With this new line, you can create beautiful items such as jewelry, bags, and home decor. All of these items are created using the same techniques that are used to produce traditional Japanese goods.

The best part is that you don't need any special skills to use their products. Simply follow the instructions included in each product. Then, sit back and watch your creations take shape before your eyes.

As mentioned earlier, Yitohop offers a variety of products beyond looms. Here are some of our favorite picks:

Loom Bands - These are perfect for beginners. They feature simple designs that allow you to practice knotting while learning how to weave. Once you master weaving, you can move on to more complicated projects.

12080 Loom - This model features a large frame that makes it ideal for creating larger pieces of art. It comes with a set of tools that allows you to easily adjust the tension of the warp threads. This lets you create unique patterns.

Yitohop Rubber Band Holder - This handy tool holds multiple rubber bands. It has a slot where you can store extra rubber bands. It also includes a looped handle that makes it easy to carry around.

Yitohop Sewing Machine - This machine is designed specifically for sewing clothes. It features a built-in needle threader and automatic thread cutter. It also has a cordless design that eliminates the hassle of rewinding the needle after every stitch.

Kitchen Appliances - Yitohop sells a number of household appliances including blenders, food processors, coffee makers, rice cookers, and more.

The Importance Of Purchasing A Quality Yitohop

They have so many great products available! I love their yarns because they are soft, durable, and easy to work with. Their patterns are fun and creative, and their customer service is amazing. You'll be glad you did!

I've had the opportunity to try several different types of yarns from Yitohop. My favorites include:

• Loom Band - This is a great beginner yarn. It's very soft and stretchy, making it perfect for beginners who want to learn how to knit. Plus, it's machine washable, so you won't have any trouble cleaning up after yourself.

• Rubber Bands - These are super cute and useful. They come in a variety of colors and designs. They're perfect for adding color to your projects. And since they're machine washable, you can easily clean them up.

• Yarn - This is another great option for beginning knitters. It's extremely soft and smooth, making it ideal for knitting socks and other items. Plus, it's machine washable, so you can keep knitting even after washing.

Quality materials. When you're shopping for a Yitohop, you'll want to make sure you're purchasing quality materials. Look for Yitohops made from natural rubber latex, which is more durable than other types of rubber. You may also want to look for Yitohops that are BPA free, PVC free, phthalate free, and/or lead free.

Easy care. When you're using a Yitohop, you'll want to make sure it's easy to clean. Look for Yitohops that feature removable feet, so you can easily wash them under warm running water.

Wide selection. When you're shopping for a Yitohop, you'll want to make sure there's plenty of variety available. This way, you can pick the right color and style for your project.

Affordable price. When you're shopping for a Yitohop, you'll want to make sure you're paying a reasonable price. Shop around online and compare prices on different styles and colors. You might even want to check local stores to see if they have deals or discounts.

Different Types Of Yitohop

Yitohop is a Japanese brand of craft supplies. They offer everything from beads to yarns to paints. Their main focus is crafting though and they sell a wide range of items that are useful for making crafts. Here we will look at some of the different types of Yitohop products that are available.

Beads. Beads are small balls of plastic or glass that are used to decorate jewelry. These are commonly made from nylon, acrylic, and resin. These are inexpensive and fun to use. Yitohops are also very durable and can last for years without breaking. These are great for beginners since they are simple to use.

Loom Band. Loom bands are thin strips of material that are used to create bracelets. They are usually made from cotton or hemp. Yitohops are cheap and easy to use. Yitohops are also reusable and can be washed and reused again and again.

12080+. 12080+ is a line of craft materials that includes things like paint, glue, and paper. Yitohops are sold by the gram and are perfect for those who love to craft.

Rubber Stamps. Rubber stamps are tools that are used to press designs into soft surfaces. They are used to stamp images onto fabric, wood, metal, leather, and more. These are inexpensive and versatile.

Arts Crafts. Arts and crafts are activities that involve creating something beautiful. They include painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and more. Yitohops are a great hobby and can be enjoyed by anyone.


Embroidery Floss Cross Stitch Threads String Kits with Organizer Storage Box Included 108pcs Colorful Friendship Bracelets Floss with Number Stickers&Floss Bobbins &110 Pcs Cross Stitch Tool Kits

  • EMBROIDERY FLOSS KIT- Embroidery starter kit includes 108colors 8m six-strand mercerized embroidery floss Re-wound on bobbins with 110 embroidery cross stitch tools that is great for friendship bracelets making and Embroidery&DIY project .
  • PRE-WOUND AND LABELED- humanized design,color number marked on bobbins,Embroidery floss set comes with 108 assorted colors of floss pre-wound on bobbins.so you don’t have to spend your valuable time to wind each embroidery thread. The bobbins are labeled with corresponding color and numbers, so you can find the floss you need easily and quickly .
  • STORAGE CASE-10.8x6.9x1.75",convenient and organized,the storage case has some removable dividers and adjusted according to your need. moreover,it is easy to carry and store the multiple threads,and you can take and make your embroidery projects any time .
  • Tool kit Orderly-all accessories are placed in an extra transparent box, which is convenient to take when in use and easy to carry
  • Great For Friendship bracelets, embroidery, cross-stitch, thread art, sewing, stitching, tassels, diy items and handicrafts are the right choice

15000+ Colorful Rubber Loom Bands, Creative Mega Rubber Bands Refill Kit Jewelry Necklace Bracelet Making Kit Clips Hooks Tool for Girls Art DIY Craft

  • DEVELOP MORE VALUABLE SKILLS - Use various types of beads and accessories of different colors, and all the necessary tools to stimulate children's imagination and creativity. These small rubber bands bracelet can be used in many ways, such as DIY craft art at home or office, string art projects and so on or used to make into Christmas decoration balls, bracelets, necklaces etc.!
  • CULTIVATE GOOD HABITS OF CHILDREN – Nowadays, with the proliferation of electronic products, this rubber band bracelet set can help children shift their attention from digital products such as TVs and mobile phones to DIY project production, which help children get rid of bad habits, and make them enjoy hands-on fun, so as to create a healthy and happy growth environment for your children.
  • SUPER SAFETY PERFORMANCE – this rubber loom kit is 100% safe after laboratory testing. The loom band is free of latex, lead and phthalates, which is very safe to use even by kids and will not cause damage to their health. The loom band has excellent elasticity, flexibility and durability. This colorful loom kit must be the quality product you have been looking for with affordable price.
  • PLAYING ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE - This rubber bands for bracelets loom kit is equipped with a large storage box for you to carry. When you are on a family trip or visiting grandfathers and grandmothers in the countryside, you can easily take the colorful bands set with you so that you and your children can play anytime, anywhere.
  • FRIENDLY EDUCATIONAL TOYS - In the process of making the color loom band, it can encourage children to play their imagination and teamwork ability, so as to better improve their intelligence. colorful rubber band bracelet making kit will better help children learn to organize and pack their things. For the elderly and adults, this rubber bands refill loom kit is also a very worthwhile toy to try when you feel bored.

12100+ Loom Rubber Bands Bracelet Kit, Big Giftable Case with Premium Quality Accessories, 28 Unique Bright Colour Bands, Refill Kit for Girls & Boys by Momo's Den

  • 🎁 Best DIY Gift: You can gift this loom rubber bands kit to kids on birthdays, Christmas, thanksgiving, summer and winter breaks. You will find it perfect for children’s class group, day-care, play dates and summer school activities. Let your children share this happiness with their friends.
  • 💡 Unveil the Creative Self: This huge kit full of colorful bands and accessories can help your kids with free-range creativity. Allows unlimited hours of fun. Also reduces your children’s screen time significantly by diverting their attention. If your child has a creative knack, this kit is your best choice.
  • 🔆 Bring out the Best in Kids: By sharing Momo’s Den kit, kids can develop a bonding with grown-ups. This kit helps your kids in improving their fine motor skills. They learn basic maths, new patterns and shapes. Gets your kids organized when they keep their loom bands, accessories and creations in the big storage box.
  • 🌈 Premium Mega Loom Bands Kit: Your kids will get a complete package of happiness in the form of 28 unique and bright colored bands with 200 colorful beads, 60 ABC beads, 600 S-clips, 30 charms, 10 backpack hooks, 5 tassels, 3 hair-clips, 4 stickers and 5 crochet hooks. Big sturdy storage case and premium packaging is cherry on top.
  • ☔ Safe for your Kids: Momo’s Den Loom Bands Kit has high quality lab tested bands, 100% safe for your kids. Lead, Phthalates and Latex free bands are elastic, soft and durable. Their safety comes first. We offer FULL Money Back Guarantee to our valuable customers.

200pcs+ Embroidery Floss Cross Stitch Threads, Bracelet String Kit with Organizer Storage Box-Included 100pcs Friendship Bracelet Craft Floss, Cross Stitch Tools Embroidery Kit

  • EMBROIDERY FLOSS KIT- Embroidery starter kit includes 100colors 8m six-strand mercerized embroidery floss Re-wound on bobbins+100 embroidery cross stitch tools that is great for friendship bracelets making and Embroidery&DIY project .
  • STORAGE CASE-10.8x6.9x1.75",convenient and organized,the storage case has some removable dividers and adjusted according to your need. moreover,it is easy to carry and store the multiple threads,and you can take and make your embroidery projects any time .
  • PRE-WOUND AND LABELED-humanized design,color number marked on bobbins,Embroidery floss set comes with 100 assorted colors of floss pre-wound on bonnins.so you don’t have to spend your valuable time to wind each embroidery thread. The bobbins are labeled with corresponding color and numbers, so you can find the floss you need easily and quickly .
  • MUTIPURPOSE AND GREAT DIY GIFTS-perfect birthday gift and christmas present for kids,improving their creativity and concentration power.Especially a popular parent-child activity to develop a warm andsupportive relationship.you can make unique things like bracelets,weaving needle crafts,DIY crafts toys for girls boys .
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE- Confidence comes from super quality,we promise you a replacement or an immediate refund if you fell dissatisfied .

Loom Bands, Rubber Bands Bracelet Making Kit-Including 6000+ Loom Bands,200 S-Clips,15 Charms,100 Beads, and More DIY Arts Crafts Tools for 5,6,7,8 Year Old Girls Boys Christmas Birthday Gift

  • 【GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY】This loom bands kit is equipped with all the tools:6000+loom bands, 200 S-clips, 100 colorful beads, 15 charms, 2 Y looms, 3 backpack hooks, 3 tassels, 3 hair clips, 2 big crochet hooks, 5 stickers, and 1 instruction sheet.
  • 【MULTICOLOR】Rubber bands for bracelet kit includes more than 20 colors rubber bands: 7 solid colors, 3 glitter colors,4 tie dye colors,mixed metallic colors.
  • 【ACTIVATE CREATIVITY】Rubber bands bracelet kit is a good tool to improve children’s creativity and practical ability,preventing them from diving into mobile games or TV programs everyday, the loom kit also a popular parent-child activity to develop a warm and supportive relationship.
  • 【HIGHT QUALITY LATEX & NON-TOXIC】We guarantee 100% safe and non-toxic,free from latex,lead & phthalates. the rubber loom bands are made from premium quality material which are super stretchy,soft and durable .
  • 【USE FOR ALL OCCASIONS & DIY CRAFT IDEAS】you will be impressed by selection of high quality stretchy rubber band bracelet making kit ,the quality & variety of the design, carrying cases,these rubber bands can be used in many ways,they are great for group activity,in school classes ,finger art,at home,at party ect...elastic banding can be used for various celebrations such as Christmas ,birthday parties,family gatherings,etc.make you the most shining chief designer!

Inscraft 11880+ Loom Bands Set: Colorful Loom Rubber Bands in 28 Colors with Container, 600 Clips, 200 Beads, 52 ABC Beads, Premium Bracelet Making Refill Kit for Girls Kids Gift DIY Craft

  • 【11,880+ RUBBER BANDS】 11,000 premium quality rubber bands + 600 S-Clips + 200 Beads + 52 ABC Beads(2 of each letter) + 10 Backpack Hooks + 5 Tassels + 5 Crochet Hooks + 3 Hair Clips + ABC Stickers and Digital Stickers.
  • 【 28 DIFFERENT COLORS】 You will get 28 different color rubber bands. Lab Tested SAFE. Free from Latex, Lead & Phthalates. Guaranteed Safety for Kids! Super Stretchy, Soft and Durable. It's not easy to break!
  • 【INSPIRE CREATIVITY】 This rubber band bracelet kit can stimulate your creativity. Using our colorful bands loom kit, you will create lots of fun things, such as bracelets, necklaces, hair bands, bag accessories, and many other ornaments. More wonderful ways to play are waiting for you to discover!
  • 【CONVENIENT FOR STORAGE】 Storage case size: 14 x 9 x 2". The see-through plastic storage case has some removable dividers and lets you place accessories. Each color is in its separate compartment, so it’s easy to keep all the rubber loom bands organized and tidy.
  • 【BEST GIFT FOR CHILDREN】Colorful Rubber bands are a great gift for Christmas, Easter, Valentine, New Year, birthday, etc. Promoting their imagination, especially a popular parent-child activity to develop a warm and supportive relationship. It is also an excellent choice for DIY hand-made enthusiasts.

13000+ Loom Rubber Bands in 26 Solid Colors, Accessories with 500 S-Clips+6 Crochet Hooks+2 Y-Looms+1 Upgrade Crochet Loom for DIY Weaving, Loom Bands Kit

  • ❤【26 Solid Colorful Loom Rubber Bands】12500+ pcs premium quality loom rubber bands in 26 solid colors, each color is over 480 pcs. Great for inspiring kids' Concentration, Creativity and DIY Hands-on ability, whether you use them for playtime, or for decorations.
  • ❤【Portable & Upgrade Craft Loom】This assorted rubber loom bands kit including one mini size multifunction weaving loom,500 S-clips,6 crochet hooks,2 Y-Looms and step by step Manual to help you DIY weave, such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on with endless funny and accomplishment.
  • ❤【The Best for Kids - CPC Certificates】We dedicated to providing the best for your kids. Kids’ safe is our priority concern, guarantee that all the loom bands are 100% Safe, NON-TOXIC and Laboratory Tested with CPC CERTIFICATES. Bright color and Glossy, and made by Environmental-friendly, Odorless components.
  • ❤【Great Set for Kids’ Activities】The rubber loom bands comes to you with set of accessories. It’s allowing boys & girls to carry it to school, libraries, travel, outdoor team building activities or at home, to improve their hands-on ability and friendship building.
  • ❤【How to Storage】Please avoid sunlight directly, UV light, salt and perspiration will also corrode/damage the loom bands, need to stored under cool, dry and sealed condition for rubber bands when you don't play with it.

36000+pcs 2mm 48 Colors Glass Seed Beads for Bracelet Jewelry Making Kit, Beads Assortments Kit for Adults Girls Small Beads for Necklace Ring Making Kits with Alphabet Beads and Charms Pendants (2mm)

  • VARIOUS STYLE FORJEWELRY MAKING-We provide many jewelry beads of different styles. You can mix them according to your preferences. Whether you like the colorful and lively style, the princess style with dreamy color, or the simple pure color style, our bracelets making kit can satisfy you. There are beads with letters on them. You can use them in jewelry, it can commemorate meaningful people or things.
  • EXPERIENCE THE FUN OF DIY- Our glass beads for jewelry making is definitely a great choice when you need to give gifts to others. You can make a beautiful necklace or bracelet with special significance to let the recipient feel your heart. You can also give it directly to him to let her experience the fun of DIY.
  • MANY APPLICATIONS - This seed beads jewelry making kit has a wide range of uses. Generally speaking, you can use it to make bracelets, friendship bracelets, necklaces, anklets, waist chains, glasses chains, key chains, rings, etc. For the production of all kinds of exquisite jewelry. At the same time, you can also use your imagination to make key chains, bag chains, bookmarks and so on.
  • 【Enhanced Parent-child Interaction】This glass seed beads kit can divert children’s attention from other digital products such as TVs and mobile phones to DIY project, helping children to get rid of bad habits and develop stronger hands-on ability. If parents can participate in making process,the bracelet kit could strengthen communication and interaction between children and parents, and increase parent-child relationships.
  • 【Great Gift Idea for Girls】This girl’s jewelry set kit is perfect gifts for teen girls(above 6 years of age), also, it can be an entertaining party craft for children’s, best gifts for 5-12 years old girls birthday, parties and Christmas.

Clay Beads,4080+Pcs 24 Colors 6mm Flat Beads Kit,Polymer Clay Beads for Bracelets Necklace Jewelry Making Girls DIY Craft Kit | Ideal Christmas Birthday Gift

  • EXERCISE YOUR HANDS-ON ABILITY AND IMAGINATION-This beads bracelet kit can be combined and matched arbitrarily, which allows you to realize any creativity and design of yours, and can effectively enhance your hands-on ability and imagination. More meaningfully, it allows you to turn your attention from electronic products to DIY art craft.
  • WIDE RANGE OF USES-Our jewelry making kit can be used for DIY necklaces, bracelets, earrings, key chains, anklets and various accessories, they will all be unique. Now use your imagination to find more uses.
  • A GREAT WAY TO PASS THE BORING TIME-You can make jewelry to make your leisure time meaningful while resting at home. When the flight is delayed, this jewelry making suit can make your waiting no longer tough to get through.
  • A VARIETY OF COLORS AND ACCESSORIES-Our bracelet making kit are equipped with a variety of beads, pendants, etc., so you can freely make more creative bracelets, necklaces, earrings, key chains and other accessories. A variety of different colors can make different styles of accessories for you to match different outfits and occasions.
  • GIFTS FOR GIRLS AND ADULTS -The clay beads for jewelry making set is also an ideal gift for children. When parents play with their children, it can enhance parent-child interaction, promote communication, and allow children to learn teamwork while playing.
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